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You “Decide on the Ride”…Where are we going?


RPR one one.jpgI’m a guy who likes to do things first, a blogging pioneer you might say. So I have what I believe is a “different” idea and if it works I’m going to roll with it every now and then. 

One of the things I like about blogging is it’s not so much about the story. It’s all about the presentation.

 I’d like to prove my point.

suggeston cartoons11.jpg





I’m going to take suggestions on what my next blog entry should be about. It’ll be fun and it’s good practice for me.

I’m going to call it “Decide the Ride”.

I have no idea what some of you might suggest and I think it’s good to venture beyond what you become routinely comfortable with. 

                           So hit me with your best idea for a topic or story.

 It doesn’t have to be about me, it can be about anything (except steroids). For the first one of these I get to decide which one of the suggested topics I blog about. I might be able to do several in one entry.

              Your choice can be serious or crazy or both. Let’s see what you’ve got.

                                    I’ll be sure and tell you how it really is…D
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Baseball’s shame, so who do we blame?


tatoo1.JPGFarewell to the Prince of New York.

I was reading his blog and apparently he’s upset because he feels he writes an intelligent blog and for some reason his blog stopped getting front page love.

So he’s switched to his own blogging platform. He had been a blogger here at MLBLogs.com for the last couple of years.

The man writes a decent blog, way to many NY details for me but still an interesting read. 

It’s obvious that he pissed someone off. I should know, I’ve been known to tap dance on the line.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want any front page coverage. I see the same blogs getting mentioned all the time and I’m fine with that, they’re good blogs.

Top Ten.jpgHere’s the deal, the Rockpile Rant will remain in the top ten blogs despite no extra attention and I’m ok with that.

When it’s my turn for the number one spot I’ll have a special dedication to everyone who helped me along the way.

I just hope I haven’t P’d off too many people in the right positions. (You know I love you all).

 I’m hoping for a little publicity when the MBU is in down in Tucson. All I can do is hope for the best and try to be nice.

 This is my year and whether I get help/exposure or not, doesn’t matter.

I’m in Tucson for the fan that can’t make it down there. You like my point of view because I make the game seem real. I appreciate that my readers get that from me.

If you don’t get that from me, why are you here wasting your time? Go away.

Pelt.jpgDid your hear that ESPN suspended Scott Van Pelt for verbally attacking Bud Selig on the radio. He called Selig a pimp..lol.

Think about what a pimp does and then think about what Bud’s job is. I’m just saying…

That gleaming dome Van Pelt has makes a good point.

 17.5 million a year for the Commissioner, yep that’s outrageously insane. If you asked me what I would have guessed his salary was I would have guessed a couple of million plus travel expenses and all the balls he can play with. 

Selig deaf 1.jpgFor that kind of money I want Bud’s real signature on every ball used in professional baseball. He’s getting over on us with that pre-printed autograph crap they use now.

 I take that back, I don’t want Selig anywhere near my balls πŸ™‚ 

Selig 5.jpg17.5 million is almost $50,000 a day. He makes more in one day than I make in a year. Granted that not just anybody can graduate to Selig’s position but come on.

 A fitting end to Selig’s reign would be him getting laid off (no severance) and replaced with someone half his age at 1/10 his current salary.

 It happens all the time in America and it’s always a sad story.

bud picking.jpgNow if that actually transpired, I wouldn’t feel sorry for Bud at all…Sorry dude, but your not worth 17.5 million don’t kid yourself.

I think your getting over on all of baseball. Your salary is a flagrant disgrace to baseball fans and ticket purchasers everywhere.

The position of “Commissioner of Baseball”  needs a salary cap instituted, immediately.  

$50,000 a day, weekends too…get the F*ck out of here. For some reason knowing Selig makes that much money makes me feel insignificant and poor.

I suffered through A-Rods admission of guilt today and I’ve made a decision. I’ll always be a baseball guy, but statistics from 1990-2005 mean nothing to me anymore. I’m sorry for all the non-juicers who get no credit but hey…you guys knew and you didn’t say sheet.

