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Point and Shoot to Win the Loot


I was really impressed with the number of Essays that were submitted for the Essay Contest on the Rant earlier this year. All of the Essays were great but some of you seriously put some time and energy into those essays and I appreciate that.

So…I’m going to make this next Contest a lot easier. This one’s a…

Seems only right with the Rant being all about photos…

 The theme for The Rant’s Photo Contest is…”Why Baseball is Still the Greatest Sport of all Time”

Show me what you got, send me your best…This Photo contest is open to EVERYONE.

Except Mike the Rox Addict..Sorry Mike, you’ve got a figurine already and you’re too good brotha.

 Use your imagination. You don’t need a fancy camera to participate. The judging isn’t on picture quality it’s on picture content. The judge for this contest will be none other than ROOT SPORTSown Tom Helmer who graciously agreed to be the judge.


The Rant’s Photo Contest winner will be announced September 21st 2011 via this Blog.

You may only submit one picture for consideration. Now, I realize that a person could send in a picture and then a few games later wind up taking what they think is the picture of a lifetime so I’m going to allow one substitution per person because I’m cool like that.


I happen to have one extra Numbered Carlos Gonzalez Figurine. Cargo is holding a silver bat and wearing a golden glove. These figurines have a limited run of 1000 only.  

This one is #850. I’d love to show you what Cargo looks like but I wont pull it apart to assemble it. The winner can do that.

Not many folks were able to attend that game so these figurines are EXTREMELY collectible. Just ask Gary X who managed to snag 001 out of 1000.

Second place is a Colorado Rockies card with Jason Giambi’s autograph.

Third place is a Carlos Gonzalez autographed card.

 Both cards were donated by Gary X..Thank you G!


The cutoff for emailing your picture is Sept 20th, 2011.

I’m the Ranter…What are you waiting for?

ranter hat.jpg

Least I can say ..”I got to see Giambi play”



                       The Rockpile Rant Salutes “Jason Giambi”

There is no athelete I have enjoyed photographing more the last two seasons than Jason Giambi. When I heard he was picked up by the Rockies I was one happy blogger.

I think the timing of Giambi becoming a Rockie was perfect. He was the right fix/fit at the moment and proved his worth right from the beginning. Thumbnail image for Giambi Tunnel.jpg

Below is my favorite picture of Giambi that I have taken. It is one of only two things I’d love to get the slugger to autograph. I took this picture on 4/24/2010

Thumbnail image for Giambi Big Screen 9-12-10.jpgThe other thing I’d love to have him sign is the homerun ball he hit into the batters eye inside Isotopes park in Albquerque on 4/4/10.

Here’s the actual video of me doing the deed…I just had to.

If you’ve never seen it, during that game Brad Eldred and Jason Giambi both hit home runs into the batters eye. Long story short, I couldn’t leave a Giambi homerun ball just sitting there…

Here’s the video of me sucessfully acquiring both baseballs.

I was able to get Brad Eldred to sign his homerun ball early on in the season.
Thumbnail image for Brad Eldred autograph 5-5-10.jpg I still have not had an opportunity to get Jason to sign either his homerun ball or my picture of him in the air.

Most of the folks I know who were able to get Jason to sign for them managed to get it done while Jason was playing in Colorado Springs for the AAA Sky Sox. They all said he was totally cool and stopped and chatted with them and would sign almost anything.

When I tell you I like a player there is actually a lot that goes into my thought process. Statistics don’t mean a whole lot to me. I spend a lot of time at Coors Field and I get to see most all the players in different stages of the season or the day.

You know, goofing off having fun, taking hits during BP, warm-ups, the interactions with the fans just before the game starts.

So I watch how the players act around the other players and how they interact with the fans who so desperately just want them to come over and say hi, or sign a memento for them.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to see Giambi play here at Coors.  There are only a few Rockies who can pump up Coors Field in seconds like seeing Giambi grab that bat.

Giambi could, he did it every time he walked up to the plate.

I’m not sure but for some reason Jim Tracy liked to put Giambi in the game right about the time I was in line for the facilities.Thumbnail image for Jason Giambi 6-19-10.jpg  Two of the all-time finest first basemen in baseball and we were lucky enough to watch these dudes live.

Giambi Helton 5-22-10.jpg You just know Jason Giambi has something to say to every player. I’d love to have an hour to pick his brain.

I bet just being his presence for an hour would be highly entertaining and extremely educational.

Giambi and Fowler 10.jpg                             Alanna Rizzo interviewing Jason after his walk-off winThumbnail image for Giambi postgame interview 9-12-10.jpg                                              Giambi’s walk off Homer                                               

Giambi was just a natural fit around here.Thumbnail image for Cowboy Giambi 7-9-10.jpg
Thumbnail image for Mustach Giambi and Spilborghs.jpg

Barmes, Spilborghs, Giambi 7-1-10.jpg

Baylor and Giambi 5-16-10.jpg

Although I can’t personally brag Giambi up for signing my stuff and I always watched to see if he would come out and warm-up pre-game. What really happened was I devoted many hours to a nobel cause (so I thought) and I just never happened.

BUT SURPRISE…At least for me there is a lesson in all this is. I’m realizing that in reality what I cherish more is the memory of seeing him hit that ball and me climbing down after it at game’s end.

I could possibly lose the Giambi baseball but I’ll never forget the memory. Especially not if there’s video proof :).

Jason.. “Thanks for the good times, giving me the chance to see you play and making a brotha see something in a new light. Believe me that ain’t easy because I wear some dark sunglasses. Good Luck “G” wherever you may be.

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter… GO ROCKIES!!

ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

The fish swim upstream and I had a dream

I said I would post a picture of the rare “Colorado Rockies Bat Fish” so here’s one Robert took for me.

                                          Here they are swimming upstream.

bat fish swimming up stream.jpgI was reading Happy Youngster’s blog entry about his experience at the Home Run Derby and I knew Dan and Emily were attending the derby.

Among all of Happy’s great pictures was one of Happy and Emily waiting line for the Home Run Derby. I borrowed this picture to share with you.

                                                 Good stuff I tell you.Happy N Emily Home Run Derby.jpg

 The wife and I heading down to Colorado Springs on Saturday. The Sky Sox play the Fresno Grizzlies and at some point during the game they will be giving away nine used cars.

Our plan is to head down with a brand new bat, my camera and my positive attitude. Funny thing, I had a dream that I won a car at a baseball game not long ago. At the time it didn’t make sense.

 The stadium in my dream wasn’t Security Service Field where the Sky Sox play but in the dream for some odd reason they were giving away cars.

Lets see, I have a baseball dream about winning a car then I discover a Sky Sox game where they are giving away used cars. I figure that’s enough of a coincidence that I’m going to roll with the dream and attend that game and say hi to Manny Corpas while I’m down there…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha 

Once you’re in the chair, they hold your pair

5/2/09..My alternate title for this entry was ” It’s hard to be glad when they’ve got you by the knads.

familyguy.jpgSo as of today my kids have missed an entire week of school. We received the lab results back (FINALLY SIX DAYS LATER) and Hunter does not have the mumps. I could go off on a rant of epic proportions on this entire “Children’s Hospital” and the “Worlds slowest blood testing lab” but I’m not, I just don’t have the energy.

I’m just glad my lil guy didn’t have swine flu. Just for sheets and giggles at the end of all this we asked if they had  tested for swine flu.

Guess what they said….NO …That my friends is just a little tidbit from a really F’ked up story.

Evil Dentist.jpgAnother question?

Has anyone ever called a new Dentist, asked if they accept your dental benefits, been told they do.

Then have the work done and find out later that your dental benefits do not cover that particular Dentist? This recently happened to my family and I.

It’s an $1100.00 dental bill that should have costed me like $40.00 bucks.

The Dentist’s office informed me that when they originally called up my insurance to verify coverage the insurance company told them we were good to go.

Then when the bill was submitted they(the Dentist’s office) were informed that my current dental benefits would not cover this Dentist..

GoatBraces.jpgWhat do I do here? I’m totally stuck in the middle and I did nothing wrong. This seems like a racquet to me and I don’t like this crap one bit.

I smell something and it’s not bad breath. 

This Dentist spent over ten minutes trying to convince me that I need X-rays when all I wanted was a cleaning this particular visit.

Then when I went to schedule the cleaning (all this before I knew I wasn’t covered by insurance) they conveniently had a cancellation for the very next day and I was given that appointment.

My wife and kids had x-rays taken during the visit and discussed some future dental work. I’m really glad they didn’t get their work done the next day. We have since found a Dentist that accepts our insurance. 

elvistrooper-1.jpgLet me tell you that this is not a cool thing?

I’m about to drop to basically one income and I can’t be paying bull sheet medical bills when I already have great insurance.

chewy princess-1.jpgHas anyone heard of this or know anything about what I’m going through?

 WTF do I do? Grrrrrr

Sunday morning a healthy Hunter and I are going down to Colorado Springs to visit some of my buddies and to catch a AAA Sky Sox game.

My mission is simple.

I plan to get my Daniel David Ortmeier home run baseball autographed. Maybe I can get him to write something cool on the baseball.

It was my first game home run ball and Ortmeier’s first home ball as a Rockie. David hit this home run during a Rockies/Brewers game on March 3rd, 2009 at Maryvale baseball stadium.

If you’re live in Colorado Springs and you’ll be at this game…Say Hi. I’ll be there with my Ranter Jersey on doing what I do because you know me,…”I calls em like I sees em” 🙂

Thumbnail image for Tom and Emily.jpg

I have to mention how cool I thought it was to see the picture of Emily and Tom I took on the front page of MLBlogs.com. I had no idea I had given Emily her first baseball.

That really made my day hearing that. It starts with one baseball then you’re hooked Emily. Just wait, you’ll see. 

Laters, I need to send my ballhawk stats off to Erik at Counting Baseballs.

 Go Sky Sox and Go Rockies, I really hate losing to the Giants…D
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