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Copycat the Ranter Hat, What’s up with That?


 Rockies take 1 out of 4 at Shea Stadium. If you know the Rockies(if your reading this blog I assume you do), this would be our dreaded August east coast road trip. By past performance this particular road trip has the ability to make or break the Rockies season.

 We gave up three games to the Mets at the most crucial time of the season. I’m willing to look past the fact that it was the Mets(I have to), and focus on the word crucial.

These catch phrases come to mind: This is it, the time is now, show me the money, it’s now or never, and just do it.  

                    Surprise, Big Papi and Manny Ramirez used PED’s in 2003!

I wonder about the other 98 people on that list. Does this bother them? Does the fear of media exposure at any minute nag at them of like a hangnail or canker sore?

 Or can they just put it out of their mind and pretend it’s business as usual?

The release of these names one or two at a time is killing baseball. At this point I’m desensitized to new reports of steroid use.

I’ve heard people say that they should release all of the names at once and get it over with.

That might help but I think the players who know they tested positive should all come forward by themselves for themselves.

It’s not like the MLB is punishing these fellas. Back in 2003 the policies for random drug testing hadn’t been established.

 Now is as good a time as any to admit it, apologize to the fans and roll on with a clean conscience.

                       Do it fellas, clear your mind, save our sport. 

Ok I need some help with this. My green floppy hat is part of my trademark Ranter look. August 9th is the Rockies floppy hat day and most years the hat is a beige color.

                  Here’s a picture of the hat the Rockies are giving away:
Rockies floppy_hat_180x150.jpg                                Here is a picture of my seasoned hat :

Green Floppy Hat.JPG                                           I’m sort of flattered and sort of mad.

I can’t have 15,000 people running around looking like me. Let me tell you folks it’s not always easy being a trendsetter…

                                             What to do now? Go Rockies…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG