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Hit by a Pitch…Ain’t That a Bitch


 Chief vs the Duece

Check out Ubaldo Jiminez tagging Troy Tulowitzki with a pitch. Then watch the benches clear.

Tulo and Chief ..Not quite a fight.

No April fools joke here, this is the real deal. To quote Rockies Skipper Jim Tracy: 

 “The most gutless act I’ve seen in 35 years in the game.”

Ok Jim, not sure I’d go that far, but it makes me look at Ubaldo in a new light that’s for sure…D

Jim continues…”Five days before opening day, you’re going to take a pot shot like that? It’s the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve lost all respect for him, and that’s a very difficult thing for me to say with all the players I’ve had to manage over the years,” Tracy said. “I’ve lost all respect for him, every bit.”

Agreed…Sad, Ubaldo was a Rantic favorite 😦

I sense some pent up frustration in Ubaldo? Too bad we don’t get to play the Indians this year.

Click here to see Tulo’s take on the whole thing.

Raise up Rockies…It’s gonna be a long season…”D”

I see the light, let’s hope I’m right.


2011_Predictions2.jpgI normally don’t make predictions about how I think the Rockies season will turn out because I don’t want to jinx anything. This is my fourth season blogging about the Rockies and they have yet to win a World Series so I figure a little speculating can’t hurt right?

With the buzz of the new spring training facility and general good vibes it’s creating, good thing are going to happen this year.

Plus it’ll be fun to check back at the end of the season after we win the World Series and see how accurate I was.

                            Rockpile Ranter’s 2011 Rockies Predictions…

First off the Rockies finally break the road curse and become the team to beat on the road winning ten more road games in 2011 than in 2010. This is in part due to the Rockies strength in the bullpen this season.

Ubaldo Jiminez throw 4-27-10.JPGUbaldo Jiminez had 19 wins in 2010

In 2011 Ubaldo will dominate the National League with 22 wins.

Thumbnail image for jason hammel 8-15-10.jpgIn 2010 Jason Hammel had 10 wins

In 2011 Jason Hammel will step it up a bit with 12 wins.

Thumbnail image for Aaron Cook 7-1-10.jpgIn 2010 Aaron Cook had 6 wins.

In 2011 Aaron Cook will improve locking in 8 wins.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for chacin 2 7-6-10.jpgIn 2010 Jhoulys Chacin had 9 wins.

In 2011 Jhoulys Chacin will continue to make his mark with 12 wins. 

Troy Tulowitzki 5-16-10.jpgTroy Tulowitzki will have his best season to date.

In 2010 Tulo had 27 homeruns, 95 RBI and 11 stolen bases

In 2011 Tulo will hit 36 homeruns, 107 RBI and will steal 18 bases.

Carlos Gonzalez at bat 8-15-10.jpgCarlos Gonzalez will also have his best season to date.

In 2010 Cargo had 34 homeruns, 117 RBI and 26 stolen bases.

In 2011 Cargo will hit 35 homeruns, 120 RBI and will steal 28 bases.

Dexter Fowler bunt 5-16-10.jpg

In 2010 Dexter Fowler had 6 homeruns and 36 RBI and 13 stolen bases.

In 2011 Dexter busts out with an incredible 21 homeruns 65 RBI and 25 stolen bases.


    2010 season win/loss record was 83-79

                                       2011 season win/loss record will be 94-6

                                                        Which means..

National league champions ring.jpg                        This time Jim Tracy’s Rockies are all business.
Thumbnail image for Mylee and Jim Tracy RF.jpg 

World Series Champions.jpg                         Rockies take the World Series in five games.

                            I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I can see the f’kn light.

LIght at the end of the tunnel.jpg                             2011 is the Rockies year… Rantics do you feel me?ranter hat.jpg 

Tulo Goes Off Man and Mylee meets Hoffman

RANT REGULARS: First let me apologize for taking so long to get this entry posted. I’ve had it half done for a week now but with school starting and a super busy schedule real life takes over and sometimes you just have to get other stuff done.

                                          So without further ado I present…

8/15/10                         Rockies vs Brewers Game Threebrewers vs rockies 8-13-10.jpg

It’s been a while since my two little ones and I attended a game together. Today was an afternoon Sunday game, a bit hot but no chance of rain. We were ready for a day of family fun at Coors Field.

Hunter and Mylee 8-15-10.jpg
                       Here’s two more kids, but I don’t have to feed these two.  Robert and Bob 8-15-10.jpg   First thing I noticed was his bike, but the hair thing he’s got going on is interesting too.
flower bike 8-15-10.jpgHere’s Hunter and Mylee going through the tunnel onto the field. Soon I’ll get bored of shooting video of this but until then sorry… 🙂

 Guess who was at today’s game?..Both R-LUV and LUVMYROX..It was nice to see them.R-Luv and LUVMYROX 8-15-10.jpg

This series is tied. The Rockies opted not to take batting practice on the field today so after a short wait the Brewers started taking hits.Brewers.JPG The kids and I wanted to get autographs today but with BP going on we changed our minds and stayed in the pavilion. I managed to snag two balls today.

Neither of them were caught so the first ball I gave to Mylee. The second ball was hit into the tunnel so after I snagged it I handed it to a little girl who was leaning over the railing.

As batting practice was ending I noticed Trevor Hoffman standing over in the corner of the outfield about to sign for someone so I suggested Mylee take her ball and go over there.

                 It was worth it…Here’s what she brought back. Hoffman’s a nice guy.
Mylees Trevor Hoffman auto 8-15-10.jpg                                       Here are your Rockies pre-game.


   Hunter worked his way down to the front and was able to get Jeff Francis’s autograph.

Jeff francis 8-15-10.jpg When Hunter returned I noticed Jeff was still signing so I worked my way down and managed to get an autograph for Mylee too.

Hunter and Mylee 2 8-15-10.jpg                                     Eric Young Jr stopped and signed too.Eric Young Jr signing 8-15-10.jpg                                                        Melvin MoraMelvin Mora 8-15-10.jpg                                                        Jason Hammeljason hammel 8-15-10.jpg

Stewart and Barmes 8-15-10.jpg                For some reason there was a herd of cows mingling in the infield?

Dancing cows 8-15-10-1.jpg                                 Here are the Dancing Cows gett’n their groove on.


Anthem 8-15-10.jpg        Here’s video of the dancing cow throwing out the first pitch. I see where I rank now.

        x x

                           Starting pitcher…Nasty Fasty….Ubaldo Jiminez 
Ubaldo Jiminez 8-15-10.jpg

Tulo and the umpire 8-15-10.jpg

Tulo at Bat 8-15-10.jpg
The Rakers 8-15-10.jpg

Eric Young Jr scores 8-15-10.jpg 
Carlos Gonzalez at bat 8-15-10.jpg  
Spilborghs at bat 8-15-10.jpg  
Eric Young Jr on first 8-15-10.jpg

Barmes at bat 8-15-10.jpg

With the game tied in bottom of the ninth and Dexter Fowler on second base Troy Tulowitzki steps up to to the plate.

Tulo swings 8-15-10.jpg It was in the air, the day after a loss, the game on the line, the crowd on their feet. Tulo does it again. 

With perfect Tulowitzki timing he hits a line drive over Rickie Weeks head (good cause Rickie’s had the Rockies number the last two games), scoring Dexter Fowler and winning the game and the series.

            Here’s the video…Tulo’s Walk-Off Single

                   Props to Ubaldo for ten strikeouts in eight innings. Nice Job brotha!
Ubaldo 3 8-15-10.jpg             Here’s the video..Ubaldo Strikes Out Ten

       I love exiting Coors Field after a win. Tough series, perfect win on a perfect evening.

                   I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter…Next up…Rush at Red Rocks.

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Giants can’t Hit…Rockies get the Split

8/4/10                     Giants vs Rockies Game Two

This game was my first day game of the season. Day games are difficult for me to attend because I’m usually working. However today’s day game happened to fall on my day off so Giant Todd and I (not being square)had no excuse but to be there.

I made it in time for batting practice and Giant Todd showed up just before the game started. The Rockies didn’t take outdoor batting practice today so it was just the Giants out in the sunshine taking swings.

I managed to snag one ball at today. It was a homer that I realized was heading for the tunnel so I was the first to duck in there and snagged the ball as it was bouncing around the cement walls.

About the time Robert realized where the ball was heading he looked over and I was already there. He didn’t like that and let me know it. I thought it was funny.

                                 Check out Mustache Giambi and Spilborghs               Mustach Giambi and Spilborghs.jpg

Normally I poke fun of guys in skirts. But guys in skirts sport’n axes I have no beef with.

Guys in Skirts holding axes 8-4-10.jpg

Anthem 2 8-4-10.jpg

Anthem 8-4-10.jpg

Pitchers 8-4-10.jpg                Here’s Ubaldo doing what I call the Pre-Game Walk of Shame”.

                 (It’s not really a Walk of Shame, but they sure make it seem like it.)

Today I was feeling lucky so I took a chance and stayed close to the field where the Rockies warm up. When Cargo was finished his routine he walked over and was kind enough to autograph my baseball on the sweet spot.

                                                      Thanks Cargo ! Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Carlos Gonzalez auto 8-4-10.JPG                     Official Plate washer? Is this cosidered a service industry job?  Cleaning homeplate 8-4-10.jpg Ian Stewart 8-4-10.jpg       This dude not only had a cool shirt he had something moving on his right sleeve.bank of dad.JPG

                                              I had to take a closer look.

Rockies Cricket 2.jpg                                            Grasshoppers were everywhere..                             

                                  I call this picture Hopper watching Hawper

cr cricket.jpg                                                                Get it?Brad Hawpe 8-4-10.jpg

                     Starting catcher Chris Iannetta sharing some sharpie luv.Ianetta 8-4-10.jpg

                                   Then as quick as he arrived he was gone.

Ianetta Walk 8-4-10.jpg                                             There was color everywhere.

Colorful crowd 8-4-10.jpg

The game was beginning to start so Giant Todd and I headed over to our seats over in the Rockpile. As we were beginning to sit I looked down at Robert and Dan and it looked as if they were trying to tell us something. 

We finally figured out they were trying to let GT and I know there were two seats in the front row of the pavilion we could use.

              When we got down there Dan took my camera and I donned my glove.

 From this point forward all the pictures in this entry were taken by Dan

 I believe Dan was helping me free up my hands in the hopes of snagg’n a homerun ball so he took the pictures for most of the game.

His eye is a bit different than mine and it was really cool checking out the action pictures he took with my camera.  

GT and RPR 8-4-10.JPG                                       Here’s a shot of us all in our seats. Us in the front row 8-4-10.jpg Had a homerun been hit anywhere close to us I believe Dan may have backed off a bit and maybe let me go for it. I can tell you 100% for sure, even though Robert has snagged 50ish game homerun balls, he and I would have battled for it…That’s Robert.

I’ve mentioned this to Robert before and a few other people. Whether Robert realizes it or not I’m eventually his replacment 🙂

We both have VW busses, beards and the hair. We’re both super competitive when it comes to ballhawking. We both chug around cameras searching for the perfect action picture.

                                           Shoot, even my middle name is Robert.

                                                     Think about it?  🙂

The game today had a totally different feel. Rockies fans have a bit of a swagger on a day we know Ubaldo’s on top of that sand.Ubaldo and Troy 8-4-10.jpg The opportunity to swagger is new to Rockies fans so excuse us as we get used to it and don’t get mad if we bump into you.

 I believe before the start of this game Ubaldo had previously won eleven games this season pitching the day after a Rockies loss so that tidbit of information had me feeling confident.

Burrell catch 8-4-10.jpg Helton at bat 8-4-10.jpg Helton gets to first 8-4-10.jpg    With Helton on first up comes Rockies current “King of Swing” Carlos Gonzalez. Cargo at bat 8-4-10.jpg

                                                            See Ya! Torres watches the homerun 8-4-10.jpg Cargo Scores 8-4-10.jpg Rockies Score 8-4-10.jpg                                   Mora comes up but then goes down…Scary Mora goes down 8-4-10.jpg Ball in Crowd 8-4-10.jpg                                     Messing around with Robert’s camera. RPR playing with Roberts camera 8-4-10.jpg Nice catch Todd 8-4-10.jpg Random pavilion shot 8-4-10.jpg Sandoval 8-4-10.jpg IMG_5277.JPG Stewart slide 8-4-10.jpg 

Ducks in the pond 8-4-10.jpg  Cargo in the outfield 8-4-10.jpg                                                                   Chill’n

Chill'n 8-4-10.jpgx

Belisle 8-4-10.jpg Rockies win 8-4-10.jpg Post game Show 8-4-10.jpg For Rockies fans this game was sweet justice for the loss the day before. Rockies split this mini two game series with a 6-1 win over the Giants.

After the game Giant Todd wasn’t hanging around for the celebration so Mike and I headed over to the Post Game show to cheer with the rest of the Rockies fans.

Tom of FSN told the crowd he wasn’t allowed to jump up on the ledge anymore so he took off out of his seat and came running around the corner and started Hi-5ing everyone in the crowd.  

When I got home Joy had posted these pictures of Mike and I. These pictures are actual shots of her TV. 

                                                        Thank you Joy !

RPR TV 3 8-4-10.jpg

Postgame report 8-4-10.jpg RPR TV 2 8-4-10.jpg RPR TV 1 8-4-10.jpgProps to Dan for taking some sweet pictures and giving Giant Todd and I the opportunity to hang out with y’all in the first row.

      No game homerun catch for me this time. The said baseball pursuit continues…

       My next entry is for Goose Gossage Day in Colorado Springs..Look for it soon.

I’ll also announce the winner for the Rockpile Rant’s “Pitch Your Team” Video Contest.

                                                        Go Rockies…Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

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In Your Face and All Over the Place


           I’ve had this media pass thing on my mind and I’ve come to a conclusion.

press_pass rpr.jpg                                I know I look good on there but it’s not real.

I didn’t get this far with the use of a media pass so I’ll continue to chug on without one. If it happens it happens and I won’t put another thought into it except this.

Rockies let me just say…The Rockpile Ranter with a Media pass…Look out, I’d be breaking so much new ground you’d think Coors Field was under construction…Think about that.

                        The Rockpile Rant is and will always be pro-Rockies.

I challenge any paid writer for the Rockies to convey the feeling/atmosphere of a Rockies game in words or pictures better than me.

                                      They can’t do it and I’ll tell you why.

You’d have to show up really early all the time. Not many people show up early for work.

Sitting up in that booth behind home plate takes you away from the finer points of the game. Not in a vision sense, but in a physical sense. The press box is basically a crowd buffer.  

                                      It’s just better hanging with the crowd.

                                                                       Photo by Robert 
Kids n me by dugout.jpg In the booth you don’t get to experience the vibe in the concourse when Chris Iannetta blasts a walk off homerun. You forget how fun it is waiting in line ten minutes to take a whiz or killing an inning waiting on a burger.

When you’re out of the mix you miss the sharp but loving insults provided in abundance by Captain Earthman. The remnants of shelled peanuts crunching under your feet. Rockies fans heckling the visiting outfielders. Drunk college kids who can’t dance getting their groove on.

I feel sports writers who take shelter in the press box or who watch the game on TV are cheating themselves and the fans who read their half-hearted works. It’s all about being there in the mix and that’s why I don’t write about road games. I can’t share if I’m not there.   

You’ll find me at Coors Field in the middle of it all because that’s what I do and that’s what my readers expect. Think about this, how long would the Rockpile Rant be the number one Rockies fan MLBlog if I ignored the kind folk who come up and introduce themselves to me?

It would tank because I’ve met a whole lot of Rant readers and they are the ones who support the Rockpile Rant. Without them this blog would be nothing.

With an excellent platform like MLBlogs to blog on you can’t continue to ignore online bloggers. Soon we will be the norm…Then look out. 

Tell me what to make of this interaction?

Remember when Robert and I went to Kansas City? Game two we were in the parking lot of Royals stadium doing a little pre-game tailgating.
Robert n Me Kauffman.jpg As we were standing there enjoying a local brew Thomas Harding (beat writer for the Rockies) drove by and was turning around by where Robert and I were standing.

                  I recognized him immediately and said “Hey Thomas”.

Thomas looked at me (I know he knows who I am), had a strange look on his face and sort of nodded at me then sped off. He didn’t say “Hi”. He didn’t give me the chance to shake his hand and formally introduce myself. He just sped off like I was going to jack his car or something.

Thomas..If what I’ve said above is untrue, please comment and tell me what really was going on…Because in my eyes dude you just blew us off? You know, the only two Rockies fans standing out there amongst the small crowd of loyal Royals fans.

Anyways I still think Thomas Harding is a good beat writer I’d love to know what was up that day?

I’m feeling like it’s just time to step my game up again. Videos are going to be a bigger part of the Rockpile Rant. I love creating them and if you get the right song it really conveys the atmosphere of the game.

