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Some like the city I think it’s shitee


So much for our yard sale. The weather prediction is snow for the next four days. That’s freggin wonderful. This was the perfect weekend to have this yard sale as the Rockies are out of town and we had nothing else going on.

Now I’ll have to do have this sale the weekend the Rockies are in town. I’ll find a way to do this and not miss the games.

The reason for the big sale, the wife and I are done with the Denver Metro area. I hate cities, I hate traffic, and I hate having more sheet than I know what to do with.

I’m at the point in my life where I’m deciding which stuff is actually important to me. I think it’s funny how you spend you whole life accumulating crap so when you die someone else can pick through it and keep what they like and sell the rest.

That’s not going to happen with us, we are going through our belongings and deciding what to keep and what to toss, sell or give away.

Why do people buy new stuff anyway? What’s the difference in functionality with a new dresser vs an older used one? There is none. You buy the “new dresser” to go with the “new house” and your new curtains. I mean what would people say if they walked into your new house and saw old furniture right? F’ck that way of thinking.

That’s what I’m escaping, I just can’t take it anymore. I’m f’kin done. Simple is just better. I don’t need new stuff, I just need stuff that works and serves it’s purpose. It’s not a popularity contest to me.

Most of my life I’ve been a quiet man. I’m extremely shy and you have no idea how hard it is for me to put on my Ranter hat and Jersey and walk around Coors Field like I own that F’kin place. I do it because it is my balance in life. 

The Rockpile Ranter is 100% me,  but it’s me with all the self-confidence in the world.

I try to be a good dad. I want my kids to grow up and say, my dad was hard, but he was cool and fair and he loved us. My kids are lucky, they get to do things that most kids dream of. They have a dad who at times is bigger than life and one who includes them in most of his adventures. 

 Tell your kids you love them every day even when they f’ck up. They need that re-assurance daily. 

Hunter took his pictures of his backstage tour of the Pepsi Center and of meeting Melo to school the other day. The kids said that the dude in the picture wasn’t Melo and that he was lying.. All my little guy wanted to do was share the excitement of his special day and other kids had to F’ck that up for him.  

Kids can be cruel to other kids. F’ck this city of Broomfield. f’ck his school.  My wife and I are home schooling and  going to teach our kids what the schools don’t. How to survive in a F-ked up world and be a good human being.

 I’m tired of mean people, I’m tired of phony people who do things so people will think of them in a certain way. I’m tired of gossip, I’m tired of working to pay “The Man”. I tired of living in a pre-packaged f’kin world.

Instant gratification isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Waiting for something adds to the excitement and the enjoyment. Don’t believe me,… put something on layaway.  

 I hate the fact that I have a cell phone on me at all times.

Growing up in a little town can suck at times but the people are “Real”. When they talk to you they genuinely care and take interest in what you’re saying.mainstreet1.jpg

The Broncos, Nuggets and the Rockies are the only thing that made living in the Denver Metro area bearable for me. Catching the games from the mountains won’t be that hard because I’ll just head to the game from work on most days so I’m already close to Coors Field.

In six weeks I’ll be living in a little cabin in Nederland Colorado with my wife and two kids and three pugs. It’s 900 square feet, with a wood burning stove and I can’t wait. This yuppie, got to have the newest thing, mine is better than yours, is that a blackberry?, foo foo cappuccino, that’s not Melo community can officially kiss my pearly white ranting asss.

On a baseball note 🙂 Rockies play the Dodgers tomorrow in LA. Jorge De La Rosa 0-1 is the starting pitcher. C’mon Jorge, I want to see you make Manny Ramirez look like chump.

            Don’t worry about me, I’m just trying to stay sane in a crazy f’ked up world.  

                                    Peace to you my friends, Go Rockies…D

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Don’t tell me I can’t Rant

12/8/08         This entry has been building up in me. I can’t takes no more.

rantahead_411.jpg                                      They don’t call me the Ranter for nothing.

                                             Today’s blog entry is called:                   

                      Things I Freggin Hate

Evil Smiley.jpg

I have worked really hard the last few years trying to become a more tolerant/patient individual. Back in the day, I had an extremely low tolerance for people and their bullsheet.

      I don’t pull punches. I ALWAYS tell it like it is, or I just won’t say anything.
           Back then, things could always be settled outside. It was quicker and easier.

When you say nothing it means you’re bottling it up inside, and that only lasts so long and then…. 

mad as hell 12.jpg

Thumbnail image for Dont read 12.jpg
I’ve been mellow for a while, so I’m feeling the need to blow off some steam.

If you don’t know me by now, this would be the time to grab the mouse and click away or just turn the computer off.


                                                       OK I  WARNED YOU

stupid people.jpgI really hate stupid people.

For the most part, being stupid is a personal choice. Sure there may be some breeding issues, but most people can read, and reading is knowledge.

Pick up a book, read a magazine. Television is not a tutor.
Ritalin ad.jpg


 I hate how drugs are over prescribed to our children.

 Granted some kids may need it, but I think a good old fashioned, sit down, shut the hell up, and pay attention would do wonders.

 Besides, everybody daydreams from time to time. Think back, you did it.

You’d be surprised how fast school grades improve when the removal of a Wii or cell phone is used as leverage.

 Be smarter than your kids, don’t drug them up. That’s what college is for.

car insurance1.jpgI REALLY hate that my car insurance rates are going up.

Not because of any accidents or claims. No, because I don’t have an 800 credit rating. 

 Lets see American Family Insurance, I’ve been paying you 130 bucks a month, no accidents, and only one hail damage claim in nine yearsKiss my rockpiles.jpg.

 Now you want to raise my premium like twenty-five bucks a month when you should be lowering it?

American Family you can kiss my Rockpiles, I’ll be looking elsewhere.

Thumbnail image for Lizzard chillin.jpg


Where is that damn lizard when you need him?




Global warming1.JPG


 I’m sick of the global warming bullsheet. I just spent four days in Chicago freezing my ash off.  I just don’t buy it.

Pete Rose Time.jpg





vick-dog.jpgI hate that Pete Rose is banned from baseball, while Michael Vick can do what he did and still return to his sport.

If Vick gets to play football again, Charlie Hustle should be eligible for Baseball Commissioner.

first 5 hall of famers.jpg




I hate that some of the folks who are lucky enough to cast votes for the Baseball Hall of Famers, feel obligated/ pressured to vote for a particular player. 

Peer pressure, or the amount of time a player has been on the ballet should have nothing to do with your vote.

If you get to vote, you have a chance to determine baseball history.

Pick that player for the right reasons.

 Otherwise you’re doing baseball fans an injustice and piss’d away an important vote. 





Walmart shopping.jpg


I hate that gas is back down in price, but my grocery bill hasn’t dropped at all.  


I hate being stuck behind the person buying lottery tickets for the first time, or the one who can’t quite decide whether to get the Lucky 7’s or the Pick 4.

Seems, it’s always when I’m in a hurry to get to work. Lottery tickets should only be sold between midnight and 5 AM.

sample dome.jpgI hate the inconsiderate SOB who raids the sample plate, but then doesn’t use the tongs, nasty. 

cough spray.jpgI hate when people cough and don’t cover their mouth.

Or ones that cough in their hands, but then don’t wash them.



hot-dog dog.jpgI hate waiting in line for food at sporting events.

You can miss an entire inning/period/quarter just waiting in line to get a hot dog.

 Case and point..Mile High Stadium yesterday.PIdogshit8.jpg






I hate when solicitors put those stupid flyers on your car window.

Or the ones who ring your doorbell when there’s a “No Soliciting” sign clearly posted on the front door.

newspapers_on_driveway_sm.jpgI enjoy reading the newspaper, but I don’t need six free miscellaneous ones littering my driveway on a daily basis.

I hate every time I try to get fast food, two cars manage to beat me in line every freggin time. Or when you have to wait so long in line, that when you get your food, they don’t even Yellow light 11.JPGthrow in a few extra fries or a dessert for making you wait.

My time is valuable.  

I hate that driver that makes me miss my light because he doesn’t catch it until it’s turning yellow, and then peels out at the last second.

I hate people that lay on their horn behind you for no reason, then when you get out of the car to say WTF?, they take off scared. Tell me what’s your problem, or don’t be so damn horny.


snoop_dogg_and_sour_nerds.jpgI hate nerds who think they are computer superheroes. Come back to earth Captain Joystick, the world needs dorks too.

 It’s called balance.

People texting.jpgI hate seeing three people standing in a group, all of them texting.

 It’s freggin retarded.

 I really hate when people just don’t get me. I’ll do anything for you. Just be appreciative and don’t ever play me for a chump. You don’t want to be my enemy. 

 If for some reason, someday I help you out. Just be there to return the favor when I need you. Do unto others, you know the deal.

I’m an hour into this blog and I’m starting to feel a lot better. If you made it this far, you either get me or you don’t, but I appreciate you hanging in there. Today sucked. Hope your day was better. Tomorrow is always another day.

                 In spirit of being fair, my next entry will be only about things I like..D

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