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Baseball TV for you and me :)


You rock.GIFI appreciate all the comments from the LaMar’s donut entry and all ideas for my F’ed up computer. We’ve got quite the creative bunch of  writer/readers/eaters/marksmen/stunt drivers here in the sphere. Unfortunatly none of your ideas could be legally carried out within the city limits đŸ™‚, but I thank you for your input anyway.

mlblogs black1.jpgI’m starting to see a few more Rockies blogs within MLBlogs.com. All I can say is…..

It’s about time. If any of the new “Rockies bloggers” visit here, expose your identity now,…just kidding, welcome. I look forward to reading your blogs.

If you see me at a game, come over and say “hi”, I’m friendly,

I’m just not going to go searching for you if you know what I mean.

It would be inspiring to see more Rockies blogs in the top 100.  

Be proud Rockies fans, I’ll keep chugging along, but I’m hurting for some real live, in front of me, damn that ball almost hit me, dude you spilled beer down the back of my shirt, hey, was that a raindrop?, can I see your ticket please?, that’ll be $15 for the hot dog and coke, why is there always a line when I have to pee?, did I just see a freggin balk?, yes you can have a cotton far off1.jpgcandy, look Hunter we’re first in the Pavilion again, kind of baseball. I need the real deal.

Spring training seems far away today, I guess I’m just ready for a vacation. Plus, I have so much stuff to finish up before we roll out the MBU.

Props to the MLB network launching here shortly. How cool is this going to be, 24/7, whatever your schedule baseball at your fingertips. It’s been a long time coming and we’re ready, thank you MLB,..seriously.

                                                  I hope it’s a huge success.

MLB opening day1.jpg It will be cool watching the MLB Network evolve. Just look at, ESPN, MTV, HBO,..I remember when they first started and believe me they were bare bones broadcasting.

Planet-of-the-Apes.jpgLook at what they are now, whether you watch them now or don’t, you can’t deny the fact that they’ve seriously evolved.

I don’t know what’s happening in Colorado. A week back sub-zero temperatures, now this morning I wake up and take a gander out at my back yard and I couldn’t believe it.

 I had to rub my eyes because I saw a tornado of trash encircling the entire backyard. I opened the sliding glass door and a massive blast of wind blew a stack of papers off of the dinner table all over the place. It was a freaky warm, early morning hurricane of some sort. The winds had to be at least 100 MPH or more.

Thumbnail image for hot_rod_shopping_cart.jpgI managed to drive to work, but the high winds blew me all over the road,(Good thing it was 4 am).

I witnessed the funniest thing this morning, I watched a shopping cart flying across a parking lot about 90 MPH and hit a cement block used in the parking lots.

 When the cart hit the slab, it did a complete 360 landing right back on it’s wheels.

 That was insane, it’s too bad I was the only witness. I swear it happened.

 I was glad when I finally saw someone pull up and park next to my car. Let them pay the $500 deductible for the shopping cart damage. đŸ˜‰

high winds.jpgNow I know why I will never live anywhere near the ocean, or Gulf. I can’t handle extreme weather like that. I kept waiting for a schard of wood or glass or a fork to impale me as I ran to the door of my building.

Fork stuck in  tree.jpgShoot, at that speed anything is a possible projectile.

 I wonder if Boulder even still exists? They’re a little higher up elevation and usually get it worse. Eventually the wind died down around 9am. 

My kids cleaned up the backyard before I could take a picture. It was a freggin mess.

Elway rookie.jpg

Football note: All I can say about my Denver Broncos is: John Elway thanks for the years man. Somehow it  always seemed more exciting when you ran the show. Now,…not so much, oh well, maybe next year.

I’m a little under the weather today, so I’m not going to be hosting the blog radio program tonight at 9pm. I’m not trying to weasel out of it whatsoever (I will do it), I just have a stomach thing and lets leave it at that.

                    For now the wind is gone and so am I…D
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