This past east coast road trip was abysmal. There’s something about going on the road after the All-Star break really puts a kink in the Rockies win groove. I also figured if anyone could break the dreaded All-Star curse it would be Ubaldo Jiminez.

No such luck because as it looks right now post-All Star Game Ubaldo doesn’t resemble pre-All-Star game Ubaldo whatsoever, that needs to change quickly.

I think the Rockies need to take me and my energy on the road with them. Seems like they could use a little taste of home on those long road trips.

 Game One vs the Pirates this evening, I’m there with “B” and I’m not leaving without a win. After the win look for me on TV postgame. I’d love it if someone could get video of me and “B” cheering during the postgame show. 

     I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter, I always call ’em as I see ’em and I haven’t given up.

                                                      I’m just wondering??

                                                  GO ROCKIES…PLEASE!!! 

ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

Rain is a pain but Rockies still take the Game

6-11-10                             Blue Jays vs Rockies Game One
big screen 6-11-10.jpg         
                                 Weather: 58 degrees, cloudy.
                                            Wind: 8 mph, In from RF.
                                             Time: 1:55 (2:25 delay).
                                               Attendance: 31,101

      My friend Todd and I have been trying to attend a game together for a long time.Todd n Me 6-11-10.jpg

                            “T”s the guy I had the Rockies/Giants bet with last year.

 One bet turned into two bets. The most wins between each team overall(loser had to wear the other’s jersey for a day), and most wins when the Giants and Rockies face each other(loser had to cook hot dogs for the people we work with).

                        I won the overall and he won between our two teams.

We settled on Todd wearing a Rockies jersey for this Rockies game and I would buy him a hot dog at the game. Todd has been staying away from meat and up to today it’s been a month since the man has eaten any beef.

I convinced him to eat a Denver Cheesesteak during the game instead of a hot dog. He totally killed it.

Both bets are now paid off. We do not have a bet going for this season.

Todd and I hooked up after I got off work and headed for the downtown for a drink and a bite to eat. Upon walking up to the “Old Blake Street Tavern” we discovered it was closed and was re-opening today at 3pm in it’s new location just up the street.

             At this point it was 2:55 so we waited 🙂 Here are a few shots of the inside:

Blake Street Tavern 1.jpg
Chill'n in the Blake Street Tavern 6-11-10.jpg
 We asked about food and drink specials but were told there were none as this was their opening week??

Great atmosphere, very cool staff, great place to go before or after the game or to watch a game. While we were having a bite to eat and waiting for batting practice it started seriously raining. It lasted thirty minutes or so and then the clouds seemed to break up.

      At that point we headed over to the Rockpile gates to get in line for batting practice. 
Todd Rockpile gate 6-11-10.jpgFirst in line that is. Well we were until we found out that batting practice had been cancelled five minutes before we were set to go inside(we then bailed). The sad part of that was the sun was out and it was some of the best weather we had seen all day.

        When we finally entered Coors Field it was still somewhat sunny. All systems were go.

                                              The beer was ready.

Beer is ready two 6-11-10.jpg                                              The brats were cooking.

Brats cooking 6-11-10.jpg                                         But dammit the infield tarps were out.
Coors Field Tarp 6-11-10.jpg

Tarp filled with water 6-11-10.jpg

                                                     Everything was wet.

Trying to dry the bullpen 6-11-10.jpg 
       The game gets rain delayed before it starts to rain. We all knew it was coming.

Cropped Rain Delay sign 6-11-10.jpg
Ugly sky coors 6-11-10.jpg                               Todd and I walked around and I took pictures.
Walk 1 6-11-10.jpg
Grey sky 6-11-10.jpg
Shot over pavilion 6-11-10.jpg

                                                 Dan and Emily.

Dan and Emily 6-11-10.jpg                                       Another interesting Rockies outfit.

Rockies Man 6-11-10.jpg

          Because of “T” we have a “Coors Field Crack of the Game” “T” spotted it.

CF Crack of the game 6-11-10.jpg                                                Dancing in the rain.
Dancing in the Rain 6-11-10.jpg                              Todd and the foul pole next to our seats.
Todd and the foul pole 6-11-10.jpg                                      The rain literally came down in sheets.

Rain 6-11-10.jpgWe ran into Robert and hung out for a while over by the Rockpile. Out of nowhere John walks up and hands Robert a game rubbed game baseball.

We were all like WTF?? Then John explained that he had read about Robert’s run of bad luck snagg’n lately on the Rant and he wanted to help a brotha out.

 We all got a good laugh out of that.

Robert kept the ball and spent the next hour bragg’n how he was the only one to snag a baseball today. It’s true, that ball counts. 

                                 I like that John, keep up the good work.

With the weather delay in full effect Robert, Todd and I headed back to the Blake Street Tavern to ride out the storm. Forty-five minutes later we heard the game was starting so we marched back to Coors and stood on the concourse waiting for the rain to stop.

It never really fully stopped raining so we headed down to our wet seats anyway. Here’s Todd and another fan sporting two teams stuff who sat beside us.
Todd and the lady sitt'n beside him 6-11-10.jpg In the second inning Todd Helton hit a foul ball along the first baseline. I stood up and that ball was sailing right for me. At the last second it curved into the seats directly to the left of me and hit one of the chairs and bounced down.

There were a few seconds of chaos and in the end the guy sitting next to me with the red arrow above his head scored the ball.
IMG_2614.JPG Had he not been sitting there I would have gloved that foul ball easily. That was fun.

In the third inning Aaron Hill hit a home run to left field. I mention to Todd that it looked like Robert had snagg’d that ball. Five minutes later Robert called me and I said “Did you see me miss that Todd Helton foul ball by a foot?”

 Robert yelled at me “No, did you see me get robbed of that Hill home run ball?”

I said, “What?” Robert excitedly informed me that after he had posession of the home run baseball another guy swiped the ball from his hands.

                         Here is Robert’s side of the story in his own words:

Hey Don, heres a couple of photos, thought you might like from last night. plus the ball thief.
     I was talking to a friend of mine (yeah, i know hard to believe, a friend) a section over (153) and didn’t have my glove with me, like I was only going to be a min. right?  Well, then Hill is up to bat, and then, you guessed it, here comes the ball, no glove, but I still gotta try. Well the ball just nicked my finger, landed and stayed in the row right behind me. So I reached through the fence grabbed the ball and started to pull it through the fence and this guy grabbed my wrist, stopped me, twisted/rolled my arm over with both his hands then grabbed the ball and wrestled it from my hand.
That son of a bitch had just stolen that ball from me!! Then he had the nerve to tell me that I had a ton of balls. Then he wanted to shake my hand.  What an *******! its not like it was a lose ball and rolling around and he ended up with it. Or I was fumbling around with it. NO I had the ball in my hand! 110% controll of it!! and he stole it!  So watch out for this guy. If he thinks you have to much that that gives him the right to take/steel from you.
                                  There you have it. Robert’s exact words. 

Here’s a picture of the guy who went home with that ball. This picture was taken and labeled by Robert.

Ball theif 6-12-10.jpg                   Here’s the link to the video: Aaron Hill’s Two Run Homer.

I really didn’t take any game pictures because it was raining so hard and cameras are expensive.

                           Here are some video clips from the game.

                         Spillborghs solo homer in the second.

                    Gonzalez’s solo homer in the fifth.

                           Ubaldo’s six strikeouts

Great day, strange weather. In the end they call the game after 6 innings and the Rockies get the win 5-3 over the Blue Jays. By the time Todd and I made it to the truck I was soaked head to toe.

One thing I’m learning about Ubaldo is he likes to pitch in warmer weather. Cold or rain has the ablility to throw him off his game. 

Quote from Ubaldo : It wasn’t easy to be out there. I didn’t have any feel for any of my pitches, even my fastball. I was trying to throw hard and I couldn’t. … The ball just slipped out my fingers most of the time. Everything was wet. I couldn’t push off the mound.”

My next entry will be about the upcoming  “Bloggers without Borders” during the Rockies/Red Sox game on Tuesday, June 22nd. I will swap places with “Dr Rocker” writer of Sox Rocker which is his Red Sox blog.

Also…. If you haven’t seen the very cool email from Mark Strittmatter in the last Rant entry you should go back and read it.

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter here to tell you that I still hate the rain, still love the Rockies and every now and then wish they would have put a retractable roof on Coors Field.

                                            Thanks to “T” for a great day.

                                                    GO ROCKIES…”D”

ranter hat.jpg