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Stoked to visit ONEOK


Tulsa Drillers vs the Springfield Cardinals.

Had I put a little more research into my road trip we probably could have caught the Rockies and Rangers game but instead we were able to catch a Tulsa Drillers game on the way home from our family reunion.

Shot of a trailer on fire, did I mention it was hot?

While in Tulsa we hooked up with Mike the Rox Addict and Amy the Blake Street Babe who were in Tulsa as well for their first game of an extremely cool road trip.

 I’ve always wanted to check the Drillers new stadium ONEOK field. The Drillers are the Rockies AA team and have a cool little stadium nestled in downtown Tulsa.

The promotional gift today was a Hornsby(the Drillers mascot) cereal bowl…For kids only.

Bummer I like cereal too.

ONEOK Field was designed by architect firm Populous(formerly HOK Sport Venue Event) of Kansas City, Missouri and constructed by Manhattan Construction Company. The stadium has an official capacity of 7,833, but is capable of holding up to 9,000 for special events.

It has 23 suites and a playing field recessed about 13 feet below street level. With a construction cost of $39.2 million, the project also included the purchase of adjacent land for complementary development, for a total project budget of $60 million.

The new ballpark was intended to be more directly connected to its urban surroundings than was the old stadium at the fairgrounds, and also to have many of the same kinds of luxury amenities available in a major-league ballpark, both for fans and for the players and coaches.
ONEOK is much nicer than Security Service Field where the Rockies AAA Sky Sox play. This little stadium is layed out like a lot of  the spring training ballparks in Arizona.

We didn’t catch batting practice as the stadium opened one hour early and BP was finished by the time we rolled in. As far as the temperature goes, it was also 99 degrees today with at least as much humidity…Yuck!

Gotta love a U-Haul truck on a roof that rotates 360 degrees.

Helluva view of the skyline from home plate.

Rockies pitcher Jeff Francis has his own pole here.

Mylee going for a slide.

Hornsby’s entrance.

Pink fire truck?

In the top of the sixth inning Oscar Taveras hit a foul ball that landed a few rows behind me.

It’s extremely cool when you snag a game ball your first time in a new stadium.

Next pitch Oscar hit the first and only home run of the game.

Mylee showing off here new mohawk.

Mylee was lucky and got tossed a ball that was good for a free ice cream helmet.

3816 folks showed up to witness the Drillers lose this one to the Cardinals 5-3.

I’m “D” The Ranter…Glad to be home…Check another one-off the list.

Pack’n my Glove and Sharing the Luv

2/18/11Baseball logo.JPG                                All is good in Ranter Land.

I’m back to work and in less than a week the kids, Krista and I will be boarding Frontier Airlines and flying (that’s right flying) to Arizona for a visit with the parents.

It just so happens we’ll be in Arizona the same time as the Rockies/Diamondbacks home opener in their new stadium. 

                                                     How cool is that?

This will be the fourth year in a row I’ve been fortunate enough to attend at least two Rockies spring training games and blog about them.

I’d like to thank Denis from Phoenix for sending me an email and letting me know that parking is a bit scarce at Salt River Fields and that I should arrive early. 

 No worries, Robert and I will all be there early standing in line to open the new stadium. I’m hearing Bud Selig may be in attendance and that’s an autograph I’d like to obtain.

Rockies in Tulsa.jpgThe Rockies will be playing their final Spring Training game on March 30th in Tulsa, OK at ONEOK Field which is home to the Tulsa Drillers AA Rockies farm team.

Tulsa Drillers logo.jpg The Drillers have officially started an MLBlog called “Driller Bitsand here’s a link to the Drillers FACEBOOK page: Tulsa Drillers Baseball.

                                          This is Hornsby the Drillers mascot.

Drillers Mascot.jpgThe new Tulsa Drillers blog is gonna be a good read. I’ve been told it will have player interviews, daily statistical up-keep and various other things that will be of interest to Rockies fans.

                              Give the Drillers your support and check out their blog.

                 I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter, packing my glove and sharing some luv.
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