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Gave away nine but none are mine

7/18/09                             Grizzlies vs Sky Sox Game 3

Krista and I don’t get to Colorado Springs nearly enough so it doesn’t take a whole lot to convince us to take the 2 1/2 hour drive. The reason for today’s trek south was the the used car giveaway at Security Service Field where the Colorado Springs Sky Sox call home.

IMG_0432.JPG  Names are randomly drawn at the end of each inning and there were nine cars in all. 

I noticed a Jeep Cherokee, a Mercedes, an older Nissan 280 Z which was in nice shape and some other “Repos” not worth mentioning but worth keeping if you happen to win one of them.

 We showed up early enough for batting practice but you’re not allowed inside the stadum until one hour before the game starts. So snagging baseballs consists of standing outside the stadium in the outfield and trying to snag them as they fly over the fence.

It’s harder than it sounds because although you can hear the crack of a ball being hit you don’t know where the hell the ball is going to land. If you want to catch a ball you have to stand within twenty feet of the outfield wall.

While doing so you can only see directly above you and you wind up standing there playing the odds. If by chance a ball does clear the fence right where you’re standing you only have a fraction of a second to react.

Possible, but probably not going to happen today. Besides, I was saving my luck for the cars.

I opted to stand back about a hundred feet so I could see in advance when a ball was going clear the fence and so I could have some space to react to the ball’s bounce. It worked, I managed to snag one of maybe five baseballs I saw just sneak over the outfield wall.

I later took my Pacific Coast League baseball up to Sox the Fox and asked him to autograph it for me.

The line to get inside Security Service Field was at least two-hundred people deep when we walked up to the gate. I couldn’t believe it. As we went through the gates we were given a piece of paper to fill out with our personal information.

 The personal information was for the used car drawing or so they told us (I hate junk mail).

 Krista and I filled out our entries, turned them in and headed off the grass berm to snag a spot and unload our stuff so I could head over to try and get my Big Stick bat signed.

Krista on the Berm 7-18-09.JPG I slid into a good spot within fifteen feet of the Sky Sox dugout and waited. The first person on the field to warm-up was my favorite Sky Sox player Sal Fasano.

Sal Fasano 7-19-09.JPGI guess the Sky Sox loosened up on their “No facial hair” policy because Sal was sporting his tradmark “Stache”.Sal catching 7-18-09.JPG

                    Of all the autographs I was able to get today I did not get Sal’s.


Next person out to warm-up was Eric Young Jr. He’s always attentive to his fans and signs for everyone.

He was the first autograph on my bat today.

I congratulated EY Jr. on making the Futures team.


David Ortmeier 7-18-09.JPG 


Next to sign was David Ortmeier.

If you remember I caught David’s first home run ball as a Rockie during spring training this year.

David hasn’t really said much the few times I’ve been around him. He’s signed when I’ve asked, but he seems uncomfortable doing it. 

I could be wrong, in any case David is a helluva first baseman and I appreciate that he took the time to sign for me.

Frey 7-18-09.JPG





Chris Frey was happy to sign for the group and added his mark to my bat.








                          Here are the rest of the Sky Sox who signed the “Big Stick”.

                                                      Infielder Mike McCoyMike McCoy 7-18-09.JPG

                       You might remember catcher Paul Phillips, a really nice guy.Paul Phillips 7-18-09.JPG

      Infielder/Outfielder Christian Colonel. He signed for me and played third base today.
Christian Colonel 4-18-09.JPG                  Sky Sox Manager Stu Cole took some time to sign for the group.
IMG_0314.JPG                                              Here is pitcher Esmil Rogers.
Esmil Rogers 7-18-09.JPG Guess you never know who you’ll see in Colorado Springs. Here’s Matt Herges. He’s so fresh he’s not even on the Sky Sox roster yet.

                                                   Welcome back Matt !!
Matt Herges 7-18-09.JPG                                                          Jonathan Herrera
jonathan Herrera 7-18-09.JPG                                       Ryan Speier pitched the 8th inning.

Thumbnail image for Ryan Speier 7-18-09.JPG                                                    
Pretty cool huh?RPR bat 7-18-09.JPG

                                      All this and the game hasn’t even started.

IMG_0324.JPGToday’s game was against the Fresno Grizzlies who have won the first two of this four game Sky Sox homestand. By the end of the game they had made it three.

                                      Here are some game pictures: 

                                               Chris Frey after a base hit.

