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Phillies Pay on Daddy/Daughter Day

July 13, 2012

Phillies vs Rockies Game 1

Game On…Hope you had a nice break.

I’ve have a lot of friends who are Phillies fans. There’s Phillie Jim, my buddy Rick, and an old buddy Kevin who back in the day made the ultimate sacrifice and said FU to a job that wouldn’t let him attend a Phillies/Rockies game in 2007. All these dudes are hardcore Phillies fans and with the Rant being a fan blog I respect that.

With that said, unfortunately once a year our Coors Field turns partially red and is bustling with over-anxious Phillie fans full of east coast pride, who are trying to make up for the 80 other home games they’ll miss.

 No Worries..It was Daddy/Daughter day for me.

Mylee’s great because she has her mom’s fantastic sense of humor and her dad’s ability to point out people who need pointing out. Batting practice was a bust today. The Rockies were out on the field but decided a half hour was too much time to hang with the fans so they bailed early.

(Year of the Fan, the rally towel they gave away today said so).

I found out from Hawaii Bob that the Phillies had taken BP around 3pm and were finishing up inside. I can’t tell you how much that pleased the mass of Phillies fans who took the time to show up early to see their team warm-up. I was a little bummed as well because Ryan Howard was back in the lineup and I had my sights on a Howard BP homer.

BP was so boring I was wishing I had brought my full size Tulo banner so we could have played a round of  “Pin the Injury” on the Duece. Yep Rockies poster boy Tulo is taking a well deserved bumpy ride on the old Karma Wagon of life.

I hope Tulo figures out that when you “RESPECT” your fans and their time, the shocks on the Karma Wagon kick in and the ride suddenly smooths out.

But what do i know 🙂

The highlight of BP was seeing Amy the Blake Street Babe straight-up catch her second BP homer of the season. She did it sandwiched between two seasoned ballhawks who were waiting for her to blow it so they could swarm in and snap up her leftovers…Nice Job Amy!

One of Many… Ranter’s “Year of the Fan” Ideas

Players/fans playing catch…Randomly pick a few fans to go out onto the field during BP and play catch. The players have to warm up and does it really make a difference who tosses him the ball? Any baseball fan would remember walking on Coors Field and throwing a catch with a MLB player his/her entire life.

Check this out Rockies Promotional Folks…Throwing a catch costs you nothing…As I said the players are warming-up anyway and you pay them right? Make this an every home-game thing and get folks excited about showing up early for BP.

FYI Rockies..I’m available for consulting and I’m full of GOOD ideas.

Game Pictures

He’s back!

Cargo sport’n Tulo’s #2 wristband? Upside down it sort of looks like a 5.


Strike three Cliff Lee.

Friedrich did a great job pitching 6 solid innings. Christian had 7 strikeouts officially punking Cliff Lee…today.

Is Ryan gett’n bigger?

Colvin is a beast.

Straight from Tulsa…Josh Rutledge miliseconds before his first MLB hit.

They called Josh up from the AA Tulsa Drillers because Todd Helton went on the DL list Friday with right hip soreness.(Gett’n old sucks).

Heal up quick TH!

Josh’s first hit.

Josh’s first safe slide into second.

I already like Josh, in an imperfect world, that’s the perfect way to start a MLB career. Josh went 2 for 2 with 2 RBI and a stolen base.

 I’m gonna say it now…Get what you can for the Duece while you can. Tulo will eventually self-destruct as he is his own worst enemy…Mentally and Physically.

In a quick 2:37 minutes the Rockies send the fans home happy with a 6-2 win over the Phillies in front of 33,346.

I’m “D” the Ranter…I got nothing…”D”

Five to Zero…Look’n for a Hero



 Notice the temperature? July was a record breaking month in Colorado as far as the heat goes but today was overcast and drizzling at times. The cooler weather was a nice change.

Here are your Starting Lineups

Even with the drizzle the cages were up and BP was roll’n. I kind of felt like a ball magnet today as I had a lot of play during BP. I was hoping that would work to my advantage during the game as I had a front row pavilion seat today.

(I’m Still buck’n for that first Game Homer)…Thanks Mister Ticket Mister :).

I’ll spare you the suspense…It didn’t happen.

The first two BP balls I snagged were toss-ups from Phillies players that were bobbled by Phillies fans. I made sure those two balls found homes with Rockies fans. My next snag was a ground rule double that hit fast and bounced off of my glove.  A few quick steps later and I scooped up my own bobble.

I didn’t want BP to end without actually catching one. There was a break in the clouds and the baseball gods shined briefly enough for me to catch one on the fly from an unknown Phillies player shortly before the players left the field. Props to Mike the Rox Addict for snagging a ground rule double ball that tipped off my glove while surrounded by Phillies fans eager for that ball.

I believe Amy snagged four balls and Jersey Geoff , Dan and Ken had a few nice snags too.

    Here are your Rockies warming up.

Chris Iannetta flashing me the Ranter sign.

The only Rockies player that I saw walk up to the wall and sign was Mark Ellis.

Props to you Mark, shame on the rest of you.

Guess “The Duece”  has been teaching classes on how to avoid signing autographs.

Other than catching baseballs my second favorite thing to do at the ballpark is take action pictures. However there was a severe lack of action from the Rockies so here are a few Phillies pictures. 

I feel ya EY.

I don’t get the Rockies. If I didn’t have so much fun hang’n with my friends at Coors Field I doubt I attend many more games this season.

The Coors Field late innings two out magic is all but dead. This game was uneventful, unexciting, unfulfilling and unfun.

WTF happened?

Keep ignoring your fans Rockies and nothing good will come of it.

I also want to wish Ubaldo Jiminez the best of luck with the Indians. Nasty Fasty was a class act and was the nicest most approachable Rockies player I have ever met. I’m not happy with the decision to Trade Ubaldo or the manner in which it was executed, but we all knew the Rockies were do to make a pitching blunder of some sort.

At least he can’t come back and haunt us in the American League? unless…Nah

I’m the Ranter…I’m thinking I picked the right season to back off the baseball games a bit and work hard on my Mobile Blogging Unit…AKA


I need to get him ready for Broncos Tailgating and Spring Training 2012. ranter hat.jpg 

Playoffs never grow old even when it’s cold


I can’t believe it. Tomorrow I’ll be at Coors Field watching my Colorado Rockies host the Phillies in Game 3 of the Division Series.

Div Series Home Game 1.jpgThey did it. After a confusing/frustrating 2008 season the Rockies are back. Back to hopefully prove to the world 2007 wasn’t just a fluke.

This Rockies team is a different playoff team than it was in 2007. This time the Rockies didn’t make the post-season on a last minute historic run. The Rockies played solid baseball for most of the last half of this season and thus deserve to be exactly where they are.

I’m loving the fact that this Phillies series is split. Coming back to Coors two games down would have been really tough to overcome. Now it’s even, the Rockies are at Coors Field for two and this series could end right here at home.

Onward and upward baby. 

Tomorrow’s game will probably be the only post-season game I’ll be able to attend as the tickets are very expensive. I’m just happy I have the chance to attend, take a sh*t-ton of pictures, and cheer on the best team in baseball.

Guess who’ll be with me….Andy from Spring training. Here he’s posing with his first ever homerun ball. 

Andys first home run ball.jpg It’s only appropriate that he be there with me as he and I attended the first five Rockies pre-season games together earlier this year in Tucson.

                     Remember the Mobile Blog Unit?…Oh Yeah..Good times.Rockpile Ranter Believer.jpg

I’ve been plugging this team online in blog form for two years now. I believed then, I believe now.
RPR and kids.jpg

Rockies…Have fun with this but never lose sight of the goal. We want a World Series Championship in Colorado.

The Colorado Rockies are “home grown” and are on their way to being well known. 

The combination of teamwork, friendship, skill, and a big hearted skipper who tells it exactly like it is has enabled the Rockies to flourish this season…

Tomorrow I want to see a stadium full of Rockies fans giving it their all.  I personally plan to lose my voice. Give me a shout if you see me on TV. I think I sit just behind Dan.

