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Think you can you best my test ?


I’ve always enjoyed reading about history (when I have time). Lately I’ve been on a baseballHistoryBuff.jpg history kick. If you read this blog you know every now and then I pop in a few trivia teasers.

Today I’m going to kick it up a few notches. I’ts going to to be a little more challenging. If you can nail this, there will be a sweet reward for your hard work.

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The first person that can correctly answer all the questions, and email the answers to therockpileranter@yahoo.com, wins.

 <——You will receive this autographed Ryan Spilborghs baseball. Please do not post answers in the comments section, although you can ask questions there.

Also, post a comment informing me you have the answers before you email them to me. That way we have a visable timestamp.

This baseball was autographed in front of me, for me, by Ryan.

 I’ll throw in a cube too, because I’m cool like that.

Here link to the blog entry from June 22, 2008, the day I got this ball autographed: 

                                                        Spilborghs ball  


getset go.jpgQuestion # 1.

Todd Helton, Lou Gehrig and Chuck Klein all have something that they were able to accomplish in more than one season. What did they accomplish, and how did Todd Helton one-up these fellas?




Question # 2 

 Who is the only switch-hitter to hit a home run from both sides of the plate in a post-season game?




Question # 3

Of these ten players, who has won the most batting titles?

Eddie Collins

Sam Crawford

Paul Molitor

Joe Jackson (shoeless)

Jim Bottomley

Babe Herman

Leon Allen Goslin

Enos Slaughter

Lloyd Waner

Sam Rice

oldestpic1.jpgQuestion # 4

Whos silhouette is used on MLB’s logo?

Question # 5

Who was the first professional baseball player to become a play-by-play announcer?  What year?

Question # 6  The final question..It’s a two-parter.

Who is/was the tallest player to ever play second base?  Second part, who is/was the tallest second baseman to ever play an entire season?

 I want player names and team names.


             Good Luck with this…D
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