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Grand Slam…No Thanks Man

6/9/10                       Astros vs Rockies Game Three

Weather: 80 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 9 mph, In from LF.
Temperature: 2:55.
Attendance: 27,114.

Hunter and I arrived at the Rockpile gates early today and played a little catch. Hunter threw one over my head and it rolled through the fence and stopped about eight feet inside.

No worries, I still had the string attached to my glove from my trip to KC so I figured I’d swing my glove and try to knock the ball back to us. 

It was actually starting to work until the string separated from the glove and my glove landed inside the fence.
Guess I need a bit more work on my glove trick. One of the Ushers walked around and retrieved my glove and Hunter’s baseball…Thank you!

Ball and glove inside fence 6-9-10.jpgAs I was making my way over to my spot in the pavilion Jason Hammel shouted at me “Heads up”. Seconds later a ball bounced about six feet in front of me and I picked it up on the roll for ball number one.

During Tuesday’s batting practice I noticed Dan heading up the stairs to almost the last row in the pavilion. I was wondering what he was doing until I watched Carlos Lee start to blast baseballs all over the concourse.

Today I didn’t want to compete with Dan on the concourse(plus at the time I thought he was a little crazy for going that far up), so I stayed near the top of the pavilion. This paid off because I had play on four of Carlos Lee’s BP homers and eventually I was able to catch one of the last homers he hit.

Dan stayed on the concourse and straight-up caught two of Lee’s homers and snagg’d the third on the roll. Good Call Dan!

Carlos Lee 6-9-10.jpg

                                    My hand still smarts from that Lee homer.

Soon after that I was able to catch a BP homer from Hunter Pence. Hunter hit that ball about 1/3 of the way up the pavilion.

Thumbnail image for Hunter Pence 6-9-10.jpg             Three baseballs for the day. That’s a good day snagg’n at Coors Field.

 Here’s Robert showing you on his hands and feet how many baseballs he’s snagged in the last couple of games.

               He’s been on a roll since I made fun of his absence of baseballs.

Robert 6-9-10.jpg

                                            That’s right…We Bad

Hunter and me 6-9-10.jpg

Today was a great snagg’n day. Everyone played fair and kept in their own space. I always point out the idiots so I felt obligated to mention one of the days when batting practice goes smoothly. Hunter was shutout today.

                                         I call this next set of photos: 

                                USHER…..”Hey guys how’s it going?

Ticket check 1.jpg                     USHER-“Could I please see your tickets for these seats?”

                                                   DUDE-“Yeah,….. hold on”

Ticket check 3.JPG         USHER-“Sir… It says right here you should be sitting in the Rockpile”.

Ticket check 2.jpg                      USHER-“Gentlemen I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”  

ticket check 4.jpgBeen there myself many times, but still fun to watch the scenario unfold when it’s someone else:)

                                     The Hoser and the Miss Colorado Contestants

Hoser and the Miss Colorado Contestants 6-9-10.jpg

Ok, I’ve rewritten this part of the entry three times in the last three days. I’ve had some time to think about how I want to say this so I’ll be short and to the point.

Bullpen Catcher Mark Strittmatter was walking past the crowd and Hunter asked me if he could go over ask Strittmatter  for the baseball in his hand.

I said, “Do it buddy” So Hunter walked over to Mark and asked for the ball.

Strittmatter did what he always does and asked Hunter a question “How many outs in an inning?”

Hunter immediately replied “Three”, which we all know is wrong. Strittmatter told Hunter he was wrong, but didn’t tell him the correct answer and then walked away.

                                   Not a very classy move in my eyes.

These dudes leave huge impressions on kids and I could tell Hunter’s interaction with Strittmatter left him speechless and disappointed.  

So here’s our plan of action next time we have an encounter with Strittmatter.

