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Meet Bob the Knob

I vote this:

“Best Use of a TV Seat Ever”

The story I heard about this guy is he was walking by the stadium on his way home from work. It was seriously late (about 1am) as the game had been rain delayed. Bob as I’ll call him picked up a 5 buck ticket and found his way down to a TV seat.

Here’s what happened next:

I’m “D” the Ranter.

If this dude doesn’t make you laugh you better check your pulse.

What would you do at 1 am if you had those TV seats to make the world remember you?

Cold is the Word…This One’s a Frozen T-urd

4/29/11                              Pirates vs Rockies Game 1
Pirates vs Rockies 4-29-11.jpg

Weather: 53 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 16 mph, In from RF.
T: 2:37.
Att: 34,477

               Today was supposed to be the warm game of this series, not so much.

Batting practice was a good time today. I ran into Joy and Jim and Keelan and I snagged two baseballs. The first was a BP homerun off of Troy Tulowitzki and the second was a BP homer hit by a Pirate that took a nice bounce off the bleachers and rebounded back to me. 

                                   Both were given away to tiny Rockies fans.

                 Dan has a video of the catch and I’ll upload it as soon as it’s available.

                  A few degrees colder and the Hosers would have been making snow.

                                Really guys shorts?? It’s the cold and flu season.

Hosers making snow 4-29-11.jpg

Just before the game started I met up with my friends Scott and Ruth, both huge Rockies fans and we watched this nipple hardner from the Rockpile.   

               Here’s George and Drew of ROOT SPORTS set up by the Tequila Bar.
George and Drew 4-29-11.jpg

                              Here’s Bob Apodaca thinking warm thoughts.
Bob and Iannetta 4-29-11.jpg

Cargo field 4-29-11.jpg                              Though McCutchin may have broken his bat here.

Pirate Broken Bat 4-29-11.jpg          In the third inning he hit a homer off of Chacin and put the first run on the board.
Broken Bat 2 4-29-11.jpg

                                             This guy is dangerous.

To quote Robert, “McCutchin is one of the few players who makes Dexter Fowler look slow”.                              

                               It was a strange bat day, here’s a floating bat. 
Floating bat 4-29-11.jpg

 Here’s Cargo breaking his bat too. I’ve never taken two broken bat pictures in one game.Cargo Broken bat 4-29-11.jpg                           Cold weather definately takes its toll on wooden bats. Cargo Broken bat 2 4-29-11.jpg


                                     Dude just snagged a game foul ball.
Foul ball 4-29-11.jpg

                                                               OUT !
Pirate out on first 4-29-11.jpg   I have always wanted to take pictures of it snowing inside Coors Field. I call this one….

                                                      “Tulo in the Snow”
Tulo in the Snow 4-29-11.jpg

Pirates pitcher jumping 4-29-11.jpg

Chacin at bat 4-29-11.jpg

              Watch the expression (or lack thereof) from the dude holding the shovel.
Fall 1.jpg 
Fall 2.jpg

Fall 3.jpg

Fall 4.jpg

Fall 5.jpg

                                                      I love what I do 🙂 

Helton hit 4-29-11.jpg

             This was an extremely cold and uneventful game, the wind was the kicker.

Clint Hurdle’s Pirates get the win over the Rockies 3-0. Chacin did a pretty good job as far as I was concerned despite the loss. I plan to be much better prepared for tomorrow’s game.

                Tulo’s stuck at 99 homeruns and I’ll be sitting front row in left field.

                      I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and the Cold is gett’n Old.

                                                          Photo courtsey of Mike the Rox Addict
Postgame RPR 4-30-11.png

     I’m on the search for the NEW Mobile Blogging Unit…I think I may have found it.

                C’mon Rockies, it’s the Pirates at Coors…Let’s take this series…Dranter hat.jpg

A’hoy Mate….Arrrrr Rockies Not So Great

7/27/10                      Pirates vs Rockies Game One 

Pirates logo.gif
CR Logo 1.gif
You have got to believe.jpg

The Rockies need to forget the disasterous road trip that just occured. The rest of the regular season starts today and we’re not out of it by any means. There was a time not so long ago that it didn’t bother me when the Rockies were down a few runs because I knew magic was gonna happen.

The magic may have fizzled a bit but you fix that by starting out with the easy card tricks and working your way back up to cutting someone in half.

                    Baby steps may be small but at least you’re going forward.

I managed to catch one ball during batting practice today. Dan was telling me that they asked him at the last Rockies home game if he wanted to do the Quest trivia challenge. Dan asked if they would let Randy answer the questions instead and they did.

Randy got all the questions right and won a little HD video recorder which he then gave to Emily. Dan brought it to the game today and he managed to get video of my catch and a near catch.

     Check out Dan’s videos..Here’s where I was robbed by D.J. Carrasco  🙂                  

            I think the reason he put so much effort into that catch is earlier I did this.

                               Here’s the video I created for this game.

                          Here are a few pictures that didn’t make the video.

Tulos Girls.JPG
Gary and the Group 7-27-10.jpg
Douglas and his buddy 7-27-10.jpg            There were cowboys and indians everywhere, I have no idea why.

Squa 7-27-10.jpg                Here’s the Rockpile Cowboy. You’ve gotta love those fuzzy chaps.

Rockpile Cowboy.jpg                                                   Lost fan of the game.

Lost fan of the game 7-27-10.jpg  Losing to the Pirates at home isn’t good. Rockies if I haven’t given up you can’t either.

Final Score 7-27-10.jpg                                                Go Rockies

                                                    “D”ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg