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Four months till Spring…Trying another thing



I received an emergency text from my buddy “B”. He informed me that the Colorado Avalanche have been having some difficulties winning games at home and he had an extra ticket for tonight’s game.

The Avalanche needed my help.

 When that’s the case and a free ticket is available, I’m willing to lend my services.

I’m all about winning at home.

It’s been way too long since I’ve attended a hockey game. Growing up in Canada watching hockey was a regular thing and it’s sad to say that’s one of the things I’ve let slip. The main reason being for the cost of one hockey game I can see a whole bunch of Rockies games.

Props to my buddy “B” for hooking me up with 1st level tickets.

This was my first time ever photographing professional hockey and it’s a hell of a lot harder than baseball I can tell you that. It’s not easy to follow the puck with a camera and at times I found myself waiting for the puck to find it’s way into my viewfinder.

Remember back in the day when Fox had the glowing puck that would leave a streamer? I always thought that was cool.

I believe it was called Fox Trax

Hockey is so fast paced you don’t have time to get bored. Best part is there’s enough time between periods to actually grab some food or buy a souvenir and get back to your seat before you miss anything.

This game started off with a bang as the Avalanche scored three goals in the first period. That’s the second time this season the Avs have done that. That’s what I’m talking about.

Here’s the first goal scored by Milan Hejduk . O’Reilly and Landeskog got the assist.

I could see my presence was making a difference. Being a Super Fan of several sports I give off a lot of “Karmic Goodness”. Since this was my first Avalanche game in several years the Avalanche were basking in it.

I posted the picture below in my Facebook, if you look to the right of these two dudes you can see Dexter Fowler front row all smiles.

That’s cool, Ryan Wilson(below) and I were all smiles  too. This game was exciting.

This is 20-year-old Matt Duchene.

Jan Hedja from Prague, CZE.

Protecting the goal.

Team Captain Milan Hejduk.

 Ryan Wilson, this dude is fun to watch.

Goalie Semyon Varlamov from Samara Russia.

Kyle Quincey


Daniel Winnik

Shane O’Brien

Rookie Gabriel Landeskog in full resolution.

Here’s another of Gabriel.

One more..I recently acquired Gabriel’s autograph so I’ll be watching this kid.

The Devils only goal.

This is the kind of  game you want to attend.. This was the Avalanche’s highest scoring home game this season.

Final Score 6-1, Avalanche with a huge win over one of the NHL’s stud goalies.

Say what you want but I know my presence helped.

I’m “D” The Ranter…Avalanche I’m available if you need me…”D”