    Go Rockies, don’t worry if you see the cold wind blowing, those are the winds of change…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG


Ranter vs the Deer, that buck f’ked my truck


Alternate titles: Buck vs Truck and  Deer Wrecks My Day Then Hops Away Leaving Me To Pay.

So the Rockies vs the Phillies on Wednesday. I knew the Rockies would do it. I helped you believe all season..Yadda Yadda..I seriously need to Rant…Go Rockies

Ok I’m sitting at my computer, it’s 4am and I’m waiting for daylight so I can assess the damage on my truck. I know I at least need try to pry away the bumper a few more inches so it doesn’t rub on my tire and puncture it. Then get my butt into work.

This morning as I was leaving the cabin on my way to work in the city a deer and I crossed paths or should I say lanes.IMG_4589.JPG

The mighty buck was bobbin when he should have been weavin and chose to take the low road instead of the high road.

 I saw his big as’s (literally) from a distance due to my keen eye (kept ever so sharp from tracking baseballs), but by the time my truck and the deer were up front and personal I was still moving about 15 MPH….Boom.

Truck 1- Deer 0 

IMG_4590.JPGAfter the deer and my truck collided I didn’t see him.

 I was angry so I hopped out of my truck and ran toward the front of it and commenced to giving that big buck a piece of my mind.

 I guess my cussing at it brought it to it’s senses because that big buck shot up, shook his head and bolted away jumping over a guard rail in the process and headed back into the woods. 

Revised score, seems this one was a draw.

 Smart move on his part, that truck wrecker didn’t want to mess with me I was piss’d. Beyond piss’d. I wanted that buck to come at me. I wanted my tie-breaker. I wanted me some justice.

That buck straight up f’ked up my truck.

Now I’ve got two jacked up vehicles and it’s not like my VW bus is a daily driver. Our place is looking like an auto junkyard.

So here I sit typing away my adrenaline and frustration instead of wrestling with a buck at three in the morning on a cold windy mountain road. 

Things I Recently Hate:

I hate the fact that a deer had the f’kin gall to be on the road this morning when I was. Nobody else was out there. Why today, why me? Any other day I love deer. This morning I’m thinking venison.

At least my airbag didn’t deploy.

I hate that when I try to be good to people, people don’t get it…c’mon people recognize when someone does something cool for you. I try to when someone does for me. People who actually care are a rare breed, they make good friends.

I hate that the statement I hear all the time”.Wait till you spend your first winter in the mountains” is so true. but damn you for saying it.

I hate that winter hasn’t even begun and we’ve had our share of “mountainy things” happen. Things like hitting a deer, squirrels putting pine cones in your sewer vent…You know normal everyday stuff.

I hate that dental clinics tell you they accept your medical insurance, then when the bill arrives it tells you a different story. You call them and say “WTF” and they act like they’re doing you a favor when they cut the bill 20%…Gee thanks. You lied and I have to pay…That seems fair.

Insurance company 1- Ranter 0 ..You can only complain cause you sure can’t fight it.

I hate that busses don’t operate at the time I go to work. I really could have used public transportation today.

I hate that despite attending 44 Rockies games this season a home run ball still eludes me. Most of you have seen me in action,… I’m awesome..ok I’m decent :)…My time will come I guess, I just hope I have a vehicle to get there when it is time.

I hate that the Rockies Phillies series in Philly is on so early. I’m going to miss part of game two. The whole country should be on the same time…we could get used to it.

I hate that now I’m totally freaked about driving. The problem for me is even when you are in complete control of your vehicle you’re not. There are a lot of other factors beyond your control that can cause you to have an accident as I’m rapidly discovering. 

                                              I swear I’m a good driver

I’m done, I feel a little better and my hands have stopped shaking. How was your morning?  :)…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG

Family time and the Rant in at nine


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Take a look at that list, two Rockies blogs in the top ten. Although the Rant has slipped three spots(totally my fault with a lack of regular entries the last month), another Rockies Blogger who has been creeping up on the top ten has broke into the top ten with a vengance.

