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Want to see what I got for free?


Here is a shot of the baseballs I was able to snag this past season. I was lucky enough to get over half of them autographed. I realize that autograph collectors say your only supposed to use brand new MLB baseballs, but I prefer to use the ones I snag. To me, they’re more personal.
My Rockies baseball collection 2008.JPG 

Tell me a story.jpg


Instead of coming out of a box, each one of my autographed baseballs has two stories.

How it was snagged, and how it was tagged. 

 I’m all about a good baseball story.



Here are the names of the players whose autographs are on the baseballs shown above.

Clint Hurdle – 2

Troy Tulowitzki – 2 

Ian Stewart – 1

Jeff Francis – 1

Jorge De La Rosa – 2

Taylor Buchholz – 1

Franklin Morales – 1 (My first autograph this year at Spring Training) Rockies Ball

Micah Bowie – 1  (My second autograph at Spring Training this year) Rockies Ball

Ryan Speier – 1  (My third autograph obtained at Spring Training this year) Rockies ball

Joe Koshanski – 2

Aaron Cook – 2

Ubaldo Jimenez – 1

Ryan Spilborghs – 3

Glendon Rusch – 1

Omar Quintanilla – 1

Cedrick Bowers – 1

Greg Reynolds – 1

Chris Ianetta – 4 (he signs before almost every game)

Juan Morillo – 1

Steven Register – 1

Clint Barmes – 1 Rockies ball

The Rockies balls are non MLB baseballs with the Rockies logo on them. I’m not thrilled with those so I won’t use them anymore.

                                            So here are the totals.

31 autographed baseballs all snagged by me except the 4 Rockies balls = 27 baseballs.

17 unsigned baseballs snagged by me. For a grand total of 44 baseballs for the season.

 Here’s a shot of everything I’ve accumulated from this past Rockies season. Other than the ticket price to get into Coors Field (which was mostly Rockpile Tickets at $4.00), I didn’t pay a cent for any of these items. (click on the picture to expand) 
All I got 2008.JPG

       I figure I’ve got another twenty years of snaggin and bloggin in me, maybe more. 



Just like wine or Kimchi, I get better with age (in my mind). 

Imagine what this collection will look like in twenty years?

Nuggets game tonight at 6pm. I’ll have a blog entry up for that tomorrow..Thanks for checking out the Rant…D
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