It has to be that way, I have no idea what’s real and what isn’t during that particular era, so I’ve chosen to forget those 15 years worth of statistics.

 A decade and a half of lying, cheating and degradation of our beautiful sport.

Selig funny.jpgCycling as a sport has no trouble stripping it’s athletes of their title’s. Maybe baseball should consider that bold move. That would definately send a message. 

That’s not going to happen, stuff like that scares the sheet out of Selig. Lets have a clean fresh start to this season with no more steroid shockers.

The top dog has fallen, does anybody even care who falls next?  


            My next blog entry will be about “Baseball in 2050” ..Check back for it…D 
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The Rockpile Rant, a long story in a short  world


Corporal DRCFT Drum 1988-1.jpg

CPL Chilcote, US Army B CO, 10 S & T BN Drum, NY.    

Thought you might enjoy a shot of the Rockpile Ranter before he ranted professionally.

May 1988 (and 35 pounds skinnier), the first warm day in a while and it was my day off.

Just hanging around the barracks trying to get a tan.

obstacle course.jpg
          In front my Dining Facility (1986) at Camp Stanton, Korea    2/61 Air Defense Artillary
camp stanton korea.jpg

Thumbnail image for Army budies and first car.jpg



This is my first car (a 1986 Nissan Pulsar NX), and a few Army buddies and I at an outdoor concert somewhere near Ithaca, NY 1987.

 If anyone in this picture recognizes themselves, you better contact me.



 Below is a list of the nine non-roster players (so far) that the Rockies have invited to attend Spring Training camp.

RHP Matt Belisle
LHP Cedrick Bowers
LHP Glendon Rusch

Luis Gonzalez
Jonathan Herrera (S)

Dan Ortmeier
Scott Podsednik (L)

Edwin Bellorin
Paul Phillips


 More names listed above have been a Rockie, than have not been (5-4).

I’ll tell all of them you said hi πŸ™‚ in a month.

 The only autograph I possess of the above mentioned players is Glendon Rusch’s.

 I ran into Jonathan Herrera during spring training last year, but Franklin Morales had just signed the last baseball I had with me so I couldn’t get Herrera’s autograph.

 1 Ball = 1 Autograph



 I’m not really into team signed baseballs. I think it takes away from uniqueness and individuality of the signature.

Others collectors really like baseballs with multiple signatures.

You know what they say, different strokes for different folks.

Thumbnail image for ball 1.JPG

 Now on a football since they cost a bit more I’m ok with multiple signatures.

 Plus it’s a bigger area to sign so the signatures are spread out more than on a baseball.

minibat swirl.jpg

 When I’m in Tucson, I’m going to experiment with several different media’s for autographs.I have a few mini-bats and a few mini-helmets that I would like to get autographed.   

 I like that you can use a sharpie on them and from what I’ve been told and researched, they seem to hold up well over time. Light seems to be the killer of autograpys. You either have to keep them out of light entirely or store them in cases that filter UV light.

Thumbnail image for Barmes Ball

 One thing I’ve learned about storing autographs is only use Rawlings Official Major League Baseballs.

Before I drove down to Tucson for spring training last season I had purchased several baseballs with  Rockies logos on them. 

Barmes Ball 2.jpg

These baseballs were not made with real leather.  The  ball on left was signed by Clint Barmes on April 6, 2008. The ball on the right is the same ball not quite a year later. This baseball has been in a footlocker and not exposed to light since I returned home with it.

In another year, it should be a clean baseball again.

I haven’t had this issue with any of the autographs that I have on a Rawlings Official Major League Baseballs.

I noticed a comment on my last two entries from fellow MLBlogger Ray’s Renegade. Every time I read one of his comments (or his blog), I start to have baseball withdrawals. His passion for this sport radiates in his choice of words.

 The dude hypes me up about baseball and I’m already hyped up about it. That’s a good thing. It’s exactly a week now until Rockies Fest. I’m curious if I’ll run into any Rant readers there.

If you read this blog and you see me there, come over and say hi. Let me give you a card πŸ™‚ Remember, you know what I look like, most likely I wouldn’t know you if you were standing next to me. 

I often think about who reads this blog. I get a sizeable amount of page hits from readers who are overseas. The picture below is a map of page hits to the Rockpile Rant over the last 17 hours or so.

 Usually there are a few more overseas hits but I haven’t added any new “rantings” in a couple days. 
RPR visitor map1.jpg    I’ve never had a page hit from anyone in Greenland or Antarctica. I don’t understand why, what the hell else do they have to do up/down there right? Oh well, one can always hope. 

Thumbnail image for Kiss my xxx.jpgSeriously though, I wonder what they think when they read about some of the crazy sheet I get to do.

Do they think “Who is this crazy white boy and what the f*ck is wrong with him”. Or do they read my entries hang on my every word while living vicariously through my keyboard strokes?

Or did they just stumble across my blog through a funny picture I may have posted or some sort of search engine wrong turn? 

All’s good, one page hit counts the same as another.

 The part of this I find fascinating is that each individual page hit has a story, whether it be a long story or a short one. I’m honored to have been part of your/their page hit experience.

Consider the Rockpile Rant a long story in a short world with just the right bit of attitude. I always try and leave ’em smiling as I shoot for a happy ending.

                                         Peace Y’all, Did you miss me?…D

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Your sh*tting me, they sent the wrong “P”?


My seats Hi corbett11.JPG

 Rockies spring training tickets officially went on sale this morning at 9:00 am.

I was one of the first 10 people in line and by far the youngest one.

Andy and I got tickets for the first three home games, 25th, 26th, and 28th.

The seats we snagged are incredible, cheap too considering I could set my beer on the top of the Rockies dugout :).

Wrong letter P-1.jpgI wanted to keep you updated on the “Progress of my purple P”.

I finally received my new “P” in the mail yesterday.

I’ve discovered something just as bad as losing your “P” or being overcharged for a “P”.

Receiving the incorrect “P”.

The “P” that was mailed to me after waiting patiently for three weeks was the wrong color.  I received a black “P”. In addition, the black “P” was bigger and had a different shape than normal purple “P”. 

Letter P black.JPGIf anyone is in need of a black “P” let me know. I’ll keep you updated on the “Progress of the purple P”. I wanted the lettering sewn on and the jersey finished for Rockies Fest on January 24th.

Right now I’m just hoping to have it ready by spring training. 

This will be my third stab at trying to get my “P” to finish off my “Rock_ile”. 

Who knew trying to find the right “P” would wind up being such a pain? 

not mbu11321.JPG 

(This is not the Mobile Blogging Unit —>)

So as it stands right now, you’ll be able to find the Mobile Blogging Unit parked outside of Hi Corbett Field on Feb 25th, 26, and 28th before and after the game (It will be parked there other days too, we just haven’t figured what away games we’ll be driving to see).

On the roadtrip back, March 3rd we will be parked in the Maryvale Parking lot before the Brewers/Rockies game at the Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix.

relax take it easy1.JPGWe’ve got lawn seats in the outfield for that game. The plan for the last day is just take it easy before hitting the road back to Denver after that ballgame is finished.

 As I may have mentioned before This trip will be the ulitmate baseball lovers vacation. The goal is to spend ten days and not spend over $400.00. Barring any mechanic issues, it should be a piece of cake. We split all of the expenses. 

We plan to grill out every day, watch an incredible amount of live baseball, snag a sheetload of baseballs, hopefully get lot of autographs, visit some other ballparks, talk lots of baseball to all the fans we meet, and best of all document as much of it as we can so you reading this can share in the spring training experience.

                             I wanted to give a shout out to my friends Lisa and Dick.
lisa and Dick anniversary.jpg      It’s their anniversary and Dick went out of his way to do something special for her.

                                                     Whaddya think??  πŸ™‚

                                                            Peace …D
Peace Butt.jpg

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