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This Manny’s cool, the other one’s a fool

5/10/09                       Marlins vs Rockies Game 3

                                               Today was a special day.

Manny glove close up.jpgJust when I was questioning where the antics of one Manny (and numerous others) were taking my sport of baseball, I was able to witness another Manny doing something so special that I’m convinced baseball will be around for a long time.

                                         That’s powerful stuff from a RanterMe and Hunter 5-10-09.jpg

                                      (Above photo taken by Robert Harmon)

We waited in line for the chain to drop so we get a good spot and pick which player we wanted to get an autograph from. If you remember my entries from last season there was always an Usher who wrote the names of who would be signing that day on his hand.

Well he hasn’t written them on his hand in a while but he did write them on this piece of paper he was holding. 
paper 5-10-09.jpg                              This Usher’s name is Dan and he’s a really nice guy. 
Chain Usher 5-10-09.jpgOff to the right in the distance I could see this. Which explains why I was standing in line for autographs instead of snaggin baseballs.
Tarped Field 5-10-09.jpg

               This is one seriously empty pavilion. It actually looks kind of peaceful.
View of the Pavilion 5-10-09.jpgThe three of us had a plan, I was going to get Jeff Baker’s autograph, Hunter wanted Manny Corpas’s autograph and Krista was going to take pictures of both of us.

                                                      They were ready.
Krista and Hunter 5-10-09.jpgWhen the gate dropped Hunter and I took off and lost my wife in about 15 seconds.

I had no idea where she was the whole time I was standing in line waiting for Jeff Baker to sign.
Standing in line 5-10-09.jpg                                                Here we are in the mix

In the mix 5-10-09.jpgI thought to myself, did she twist an ankle, should I go look for her? I decided a twisted ankle would heal but how many times do you get a chance to get Jeff Baker’s autograph?

             Just then Franklin Morales tossed his warm-up ball up to Hunter. 

                               Here’s Manny Corpas signing Hunter’s baseball.

Manny signing Hunters baseball 5-10-09.jpg
                                             Here is Jeff Baker signing mine.
Jeff baker signing my baseball 5-10-09.jpgWhen I finished I watched Manny sign Hunter’s ball and we started to head up the steps .

With the help of a few Ushers relaying the message, Manny was calling for Hunter to come back down. 

We worked our way back down the stairs and Manny told Hunter to meet him over by the dugout after he was finished signing autographs. 

 When a player tells you to meet him over by the dugout that’s usually a good thing.

 We headed over to the dugout without delay and I kept trying to call my wife who wasn’t answering her phone. That added some much needed pressure to the whole drama. 
Hunter and I by the dugout 5-10-09.jpg                                Hunter and I were positioned and staying put.

So think about this, I’m a picture guy right? I’m about to see Manny do something really cool for Hunter (or so I think at this point), and my wife has the camera and she isn’t answering her phone.

 Normally I’m as cool as a cucumber but at this moment I was on the edge of seriously wigging. There was no way I was not going to get video of this.

Finally my phone rings, It’s Krista and I freak on her “Where are you, are you ok? You’re ok, good get down to the dugout right now…Hurry” She replies…”Look up” I looked up the stairs and there she was smiling.

Ok heart rate slowly going back to normal now, breathe Don…All is good. Dammit you’d think I was the guy waiting to meet Manny at the dugout. Some of us have to live vicariously through our children đŸ™‚

 While we were waiting for Manny, Krista took a picture of my Jeff Baker autographed baseballJeff Baker autograph 5-10-09.jpg

                      Shortly thereafter Manny showed up and I shot this video.

I just want to to say that it was an accident that Hunter got hit with the ball. When Manny tossed the ball into the pavilion Hunter saw it coming and misjudged it and that’s why it hit him in the chest.

                  Manny didn’t have to do what he did. He owed Hunter nothing.

In the video Hunter tells Manny, “Next time I’ll catch it”. The other funny thing is Manny realizes he can’t sign a black glove with a black sharpie and he goes out of his way to find a silver sharpie. That was classy.

                 Thank you again Manny, that whole experience was trippindicular.

We had great seats today(Thank you Dan). Krista sat behind us a few rows at her request and took some pictures.

                                             My famous Brat with a view 
Brat with a view 2 5-10-09.jpg

                                  Hunter earned his Hagg’n point for a Brat too.
Hunter's brat 5-10-09.jpg

            Barb the Usher. I’ve mentioned Barb on the Rant before. She’s Good People !
Barb the Usher 5-10-09.jpg

                                Captain Earthman as Captain Earthman
Earth 5-10-09.jpg                                                   The view to my right
My view to my right 5-10-09.jpg                                                     The view to my left

To my left 5-10-09.jpgIt was a little crowded to the right of me, but other than Hunter it was primo snaggin territory to the left of me. Wouldn’t you know it, nothing was hit even close to our area.

            Oh well the lack of a home run ball didn’t put a damper on this day in the least.

                                 Rockies take game 3 over the Marlins 3-2

I wanted to thank this fine group employees for the extra time they took to make our food. There were exactly two people in front of us and we had to wait ten minutes to get out eats.

