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No “P” for me


no P-1.JPGSome people have no X-mas spirit. A few months back I bought some lettering for the back of my Rockies Jersey. It was the letters to spell Rockpile Ranter. Yesterday I finally had some time to lay out the letters and see how it looked.

Thumbnail image for p-1.jpgIt looked cool, really cool, except one thing. I was missing the letter “P”.

I remember opening up the letter when it arrived in the mail. I checked and was sure all the letters were all there. Then I put them away for safekeeping.

                                  Somehow I lost my freggin “P”
Rock-ile Ranter.jpg 
So I’m wondering what the hell I’m going to do. Changing my blog name isn’t an option, that can come back and bite you. After some thought, I decided to contact the guy on Ebay who
Thumbnail image for silver p1.jpgsold me the lettering.

The email I sent him said that I purchased the letters a while back, and when I went to apply them to the Jersey, I was missing the “P”.

 I mentioned that I wasn’t accusing him of not sending my “P”, I was just in need of a good “P” so I could complete my “Pile”.


Letter_P_Tree[1].JPGI asked this dude if I could purchase a stand alone “P” , and I was curious how much one “P” would cost me.

He responded back with “seven dollars for a “P”.

Holy P-pot man, I couldn’t believe it, I’ve never paid for a “P” before, and the fact that hePeeing 1.JPG wanted seven dollars for one tiny little “P”, at X-mas time just floored me.

Some people, I tell you.

 I hope this is the last time I’m ever in bad need of a “P”.

 It’s bad enough just needing a “P”, but paying twice for a “P” pretty pathetic. I guess that’s the chance you take with online retailers. No face to face interaction.

It’s harder to tell me it’s going to cost seven dollars when I’m standing right in front of you 🙂 

So in hindsight, always check and make sure you have your “P” because there is nothing worse than a P-less Pile.

   I’m off to the “P”avilion “P”arty/ Dinner for Season ticket holders, I’ll take plenty of pictures…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG
P in sign.jpg