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The winds of change and snow are blowing


I’m working on getting a camera to replace the one I left on the ski run yesterday. At this point I’m not to picky because it’s damn close to opening day. I’ll be there with glove in hand and a disposable camera in the other if I have to.

What a great day, snowing and blowing, almost two hours to get home from work and It’s only a fifteen minute drive. The best thing is there’s more snow on it’s way.

East coast get ready because you always get it worse than we do and this one’s been a monster. Oh and it’s that wet heavy snow that shovelers love.

pedal-snowplow.jpgI’d like to thank whoever schedules the plow truck drivers for really being on his game last night.

The state has saved a fortune this winter in snow removal because of the mild weather.

Usually every Feb/Mar we get our one “big snowstorm”.

This one had all the signs of being a “Big One” yet, no prep work was done.

The only plow I saw all day was the one blocking the road I needed to travel on to get back home.

I have never seen so many people out driving during a major snowstorm. It’s supposed to continue to snow all night and part of tomorrow. Stay home!

I bought my Toyota 4×4 at exactly the right time and it was pure pleasure to drive in this blizzard. I recommend one.

I’m totally having fun with this Max Madness thing going over at “The Maxx “. What they’ve done is taken the top blogs and laid them out in a bracket style format.

I love the secret vote part of this competition. I just watched the number one fan blog get bumped out by the # 13 blog called Diatribe of a Law Student (an excellent blog by the way and located on my sidebar).

Let me break down the “Real Deal” for you. Don’t thank me it’s what I do. I can give it to you straight because I’m not getting paid and because someone has to.

Comments are left on MLBlogs.com as a way of networking for some, letting the reader know your opinion of what he/she wrote, or for schmoozing.

Schmoozing is all part of the game. Everyone does a it a little, you have to. Some people more than others. You schmooze to get what you want, It’s a fact.

I knew this bracket would have some major upsets. Just because someone is number one fan blog doesn’t mean that they’re the best or most popular. 

None of us have any control over how much exposure our blogs gets here, but we do have control of how we vote. There’s some randomness to it, but some blogs just get more attention than others. It just beez that way and I’m fine with that.  

In the end the ulitmate proof is in the vote. I love a good shake up, and things need to be shook up a bit.

By the way, looks like I’m up next against Clemson Girl, probably first thing tomorrow morning east coast time. Good luck girl! 

You know me I love throwing ideas at you and my next entry will be one that is chock full of new ideas for MLBlogs.com. Onward and upward, gotta keep moving.

It’s Jiffy Pop time baby, Mark where you at brotha? It’s time for a latest leaders update…D
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