          I call this picture “A Brat takes an inning, I hope we’re still winning

Fast food not so fast 5-10-09.jpg    Yeah ten minutes. No it wasn’t a special order, it was three freggin Brats,…Plain.

I usually don’t mess with food service but an effort like that deserves some recognition so here ya go fellas. Congrats on a Brat cooked with extra extra love?

PS. It’s all good but save the party for after work food service fellas. I have a feeling if I had wanted fries with that Brat it would have been another inning đŸ™‚

                           RPR’s Hagg’n points for this game

1 point- Attending the game.

2 points- Jeff Baker’s autograph.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

2 points-  For two pictures with Ushers.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat at the game.

1/2 point-  For snagging two extra season tickets after the game.

                                                    Total Points = 7.5

                                    Hunter’s Hagg’n points

1 point-  For showing up.

4 points- For Manny Corpas’s autograph twice.

10 points- For a piece of game used equipment (Manny’s glove).

2 points- Tossed up baseball from Franklin Morales.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

                                                     Total Points = 19

                                          Our next game is Tuesday night.
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Yes I do refer to myself in the third person at times in the blog, but I figure I own all of my persons and I should be able to use them at will.

 To one person in particular only: You can copy my format but you’re still my doormat…D

We know our fate, now shut the gate

9/21/08..Last one.

sadpug.jpgThis was a hard entry for me to write. When I started blogging after my Spring Training trip to Tucson this year it was it was in anticipation of the upcoming season.

This evening, I’m blogging about the Rockies last home game of the season.

Thumbnail image for gates 6-6-08.jpgAfter today, the Rock Pile gate is closed for good until next year.

For me, I prefer to blog about is something that I’ve actually done.

Blogging about something you’ve personally experienced is heads above trying to write about something you had to read about first. My point being, I love going to batting practice and watching the Rockies play live, then rushing home and eating a late dinner by my computer, showing the wife and kids all pictures I took, jotting down everything that happened during the game, then laying out my blog, all before I go to bed. The experience is always freshest that night and remembering the finer details is easier. 

So, when I say this is difficult to write, I mean it. I won’t be able to blog about seeing another live baseball game for over five months. 

no way sign.jpg


There was NO WAY we were going to be second in line today. We knew there was a 50/50 chance of batting practice, but we didn’t care.


While we’re on the subject of the front gate, I wanted to give props to the loyal group of Ushers that work the RockpIile gate. They are awesome and always took time to give Hunter a little attention.

Maybe that’s because 95% of the games we attended this season he and I were the first two in line?

Thumbnail image for First at gate 9-21.JPG
Thumbnail image for Hunter 9-21-08.JPG




Hunter field 9-21-08.JPG



Hunter was first into the Pavilion and close behind him was another kid that we see at a lot of games with his father 

They ran down to the field but there were no players to be found. 



Bleachers 9-21-08.JPG


Ahh the Pavilion,

Finding the bleachers empty is a beautiful sight.
Empty Field 9-21-08.JPG

 What’s an even better sight is having a few players on the field crushing baseballs into those empty bleachers.

I was told that a few of the  Rockies had been out warming up before we arrived.

But they were long gone.

No worries.


Barb 9-21-08.JPG


The cages were up and we figured the D-Backs would be out in a bit to put them to use.

 This is Barb.

Barb is my favorite Usher and it was an honor to protect her from stray batting practice balls this season.She is a retired teacher and has my dream retirement job.

Take Care Barb…See you next season or Spring Training maybe?

Thumbnail image for Dan 9-21-08.JPG



Thanks for being cool to a stranger.

Your random acts of kindness enabled us to do things we wouldn’t have been able to do this season.
It was nice to get to know you and Emily. 

You sir are a TRUE baseball fan. I no longer feel like a stranger.

       Stay in touch brotha !!


  We arrived at 11am and waited for the D-Backs to start batting practice.

They finally started hitting at 11:21 and that gave us eight minutes before we had break off and go get in line for autographs.

Jeff Francis Signing 9-21-08.JPG







There were four players signing as autographs as usual.

First was Jeff Francis.

Jeff had the longest line but no matter. We had his autograph already.Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Taylor B 9-21-08.JPG







Next was Taylor Buchholz, seen here signing  Hunter’s baseball.

Thank’s Taylor !!
Glendon Rouche Signing 9-21-08.JPG







Here’s Glendon Rusch signing Hunter’s baseball.

Thank’s Glendon ! 
Dexter Fowler 9-2-08-1.JPG






 And lastly, Rockie newbie.Dexter Fowler.
My autographs 9-21-08.JPG



 I scored the same autographs that Hunter did. I used the two balls that I snagged back to back the day before at batting practice.

We hurried back to the Pavilion to catch the rest of the D-Backs batting practice.

Thumbnail image for Last snag of the season 9-21-08.JPG 


Good thing we did.

 I headed back to my “spot” and was there maybe two minutes.  I happened to be looking off to my left and heard a crack. Right handed batter, uh oh.

It took me a second to locate the ball. I finally spotted  It heading a little to my right but reachable.

It was starting to decend quickly. 

I moved to my right, ran down six steps, reached up as high and forward as I possibly could, and the ball landed perfectly in my glove.

Last ball of the season 9-21-08.JPG


That ball needed to be caught and I needed to catch it. Freggin poetic ain’t it?

My last ball of the season and worthy of its own picture.I didn’t expect to snag one on the fly today.

That just made it sweeter.

Hunter Pavilon 9-21-08.JPG



Hunter got shutout today.

Eating lunch and ice cream fixed that

After we chowed, we wandered over to the Rockies dugout to watch the players warming up and see who else might be signing.




                                              First one out was Clint HurdleClint 9-21-08.JPG.                                                               Seth Smith
Seth Smith 9-21-08.JPG                                                        Troy Tulowitzki
Tulo 9-21-08.JPG      Garrett Atkins hit a three run homer today. Number twenty of the season and the third year in a row he has hit at least twenty home runs….Good job Garrett !!
Garrett 9-21-08.JPG                                                          Alana from FSN
Alana 9-21-08.JPG                                                            Here’s another
Alana 9-21-08 2.JPG                               Ian Stewart looking at me like I owe him money.
Stewart 9-21-08.JPG                                         Smith and Stewart tossing the ball.
Smith and Stewart 9-21-08.JPG                                                  Another one of Smith
Smith 9-21-08-2.JPG                                                        Tulo and Barmes
Tulo and Barmes 9-21-08.JPG                                                     Hawpe and Barmes
Hawpe and Barmes9-21-08.JPG            It was Military appreciation day and I was in a good spot to take a picture.
Military 9-21-08-2.JPG                                                    Standing in formation,
Military Formation 9-21-08.JPG     Here is a video of American the Beautiful..Army Veteran here and it was touching. That song always chokes me up.

                           The Blackhawk doing a fly over  (I was a little late)
Blackhawk 9-21-08.JPG                                                           Best Dressed Fan
Best Dressed 9-21-08.JPG                                                            Best Dress on a fan
Best Dress 9-21-08.JPG                                                       A shot of the dugout
Rockies Dugout 9-21-08.JPG                                       Spilborghs at bat, that was a strike
Spilly at bat 9-21-08.JPGReynolds didn’t have a good day. He pitched a little over one inning and allowed six runs on seven hits. Reynolds, that’s a wrap.
Reynolds 9-21-08.JPG                                                Matt Herges took his place
Matt Herges 9-21-08-1.JPG                                               A cool shot of Matt pitching
Herges Pitch 9-21-08.JPG                                                       Another dugout shot.
Dugout  9-21-08-2.JPG                                 Garrett Atkins pulling back to avoid getting hit
Atkins 9-21-08-2.JPG                             Ian Stewart waiting for someone to bring him his hat.Stewart 9-21-08-3.JPG                                            A different view of Herges pitching
Herges Pitching 9-21-08-4.JPGI was hoping to get the win today and steal this series from the D-backs. Unfortunately the Diamondbacks showed us today why they are 78-77 and we are 71-85.

The D-backs just outplayed us. I’m not sure what the future holds for Reynolds, this could be a wrap for him..get it? Sorry.
If he was hoping to save his job, this probably wasn’t the performance that’s going to do it for him.

Diamondbacks take a bit out of the Rockies in the final home game of 2008, 13-4.

It’s hard to believe I can’t see another game until Spring Training. I can’t tell you how much I want to get my butt down to Phoenix and catch the last couple of Rockies games.


Rockies Fantacy Camp.jpg
Whats next?…

I would love to go to Rockies Fantasy Camp in January. Not too likely though, It costs over four thousand bucks. I could get the time off but…..$$$

Rockies Spring Training coverage from the Mobile Blog Unit in early March. Done deal…March 2-8, 2009 (subject to change)

A special thanks to the Colorado Rockies for giving me the opportunity to feel and act like a kid, with my kids.


Thanks everyone…Bring on the post season…D
Thumbs UP 1.JPG
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We arrived in time and got Clint to sign


Hunter and I showed up early so we could have a decent spot in line for Autograph day.
Gate 4-6-08.jpg This was the third home game of the year and our first time at Coors Field this season. There were four players signing and when they dropped the yellow rope everyone took off like a bat out of hell, trying to snag a good spot.

Hunter and I were running ourselves and we managed to get the number 4th and 5th place in Clint Barmes’s line. Clint looked nervous while signing, but he was really cool. There were a LOT of people there trying to get autographs.

Barmes signed my Rockies ball, and then he signed Hunter’s helmet, thanks Clint !

                   That makes four autographed baseballs so far this season.

helmet and ball Barmes Ball

He shook my hand then Hunter and I took off to try and get in line for another player. Unfortunately as we reached the next line we discovered it was way too long. So we went and got a couple of Rockie Dogs and settled in for the game. 

                      The promotional item of the game was a white Rockies hat.

 The Rockies lost to the D-Backs in the 10th inning 5-2. I hate losing to the D-Backs at Coors Field.

                                                        Go Rockies…D
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