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Not You Too “Q”


Thumbnail image for Omar in dugout.jpgNEW YORK – Former major league infielder Omar Quintanilla has been suspended 50 games for using a performance-enhancing substance.

The 29-year-old Quintanilla, a 2000 graduate of Socorro High School, was playing in the Colorado Rockies’ organization at Class A Tri-City of the Northwest League. He was hitting .252 with one home run and 15 RBIs.

Quintanilla was penalized Wednesday during the minor league drug program.

Quintanilla played parts of the last five seasons in the majors with the Rockies. He hit .220 with two home runs and 32 RBIs in 216 games.

The Rockies issued a statement saying they were disappointed to learn Quintanilla had been suspended.

The above story is from the Associated Press.

When I think of “Q” the first thing that always comes to my mind is heart. Despite his size the dude can play ball. “Q” was the first baseball player to autograph anything for me.

 It was a simple autograph on my ticket stub but the interaction and the experience was the spark that got me back into baseball.Thumbnail image for omar Q auto 2006.jpg

I write this entry with a heavy heart. Omar Quintinilla may not be a household name but I seriously looked up to this guy (so to speak). This news is crushing to me.

          To tell the truth I didn’t give a sheet about Barry Bonds..I’m not a Giants Fan.

                          Didn’t care about Manny Ramirez…I’m not a Dodgers fan.

I haven’t been personally affected by anyone whose taken “performance enhancing drugs” until now. If I had to make a list of ten ballplayers who I was absolutely sure never ever use steriods, Omar would be on that list.

     Hunter and I would watch Omar play and I would always say something to him like…

“See buddy, it’s talent not size”, or something along those lines”. I always cheered for “Q”. He has no idea but I was probably one of his biggest fans. All because of one cool interaction with him four years ago.

Thumbnail image for Omar Q 2-28-09.jpg                                                Steriods wreck everything.
Steroid needle.jpg The “juice” hurts more than the individual player and his reputation, it chips away at the heart of baseball, it’s loyal fans.

Thumbnail image for omar q 2-25-09.jpgSteriods hit home this time and it hit hard. 

Once again I find myself questioning the people I’ve put on a pedistol…(aka Vinny Castilla).

I can’t bash Omar because he’s always been a classy dude the times we’ve talked.

But if he reads this I just want him to know that this news rocked my world in a really bad way.

Get it together Omar…The Rockpile Rant is all about second chances so please brotha give me something good to write about.

     I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I don’t dig steriods.

                             I’m all about keep’n it real.ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

UPDATE-LUVMYROX sent me a link to this article from Troy Renck

NEW YORK — Omar Quintanilla, a well-respected player in the Rockies’ organization for years, released a statement today to The Denver Post, apologizing for his suspension. He was disciplined 50 games Wednesday after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

He has spent the entire season in Triple-A battling through injuries. He was a valuable bech player for the Rockies last year, providing solid defense at a variety of positions.

Here is Quintanilla’s statement in full:

“I would like to apologize to my family, teammates, the Colorado Rockies Organization and their fans for recently testing positive for a performance enhancing product. I recently purchased this product over the counter at GNC and it was my understanding that after looking at the label, it did not contain any banned substances. I’ve always taken great pride in my nutrition, my training, my preparation and dedication to the sport that has given me so much.

 I realize just how fortunate I am to be playing professional baseball and would never intentionally do anything to jeopardize that or disrespect the game. “

                    Told you he was a classy guy. Thank’s LUVMYROX…D


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Snagged my Holy Grail at Maryvale


Happy Youngster, you were right.

Maryvale Baseball Park where the Brewers do their spring training is the nicest baseball park I’ve seen this trip. The concessions are actually cheaper than anywhere else, and the outfield has grass that is perfect for snagging baseballs.

The gates opened 1 1/2 hours early and we were there early as usual.
MBS front gate 3-3-09.jpg No big surprises going through the gates. The Ushers were friendly and informative. With me today were Andy and my father-in-law Joe.

Joe and Andy 3-3-09.JPGThe crowd today was a little over 2000 and most people sat around home plate leaving the outfield unpopulated. Upon entering the stadium I immediately headed for the beautiful grassy outfield.
RPR snaggin 3-3-09.jpgAs I was fast-walking (running to hear Andy tell it), over to the outfield I saw two BP homers get smacked over to left field. I debated going over there, but for a change I decided I’d give the right side of the field a try. A wise move on my part, but I didn’t know that yet.

It wasn’t five minutes and I found myself chasing after two BP homers in a row. Neither of which I was able to catch. I slightly misjudged both and they sailed over my head by mere inches.

