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The pressures a mutha, can you help a brotha?


I only post this list for my Pops, that way he’ll think I’m famous. Rockpile Rant came in number six for the week of January 16-22. My stealth plan is working.

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6. Rockpile Rant
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Too bad he’ll probably never know it because I don’t think he’s a regular reader of my blog, but MNewman1.jpgMark Newman was a big part of my motivation and ultimate decison to quit smoking. I was reading in his blog a while back that he used to smoke and that he successfuly quit and took up marathon running.

Every now and then in his blog he plugs a marathon that he’s participating in.

 Marathon running has got to be hell on your lungs, and going from smoking to not, and then getting your lungs in good enough shape to complete a 26 mile race…..I think that’s quite a feat.

                              When I look at him, I think if he can do it, I can.

obsmoking.jpgSo know this Newman, whether you read the Rant or not, I respect you brotha. You managed to successfully quit smoking and turned your focus into getting yourself healthier. (Plus I like the way the articles you write carry the reader through them).

Britnay smoking.jpgRight now, I’m just trying to get through to the next day. I get these wicked cigarette cravings that are so intense….

Not only would I walk a mile for a Camel cigarette, I believe I could do it with the camel strapped to my back.  

It’s been over two weeks. Props to my wife too, she a few days behind me, but she’s still winning the battle herself.

 Problem is she and I can’t really talk about it too much or we both wind up wanting to smoke…Anybody been in that spot before??

                                  Mark, your the guy I want to hear from.

How did you do it dude?

How much did you used to smoke?

What was the hardest part for you?

Who did you turn to when you needed help?

Had you quit before and failed?

What was the defining moment for you?

Do you do you still crave them? 

Sp smoking.jpgToday felt like day one to me. I forgot my patch. 

 Give a brotha some words of encouragment. Your all about helping others learn how to improve their writing skills, it would be appreciated if you could give a fellow blogger in need a few tips on how to prolong his life?

Please don’t take this the wrong way Newman, I just need some help man. Give me the benefit of your experience in this department.  

                              We can call it C-Quit School, yeah I like that.

swayze smoking.jpg

nicholsonsmoke.jpgYou could give a monthly motivational paragraph or so for those of us quitting or contemplating quitting smoking. Use your blog and your experiences for the good of the people.

Funny_Smoking_Sign1.jpg     No  It’s not often I’ll ask anyone for help, but in this instance I’m all ears. Teach me…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG