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Followed a dream, I want a job with my team


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Well I did it. I officially applied for two positions within the Colorado Rockies organization. Survey11.jpg



Why you ask? 

Honestly, I love my current job. I would be content working there until I retire in 20-25 years, but it’s not my passion. 

You only go around life once and I just have to give this a shot. WTF right?

(Just a cartoon here, not actual fact–>)

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pressbox.jpgPlus, these are part-time seasonal positions, so I could do both jobs

I applied for the Stats Stringer and Pitch F/X Operator openings for the Colorado Rockies.

The Stats Stringer job is fascinating to me. I’m totally a numbers guy. 

Major League Baseball Advanced Media or MLBAM uses “stringers” who use a laptop and specific software to enter pitch-by-pitch data for every baseball game.

These guys are given a press pass and a spot in the press box, where they can focus on the game.stringerview.jpg


Each and every play is broken into a series of codes, which are used to document the game.

Stats stringer would be perfect for me. How hard would it be to blog about a game you documented every single play on?


See what I mean, I’m talking serious head full of stats. 

The Rockies are also looking for a Sports Reporter. That was the job I wanted to apply for most of all. My problem is passion, desire, and life long dream are not listed anywhere on the qualifications for the job.

 It also seems that I don’t quite meet all of the qualifications,…such is life.

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Yep, alI I have is my life experience, and my passion for my sport.

I’m an acquired taste, not exactly for everyone, kind of like curling but with a cool factor. 

I’ll just keep doing what I do and maybe someday someone who knows someone will dig my schit and have a use for the Ranter’s banter.

Maybe I’ll be content on being the number one fan blog on MLBLOGS.com? You have to set goals and shoot for them.Thumbnail image for perez-hilton.jpg


  My wife called me the Perez Hilton of MLB..minus the gay part.

 (Not that there is anything wrong with that), CYA.





 It’s not a mid-live crisis, more of a mid-life realization.






Either way, I’ll continue to roll on. I’m already a lucky guy and I know it.

                  Thanks for your click…D
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