Emily my friend and writer of I Live For This is now a top ten MLBlogger. Some people are destined for good things and I’ve always had a feeling about this young lady. 

          Congrats Emily, you do great work and it is nice to see you getting your props.

Before I talk a little Rockies I have to share our day at Elitch Gardens in Denver with you. With me on this adventure were my wife Krista, Hunter, Mylee, Andy from Spring Training, his wife Amalie, sons Hazen and Austin, and three friends of theirs Jake, Haley, and Meaghan.IMG_0935.JPG                                             Holy hot flash it was hot today. 

I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to bring a camera on our very first ride called the Twister. I looked for signs mentioning anything about a camera but I couldn’t find anything.

So what the hell, I took my camera along for the ride. 

On a frustrating note,… every video that I tried to shoot was cut off partway through the ride.

I’m not sure if it was the massive G-Force or me squeezing my camera so tight it just shut off.  


                                 Mylee’s first big coaster and she did really good.

I took a few pictures of the framework of the Twister. All I can say is I’m glad I rode it first.


                                    I guess that adds to the thrill of the ride?

This ride gives you a 360 degree view of Denver and a nice shot of Invesco Field at Mile High. Be careful, this video will make you dizzy. This was the only ride that I went on that had me spinning around.

                       I don’t really care for these rides, but Mylee was all about it :).


This one is cool because you can see my camera lens just as the video cuts off. Going backwards through a loop is a very un-natural feeling.


                                           I thought about giving this one a try.
IMG_0938.JPG                                                 But that thought was fleeting.

IMG_0937.JPG We spent the last couple of hours trying to cool off at the water park inside of Elitches. We headed for the lazy river first because it had the shortest line and was the quickest fix.

 That cooled us off and gave us the energy to spend an hour waiting to go down just one of the water slides. This place was packed for a Wednesday. After an hour wait for one ride I was finished for the day.

We let the kids play around for a while longer then we headed back to the mountains.

                                                 Lets see…Rockies talk…hmmmm

I got nothing. On one hand I’m glad we split the last ten games as the Rockies usually have a rough go on this road trip.

But it really hurt losing the last two to the Phillies, giving the Giants the lead over us and letting the precious wild card slip past us,….again.

The Rockies are back home again tomorrow. It’s my birthday but I won’t be at the game. I made a deal with the wifey so I could attend the Judas Priest concert on Tuesday.

 I’ll be there on Saturday and it’s floppy hat day so that makes it kind of my day. It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve been to Coors Field and I’m more than ready.

                                          I just hope the Rockies are too…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG 

Phillies pay on Rockies Opening Day


Opening day sign 4-10-09.jpgIncredible, what a day! On my way to Coors Field I realized I forgot my glove. No joke, the first game and I left my glove at home. I turned around and went back and got it. I figured for sure that I’d blown my chance at a good place in line but lady luck was on my side.

line of people Rockpile.jpgWe arrived at Coors about 11:10 AM and the gates opened at 12:00 PM.

As we were walking up I could see a huge line of people and my heart sunk. Upon closer inspection I realized the line was for people waiting to hopefully purchase Rockpile tickets.

We already had our tickets so my day was looking real good as there was nobody in line at the Rockpile gates. Always plan ahead you’ll be glad you did.
First in line 4-10-09.jpg

                                             Number one like it should be.

They opened the gates and I was the first one through, As I worked my way over to the Pavilion I saw the Rockies out on the field and when I entered the bleachers I could only see one kid way on the other side of the Pavilion.

I worked my way down to field level and saw Jorge De La Rosa, Ubaldo Jimenez and Franklin Morales in the outfield chatting. A ball was hit to them and Jorge picked it up.

He looked into the bleachers and the only one standing there was me. I held up my glove, didn’t say a word and he tossed it to me. Just like that the Hagg’n begins.

Thanks Jorge for starting my season out right. Before Jorge tossed me that ball Helton had hit a BP homer and a kid had snagged it. The ball Jorge tossed me was the first baseball tossed to a fan at Coors Field this seaon. I also hold the honor of snagging the first baseball tossed to a fan during Game 1 of Rockies spring training in Tucson.  

                                Not a huge thing but worth mentioning I figure.

RPR opening day 09.jpgThe second baseball I snagged was kind of embarassing.

You know that fan that goes way overboard chasing a ball and winds up looking like an idiot.

I was that fan.

I was tracking a BP homer and had to lean over a row of bleachers and extend as far as I could to snag it. The ball hit my glove then rolled out and started rolling down the stairs. 

I started stumbling over the bleachers in an attempt to snag that ball I dropped. About half way through chasing that ball I realized that I looked like a total moron.

So what do I do in that situation?

Do I stop right then and try and save my dignity, or realizing that I already looked stupid follow through and get the ball so I can say yeah I looked stupid but at least I got the ball?

I’m a Hagger so I chose to get the ball and take my critism. Nobody was harmed in the pursuit of the baseball, just my ego. Plus there’s always a witness when you don’t need one. 

                              Anyways, that was ball two, Hagg’n is on baby.

While at batting practice I ran in to Marianne aka R-Luv, she was Hagg’n big and bad. She was going around getting pictures of the Ushers earning her Hagg’n points. 

                        Here she is below taking pictures of her son with an Usher.
R-Luv takin pictures 4-10-09.jpg 
Dan and Emily were there, looked like Dan was handing out yummies but I didn’t get one??
Dan and Emily 4-10-09.jpgRobert 4-10-09.jpg

Robert was at the game and I ran into Super Vendor Captain Earthman handing out his business cards.
Earthman 4-10-09.jpg



vinny c 4-10-09.jpg



Guess who else was at this game? My buddy Vinny Castilla was at the home opener. 

Vinny, I thought you told me you weren’t a player?

If that’s the case, I guess I’m not a blogger who takes pictures of you. 

Does it look like he’s flexing for the camera?




                                  Here are some warm-up pictures of the Rockies.
Hawpe-Tulo 4-10-09.jpg                                                        Barmes and Stewart
Stewart and Barmes 4-10-09.jpg                           Spilborghs and Fowler with the Military in the background.
Spilly and Fowler 4-10-09.jpg

                                                   Todd Helton ready to go.
Helton ready 4-10-09.jpg                                            Brad Hawpe in front of the Navy.

Hawpe and the Navy 4-10-09.jpg                                           Spilborghs in front of the Air Force
Spilly with the air force 4-10-09.jpg

                                                Catcher Chris Iannetta at bat.
Iannetta 4-10-09.jpg                                        Pitcher Jason Marquis, the wind-up
Jason M 4-10-09.jpg                                                          The release
Jason M throwing 4-10-09.jpg                                                          Tulowitzki 

Tulo 4-10-09.jpg                                                       Howard at bat.
Howard at bat 4-10-09.jpg                   There’s something just right about seeing Helton on first base.
Happy Helton 4-10-09.jpg
Helton action 4-10-09.jpg
Helton-Howard 4-10-09.jpg    That’s right Howard, we won’t boo you like your own fans will, but you need to sit down.
Howard dugout 4-10-09.jpg                                                        Todd Helton at bat.

Helton swing1 4-10-09.jpgChuck and me 4-10-09.jpg


I was able to meet up with an old buddy of mine named Chuck.

Chuck rode up from Colorado Springs in the Coors Light RV. I’ve known this guy for over twenty years.




                                   Here is Chuck and my wife Krista in front of the RV.

Chuck and Krista 4-10-09.jpg I need to say something to all those who predicted that the Rockies will come in 4th in our division.

I hope your squirming in your pants over your prediction. I’m not saying that the Rockies won’t come in 4th place, that could totally happen. But I love the fact that the Rockies have everyone who made that prediction thinking twice about the Rockies right now.

Congrats to Marquis, goes to show you what a Veteran can do when called upon to get the job done.

I have 400 more pictures I could post but I’m going to save them for “Rockpile Ranter’s PIcture Blog”

                                      Now to my Hagg’n score for the day.

 Showing up for the game = 1 point.

Two snagged baseballs, one which bounced out of my glove and was snagged rolling down the steps = 3 points.

my two 4-10-09.jpg                              One toss up from Jorge De La Rosa = 2 points.

Final Scoreboard 4-10-09.JPG





As shot of the scoreboard at the end of the game = 1 point.

Total for the game = 7 points.




I’m still working on how to count pictures of Ushers. It’s not hard to take pictures of Ushers but getting a picture of you with an Usher is hard because you have to ask someone else to take the picture. I might need some help with this.

I’m off to Game 2 agains the Phillies in an hour or so. The Rockies impressed the hell out of me yesterday. Let’s keep this train rolling. 

                                    Go Rockies, Phillies aint nutin but a thing…D
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What can you say when a Pro makes your day

12/11/08                               Rockpile Rant made the:  
mlblogs icon.gif                                  

                                             Ranter’s Bad Joke of the day

Drug Dealer.jpg




Question: Who makes more money a prostitute or a drug dealer?







 Answer: A prostitute obvioiusly, she can wash her crack and resell it.

 C,mon, you know you love my sense of humor.

I’m still trying really hard to come out of this funk. It took me years to figure it out, but I get depressed around X-mas.

Is it just me? It really sucks.

Pinball m.jpg I know what it stems from, (a stupid F’king pinball machine).

 I figured that out last holiday season. I was in a Target with Hunter when he noticed a Spiderman pinball machine. He mentioned to me how much he wanted it for X-mas.. It was at that moment I flashed back to a time in my childhood during X-mas.

I almost lost it in that store. My eyes welled up as an extremely painful memory was brought back to my attention.

Hunter got that pinball machine for X-mas and nobody smashed it in front of him. Nuff said on that.

whats up.gifStill no answer back from MLBlogs.com on the rankings. I just want to know the deal, and then I’ll keep rolling on as I always do. I’m wondering if my blog getting erased at one point this season had something to do with it?

 As I said, I’m not mad, I just don’t understand.

Educate me please?

rockiescoolpic.jpg2009 Rockies tickets went on sale today. The first three home games are April 11-13 against the Phillies.

Oh hell yea. How cool would it be to win that set.

 I’m in Section 151 of the Pavilion for all three games, and I’m still chasing that elusive live home run ball.

I officially claim 2009 as the year of the Ranter. I called shotgun first.  

You can bet I’ll be there at Coors Field with my Jersey,  hat, glove, camera, and ready to break some personal records, or break something.

Move on quit.jpgI’m on a mission, and when I put my mind to something, it gets done.

Or, I get bored and move on. 

My Denver Nuggets are kicking some serious butt this season. I almost feel bad for dogging Carmello Anthony a few blog entries back, especially when he scored 33 points in the third quarter during last nights game.

I know you’ve got it in you Melo, just bring it every night…I want to support you man. I really do. 


                                  Hey Melo, here’s a Pro you could learn a lot from.

Collin Balester.jpgCollin Balester, pitcher for the Washington Nationals. He blogs here and is the first Professional player to comment on the Rant.  

Thank you Bally, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to know that you took time out of your day to read my blog.

Also, your comment came at a time I really appreciated it. You Rock brotha. 

Here is the comment I read from Bally’s Blog that inspired me to comment there:

Quote from Bally, “I like it because like I always say without you fans this game is nothing, so I like to give back to the fans and so I appreciate the support that they give on a day to day basis. Also, I will sign for anyone thats the least I can do”.

He said it was the least he could do. You see, Bally gets it. I hope he has a stellar year.  

good luck12.gif

This dude is a class act. Hey Bally, the Rockies play the Nationals on Aug 18-20.

I always make batting practice and I’m not hard to spot. Come over and say hi. That would

 mean more to me than you know.

 Collin, I have officially added your blog to my sidebar. It’s really good.

Good luck, and I hope you have an outstanding season Sir.

Good guys don’t always finish last, or 48th.


Don’t worry all, I’m in there like swimwear. I just need to get past these damn holidays and all’s good.

Groovyconga.jpg                                                         Who luvs ya??..D
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