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Estes but not like testes

8/2/09                                    Our visit to Estes Park

I only worked a half-day on Sunday so I was out of work and home by noon. With Naomi staying with us we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go on a little road trip.

         Estes (Pronounced S-Tes, not like t-estes) Park was our choice for the day 🙂 

IMG_0750.JPG Not far from Estes Park is Rocky Mountain National Park. I had heard a rumor that we could enter the park free this weekend.

Unfortunately upon meeting the friendly Park Ranger stationed in his little booth at the entrance to the park, I found out my information about the freebie was incorrect.
IMG_0743.JPGI was prepared for the expense and after all was said and done I can tell you it was money well spent. Below are my oldest Naomi, Hunter and Mylee.

                     This was a little stream we visited on the way to Estes Park.


                                                 Some rock climbing. 
IMG_0767.JPG                                           Hunter and his furry new friend. 
IMG_0773.JPG                                   Alvin here was cute and way to tame. 
IMG_0776.JPG We ate our lunch on the side of a huge rock wall. Our choice,….Subway subs from Estes Park where the $5.00 footlong is $6.00.

     The subs taste the same but the thin air allows you to swallow more so you feel fuller 🙂

IMG_0799.JPGThere were several lakes that formed on the side of the mountain. The word shrinkage comes to mind.
IMG_0783.JPG                   When you reach the Visitors Center/Gift shop your almost to the top.

IMG_0817.JPG                                   As we neared the stairway I noticed this sign?

IMG_0818.JPG      No worries, it was beautiful out and all that was left was the short walk up to the peak.

                           I had to stop twice, the air is really thin up here. 

IMG_0819.JPG                   Mylee made it first and she posed after she conquered the mountain.
IMG_0822.JPG                                 My clan minus Krista who is taking the picture. 
IMG_0829.JPG               Ruffles aren’t the only things that have ridges, these ones are pretty cool. 
IMG_0815.JPG                                     We spotted several elk on the way back out. 
IMG_0891.JPG                                                     One helluva view.
IMG_0896.JPG                                         Another beautiful mountain lake.

Notice all of the brown? That my friends is from a devastating little fu*ker called the Pine Beetle. When the beetles finish their trek through this state it will have a much different appearance.  
IMG_0895.JPG                                                     Remember this movie? 
IMG_0899.JPG                                                     Click this to expand 
IMG_0901.JPG This is the Stanley Hotel, local folk say it’s haunted and it’s also where the movie “The Shining” was filmed. Cool place, it’s free to visit and worth your time if you’re out this way.IMG_0902.JPG When we turned onto the dirt road about a 1/4 mile from the cabin we noticed this deer hiding in the woods.

IMG_0913.JPG                               The humming birds are starting to get friendly.

IMG_0924.JPGIt’s not hard to be on top of the world when your family is together and your team has won four in a row.
IMG_0800.JPG                         From the very top of the Colorado Rockies let me just say….

                                    GO ROCKIES, Time to Blunt the Phillies…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG