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Bottle to the head in the City of Red


absolute_envy.jpgWell go ph-igure. as I predicted Phillie got a little rowdy last night. The best/worst story I heard is about the Ray’s fan who climbed up a traffic lightpole and was knocked off by an “absolut” ly perfectly thrown vodka bottle .

Tossed by a drunk Phillies fan..I assume.

 That F’n brutal man. Way over the top. I mean they stop selling alcohol in the 7th right? How drunk can you get in one inning?

You can’t buy advertising like that. “Absolut Vodka, the choice of drunk rowdy bottle tossers everywhere.” Priceless.


Remember people, enjoy don’t destroy. Here’s a link to the carnage:  

Dude hit in the head with a vodka bottle .

The guy gets tagged with the bottle, loses his balance, hangs there suspended for a bit, then just drops to the ground. Hope he’s ok.

That will be one hell of a story he’ll be telling if he can get back to Florida.

Charlie Manuel1.JPGI thought Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel speech after the game was really heartfelt. You could feel his emotion as he spoke each word.

Here is what Charlie had to say:

“I always thought we could win the World Series. I knew we could beat anybody in our league. I look at what I see in our guys, I see chemistry and attitude and our makeup and how much we like to play and how much the Philadelphia fans back us, I know we can win the World Series.

“This is for Philadelphia. This is for our fans. I look around here and who’s the world champions? I thank you.”

Brotherly love.jpg


Classy guy, and he’s right.

 I respect the hell out of sober Phillie fans. They understand hard times,  and are stronger fans for it.

Say what you want, the “City of brotherly love” doesn’t always love a brotha.

Glad I wasn’t walking downtown with a Rays jersey on last night.height sign.jpg


 As for the Tampa Bay Rays?

Almost there. I have a feeling that team will stay pretty much  intact next season. If it works, don’t mess with it right?

Might I suggest a new hairstyle?

The big unit.jpg


Go with a mullet. I know of a guy they can get styling tips from who is way ahead of the curve.


World Series Trophy1.JPG



 I think the World Series was decided by the pitchers.

In a nutshell, everyone thought that the Rays bullpen had the better talent, and in the end the Phillies bullpen just out pitched them…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG  

It must be over I can hear her singing


obese warning.jpg
singobese1.JPG                  It’s over.

   A pitchers duel you might say.

I’m glad the game ended like it did. If it would have been a slugfest, it would have just made it harder to let go.

The next time I’ll be face to face with a Rockies player will be March 2, 2009 in Tucson…Spring Training



                                        Rockies Vs Diamondbacks Game 3 

Ubaldo 8-7-08.gif
Ubaldo 11.jpg
johnson perfect game.jpg












Ubaldo was on his game tonight. He had his issues early on this season, but he has been solid and dependable this last couple months. He pitched seven scoreless innings tonight with ten strikeouts. He finishes his season 12-12, with 172 strikeouts and a respectable 3.99 ERA.  Ubaldo pitched 198 2/3 innings, second only to Aaron Cook.

Manny and Mom 1.JPG


                        Manny and his mom———>

Manny Corpas allowed Chris Young to homer in the eighth and then in the ninth, Luis Vizcaino loaded up the bases and proceeded to walk home the winning run.

Ok D-backs, you got us back for making you look like chumps last year.

Johnson was incredible to watch allowing only  two hits and one unearned run. He threw 105 pitches and struck out nine.

35,908 people watched the Rockies fall to the D-Backs 2-1 in the Rockies final game of 2008..there I said it

What a  season this has been. One I’ll never forget. So many highs and lows. No different than life I guess.   

Thumbnail image for RPR1.jpg

 I decided I will blog for the MLB playoffs.  

Right now, I’m looking for a  place to host my basketball blog.

I’ll be blogging for the Denver Nuggets and I will be known the Nugg Thug.

Milly Vanilli.jpg                   Keep it real all…I do…D

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Rockies get hosed by the Big Unit

Hunter and Alice.JPG




First in line today.



We hung out with Rockies longtime season ticket holder Alice.

Hunters first ball 8-12.JPG

 Hunter and I made it to the Pavilion first. Hunter ran straight down to the field.

He asked Aaron Cook for a ball that was up against the fence.

Cookie tossed it to him without hesitation.

Thank you Aaron! Hunter snagging -12.JPG


 Hunter has been out snagging me the last couple of games(ok all year).

He and I were in different parts of the Pavilion for most of BP.

I snapped this picture of him doing his thing.

He is all business.  BP left of me 8-12.JPG





Clowns to the left of me BP right of me 8-12.JPG.





Jokers to the right. RPR Shutout 8-12.JPG




Here I am stuck in the middle again.



I had a chance to snag two baseballs today and misjudged them both.

Hunters three 8-12.JPG Hunter met up with me after BP and he had snagged a total of three balls…Impressive.

While I was taking this picture, a boy about Hunters age came up and asked if Hunter had gotten all those balls at BP today.

Hunter said “Yep”. The boy said that he hadn’t been able to get one. Hunter said ” sometimes it’s like that”.

I had to bit my lip because that came across kind of mean.

The little boy turned around and walked back to his mom. I looked at my boy and he knew what he needed to do. I didn’t have to say a word. Hunter ran over and gave that boy one of the balls he had snagged today. The little boy was elated and Hunter had that big old grin he gets when he knows he’s done something cool.

He’s getting it…my boy is getting it….Proud dad moment

Thumbnail image for Dan and Daughter.JPG



Got to give some props tonight to my friend Dan. I straight up saw him catch Chris Iannetta’s home run hit in the second…

GREAT catch Dan..How many home runs balls is that for you like 40?

Dan and his daughter Emily earlier this——-> season.

I’m sitting close to where Dan caught that ball today at this Thursdays game with Berned..Maybe I’ll get lucky and catch my first live home run ball..

Then again, probably not if im sitting near Dan.



 Below is a shot of Ryan Spilborghs dad during BP standing beside Robert. You think he bought that jersey??  

Spillys Dad and Robert.JPG

Atkins and Tulo.JPG

<—Hawpe and Tulo

I took over two hundred  pictures today.

Way too many to upload on here, but I will share the good ones (or at least the ones I like), with you.




                                                  Tulowitzki stretchingTulo Stretching.JPG

                                       Clint Hurdle giving the peace sign.

Hurdle peace sign.JPG Hawpe.JPG Stewart and Tulo 8-12.JPG                  Jeff Francis with the girl who threw the first pitch…Think he’ll sign it?? Jeff with girl who threw the first pitch.JPG

                                                       The Brat Pack Group pic.JPG Killin Time.JPG  The Big Unit picks up career win number 294 tonight. I hate losing to the D-Backs, but seeing Veteran Randy Johnson pitch was cool. He managed to keep the Rockies guessing this evening. The Big Unit 8-12.JPG   What’s been up with Ubaldo his last couple of games? Has he gone back to his old ways? I’m seeing a pattern and its not pretty colors.  Our pitching has to drastically improve soon. I like Ubaldo.I wonder what shook him. Was it Randy Johnson? Guess I can’t blame him. Ubaldo 8-12.JPGRockies lose to the D-backs 4-2. We had chances in the fifth and seventh inning but couldn’t make anything of it. Such has been this season.

 I’m still with you Rockies but losing at home sucks.

Nine games back with forty one games left. Hmmm..it’s still possible, but we are 1-9 against the D-Backs this year. 

That near collision with Barmes and Hawpe was seriously close. Glad they both are ok.

Thumbnail image for me and Berned.JPG





Next game for me is Thursday with B.






 Maybe Gold Bond Medicated Powder should sponsor the MLB, some serious scratching going on this evening…Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for DSCN0440.JPGWilly T.JPGThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG