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Five to Zero…Look’n for a Hero



 Notice the temperature? July was a record breaking month in Colorado as far as the heat goes but today was overcast and drizzling at times. The cooler weather was a nice change.

Here are your Starting Lineups

Even with the drizzle the cages were up and BP was roll’n. I kind of felt like a ball magnet today as I had a lot of play during BP. I was hoping that would work to my advantage during the game as I had a front row pavilion seat today.

(I’m Still buck’n for that first Game Homer)…Thanks Mister Ticket Mister :).

I’ll spare you the suspense…It didn’t happen.

The first two BP balls I snagged were toss-ups from Phillies players that were bobbled by Phillies fans. I made sure those two balls found homes with Rockies fans. My next snag was a ground rule double that hit fast and bounced off of my glove.  A few quick steps later and I scooped up my own bobble.

I didn’t want BP to end without actually catching one. There was a break in the clouds and the baseball gods shined briefly enough for me to catch one on the fly from an unknown Phillies player shortly before the players left the field. Props to Mike the Rox Addict for snagging a ground rule double ball that tipped off my glove while surrounded by Phillies fans eager for that ball.

I believe Amy snagged four balls and Jersey Geoff , Dan and Ken had a few nice snags too.

    Here are your Rockies warming up.

Chris Iannetta flashing me the Ranter sign.

The only Rockies player that I saw walk up to the wall and sign was Mark Ellis.

Props to you Mark, shame on the rest of you.

Guess “The Duece”  has been teaching classes on how to avoid signing autographs.

Other than catching baseballs my second favorite thing to do at the ballpark is take action pictures. However there was a severe lack of action from the Rockies so here are a few Phillies pictures. 

I feel ya EY.

I don’t get the Rockies. If I didn’t have so much fun hang’n with my friends at Coors Field I doubt I attend many more games this season.

The Coors Field late innings two out magic is all but dead. This game was uneventful, unexciting, unfulfilling and unfun.

WTF happened?

Keep ignoring your fans Rockies and nothing good will come of it.

I also want to wish Ubaldo Jiminez the best of luck with the Indians. Nasty Fasty was a class act and was the nicest most approachable Rockies player I have ever met. I’m not happy with the decision to Trade Ubaldo or the manner in which it was executed, but we all knew the Rockies were do to make a pitching blunder of some sort.

At least he can’t come back and haunt us in the American League? unless…Nah

I’m the Ranter…I’m thinking I picked the right season to back off the baseball games a bit and work hard on my Mobile Blogging Unit…AKA


I need to get him ready for Broncos Tailgating and Spring Training 2012. ranter hat.jpg 

All he said was don’t aim for my head

10/13/08 5:00 pm MST

Rock PIle 13.jpg
Rock Pile Rant was ranked # 26 for the month of October so far. Best part was I came in ahead of a couple of Red Sox Blogs, and their team is in the Playoffs…Thanks for supporting  the Rant..Wait till next season…Bring it on…D !

Red Sox fan.JPG



It is no secret I’m not a Red Sox lover. They destroyed the Rockies last year during the World Series. I don’t hate them like I want to kick their butt hate, I just dislike them cause they made the Rockies look like chumps. So yes, it’s sort of a jealous hate I’ll admit it.

So for me and other Rockies fans,  it would be sweet justice to see them fall flat on their collective faces.

It befuddles me how many Boston fans live in my state of Colorado. I can’t go a single day without hearing something about the flippin Red Sox. I hate that.

Big Papi, Lester, Beckett, Youkilis, all names I’ve grown to detest. I respect their ability, I just don’t care for them.

Get this, those Boston fans were actually booing their team today. The same team that won the World Series last year. Go figure.

 Some Boston fans are jacked up. Not all of them.

red sox unraveling.jpg


So thank you Tampa Bay, it was nice to hear Fenway quiet except for the Bostonians booing  for their own team.

 I don’t get the booing?

 I believe were beginning to see Boston unravel. But what do I know, I’m just a Rockies fan.

Phillies Phan.jpg

 My  pick to win the World Series after I realized that the Rockies were done for the season was the Phillies.

There was no strategy behind my pick. I have a couple of friends that are Phillies fans and I figured it would be cool to root for the same team as them for a change.

  Any other time I would be talking endless smack to each of them about the Phillies. Guess I’ve come full circle.Hiroki1.JPG

 I was born in California, and I have absolutley no loyalty to that Republic whatsoever.

I can’t even think of one California team in any sport that I like. Ok, maybe the Lakers when Magic Johnson used to play. I love his name.

Hiroki Kuroda was stellar. He won this game in a little over six innings. He also showed his team that he has some steel knads. They ought to call this guy the Japanese headhunter. 

It took some guts to toss a pitch at Shane Victorino’s head, because you know whats going to happen next.

Benches cleared, oh hell yea. WE ALL knew it was coming. Baseball is funny like that. Revenge is alive and well in the MLB, with Manny Ramirez leading the way.Shane V 1.JPG I like Manny, but it wouldn’t have broke my heart if he  had thrown a few punches and got himself suspended a couple of games.

Did you catch the interview with Shane right after the game?

 He was trying to be all calm about it, but clearly his adreneline was still pumping. He kept repeating, I’m ok if he pitches to me on the inside,  but don’t aim for the head.

I think he repeated that about fifteen  times in a two minute interview. The brawl was kept under control and not one player was ejected.

Game 4 is starting shortly and Derek Lowe is on the mound for the Dodgers. Pitching for the Phillies is Joe Blanton. This is going to be a good game. I bet I’m more hyped than October Gonzo and don’t have near the hook ups that dude does. Eat your heart out G.

                                       I’m outta here…I need to see this game…D
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