Hunter plans to trip him up. Hunter will ask him a baseball question. If Strittmatter manages to answer correctly I’ll toss him a baseball. If he answers it incorrectly, I’ll make him feel exactly like he made Hunter feel đŸ™‚


2518update1.jpgI always hesitate when I write anything negative about any Rockies player. I always try to tell the story the way I see it. My blog entries are basically my memory from the games we attend.

This morning 6-13-10 I received an email from Mark Strittmatter with an explanation.

                                                           Here it is:

Stumbled upon your blog last night…wanted to let you know that I am very sorry to have hurt your son’s feelings. Obviously you have seen me ask questions to other kids before…hope you know that all of it is done in fun, certainly not with any malicious intent. I am a father myself, and would never seek to hurt a child in any way. Please introduce yourself to me whenever you get a chance.


Mark Strittmatter

In the 2 1/2 years I’ve blogging about the Rockies Mark is the first player to write the Rockpile Rant personally. The fact that he cared enough to take time and explain says a lot about his character. Mark… Hunter says “Thanks it’s all cool” and I agree…Very Classy.

            Thank you Mark, thank you for re-affirming why I support the Rockies…”D”  

Mark, Bob.jpg

 Chris Iannetta back to his same routine. First one out, first one to sign.

Chris Iannetta signing 6-9-10.jpg

Chris Iannetta 6-9-10.jpg

Dinger 6-9-10.jpg

Hunter Denver background 6-9-10.jpg                   Melvin Mora puts everything into his slides. He’s cool to watch.

Melvin Mora slide 6-9-10.jpg

Chris Iannetta Swing 6-9-10.jpg                                        Jonathan Herrera playing second.

Jon Herrera 6-9-10.jpg

Tulo with a good snag 6-9-10.jpg

Herrera at bat 6-9-10.jpg

Melvin Mora on first 6-9-10.jpg                                                  Random pavilon shots.

Random pavilion shot 6-9-10.jpg

Random pavilion shot 2 6-9-10.jpg

rockies dugout shot 6-9-10.jpg

Brad Hawpe 6-9-10.jpg

bunt 6-9-10.jpg

Cook and Iannetta 6-9-10.jpg
 Out on first 6-9-10.jpg

                                              Seth Smith in overdrive.

Seth Smith giving it his all 6-9-10.jpg


Hurry back Seth 6-9-10.jpg         And in the background on deck, game winning, grand slam hitting Carlos Lee.
Carlos Lee background6-9-10.jpg        Here’s a link if you want to watch the Rockies painful loss in the 10th inning.

                                          Carlos Lee’s Grand Slam 

                                 Told you this guy could crush a ball…It figures.

                                   Rockies lose game three to the Astros 6-2

                              My next game is Friday against the Toronto Blue Jays.

                                                       Go Rockies…D 
ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg  

It was in the bag, what a drag

6/8/10                                 Astros vs Rockies Game Twogame sign 6-8-10.jpg

 Weather: 76 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 17 mph, Out to LF.
Time: 2:38.
Attendance: 26,201.

Just me today and this blog is going to be a short one. If the Rockies won’t put the forth the effort in to beat the freggin Astros at home, then I’m gonna slack a bit on this entry.

I was the first in line today at the Rockpile gates but the Usher checking me in today had a scanner that wasn’t cooperating so it took me an extra three or four minutes to get through.(Not his fault) 

The Rockies were out on the field but nothing was hit in my direction. Actually, not much of anything was hit or tossed to left field while the Rockies were up. However right field and center field were blasted with BP homers from sluggers Brad Hawpe and Jason Giambi.

 Too bad you can’t snag over there until 30 minutes after the stadium opens. The Ushers grabbed every one of those baseballs. I have no idea what happens to them from there.

The Astros took command of the field and did a decent job of scattering baseballs. Robert had the day of his life and snagged eight baseballs.

I had to mention this as I busted on him last entry for having a dry spell for the last couple of weeks.

 The first ball I snagged was hit about 1/3 of the way up the pavillion, I moved right from my spot and snagged it surrounded by four dudes.

 I gave that ball to a little girl and her family who were sitting a few rows behind where I caught it.