C Frey on First 7-18-09.JPG                                               Matt Miller doing the same.
Matt Miller on first 7-18-09.JPG                                                David Ortmeier gets a hit.
Ortmeier swing 7-18-09.JPG                                                     Makes it to first base.
Ortmeier on first 7-18-09.JPG                                                     and scores Miller.
Miller Scores 7-18-09.JPG                                            Here’s Christian Colonel at bat.
Colonel at bat 7-18-09.JPG                                                             and a swing
Colonel Swing 7-18-09.JPG                                                Sox the Fox showing off.
Sox unicycle 7-18-09.JPG                                                    A shot of the bullpen.
Sky Sox Bullpen 7-18-09.JPG                                                             Big Sal at bat.
Sal at Bat 7-18-09.JPG                                                                 EY Jr.
EY Jr 7-18-09.JPG                                            Short stop today Jonathan Herrera.
J Herrera 7-18-09.JPG                                Here is one of the cars they were giving away.  
Used car giveaway 7-18-09.JPG                                                       A shot of the sky.
Colo Springs Sky 7-18-09.JPG                                                             The dugout.
the dugout 7-18-09.JPG                                                Sal’s so damn photogenic.
Big Sal 7-10-09.JPGHere’s a shot of the Hot tub area as we were leaving after the Sky Sox fell to the Fresno Grizzlies 6-4.
Sky Sox hot tub 7-18-09.JPG                                       Posing with Erik Young Jr. Hummer
RPR and EY jr Hummer1.jpgI love Colorado Springs. I’ve spent a lot of my years here and I always enjoyed this special city. A good chunk of my friends still habitate there. Security Service Field is a great place to watch a baseball game and you never know who you might see play. 

Next year for my birthday I want to rent the Sky Sox hot tub. I’ll be holding interviews for the seven other ladies that get to join me in the tub. What, you don’t think I’m going to soak in there with a bunch of dudes do you?

                     Remember ladies…less is more…I’m kidding, seriously I am 🙂

One of my goals in life it to catch a ball while soaking my bones in that hot tub. There’s probably as much chance of that happening as me taking batting practice with the Rockies.

Aim_High.jpgBut just like a sign above a urnial that I once saw while taking a leak on the Air Force Academy, you’ve got to “Aim High”.

The Rockies are back in Denver playing the D-Backs tomorrow. I’ll be at the game on Tuesday and look for me on TV during the Wednesday afternoon game. I’ll be in the outfield with Hunter and my friend from work who hooked Hunter up with the prize package to meet Carmelo Anthony earlier this year.

Just as I was about to publish this entry the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared off the front deck.
Rainbow in Ned 2.JPG

            Go Rockies, them Giants ain’t so big and the pot of gold is in sight…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha

He signed the ball, but the Sky Sox fall


SSF Colorado Springs 5-3-09.jpgHunter and I left Denver early so we could get to Colorado Springs early enough to visit my buddy Joe and catch the Sky Sox batting practice if there was to be one. We arrived at Joe’s house in at 10:10 am and he informed us the game that was scheduled at 1pm was now a double header that started at 11am.

So Hunter and I said a quick hello and goodbye and were off to Security Service Field where the Sky Sox call home.

I only had two missions today. First was watch some warm/dry baseball and second was try to get # 40 David Ortmeier’s autograph on his first Rockie home run baseball that I snagged during this past spring training.

We arrived, parked and were inside the stadium by 10:45.

One of the first players I saw out on the field was Ortmeier. Security Service Field was empty so Hunter and I positioned ourselves as close to the Sky Sox dugout as possible.
our seats 5-3-09.jpg

Ortmeier auto on HR ball 5-3-09.jpg David came right back and then autographed this monumental baseball. No special inscription but he signed it on the sweet spot. Thank you David.Hunter first baseball of 2009.jpg



Hunter posing with his first baseball of 2009—–>

Hunter managed to snag three actual game baseballs The first one was from Sky Sox first baseman # 8 Christian Colonel.

The second one was from the opposing first baseman and the third one was from hitting coach Rene Lachemann 

Rene and Hunter 5-3-09.jpg  Rene was giving away balls to kids that he picked randomly out of the crowd.

He would first ask if they were going to cheer for the Sky Sox. Of course every kid said yes. Then he would give them the ball, as they turned to walk away he would shout “You better not be lying” .

Take a look at Hunter’s face when Rene shouted “You better not be lying” at him. I took a lot of great pictures today but this one is the best 🙂
Hunter and Rene 5-3-09.jpg

This was my boys first game this season and I’ve been missing that smile:). Hunter is exactly like me. My guy just likes hanging out at baseball parks and snaggin baseballs. 

                                    Thanks Rene, Hunter and I needed that.

About the 8th or 9th inning I heard a voice tell me “Excuse me sir I’m going to have to ask you to leave the stadium” I turned to my right and was thinking WTF?.

Standing beside me was Tom of Rocky Mountain Way. He said was in town to see some good weather baseball. So far the weather was pretty damn good.

Nice to see you again Tom. 

Sal Fasano auto 5-3-09.jpgI managed to snag a few autographs besides Ortmeier’s. Remember Sal Fasano?

Well Sal stopped and signed a ball for me. 

Sal wasn’t sporting any facial hair and when I asked him why he shaved his trademark mustache he mentioned that Sky Sox have a no facial hair rule.

He also mentioned to me that he didn’t like it very much.

 I agree,… Sal Fasano without a mustache is like a hot dog without the fixins. Sal I respect you brotha, we all got to do what we all got to do to pay the bills.  

Sal Fasano 5-3-09.jpg

                   Here is # 34 Randy Flores pitching and # 44 Sal Fasano catching.
Randy Flores and Sal Fasano5-3-09.jpg                    Outfielder # 6 Matt Miller was another autograph I was able to get.
Matt Miller Autograph 5-3-09.jpg
Matt Miller Autograph ball 5-3-09.jpg
EY jr 5-3-09.jpg




 Lastly, Hunter and I both were able to get Erik Young Jr to stop and sign for us..

Here’s a shot of the ball he autographed for me.
Erik Young Jr auto 5-3-09.jpgThat was it, I ran out of baseballs to get autographed.

I couldn’t let these great seats go to waste so I just started taking pictures.




 Security Service Field has a Hot Tub you can rent during the game. Today’s tub was a boppin. 

                      All I can say is I hope they change the water between games.

Hot tub 2-5-3-09.jpgHot tub 5-3-09.jpg                                              Jason Hirsh on the mound
Hirsh 5-3-09.jpg            First base for Game 1 of todays double header was Christian Colonel.
Christian Colonel 5-3-09.jpg                                                    Jonathan Herrera 
Herrera 5-3-09.jpg                                                              Safe
Safe 5-3-09.jpg                                             Catcher # 17 Edwin Bellorin 
Edwin Bellorin 5-3-09.jpg

                                                       Herrera strike
Herrera Strike 5-3-09.jpg                                                        EY Jr and Herrera
EY jr and Herrera 5-3-09.jpg                                                     # 34 Randy Flores
Randy Flores 5-3-09.jpg 
Flores 2.jpg
Catch 2 5-3-09.jpg                                           Third baseman # 19 Kenny Perez
Kenny Perez 5-3-09.jpg                                                Outfielder # 21 Chris Frey
Chris Frey 5-3-09.jpg                    Here is the final Score for the original Game 1 vs the River Cats.

Game 1 final Score 5-3-09.jpgThis game was the continuation of Friday’s game which was eventually called in the second inning. Saturdays game was never played and Sundays game wound up being a double-header in which we only stayed for one game.
Autographs 5-3-09.jpg The Sky Sox also lost the second game today with a final score of 7-4. This is the first time this season the Sky Sox have lost two in a row.

Great day, sorry we had to see a loss.

In other news, the Rockies lose today and give the series to the Giants. (I hate losing to the Giants). On a positive note the Nuggets won game one against the Mavericks in round two of the NBA Playoffs.

I love watching the Sky Sox play. The ballpark is so small it is like being at spring training game. Most of the players I saw today were the players I was watching for nine days in Tucson during a few months back.  

Everyone we asked to sign today did so without hesitation. Here is a close-up of the autographs that I received today.
My autographs 5-3-09-1.jpg Not all Major League ballplayers “Get it” but when you go back one level to AAA, most of these fellas do.

Too much fun and a great day spent with my son. Hunter and I are ready for a round of Coors Field batting practice. It’s only a fifteen minute drive 🙂

                                                       Go Rockies…D
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                                      All photos taken by the Rockpile Ranter

Saying good by to “Hi”


We arrived at Hi-Corbett this morning at 6:30 and there were already a few players here. Today’s goal was simple.
RPR at HiCorbett 3-2-09.jpg I have three mini-bats left and Andy still needed to get Tulo’s autograph on his wife’s visor or he was in big trouble.

Me, I’ve gotten so many autographs I’m starting to feel guilty. So I decided to get Jorge De La Rosa on one of the mini-bats and I also got Eric Young Jr. I’m saving my last mini-bat for Sal Fasano. Hopefully he’ll be at batting practice today.

I’m not real keen on taking pictures of players in the morning, but I did take a few.

Here’s a shot of Glenallen Hill. A few days ago when Andy and I and a group of autograph hounds hit him up for autographs, he asked us “What do you guys do with all those autographs?” The way he said it was funnny.

Glenallen Hill 3-2-09.jpg                                       Here’s a shot of Eric Young Jr’s Hummer.

IEric Young Jr Hummer 3-2-09.jpgIt’s autograph day today at the Rockies game and if it’s the same as last year they’ll have two players signing. I think I’ll take a pass. I’ll be out snagging baseballs and getting Sal’s autograph in the practice fields today until the start of the game against the Angels.

        Here are the autographed mini-bats and the Tulowitzki visor. We got it all done…D
autographs 3-2-09.jpg

As far as I know this will be my last home game at Hi-Corbett. From what they say the Rockies will be moving to a different training facility next year. I’m heading out now to get my tickets for todays game. Today were going to try to get some of the shaded seats. Yesterday’s sun has got me glowing a bit.

I’m going to miss this place. It’s so fan friendly and compared to other places it’s the best as far as I’m concerned. After the game today I head to Phoenix and I’ll be at my final Rockies game tomorrow against the Brewers at Maryvale Baseball Park.
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