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Plenty to do in the MBU



DSCN5825.JPGHere’s the Ranter shirt that I ordered.

 This is how it showed up.


 I have had the worst luck with lettering. I loved the T-Shirt but if you step back a few feet the Rockpile Ranter becomes difficult to read.

Rule # 1 with a Ranter shirt: The lettering has to be large enough to be visible on television.

 I wrote the business owner and told him that I wasn’t unhappy, I just wondered why he had spaced the letters so close together.

The gentleman wrote me back and said that he would have needed to use two transfer sheets to do that and the auction clearly stated that only one sheet was used for the lettering. He also informed me about how he was tired of people using their feedback on him as hostage.

I wrote back again and informed him that retaliation wasn’t my intent. I was just asking in case I ever wanted purchase another one of these T-Shirts. I gave the man positive feedback and left it at that.

About a week later I received a package in the mail. I opened it up and look what I found inside:
RPR Tshirt 1.jpgNot only did he make me another shirt just the way I wanted, he made me two of them. NO CHARGE. That was cool. See how well you can read this lettering?

                           Thank you Mr T-Shirt dude? You sir have a loyal customer.


 Anybody want the first shirt? I’ll give it to you, but you have to hand out my Ranter cards when people say “What the hell is a Rockpile Ranter? Believe me…it happens. 

In case your wondering on the status of the letter “P” from a previous entry? I have returned all of the letters for a refund. They couldn’t get it right after three times and Dan convinced me that the quality of the lettering was crap and that I could do better elsewhere.

Great Superbowl yesterday (at least the 4th quarter). I had predicted Cardinals over Steelers 24-21. 

Had they ended the game a few minutes early I’d have been damn close at 23-20, oh well.

thanks a bunch baseballs.gif

 Thank you for your kind comments on the John Breaux entry.

The public outpouring of support for this man has been unbelievable. John literally touched thousands of people. I haven’t had anything “hit me” like this particular tragedy has in a long time.

 Apparently I’m not the only one, not by a longshot. The cities of Louisville and Lafayette are still grieving.

Twenty days till the MBU makes it’s rolling blogging debut. New additions to the MBU will be a meat smoker (for smoking ribs and chicken), and Andy will be bringing his RockBand for the Wii.

Jealous yet? Remember,…. we still have an opening, but much like E Harmony, we have a 100 question compatibility test. gauging you on all different levels.

Most importantly can you sing? If I’m on drums and Andy is on guitar…we’ll need a singer.

Couch potato12.jpgBut hey, sit at home and don’t go…just gives us more room and I get your plate of ribs.  

Relax,…if you’re not up for a “Road Trip” dont fret, You know my coverage of “Rockies Spring Training 2009” is going to be Bullitzer worthy.

MLB Network eat your heart out on this one. You may have your makeup, cameras and writers, but what you don’t have is a fan’s perspective.

That’s me…Keep’n it real.NOt the MBU 234.jpg

 There is only one “Mobile Blog Unit”.

(<——–This is not the MBU)

 I invented it, I’ll be piloting it, and you my loyal reader will be reaping the rewards of it.

 I can’t wait, less than three weeks.

I’m thinking Rockies Dog, sunblock and margaritas…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

Twenty five, until my little drive


Not MBU 1-29-09.gif(<—This is not the Moblile Blogging Unit)

Twenty-five days until the Mobile Blogging Unit reaches mobile blogability. I hope I don’t have any internet connectivity issues whilst I’m mobily blogging.

Congrats to Ubaldo Jimenez. The Rockies signed him to a four year deal worth 10 million and it’s loaded with all kinds of performance incentives.

The Rockies need Ubaldo to stay healthy this season. 

JFFG.jpgWho knows if Jeff Francis will be starting in April. He’s still having issues with that pesky shoulder of his.

 Cook, Jimenez, Marquis, who’s the Top Dog if Francis is injured and can’t start off the season?

Is Francis still the Top Dog even if he’s healthy?  

I wish I could be in Tucson mid-February to see the pitchers and catchers report. I keep hoping for a last minute surprise in the Rockies bullpen, but at this point I wouldn’t bet on it.

It does get me to thinking, “Who among the Rockies bullpen is ready to take it to the next level?”

UJ.jpgMy moneys on Ubaldo, but I still have high hopes of Francis returning to his past glory. Cook is a powerful weapon but tends to wear thin with too much usage.

MannyRamirez u neverknow.jpgGuess we’ll begin to see in a couple of weeks.

I wish we had somebody new to get excited about.

I wonder how Manny Ramirez would do at this altitude? Manny in a Rockies uniform, now that would be a sight. I’d take Manny for a season. The guy has spark there is no denying that.



 I have big hopes for Tulo this season which starts off with him not having any major injuries.

 It’s time for this dude to make his mark with the Rockies.

You want to be leader of this team Tulo, show us what you got brotha, and do it all season.

I really believe this is going to be his breakout year.

Tulowitzki healthy and producing all season long is a good thing for the Rockies.

And a good thing for the fans.

IS1-29-09.jpgIan Stewart, here’s another guy bursting at the seams with talent and waiting for everything to click.



 Thumbnail image for spilborghs1-29-09.jpgRyan Spilborghs, recently married. Happy wife = happy life. This dude should have the season of his life. He’s earned a starting position and I want to see him keep it all season and become a permanant fixture in the outfield.

Andy 9-15-08.JPGMan I love talking/writing baseball.

I need some warm weather and a break from the stresses of life.

cactus_baseball_1-29-09.jpg I’ve earned this little baseball vacation. I still have a spot on the MBU available. No worries here if it doesn’t get filled. Right now it’s Andy, Robert and yours truely.

(<——Andy snaggin at Rockies batting practice)



If all goes his way Robert will be staying in Tucson when Andy and I head back to Denver. 

Someday I’ll be able to do that. When I retire it’ll be summers in Colorado and down to Arizona for Fall Ball and Spring Training.

           You’ve got to stay busy.

Thank you all for the great comments on my last entry on concerts.

 Thanks for stopping by the Rant and reading my filler. You know me, I’m just waiting for the real stuff…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

I’m no Joe Torre but everyone has a story


Wow how time flies, I was looking at the old blog entry count and noticed that this entry is number 199 for the Rockpile Rant.

Notice: It looks like one of my buddies who was going to Tucson with us has to cancel. If your interested in this trip contact me. As I’ve said before there would be an interview process (to guage your coolness), but we’re not too picky.

The travel dates are from Feb 23-March 4.

                                      Chapter 1:  A Ranter is born.

Baby D .jpgI’m going to tell you how the Rockpile Ranter was born. My alter ego is a combination of several things. I’ll start with the Ranter bit. For most of my life I have had to be subordinate to someone who at some point took their power to far or was just a complete jackass with their authority.

I always felt compelled to bottle up what I wanted to say or how I felt, either out of respect or position. It’s not that I was afraid to say what was on my mind, I kept my mouth shut because it was usually the smart thing to do at the time.

 Then when I reached the point when I was ready to “speak my mind”, I didn’t because I didn’t want to hurt anyone. Truth be told, the one who was hurting was myself.

Every person and situation is unique and before I became a blogger, I would vent on friends and family. Not the full out explode in your face vents, but smaller more manageable vents. What I would call ” a short little rant”.

They would often start out like: “Does this piss you off too?”. Then I’d go on from there, but only ranting on one topic and making it quick. Usually people would agree with me. Whether they did or didn’t, a conversation of some sort would usually ensue.

This his how I viewed it, I was being  friendly to another human by striking up a conversation, and at the same time I was able vent off something that had been bothering me.

 I don’t vent much on people directly anymore, I don’t need to.

 I have “The Rant” now and I have the ability to immediately write about something that bothers me or moves me, impresses me or depresses, stimulates my brain or leaves me writhing in pain, touches my soul or leaves me down in a hole.

I can release it in word format, then after I’ve heard a group opinion on the subject…Be done with it and “Keep on Truckin”.

 “You got to keep on rolling while you can, eventually we all run out of hill” Official Ranter Quote.

The Rockpile part of the blog name is simpler. I usually purchase Rockpile tickets, see that’s pretty simple.

                                 Here’s how this all ties in together: 

 It was the third week in September 2007 and the Rockies were “HOT”, and still not getting any National love or attention. This really frustrated me and some other fans that I know. 

It was at that point I knew I had to do something.  I didn’t know exactly what or how, but I felt somehow I had to get The Rockies some National love.

                                  Fast forward to Rockies Spring Training 2008.

When I was in Tucson for spring training last year I only had five days off. Two of those days were spent driving there and back. When I arrived in Tucson I managed to catch one practice, but it was only the AAA players. I saw two games in two days both of them at Hi Corbett Field. Rockies won one and lost one. 

Remember now, this was the spring training after the Rockies had made it to the World Series.

I guess I thought that right after a World Series appearance spring training games would be sold out. This was not the case at all, both games had more empty seats than not.

I sat there in my nearly empty row and couldn’t believe the Rockies had done so much, and went so far and still were getting minimal fan love and National exposure.

As I pondered what to do on that sunny afternoon in March wearing my newly purchased big green floppy hat (it was recommended to me by a local for sun block), and my previously purchased Todd Helton World Series jersey an idea popped into my head.

I had previously been interested in starting a blog about my own daily rants, so I thought to myself, why not write a blog about the Rockies and incorporate my “attitude” into it.

I needed a name. A name that represented me and my team. I tossed around blogs name for the entire drive back to Denver with no luck.

Zack H-1.jpgFor a few years I had been a regular reader of Zack Hample’s blog “The Baseball Collector” (still am). This dudes obsessed with snagging baseballs at batting practice and catching live game baseballs.

Anyways I was tired of reading about his success and I had decided after we lost the World Series that I would try to arrive early for batting practice. I snagged a baseball at my first batting practice and now I NEVER miss it. To me it’s as much a part of the game as eating peanuts, the seventh inning stretch, or standing in line to take a whiz.

I experimented with a couple of blogging formats before I came across MLBlogs.com.  I was sitting in front of my computer stuck at the point where I had to come up with a blog name for this blog. I started to think of the Rockies Rockpile and knew that word had to be part of it’s name. 

                                A few of the blog names I tossed around were:

Rockpile Style, Rockpile Ralph, D’s Rockpile Report, DR-ockpile, Rock-n-Roll Pile, and A Rock-n-Pile. All of those names are winners in their own right, but didn’t quite convey the message I was trying to get out there.

Then I thought,”The Rockpile Rambler”, I dismissed that one because I’m more of a Ranter than a Rambler. Yeah, Rockpile Rant, I typed it in and have owned it and a few variations of it since.

                                          Chapter 2: It’s up to you.

So now you know where I came from  and you already know where I’m heading. I’m going for number one spot. I don’t want to “OWN” it, I just want to feel it up a little bit…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image 

What’s this Obama Drama?


foot in mouth.jpgOk, I’ve kept my mouth shut on all of this Inauguration hoopla because the current bandwagon is bursting at the seams.

I can’t figure out what the big freggin deal is. Are you celebrating the man, or the color of the mans’ skin.

As usual, before you start to judge read on a bit.Bill with a fro.jpg

Color doesn’t mean diddly doo to me.

Besides what’s the big deal, Clinton was black right?

I’ve been reading a lot about all this subject and it seems to me people are writing what they think should be written and not how they really feel about the subject matter.

Big F’n deal, we now have a black President. It could just as easily have been a female president. I’m ok with that too.

What matters to me is how he goes about beginning to fix the damage in this country. You should care too.

The whole system needs to be revamped.

People are saying and writing, “I’m just so overcome with emotion”, or “I cant explain these feelings”, I don’t buy any of it. Tell me, are you really overcome with emotion or does that sound good when you read it back to yourself?

Michael and ET.jpgWanna be overcome with real emotion?

Watch “Nine Innings from Ground Zero ” on the MLB Channel,  that’ll get your emotional juices flowing. If not, you’re a freggin alien.

Tell me, do you really feel safer, more secure and have a more optimistic outlook on life, or are you saying that because that’s what you think I want to hear? Or possibly, did the sensation of the moment sweep you in?

It’s ok it happens,  just recognize it as being that.

It might make for some good reading fluff, but this young president is not the messiah. Get over being starstruck, I have faith that your smarter than that. Remember if you write what you think people what to hear and not how you really feel, then it’s just fiction.

Fiction posing as non-fiction has no place in the blogosphere.

Thumbnail image for Obama silly.gifI’m not here to tell you that Obama is no good or that he’ll be a bad president. In fact, I hope that’s not the case at all. I’m here to tell you to get over the immediate novelty of this and lets see what the man can do.

People didn’t immediately follow Jesus, he had to build his fellowship (that was a rare Ranter biblical quote).

redneck w a gun.jpgHere’s some non-fiction for you, I’m scared. I didn’t vote for President this time because in good conscience I couldn’t vote for either of these dudes.

They both lacked substance.  Honestly I’m scared Obama might be too inexperienced to handle this job, I’m scared some redneck might try to assassinate him, I’m scared of the Unions who will be soon working their way into my state,  I’m scared because I don’t know and neither do you.

C’mon let’s be honest here, tell me exactly what are you in awe of?

OK, fast forward a year and the economy is on track, jobs are being created, unemployment is down and the general demeanor of the country is positive and bright.

From where we sit right now, doing that would be something to be in awe of. Let’s not jump the gun here folks or you might be sorry…I’m just saying.

I hate the fact that my Country is filled with so many phonies. Actions speak louder than words in my watchful eyes, and I’ll be paying close attention to his actions not his ethnicity, and so should you…nuff said on that subject.

Not MBU 211211.jpg

(This is not the Mobile Blogging Unit, I’m not even sure it’s mobile)

I’d like to say thank you to some of you. every now and then I catch a little piece of someone else’s blog mentioning the Mobile Blogging Unit. I really appreciate it when I see that. Hopefully MLBlogs.com will see fit to give us some love.

Some MBU props would be cool as it would make us really visible when we’re down in Tucson. If not, I guess I’ll have to write a book about it :),…… I kid because I love.Thumbnail image for Rockies Fest Jan24.jpg

I’m going to ask this question again, will anyone who reads the Rant be in Tucson on February 25th for the opening Rockies Spring Training game against the D-backs?

I’m just curious.

Two more days until Rockies Fest. I can’t tell you how excited I am about going to this event. I can’t say for sure, but I just have a feeling I’m going to get to meet Todd Helton this time.

Let me put how much I respect Helton in perspective for you.

fat tire beer1.jpg

If someone said to me, “we’re going to let you have a beer with Todd Helton but in turn you have to give up blogging forever”…

“Bartender..two drafts over here please, make it a couple of “Fat Tires”.

Now that will never happen so I can make a bold statement like that, but I meant what I said.

Dan and his daughter Emily will be there, Robert, Danny, Tom, all the first row regulars. I know for sure my favorite non-blogging reader and commenter R-Luv will be there. If my timing is good I might get to see Mark and Baby Paul.

Mark you ready to do some BP snaggin?

Missy, you ready for this, what level do you normally work on?

R-Luv, have you bought that 10 pack of tickets yet?

Emily, tickets go on sale soon, better snap up a few Rockpile tickets to the good games.

What are the rest of you doing to get ready? Have you been studying up on your team? Are you shopping for that special jersey? Have you mapped out the games that are “must see”.

Do you have a routine on game day? I do, but it changes depending on if I’m going alone or with just Hunter, or with both kids.

Capt Earthman at work.jpgWe like to bring food with us because it fits our budget a little better and I hate missing the game while waiting in line for food.

However, I have been known to do some serious damage to a Rockies dog, and every now and then a cold beer on a hot day is mandatory (gotta keep Captain Earthman green <——–right?).

(Photo props to Robert Harmon) 

You think I’m wound up now, tune in during spring training. We’re going to have so much fun I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Rockies wandered over to the MBU just to see what’s going on.

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. I’ll make you feel like your sitting there right beside me,……because that’s what I do,……free of charge 🙂

Happy freggin Wednesday to you all. I’m still smoke free, but I’m at that point where I realize how bad the sh*t smells and I smell it everywhere. I don’t know why non-smokers put up with that crap. Oops, I said I wasn’t going to be one of those hypocrite quitters. I’ve got plenty to bitch about already.

Congrats go out to our new President…

My hopes are that in the future the color of our children’s eyes are more important to us than the color of the person sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office. Think about that.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a cigarette butt in a world full of air fresheners…Peace to you my friends…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

The Rockpile Rant, a long story in a short  world


Corporal DRCFT Drum 1988-1.jpg

CPL Chilcote, US Army B CO, 10 S & T BN Drum, NY.    

Thought you might enjoy a shot of the Rockpile Ranter before he ranted professionally.

May 1988 (and 35 pounds skinnier), the first warm day in a while and it was my day off.

Just hanging around the barracks trying to get a tan.

obstacle course.jpg
          In front my Dining Facility (1986) at Camp Stanton, Korea    2/61 Air Defense Artillary
camp stanton korea.jpg

Thumbnail image for Army budies and first car.jpg



This is my first car (a 1986 Nissan Pulsar NX), and a few Army buddies and I at an outdoor concert somewhere near Ithaca, NY 1987.

 If anyone in this picture recognizes themselves, you better contact me.



 Below is a list of the nine non-roster players (so far) that the Rockies have invited to attend Spring Training camp.

RHP Matt Belisle
LHP Cedrick Bowers
LHP Glendon Rusch

Luis Gonzalez
Jonathan Herrera (S)

Dan Ortmeier
Scott Podsednik (L)

Edwin Bellorin
Paul Phillips


 More names listed above have been a Rockie, than have not been (5-4).