Both of my BP homers were snagged by teenagers standing directly above me in the grass. Both were great catches.

The first baseball I snagged was tossed to me by Dexter Fowler. Thank you Dexter, I didn’t even ask him for it.

The next three baseballs that came to right/center field were mine. I was able to snag two of them after they had bounced in the grass and were rolling.

My last BP homer I caught on the fly which is how I prefer to snag them 🙂

Total batting practice tally = 4 baseballs.

rpr caught 3-3-09.jpg Here are a few pictures of this really cool stadium. Check out the baseball dents in the side of the building.

Dent in wall from Baseballs 3-3-09.JPG        Funny, Arizona is in the desert but every now and then something gets beached.

Washed up on shore 3-3-09.jpg                                                   Here’s a shot of right field.
Left field 3-3-09.jpg                       This is where we chose to sit in the grass. Check out the view.

I did something today I’ve never done before. I was snaggin in bare feet. I had already slipped a few times with my sandals as the incline is a little steep. I removed them and the grass was cool and soft and gave a solid grip in bare feet.

our seats in the grass 3-3-09.jpgI witnessed the sausage race, something I’ve always wanted to see live. Happy Youngster, you may be a tad burned out on watching the race, but seeing it the first time was cool as hell.

Cheering for the oversize sausages had me wishing Hunter and Mylee were with me.

Sausage race 3-3-09.jpg                                         Here’s a view of the first base line.

view first base line 3-3-09.jpg                   I was able to walk right up to the visitor’s dugout and snap pictures.
visitors dugout at Maryvale 3-3-09.jpg
Thumbnail image for Bullpen with players 3-3-09.jpg

Rockies Helmets 3-3-09.jpg
Rockies bats 3-3-09.jpg                                                         The visitors bullpen.

visitors bullpen 3-3-09.JPG                          Here’s Scott Podsednik and Ryan Spilborgh’s before the game.

Podsednik and Spilborghs 3-3-09.jpgCheck out the scoreboard. Don’t quote me, but I believe this lead was the only Rockies lead in the first seven games of spring training.
the scoreboard 3-3-09.jpg One of my goals was to Get Clint Hurdle to sign my Sports Illustrated 1978 issue with him on the cover. Andy and I had met up with Clint and Don Baylor outside Hi Corbett a few mornings ago and Clint told me he would sign later for me.

This was my last opportunity to snag Clint’s autograph during my vacation. I noticed Clint walking over to the outfield and when he was about 50 feet away I yelled “Clint you said the other morning that you would sign my magazine, do you have time now?
Hurdle in outfield 3-3-09.jpgHe immediatly walked over and autographed it for me. I had my opportunity to mention to Clint how much I enjoyed my time at Hi-Corbett how friendly he and all the Rockies have been to us. He said he was glad and they he/they were fond of Hi Corbett too.

It will be interesting to see what happens next season. I’ll talk about the positives and negatives of that move in a future entry.
Clint Hurdle 3-3-09.jpg                      Thank you Clint, you kept your word and that means everything.

So are you thinking that the Hurdle autograph on the Sports Illustrated was my holy grail?

Clint thinking 3-3-09.jpgNot even close, in the sixth inning I happened to be looking in another direction when I heard a loud crack. Just then my father-in-law Joe said “there’s one” I looked left and up, and spotted the baseball.

In nanoseconds I was up and off like a bat out of hell jumping over and clearing two dudes who were laying out. Then I ran down the hill past a lady who also was going for the home run ball and I scooped the ball up as I was sliding down the hill on the grass.

Grass burn 3-3-09.JPG

I have the grass burn to prove it and Andy and Joe as witnesses 🙂

I also hyper-extended my right arm as I slid down but it was worth it.

Injuries heal, I’ll be buried with that baseball.

2009 is mine.

Here it is folks, my first live home run ball hit by Daniel Ortmeier in the sixth inning at Maryvale Baseball Park.

This was Daniel’s first live home run as a Rockie. I’m proud it was this Rockie fan who snagged it. I’m also glad that my first live home run ball was from a Rockie, but in all honesty I wouldn’t have been choosy.

RPR first live home run ball 3-3-09.JPG

    Guess what else happened at the bottom of the eighth inning?

Trot Nixon of the Brewers hit a right field homer and I missed it by inches. The ball bounced on the outfield wall edge, then bounced on the sidewalk and then landed in a bush three feet outside the ballpark fence.

Andy found a stick to try and poke it loose but it wouldn’t reach. Just then a couple were walking by and Andy took a chance and asked the guy if he would hand him the ball. The guy did and Andy snagged his first live home run ball.
Andy's first live home run ball 3-3-09.JPG            All I can say is what a vacation. I did everything I wanted to do and then some.

I was able to see four Rockies home games, and this road game against the Brewers. Right now the Rockies are 0-5 for the games I’ve watched and 0-7 for the season.

      The final score of this Rockies/Brewers game was Brewers 8, Rockies 6….Dammit


 On Monday at the Rockies game I saw that some of the players were out signing so I walked over to the Rockies dugout. I saw an open spot and I squeezed into it. Once positioned I looked to my left and standing right beside me was Baby Paul and his dad Mark. I knew they were supposed to be at this game but up until that moment I hadn’t seen them.

       Mark and I chatted and snagged a few autographs. I don’t know Mark that well but I can tell he’s a good guy. I was able to meet Marks’s wife and I believe it was Mark’s mother and father.

Super nice people and I was floored to find out that his mom is a regular reader of the Rant.
Baby Paul and Mark 3-1-03-1.JPGBaby Paul was a little bit grumpy when I met him but it was blistering hot that day and I didn’t blame him. Everyone was sunburnt, it was hot even for Tucson.

Just before we rolled out of Tucson I had met Baby Paul and family outside and they posed for a picture in front of the Mobile Blog Unit. How freggin cool is that?

I also got a phone call from Robert Harmon telling me he was arriving in Tucson with a VW bus running on 3 cylinders just as I was about an hour north of Tucson headed for Phoenix.

   Thanks Mark, it was a pleasure to run into you again and an honor to meet your family.
BP and family 3-1-09.JPGThat’s a wrap from the Rockpile Ranter’s Mobile Blog Unit and our Rockies Spring Training adventures. I will be writing a final spring training recap and I will be updating Rockpile Ranter’s Picture Blog over the next week with pictures and video that I haven’t used in my spring training blog entries.

Realizing there is only so much time in a day, and that a blogger can’t possibly cover everything. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could have done better?

                       Or what about things I should have our shouldn’t have done?

                          I love feedback and would REALLY value your opinions.

This was the best vacation of my life. I just want to mention that 99% of the Rockies were extremely kind to us and getting to meet Todd Helton and watching him autograph my bat and World Series baseball meant more to me than I can really put in words.
Todd Helton 3-2-09-11.jpg                Let me just say, he is as cool in person as you would think he would be.RPR on top of the world.jpgRight now the Rockpile Rant is the # 1 Rockies snagging blog in the world 🙂 This blog has really taken a life of it’s own and matured into something that is fun and that I’m really proud of.

My thanks to all of you for taking a few minutes of your time to see the world through my eyes.

Your faithful Rockies Blogger…”D”…The one and only, very sunburnt Rockpile Ranter.Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Wham bam another grand slam


Well they don’t know for sure at this point if my blog can be saved. I was told that I am high on the priority list, but no guarantees.

So if you see older blog entrys pop up one by one it’s me finding them and reposting them.

 I’ll keep hoping.

 I must say that is some sad news. I really was hoping for the best but at this point I think I  am ready to move on if I have to.

canada T shirt.jpgI grew up in Canada. So all this crap happening from a Canadian leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Canadians are cool people and please don’t let this one shape your opinion of what Canadians are like. 

My parents still live in Alberta and so does most of my mom’s side of the family.

 I wasn’t happy with the  apology. I agree with a lot of you who posted on Zack’s blog and my blog.

 It just seemed like it wasn’t sincere.

Seems like he was only doing this because he got caught. I don’t think he understands the extent of the damage he did. Or how much he hurt Hunter and I.

symptoms-of-heart-attack.jpg I also believe this WAS a personal attack, he hacked four of my accounts. 

Seems personal to me..

I was actually nice to the young Canadian.

It did bother me a little bit that he had a comment for every blog I’ve ever written, but thats how we network here on MLBLogs, so I dealt with it.

I read a lot of the blogs on Mlblogs.com. I don’t know most of my fellow bloggers,  but I feel like I do through reading their blogs. The mostly positive emails that I have received  helped me deal with this incident.

I really thought I would get ganged up on because people would think it was my fault that the Canadian baseball collector was taken down.

I just don’t need a bunch of his supporters slamming me with emails telling me what a jerk I am for doing this to HIM. If your one of these people and you are contemplating emailing me and slamming me about the Canadian.

Save your keyboard and just kiss my rockpiles.

First 9-16-08.JPGNuff said on that today.


      Batting Practice 9-16-08

Hunter and I were first in line today. Go figure. The line was tiny.

There were maybe fifteen people waiting to get inside the gates.

That gave me a really good feeling for BP. Less people = more baseballs to snag..
Hunter first 9-16-08.JPG 

I have watched Hunter really  grow up a lot this season. When we first started snaggin this year he was impatient and at times a bit annoying to the players and other snaggers. 

He has since toned it down and is a respectable snagger who doesn’t have to beg repeatedly for baseballs. He has discovered that he doesn’t have to beg if he is in the right place at the right time.

Being the first one into the Pavilion paid off today. Hunter managed to run down to the outfield railing first and Steven Registe threw him the first ball of BP.

Thank you Steven !

Finally, I got to see Matt Holliday at BP. He never shows up to bat. He was knocking some serious baseballs into the Pavilion and I managed to snag one off the bounce by beating two other snaggers to it. For some reason Matty didn’t start the game today. Omar 1 9-16-08.JPG

Hunter got ball number two from one of the players kids that was on the field for BP. 

Right after he got that ball Omar Quintinilla walked up to the wall to retreive a ball.

While he was standing by the wall he got hit up for autographs. 

Hunter and I managed to get one of the balls we each snagged today autographed by Omar.

Thank you Omar !Omar 2 9-16-08.JPG  







 Omar was my first ever professional baseball player autograph.

He signed my ticket stub two years ago at a Rockies game. 


Pavilion 9-16-08.JPG





Like I mentioned earlier.

The small line to get inside the Stadium meant a super low attendance for BP.
Pavilion 9-16-08 2.JPG


Most weekday games have a little bit smaller turnout for batting practice. 

This game being on a weekday and the fact that the Rockies season is basically over,  was the reason for the low turnout.

OK with me.

See the guy in the yellow shirt going down the stairs?

Capt Earthman.JPG

Meet Captain Earthman..Super Vendor.

He works all the Rockies games and he also works the concerts at Red Rocks  Ampitheatre.

He has a business card with his cellphone number.

 You call the number, tell him what row your in and what you want to order.

He shows up with your stuff.

Same goes for shows at Red Rocks.. 

This guy is amazing and probably worth his own blog entry, but maybe another time..






I salute you Captain Earthman.

So do thousands of thirsty Coors Field and Red Rocks patrons.

Keep up the good work.









Hunters three 9-16-08.JPGIt was nice, you could actually pick a section and it was yours. 

Dang near every kid at BP today left with a ball.

 That my friends, is a good batting practice. 

Hunter got his third ball thrown to him by a Padres player that I couldn’t identify. Soon as he tossed Hunter the ball,

BP was over.


Hunter got the first and last ball of BP. He wanted to make sure that I mentioned that..lol 

Mark BP 9-16-08.JPG


While I was at BP I met a fellow MLBlogs blogger named Mark. He has a blog called Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog. It is a neat blog done from his sons point of view..Check it out.

Mark, sorry we didn’t get to talk too much, but hey it was BP.

It was really cool to meet you. Maybe we can have a beer sometime and chat at another game.

When I asked Mark how snaggin was he said that he had snagged one ball up to that point. Same as me.


                                          Game 2, Rockies vs Padres


Man, two Grand Slams in two games. I think that has been done only once in the Rockies organization. Chris Iannetta crushed a ball into mid-pavilion almost 3/4 of the way up to score Tulo, Atkins and Spilborghs..

Wow, that was where Holliday was hitting them during BP. 

Great job Chris !

The Rockies pitchers were on it tonight.  Ubaldo Jimenez looked awesome.

Jeff Baker homered in the fifth to score Iannetta and Hawpe.. He crushed that ball too. Almost to the same place as Chris Iannetta. Sweet hit Jeff.

Rockies slam the Padres 10-3 on a beautiful evening in Denver…

I can’t make the game on Wednesday as I have a morgage to pay.

The next game for us is Friday and I will have the whole family with me.

It is one of the Rockies fireworks games and I missed them all this season..

Thanks everyone, this really is a great community…Go Rockies…D
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Omar’s a star cause he hit it so far



 Omar Quintanilla, your a Rock Star. I expected him to hit the game winning home run tonight about as much as I expected Ubaldo to knock one into the Pavilion.

Heres a quote from Clint Hurdle:

“It’s so appropriate, for him to come in and barrel that thing like he did and pick everybody else up makes you feel good and gives you a sense of value being on the team.”

Isn’t it cool how baseball can take you from almost bored out of your gourd, to up and out of your seat, screaming and yelling,   jumping up and down. Whether it’s a bad call or a game winning home run. Gotta love it.

Hats off to you Omar. Helluva shot and perfect timing brotha. You sir, make me a believer.

Us 8-24-08.JPG


Hunter is missing from this picture because he was the one taking it.

We were first and only in line and it stayed that way for a while.

We had a backpack full of baseballs to get signed. At this point were hoping there would be a batting practice.

Hunter ball 1 8-24-08.JPG

 Perfect day for snagging. The only thing was we only had a half hour before we had to get in line for player autographs.

Hunter got his first ball tossed to him by a player we couldn’t recognize.

We took off to get in line and split up into teams.

Hunter and I, and Krista and Mylee.

Manny signing for Hunter 8-24-08.JPG



Hunter and I got in line for Manny Corpas. He even asked me if I wanted it signed in pen or sharpie.

Thanks Manny ! Jorge De La Rosa 8-24-08.JPG


  Krista and Mylee wound up in Jorge De La Rosa’s line. They said he was quiet but nice.

When they finished with Jorge they headed over and got in Aaron Cooks line.

Hunters second ball 8-24-08.JPG Hunter and I headed back to the Pavilion and he took off to his “special snagging spot” as he calls it over in the far corner against the railing in center field.

Moments later he came running up to me all excited with this ball. It has the word fastball written on it. A Reds player had tossed it to him. 

That was his first ball with writing like that. My Charity Ball.JPG

I was having my usual luck until finally one was hit my way. At first it looked like I didn’t even have to move. Then at the last second I saw I was situated too far up the stairs and I ran down about eight feet and was right on the money.

I had my arm in the air, and felt the ball land perfectly in my glove.

 Then my glove got smacked from behind and the ball flew into the first row. See, that’s my luck.

But wait…..as a few of the guys around me were discussing how all of this went down (you know, smack talk), I said “I caught it and it got knocked out of my glove”. I heard a guy say “was it you that caught it?” and I said back to him “well it bounced out of my glove” he looked up, saw it was me and threw it up to me.

Dave.JPGThat guy was Dave, seen here in the picture with the green Rockies Jersey on.(thanks Dan for solving the mystery).

 Thank you Dave for doing that. Normally I wouldn’t accept charity, but straight up it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a ball and I was glad to have it.

If you notice in the picture above the ball I’m holding has a “C” on it. baseballs with writing 8-24-08.JPG





Heres a shot of the ball Hunter got and my Charity ball. Pigeons 8-24.JPG




 Sometimes you just have to stop and check out the pigeons.

This picture was for Mylee. Mylee CC 8-24-08.JPG




We got through the gate with our Rock Pile tickets, but as you can see we didn’t sit there.

We we fortunate to be able to get seats along the first base line about halfway between first base and the right field wall. Hunter CC 8-24.JPG





Great snagging spot,  but we came up empty gloved. Happy Birthday Dude 8-24-08.JPG




This guy’s shirt said it was his birthday.

So whoever you are dude,



Coors Field was filled with characters today. I figure this guy is probably college buddies with Birthday boy.

After the game these guys are gonna have a few too many and probably hit up a strip club.

Look out Lodo! Thumbnail image for The Dragon Slayer.JPG






Remember the Dragonslayer?

He was in town to collect his  overdue ring.






                  Ok, here go the pictures, on the Mound today was Ubaldo Jimenez Ubaldo 8-24-08.jpg                                                  Posednik and Stewart Posednik and Stewart 8-24.JPG

                                                          Tulowitzki at bat                                             Tulo at Bat 8-24-08.JPG

                                             Posednik takes a swing Posednik taking a swing 8-24-08.JPG                                     Some touchy feely going on here? Touch feely 8-24-08.JPG

Our haul 8-24-08.JPG  The staff  handed out Rockies waterbottles at the Rockpile gate.

Here is what we managed to leave with today.

 Four water bottles, two Manny Corpas autographs, two Jorge De La Rosa autographs and two Aaron Cook autographs.

Not too shabby.

Rockies were trailing most of the game, but Holliday managed to score on an error in the ninth to send the game into extra innings.

Then unexpectedly in the bottom of the twelth inning, Omar Quintanilla, who before walking up to the plate was 0-16 and had only one MLB career home run ever, won the game with a serious home run blast.  When he crossed home plate all the Rockies came out of the dugout and mobbed him. Nobody was more surprised than Omar.

 Here’s what Omar had to say about it all:

“It’s an unbelievable feeling, there’s nothing else that can beat that.”

Well said and well deserved Omar. Good things happen to good people.

 Rockies beat the Reds 4-3 and win their third straight series. Now they head off for a six game road trip that starts in San Francisco and ends in Houston. Rockies are still eight games behind the D-Backs. 

Tired pug.jpg

Today was a very long day. Who knew a guy could get so tired on his day off.

Next home game is Sept 1st, Memorial Day against the SF Giants.

Go Rockies…D

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