Gave away baseball 6-8-10.jpg                               I was a good catch but it came with an injury.

Shin damabe 6-8-10.jpg  In the process of making that catch I managed to snag my right leg on a bleacher corner.

What sucks is there is no meat in that spot and after the adrenaline wears off it started to throb.

Some call it the hazzards of the hobby, some call it a souvenir.

I call it painful, but not debilitating. 

 My second BP homer was headed about twenty feet to my right and I gloved it perfectly. It was all mine as nobody else seemed to be tracking it.

          I gave that ball to another little girl and her family as batting practice ended.

I did see for the first time an Astro named Gustavo Chacin that Zack Hample put the “Hample Jinx” on a few years ago. I believe Zack put the jinx on Chacin because he went out of his way to remove a ball from Zack’s glove as he was performing his glove trick. 

            Since Zack put the curse on Gustavo his career has been in the crapper.
Chacin 6-8-10.jpg

                       Here’s a link to Zack’s blog so you can get the whole story.

                                   Hample Jinx on Gustavo Chacin 

Gustavo did have a chance to toss a ball into the crowd. At one point I thought he was actually going to give it away…But he didn’t.

I only took a few pictures of the Rockies warming-up. Clint Barmes was the first one out to sign for the fans.

Clint Barmes signing 6-8-10.jpg                                                           Melvin Mora

Melvin Mora 2 6-8-10.jpg                                              Brad Hawpe for Queen Geri đŸ™‚

Brad Hawpe 6-8-10.jpg

Mora, Helton and Tulo 6-8-10.jpg                                                                 Safe
 Manzella safe 6-8-10.jpg                                                  Random dugout shots.

Random dugout shot 6-8-10.jpg

seth smith 6-8-10.jpg

Melvin Mora 3 6-8-10.jpg

Barmes getting walked 6-8-10.jpg                                                            T-Shirt toss

Tshirt toss 6-8-10.jpg

Helton on first 6-8-10.jpg

Belisle 6-8-10.jpg

Squishy kid 6-8-10.jpg                                                 Waiting for the hand-off.

Waiting for the handoff 6-8-10.jpg                                             In comes Franklin Morales

Franklin Morales 6-8-10.jpg
out goes franklin morales 6-8-10.jpg                                            Out goes Franklin Morales.                                             

                                          In comes Rafael Betancourt

Rafael Bettencourt 6-8-10.jpg

Camera kid 6-8-10.jpg

Shot along first base 6-8-10.jpg

Cool Sky 6-8-10.jpgAs soon as the Astros scored in the 8th I had to get up and leave Coors Field. Rockies fall to the Astros 4-3. I’ll be there Wednesday with Hunter.

                               Please Rockies don’t look like chumps tonight.

                                I can’t handle losing two in a row to this team

                                             GO ROCKIES, PLEASE…D

                                 Ready for something different?…Get Ready for:

                                    BLOGGERS WITHOUT BORDERS

We haven’t worked out all the details yet but during the Red Sox/Rockies game in June the writer of Sox Rocker and I will switch places.

                “J” will blog about the Rockies and yours truly about the Red Sox.

Who knows, you could see a 6’6″ guy walking around in a Rockpile Ranter jersey? We both plan to attend the Tuesday game on June the 22nd. I’ll do an entry about this soon…D  

Afternooon Game Ends Pretty Lame

4/28/10                         ROCKIES vs D-BACKS Game 3

                    This was an afternoon game and the final game of a tied series.

I didn’t pre-purchase tickets to this game. I’m off on Wednesdays and when I woke up I opened the curtains, looked outside and the sky was solid blue.  

You get what you get with April baseball in Colorado. Evenings are cold and afternoons can be snowy, windy and raining all in one day. Today was warm, I didn’t have a whole lot on my list of things to do so Krista said “go for it”.