I’ll tell all of them you said hi 🙂 in a month.

 The only autograph I possess of the above mentioned players is Glendon Rusch’s.

 I ran into Jonathan Herrera during spring training last year, but Franklin Morales had just signed the last baseball I had with me so I couldn’t get Herrera’s autograph.

 1 Ball = 1 Autograph



 I’m not really into team signed baseballs. I think it takes away from uniqueness and individuality of the signature.

Others collectors really like baseballs with multiple signatures.

You know what they say, different strokes for different folks.

Thumbnail image for ball 1.JPG

 Now on a football since they cost a bit more I’m ok with multiple signatures.

 Plus it’s a bigger area to sign so the signatures are spread out more than on a baseball.

minibat swirl.jpg

 When I’m in Tucson, I’m going to experiment with several different media’s for autographs.I have a few mini-bats and a few mini-helmets that I would like to get autographed.   

 I like that you can use a sharpie on them and from what I’ve been told and researched, they seem to hold up well over time. Light seems to be the killer of autograpys. You either have to keep them out of light entirely or store them in cases that filter UV light.

Thumbnail image for Barmes Ball

 One thing I’ve learned about storing autographs is only use Rawlings Official Major League Baseballs.

Before I drove down to Tucson for spring training last season I had purchased several baseballs with  Rockies logos on them. 

Barmes Ball 2.jpg

These baseballs were not made with real leather.  The  ball on left was signed by Clint Barmes on April 6, 2008. The ball on the right is the same ball not quite a year later. This baseball has been in a footlocker and not exposed to light since I returned home with it.

In another year, it should be a clean baseball again.

I haven’t had this issue with any of the autographs that I have on a Rawlings Official Major League Baseballs.

I noticed a comment on my last two entries from fellow MLBlogger Ray’s Renegade. Every time I read one of his comments (or his blog), I start to have baseball withdrawals. His passion for this sport radiates in his choice of words.

 The dude hypes me up about baseball and I’m already hyped up about it. That’s a good thing. It’s exactly a week now until Rockies Fest. I’m curious if I’ll run into any Rant readers there.

If you read this blog and you see me there, come over and say hi. Let me give you a card 🙂 Remember, you know what I look like, most likely I wouldn’t know you if you were standing next to me. 

I often think about who reads this blog. I get a sizeable amount of page hits from readers who are overseas. The picture below is a map of page hits to the Rockpile Rant over the last 17 hours or so.

 Usually there are a few more overseas hits but I haven’t added any new “rantings” in a couple days. 
RPR visitor map1.jpg    I’ve never had a page hit from anyone in Greenland or Antarctica. I don’t understand why, what the hell else do they have to do up/down there right? Oh well, one can always hope. 

Thumbnail image for Kiss my xxx.jpgSeriously though, I wonder what they think when they read about some of the crazy sheet I get to do.

Do they think “Who is this crazy white boy and what the f*ck is wrong with him”. Or do they read my entries hang on my every word while living vicariously through my keyboard strokes?

Or did they just stumble across my blog through a funny picture I may have posted or some sort of search engine wrong turn? 

All’s good, one page hit counts the same as another.

 The part of this I find fascinating is that each individual page hit has a story, whether it be a long story or a short one. I’m honored to have been part of your/their page hit experience.

Consider the Rockpile Rant a long story in a short world with just the right bit of attitude. I always try and leave ’em smiling as I shoot for a happy ending.

                                         Peace Y’all, Did you miss me?…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG  

No clue at all about the mystery ball


I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out with this little mystery. I got a really good deal a a few 2007 World Series baseballs that I plan on getting signed either at Rockies Fest or spring training.

One of the baseballs showed up with an autograph already on it. I’ve spent a few hours researching this already. I haven’t given up, I’m just seeing if anyone out there might have a clue. I’m using my resources…Yeah that’s it.

                                  Here’s the ball and the mystery autograph.
Mystery autograph.jpg

Now common sense tells me the autograph is hopefully someone from the Rockies or the Red Sox because it’s a 2007 World Series ball. But you never know? I owe someone a drink if you figure this one out…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iannetta.jpgCongrats go out to Chris Iannetta for agreeing to participate with Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. Chris was one of two catchers selected, the other being the Braves Brian McCann.

That makes two Rockies who have received invitations. Brad Hawpe also has an invite but at this point he hasn’t committed.




I can’t wait to see Todd Helton back in the Rockies lineup.

Lets hope his back will back him up.

When Todd’s out on first base, everything seems right. When he’s at bat, anything can happen.

        I miss that feeling, don’t you?

TH bob11.jpg


Speaking of Todd Helton, my friend Dan Sauvageau came over the other day and gave me a little gift.

He must know I’m a huge Helton fan because he gave me a Todd Helton Golden Glove bobble head from 2002.

My Rockies Bobble heads.jpg The Rockies don’t have that many bobble heads compared to other teams and this one is REALLY cool.  Notice the bright gold glove. Nice detail on this piece.

Thank you Dan, that was really cool man.

emily_dan_during_game.jpg(Dan and his daughter Emily, photo borrowed from Zack Hample).

Dan has agreed to be my first Rockies Fan Profile of the regular season. I think that’s appropriate because Dan was the first person to ever come up to me and ask “Are you the Rockpile Ranter?”.

 Dan is a good dude and I hope during that Fan Profile to be able to tell you about some of the really cool things Dan does for other Rockies fans.

Thumbnail image for thumbs up gary coleman.jpg

There are many readers of this blog who can testify to Dan’s kindness and generosity. I

I mentioned Dan to my to my friends Gary and David, at first Gary didn’t understand and said “What you talking about Ranter”, but after he realized who were talking about, he and David agree Dan is a stand up guy.

In Nuggets news, goodbye Chucky Atkins. I really liked Chucky but the poor dude barely got any playing hardwood time.

We traded Chucky, a draft pick and cash considerations for center Johan Petro and a future draft pick from Oklahoma City, January 7th.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Johan Petro.JPG


The Nuggets acquired center Johan Petro and a second-round-draft pick from Oklahoma City on Jan. 7, in exchange for guard Chucky Atkins, a first-round-draft pick and cash considerations.

Petro was averaging 4.6 ppg and 4.3 rpg in 22 games for the Thunder this season.

Just curious, who of you among the Rant readers is planning on a trip to Tucson? If so, when?…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 

Your sh*tting me, they sent the wrong “P”?


My seats Hi corbett11.JPG

 Rockies spring training tickets officially went on sale this morning at 9:00 am.

I was one of the first 10 people in line and by far the youngest one.

Andy and I got tickets for the first three home games, 25th, 26th, and 28th.

The seats we snagged are incredible, cheap too considering I could set my beer on the top of the Rockies dugout :).

Wrong letter P-1.jpgI wanted to keep you updated on the “Progress of my purple P”.

I finally received my new “P” in the mail yesterday.

I’ve discovered something just as bad as losing your “P” or being overcharged for a “P”.

Receiving the incorrect “P”.

The “P” that was mailed to me after waiting patiently for three weeks was the wrong color.  I received a black “P”. In addition, the black “P” was bigger and had a different shape than normal purple “P”. 

Letter P black.JPGIf anyone is in need of a black “P” let me know. I’ll keep you updated on the “Progress of the purple P”. I wanted the lettering sewn on and the jersey finished for Rockies Fest on January 24th.

Right now I’m just hoping to have it ready by spring training. 

This will be my third stab at trying to get my “P” to finish off my “Rock_ile”. 

Who knew trying to find the right “P” would wind up being such a pain? 

not mbu11321.JPG 

(This is not the Mobile Blogging Unit —>)

So as it stands right now, you’ll be able to find the Mobile Blogging Unit parked outside of Hi Corbett Field on Feb 25th, 26, and 28th before and after the game (It will be parked there other days too, we just haven’t figured what away games we’ll be driving to see).

On the roadtrip back, March 3rd we will be parked in the Maryvale Parking lot before the Brewers/Rockies game at the Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix.

relax take it easy1.JPGWe’ve got lawn seats in the outfield for that game. The plan for the last day is just take it easy before hitting the road back to Denver after that ballgame is finished.

 As I may have mentioned before This trip will be the ulitmate baseball lovers vacation. The goal is to spend ten days and not spend over $400.00. Barring any mechanic issues, it should be a piece of cake. We split all of the expenses. 

We plan to grill out every day, watch an incredible amount of live baseball, snag a sheetload of baseballs, hopefully get lot of autographs, visit some other ballparks, talk lots of baseball to all the fans we meet, and best of all document as much of it as we can so you reading this can share in the spring training experience.

                             I wanted to give a shout out to my friends Lisa and Dick.
lisa and Dick anniversary.jpg      It’s their anniversary and Dick went out of his way to do something special for her.

                                                     Whaddya think??  🙂

                                                            Peace …D
Peace Butt.jpg

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