Going to a baseball game unplanned is a new concept to me. I usually know way in advance what games I’m going to and I like it that way. Today I left a half hour before the game started, parked for free, walked up to the empty Rockies ticket window, purchased a Rockpile ticket for four bucks and proceeded to enter Coors Field..

                           No backpack today, just my camera and my glove.

Inside I discovered the first pitch had just been tossed and it was game-on. I settled on the third base side two sections to the left of the netting behind home plate. Great place to take pictures.

No waiting in line, no standing for two full hours during batting practice.  Just park, ticket, seat.

              Don’t get me wrong, I love my batting practice, this was a nice change.

                                            Here’s my Picture Show

Looking up 4-28-10.jpg

Todd Helton toss 4-29-10.jpg

Helton on first 4-28-10.jpg

EY at the Plate 4-28-10.jpg

Dexter Rounding first 4-28-10.jpg

Dexter slide first 4-28-10.jpg

Tulo at bat 4-28-10.jpg

Olivo 4-28-10.jpg

Olivo at bat 4-28-10.jpg

Matt Belisle on mound 4-28-10.jpg

Todd Helton Crowd 4-28-10.jpg

Stewart on first 4-28-10.jpg

Olivo on firs1-4-2810.jpg
Rockies dugout 4-29-10.jpg
Rockies dugout 2-4-2--10.jpg 

De La Rosa and Jiminez.jpg

EY Jr at bat 4-29-10.jpg

Matt Belisle mound 4-29-10.jpg

Tulo and STewart 1-4-29-10.jpg

EY Jr slide into third 4-29-10.jpg

Dan in the pavilion 4-29-10.jpg

Helton at bat 4-29-10.jpg

D-Backs discussion 4-29-10.jpg

D-backs at bat 4-29-10.jpg 
Miguel Olivo on first 1-4-29-10.jpg
Safe on first 4-29-10.jpg                                                        Olivo scores.
Thumbnail image for Olivo scrores 4-29-10.jpg                        First time I’ve personally seen Banner Jack this season.

Banner Jack 4-29-10.jpg                                                         Neat guy
Banner Jack 2-4-29-10.jpg                                                  Melvin Mora scores

Melvin Mora Scores 4-29-10.jpg

Todd and the Rakers 4-29-10.jpg

Troy Tulowitzki-1 4-29-10.jpg               Here’s video of Tulo in the third inning with the bases loaded down 6-1.

              There’s one in every stadium I’m sure. I call this “Dancing Finger Guy”

                                                 Helton hits a double.

Helton double 4-29-10.jpg

Helton gets a double 4-29-10.jpg                                         Then Helton slides into third..Yeah!

Helton slide into third 4-29-10.jpg

Helton past third 4-29-10.jpg

Cargo on first 4-29-10.jpg

Happy dugout 4-29-10.jpg                                                     The Rockpile

The Rockpile 4-29-10.jpg
Shot from home plate 4-29-10.jpg                                                    Safe, but barely.

Safe barely 4-29-10.jpg

Out on first-1 4-29-10.jpg

Out on first-2 4-29-10.jpg

Dinger 4-29-10.jpg

The Three Amigo's 4-29-10.jpg                                                       Bob Apodaca

Bob Apodaca 4-29-10.jpg                                  COORS FIELD CRACK OF THE GAME

Coors Field Crack of the Game 4-29-10.jpgOK, technically it’s right after the game, and it’s not exactly inside Coors Field. It was however located on the property.

The game was tied in the 9th. In the 10th inning Kelly Johnson homered to center field to lead the D-Backs to a 12-11 win.

The only thing I hate worse than losing to the D-Backs at home is losing 2 out of 3 to the D-Backs at home.

                                       On a much more pleasing note:

                        Here are pictures of my grandson Mason playing T-Ball.

Mason catch'n.jpg 

Mason Hitt'n.jpg               He likes the Rockies but his local team is the Sacramento Rivercats.

Sacramento River Cats logo.JPG                         I couldn’t be more proud..”D” The Rockpile RanterThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG