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Rox Slip and Dex Hurts His Hip


Rays vs Rockies Game 1

This would be my first game since the EY Bobble head game. Whole lotta props to my baseball buddies that weathered those snow games. I’m not a fair weather or cold weather fan, I’m a warm weather fan and I had my own snow issues to deal with up in Black Hawk.

Before blogging and before taking pictures my favorite thing about MLB baseball is batting practice. I love me some good BP. For some reason that ain’t happening this year. Usually by a month into the season I’ve at least snagged my first ball.

I didn’t take my usual 4 mg of pictures today. A blast from the past kinked my groove during BP and that put a damper on the rest of my evening.  I’m not a fan of aggressive ball hawks and I feel like in the pavilion there’s a good group of fellas that know how to respect personal space during batting practice. Every now and then we bump into each other, but because we know each other we know it’s unintentional.

There’s nothing worse than an overly eager ball hawk coming up in your space on a quest for a meaningless BP ball.

 Ball Hawking Etiquette… Don’t touch or invade the space of other ball hawks and pay attention to your surroundings. By entering someone’s space chasing a BP ball, you risk injuring yourself and the other person trying to catch the ball which could result in one of you taking a missile to the face.

Remember in the end it’s just a f’kn BP ball YO!

I watched older gentlemen getting hauled away on a stretcher from the game tonight after taking a foul ball to the face. It happens, it’s never pretty and this Ranter has no plans of leaving Coors Field by that particular mode of transportation.

FYI…If you come within a foot(what I consider a reasonable personal space) of me chasing a ball and push, bump or touch me in the pursuit a ball, I take that as a sign of aggression and that’s when I temporarily forget I’m there to chase baseballs.

I realize that one-sided chat with this dude is inevitable; I just wanted to give a little history on the matter before I’m standing in front of a judge…Or maybe the guy will read this, realize he’s the “overly aggressive ball hawk” in question and stop being a Dick…Nuff said on that.


BP was a bust today, I did have play on a ground rule double but it bounced wildly off the outfield wall and I totally blew it. Other than that, zero BP homers were hit in my direction.

IMO… BP is not what it used to be, that my friends is sad.

Back in the day I used to like Jeff Francis, he grew up in Canada just like me.

JF 5-3-13

Now I find the only thing I like about Jeff Francis is his walk-up song….Rush-Tom Sawyer…That’s sad as well.

Why is the only guy from Canada wearing a jacket while on first base?

Jf 2 5-3-13

Things that make you say “Hmmm”. I’m thinking of a 5 letter word that starts with “P”.

Francis allowed four runs and five hits in five innings.

Quote from the Canadian Sizzlean: “I felt like if I’d made some better pitches, we could have been ahead and won this game,” Francis said. “I missed with a couple of pitches and it cost me some runs.”

Really Jeff?  I dreamt I was a millionaire and woke up broke.

See anybody you know in the background?

rpr camera 5-4-13

Now that’s a nice set of horns 🙂

set of horns

Cuddy blasting a home run into the fountain.

Cuddy home run 5-4-13

The Cargo serious look.

Cargo swing 5-4-13

It always amazes me how many dudes drop the ball, it’s not that hard Dan caught one with his glove behind his back.

Dan and emily 5-4-13

Dexter had to leave the game early with an injured hip flexor. EY JR took his place.

DF 5-4-13

This collision is where Dex hurt his hip.

Fowler push first 5-4-13

JR 5-4-13

NA 2 5-4-13

NA hit 5-4-13

P hit 5-4-13

Rockies let this one advance to 10 innings and Matt Belisle blows it.

Rockies lose Game 1 to the Rays…7-4

I’m “D” the Ranter…C’mon Rockies I got a lil fight in me, where’s yours?

One more thing, everyone on the planet knows you can save 15% on your car insurance by switching to Geico. Do they have to fly a plane with a banner over the stadium every game? That stupid plane is so damn noisy it’s like a mosquito with a bullhorn…Seriously we know about the 15% and we’ve known for years…”D”

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Being Last is No Blast


Giants vs Rockies Game 1

Ahh, baseball at Coors Field.

There used to be time when I looked forward to a good baseball game. Now I just hope for a killer sunset so I’ll  have some cool pictures to share the next morning.

Rockies batting practice was weird. The players in the outfield were quiet, and seemed unenthusiastic. Their demeanor reflected more of what you would expect had the Rockies lost the previous night.

The Duece was on the field out taking BP and decorated the pavilion with about a half a dozen baseballs.

Speaking of the ole’ 1 + 1…If you enjoy a good laugh at the Duece’s expense…You’ll dig this.


Need more…Click here:

Dan and Dick Monfart

I managed to snag a pretty cool ground rule double during BP. The Giants #99 bobbled a catch close to the outfield wall, The ball tipped off his glove, bounced and I quickly scooped it up. I then found a young Rockies fan and shared the wealth cause that’s how Rantics roll.

I looked at the Giants Roster but couldn’t figure out who # 99 is?

The Rockies suck with or without uncharismatic “Duece”. I must admit, it’s kinda nice not hearing that annoying Tulo chant 4 or 5 times a game. Plus now we don’t have to watch the Duece blow another clutch opportunity, at least for the rest of this season.

Pitching…Can’t even go there…Just f’kn abysmal.

Dex is the man!!

Below is one of the many reasons I habitate in Colorado.

Mike the Rox Addict and Scott…Cool hang’n with ya tonight.

Rockies lose to the Giants 16-4. That’s six of the last seven games lost.

I’m “D” the Ranter

I love me some baseball, but lately three words keep ringing in my head.

Peyton F’kn Manning :)…Go Broncos!

Slammed his Bat n’ That Was That


Game Two

I was pretty excited about the game today(surprise).


The Rockies had won game one the night before and the Rox Addict had informed me it was raining baseballs during batting practice in the pavilion on Monday. With my record so far I was ready for a downpour.

I was the first in the pavilion and worked my way down to the first row. The Rockies stayed out for most of the half hour we’re allowed to watch them hit. I had play on one ball before the Rockies called it quits. I didn’t bobble it, it just fell about six inches short of my glove as I was leaning over the wall.

I was hang’n with the Rox Addict and my buddy Scott today. After the Dodgers took the field Scott pointed out that Don Mattingly was walking around the field catching pop flys. At one point Don scooped down to pick up a ball that fell short and turned to toss it to the crowd. I called his name and was sure he was going to toss it to me. Instead he tossed it over my head and my buddy Scott snagged it…That’s pretty damn cool in my book and that’s why I show up early. You never know when you’ll make a lifetime memory.

I had play on a few more baseballs but again I pulled a goose egg. It’s starting to stress me a little because my vision isn’t quite what it used to be and I’m hoping that’s not what’s causing me to keep coming up a bit short. Gett’n old sucks, no doubt about it.

I took some pre-game pictures today.

The Hosers

My good buddy and former Rockie Mark Ellis. This guy is a helluva player, not sure why we let him go?

Tony is always dangerous.

Before I could choke down my dollar hot dog the Rockies were down 7-0 and Chacin was a memory.

 In comes Roenicke.

That bat is history but on the plus side no stitches required.

Rockies played hard and got within one run.

Final Score…Dodgers 7 Rockies 6

I like Chacin but the dude is 0-3 this season with 7.03 ERA in 5 starts. This game was his worst with a career-high seven earned runs on 11 hits and four walks.

I’m “D” The Ranter and I’m wondering if the next time I see Chacin start it’ll be in Colorado Springs??

Next game…Saturday vs the Braves…Go Rockies!!


Not yet…But Soon You Can Bet

8/27/10         Dodgers vs Rockies Game One

Weather: 88 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 5 mph, Out to CF.
T: 3:19.
Att: 41,964.

Dodgers vs Rockies 8-27-10.jpg 
Dodgers logo.JPG
Rockies logo.gif









It’s been a while since I’ve been to a game or at least if feels that way. I had tickets but had to miss Tuesday and Wednesday’s games due to an injury. I really hate that. 

I discovered something called sciatica. Not fun stuff especially if you enjoy having feeling in your legs. 

Because of this, I’ll have to change my snagg’n game plan, at least until I’m back to 100%.  Instead of being able to run and chase baseballs, I’ll have to use my superior tracking skills to be a little more choosy on the batting practice snags I attempt.

                      Such is life I guess…Gett’n old sucks. 

Today I got lucky and snagged the first one of BP within a minute of entering the pavilion. It was a fairly easy catch, the only hiccup was manuevering between the seats to get to the rail in time.

I gave that ball to a young Rockies fan who was nearby. I can always use karma points :). 

Shortly after my handoff, Rant Regular Ken snagged a Tulowitzki BP homer.

                                                Here’s video of it shot by Dan

                              I believe Ken’s total for the day was two, nice job.

Mike is back from his big East Coast baseball trip.

He mentioned he took a thousand pictures including some of “interesting fans” along the way..

                                     Here’s a few of Mike’s pictures…PNC Park


Long Island Duck.jpg

                                                  Citi Field Hosers.IMG_5718.JPG


                                           Thanks for sharing Mike!

Starting pitcher today is Ubaldo Jiminez aka known as“Nasty Fasty” here on the Rant...

                     Here’s Nasty Fasty doing the Pre-Game Walk of Shame

                   (If you listen closely, you’ll hear me tell Ubaldo he has nothing to be ashamed about)


Stewart and Helton 8-27-10.jpg
Ubaldo's crew 8-27-10.jpg

Carlos Gonzalez 8-27-10.jpg
Stritmatter 8-27-10.jpg                        

I couldn’t tell if Franklin was staring me down or posing?

Franklin Morales 8-27-10.jpg
                                                 Rant favorite Eric Young Jr. 

EY Jr 8-27-10.jpg

Rockies pregame 2 8-27-10.jpg

Rockies pre game 8-27-10.jpg
      Here’s Tulowitzki playing his “I have a ball and you don’t game” with the fans.

Anthem 8-27-10.jpg

Gett'n it right 8-27-10.jpg
                      Today’s game had a movie theme. I really got a kick out of these.

Miguel 21 8-27-10.jpg

Cargo Dude 8-27-10.jpg

Troy Story 8-27-10.jpg

Book of EY 8-27-10.jpg

The Toddfather 8-27-10.jpg

Dex 8-27-10.jpg

Spilly Spillover 8-27-10.jpg

Ubaldo Dominator 8-27-10.jpg
                                         Here are a few random game pictures.

Helton and Podsednik 2 8-27-10.jpg

Helton and Podsednik 8-2710.jpg

Tulo Double 8-27-10.jpg

Tulo and Podsednik 8-27-10.jpg

Nice to see Helton can still Belt’em.

               Todd hits his 5th homerun of the season in the second inning with two out.
Thumbnail image for Rockies home run 8-27-10.jpg


Eric Young Jr out 8-27-10.jpg



The Handoff 8-27-10.jpg
                                                        Good Job Ubaldo !


Blake’s grand slam in the 8th really killed the whole mood.

                     The Dodgers have owned the Rockies the last couple of years.


I was really hoping the Rockies would pull this one off for Ubaldo. I wanted to be able to say I was at the game where Ubaldo achieved his 18th win


Matt Belisle 8-27-10.jpg
                                                       But not this time.Dodgers score 2 8-27-10.jpg                Rockies lose to the Dodgers at Coors field with a final score of 6-2.

                 The hunt for Ubaldo’s 18th win continues…Where will it happen?
RPR Sunflower.jpg
I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter, 
and I wanna see Nasty do it here at Coors.

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The Tour Was Boring So I Went Exploring

                                 Road Trip to Kauffman

                             Rockies vs Royals Game 1 and 2

Robert and I drove straight through the night on a mission to give the Rockies some much needed support on the road during two of their three games in Kansas City. 
RPR driving 5-21-10.jpg Kaufman Stadium is the closest MLB ballpark to Denver and I’ve been wanting to go there since I read Zack Hample’s blog about his record breaking experience there.

The opportunity to see the Rockies play in KC doesn’t happen often so I jumped on it.

                          Zack Hample at Kauffman Stadium 6-18-2009

Robert hooked me up and drove part of the way so I could get some sleep as I have a job and he’s retired.

                          Although two hours in a car seat ain’t what I’d call quality ZZZZ’s.
George Brett Bridge.jpg

We crossed the Geogre Brett bridge arriving in front of Kauffman Stadium several hours before the joint opened.


Kauffman Parking.jpg

Then we did what any baseball fan and photographer would do the first time they visit a new stadium. We walked around the outside of Kauffman taking pictures getting a feel for it.

            We were also killing some time before we could check into our hotel room.

RPR and Robert 5-21-10 first base gate.jpg

royals mural.jpgWe were told the spot to see the players arriving was by the front entrance so Robert and  I camped our butts there. I had one of the locals explain to me that the groups of collectors sort of split up into two groups.

                            Those who collect autographs and those who sell them.
Split crowd.jpg                             Then there’s Robert. He’s like me,…. we don’t sell them.

Robert camped.jpg How cool is it that the players here use the front gate as their entrance into the stadium?

 I noticed a lot of the Royals players who use that entrance rushed past their fans who were waiting patiently for autographs. I witnessed Billy Butler(Royals first baseman) use his wife and kids as a shield to avoid signing.

Unless you have grotesque warts or a people phobia you should sign for the fans who wait patiently for you.

I can’t really judge Billy though, maybe he signs a lot and today he wasn’t feel’n it? 

There’s (sort of) a secret tunnel that some players use when they want to avoid the painstaking process of signing a few autographs. But I’d say the majority manned up and used the front gate.

(I didn’t try for any autographs today. I just wanted to take pictures. I’ll explain later why I have only a few pictures from Friday.)

We eventually had to leave so we could check into the hotel and get ready for the game but before we did we purchased a ticket for a stadum tour.

                                   Not just any tour, this one was right up my alley .

Thumbnail image for Kauffman Early Bird Tour.jpg
           It was an  Early Bird Tour that gets you inside the stadium an hour early.                  

Ok so let me clarify the title of this entry. The stadium tour wasn’t really boring. In fact if you’re a Royals fan you might even find it interesting.

But from the second I set foot in Kauffman I wanted to explore. I knew the batting cages were up and the players were on the field.

Unfortunately before I could be free I had to watch a twenty minute long movie about the Royals from which there was no escape.

As soon as the movie ended and the tour continued I ducked out for a fake bathroom break and headed straight for left field….See Ya! 

On my way there I walked past the Rockies bullpen where noticed Randy Flores warming-up.

He was finishing up and started walking out to left field to talk to someone. I called out his name but got no response.

I wandered out to where my seat location was in left field to check it out and realized I was the only visible fan in the entire stadium. Finally my moment of zen. I just stood there and let it soak in.

Moments like this are few are far between in my world and I enjoyed every second of my outfield bliss. My entire trip was worth those precious few minutes even if no BP homers were hit anywhere in the outfield during my moment of solitude.

When I came out of my zen moment I looked to my right and standing on the concourse were Robert and one of the tour guides both giving me the come here finger.

                         Oh well it was bliss while it lasted and I got mine.

They met up with me halfway and at that point we were standing along the third base wall. I explained to the tour guide that I really had no interest in the tour and I was only inside the stadium early to catch baseballs.

Just then Randy Flores finished his conversation walked by me and tossed me the baseball he had been holding.

                          Thanks Randy..I thought you didn’t notice but you did.

Our personal tour guide was more than cool. She let us stand behind the Rockies dugout for the rest of the tour. We hung out there watching the entire Rockies team work out until the stadium opened for the rest of the folks. Then we were released and free to roam.

For the short batting practice I stayed in left field but I did go over and check out the right field. It’s very cool the way you can just walk through there or stop and hang out.

I went back to left field and was glad I did. As I was standing on the top row I heard a loud crack and soon I was tracking a baseball heading my direction but beginning to curve to my right.

       I had to dodge a few people and tripped over a chair slightly but I caught that ball.

                I needed that to happen. I needed that memory…Now I could relax.

     I met up with Robert after batting practice. He was shutout and not happy about it.

I never did sit in my exact seat during game one. Yes it was front row in left field but it was in the middle of the row and I would have been trapped. I sat in the last row of left field and had the chance at one home run ball.

Here’s the video the home run and you can see me on the walkway in left field by the Eldeman and Thompson billboard. I wasn’t that close but sometimes baseballs take a bounce so you never know.

                                       Guillen’s two-run blast

This game was a tad depressing. It felt to me like the Rockies were tired and not into it. Not what I wanted to see after a long drive and a long day and the fact that I was totally into it. Props to my man Clint Barmes for trying to get something started with his homer in the eighth inning.Barmes at Bat 5-22-10.jpg

Rockies go on to lose my first regular season road trip game to see them by a final score of 9-2. To add insult to injury the next morning my film card got erased when we were trying to upload some of Robert’s pictures to my card. 

So all of my day one pictures were deleted. It was my fault not Robert’s. For me losing pictures is like losing a friend. My pictures are my memory and my story..Oh well.

The Royals put on a fireworks show every Friday (home games), immediately after the game.

                            Here’s a few pictures Robert took of the display. 
DSC_4491.jpg                               Rockies vs Royals Game Two

Armed with a freshly erased film card, a six pack of local brew and a desire to catch up on my picture taking Robert and I arrived at Kaufmann Stadium shortly after 11 am and proceeded to do a little tailgat’n.Tailgat'n at Kauffman 5-22-10.jpg

             Not a bad beer for a local Pale Ale..Colorado’s microbrewed beer is better.KC Beer 5-22-10.jpg

Today was the World Series re-match of the 85 Royals vs the 85 Cardinals. Except they were playing softball.

              I guess the big yellow softballs are easier to hit after you’ve retired.

 I did my outside the stadium walk again and took pictures as we waited for the players to arrive and the gates to open.Kauffman Stadium 1.jpg

Kauffman Stadium 2.jpg

Kauffman Stadium 3.jpg

Kauffman Stadium 4.jpg

Kauffman Stadium 5.jpg

                         The first Rockie to arrived was manager Jim Tracy.

Jim signed for everyone and when he got to me I shook his hand, introduced myself and told him that we came out from Denver to support the Rockies. I also mentioned that I write the world famous blog called the Rockpile Rant.

Feeling brave I then asked,… “Jim if I were to show up at the dugout at the end of the game is there any chance I could get the line-up card?”

Jim smiled and informed me that “they”(I’m not sure who “they” is), keep those cards. I was a bit bummed but Jim said it so damn nice that I didn’t mind.

                                     Jim Tracy is one helluva nice guy.Jim Tracy signing for fans 5-22-10.jpg        Several other Rockies arrived via taxis. Here’s Matt Belisle signing my baseball.

Matt Belisle signing 2 5-22-10.jpgIan Stewart signed for damn near every Royals fan there. For some reason he totally ignored me even when I wished him good luck. Not sure what was up with him today.
Ian Stewart 2 5-22-10.jpg We drove a long way and I don’t mind not getting an autograph but I could have done without the scowl. No worries Ian, there’s always a second chance here on the Rockpile Rant.

                                             Everyone has a bad day.Ian Stewart 5-22-10.jpg

Carlos Gonzalez arrived quick and entered quick. He recognized me from Coors and on his way in signed a ball on the sweet spot for me. I wished him good luck and that was it.

                                                      Thank you Carlos !
Carlos Gonzalez autograph.jpg It was 1pm and time to enter the stadium. The field was set up for softball with fences in the outfield that kept falling down…Kinda funny. 
Fence falling down 5-22-10.jpgThe retired players were starting to come out of the dugouts and began warming up. You’d swear Snap, Crackle and Pop were throwing out the first pitch with all the bones creaking.

                                            Here are the 1985 Cardinals
1985 Cardinals 5-22-10.jpg                                               Here are the 1985 Royals
1985 Royals 5-22-10.jpg Robert and I figured we’d try for an autograph so we headed to the Royals side first. Danny Jackson was kind enough to autograph a ball for me. Danny had a homer in the game.Danny Jackson 5-22-10.jpgDanny Jackson autograph 5-22-10.jpg Then we headed over to the Cardinal’s side, that’s where I met a very cool dude named John.Huge Rockies Fan.jpg John introduced himself and said he was Rant reader. He told me he thought the Rockpile Rant was entertaining.. John was on a road trip’n to Kauffman just like Robert and I. 

He’s a huge Rockies fan and helped me get an autograph from Jack “The Ripper” Clark.

John was able to reach down low enough to hang a baseball in Jack’s face. Jack then grabbed the ball and signed it. Jack the Ripper.jpg                 Jack even autographed it “Ripper”. This is now one of my favorite autographs.Jack the ripper autograph.jpg                Here’s a shot of John working Kauffman getting his Rockies helmet signed.Working it 5-22-10.jpg

                     Nice to meet you John and thank you very much brotha!

I thought it was intersting and cool that more people walked up to me, introduced themselves and told me they read the Rant in the two games I was here in KC than the entire season so far at Coors.

  Does that mean there are a lot of Rockies fans in KC or do I just have national appeal?  🙂 

                Either way it was an honor to meet and talk to all those nice folks.

                                      Here’s a few shots from the softball game. 

                                   Here’s “Jack the Ripper” trying to rip one.Jack Clark at bat 5-22-10.jpg                                                                Group Photo
85 Classic photo.jpg
85 Classic photo 2.jpg    Not that the score really mattered but it was 4-1 Royals over the Cardinals again.

When the game finished it was time to take some warm-up photos of the Rockies and then head up as high as I could get behind home plate for the stadium shot before the game started.

                                               Rockies warming-up.Tulo and Stewart 5-22-10.jpg

                                                          LOOK OUT        Smith toss 2 5-22-10.jpgStewart and Tulo warm up 5-22-10.jpgGiambi Helton 5-22-10.jpgJ Giambi 5-22-10.jpg                                                            Alanna Rizzo.

                      Robert offered to take a picture of her and I but I chickened out.Alanna Rizzo 5-22-10.jpg

                                                 Spilly signing for the kids.Spilly signing 5-22-10.jpg

Hammel toss 5-22-10.jpg                                                     Manny Corpas pre-game.Manny Jamm'n 5-22-10.jpg

    I started climbing and here’s the picture that Robert took of me when I reached the top.
RPR at the top of Kauffman.jpg                              I peered out and here’s a shot of Arrowhead Stadium.Arrowhead under construction 5-22-10.jpgI decided to catch the beginning of the game from the very top. I believe other than the Yankees big screen this one is the biggest in baseball.
Full view Stadium.jpg       I thought you Rockies fans might like to see your Rockies on the really big screen.Giant Helton 5-52-10.jpg

                                            Here’s a shot of Todd at bat from above.Helton at bat 5-22-10.jpgxGiant Hawpe 5-22-10.jpg

xGiant Giambi.jpg

                                           Here’s Giambi at bat from above. Giambi from above 5-22-10.jpgGiant Fowler.jpg                                                    Dexter at bat from above.Fowler at bat 5-22-10.jpg                             I’ve seen every one of Jeff Francis’s starts so far.Francis from above 5-22-10.jpg                                 Check out the guy trying to Hi-5 the weiner.

Guy HI five the weiner.jpg                                                 Robert and a pair of feet.

Robert and feet.jpg                                    Some shots of the inside of Kauffman.

                                              The Pepsi Party Porch

Thumbnail image for Pepsi Party Porch.jpg                                                    Bud Light Party Deck

Bud light party Deck.jpg                                            Outfield pole to outfield pole.

Outfield pole to outfield pole.jpg

Francis and Stewart 5-22-10.jpgHawpe at bat 5-22-10.jpgTulo and Barmes 5-22-10.jpg Tulo Gum 5-22-10.jpg Matt Belisle 5-22-10.jpg Beimel.jpg Beimel throw 5-22-10.jpg 
Barmes jump.jpg                                 Remember former Rockie Scott Podsednik? Scott Podsednik 5-22-10.jpgI remember him because he would never sign autographs for fans. Rumor has it here he hasn’t changed.

Ok now to the only ugly part of the trip. About the sixth inning I was sitting along the third baseline almost alone minding my own business taking pictures watching the game. The only people close to me were a group of rowdy college kids.

They were drunk as hell razzing the Rockies, no worries. All was cool until they threw a peanut at me. I turned around and stared them down. They all looked away and I turned back around and let it slide. Then a second peanut was thrown. I saw who did it this and this time I stared him down.

A few minutes went buy and they started chanting LETS GO Roy-Als. Over a period of time that developed into F’ck you Rockpile.

I couldn’t believe it at first, I don’t mind hazing but this made it personal. So I sat there debating what to do. Finally I got up, walked in front of the group and said, “What’s up, you got something to say… Say it now”

The group went silent. I stood there for over 30 seconds and not one of them uttered a word.

Just as I thought. No balls just talk. I let them know exactly what part of a woman’s anatomy they were and headed up the stairs out of that section. 

The whole time this was going on a young usher just a few feet away oblivious to everything. I asked if he had witnessed any of that and he said “Witnessed what?” 

I’d like to point out this Usher as he was a Jack-A’ss himself. Good job buddy way to monitor your area. 

*NOTE: Other than this Usher every other Usher at Kauffman stadium was friendly and helpful to us. Many of them came up to Robert and I over the two days we were here and asked about our Jerseys and where we were from. 

                                         KC Royals USHER of the YEAR
Usher of the year.jpg

       I decided to leave that area as I prefer to eat peanuts instead of get hit with them.

As I was walking up the stairs I was thingking “WTF am I doing? That’s not how I roll!” So I walked back down the stairs and picked a seat close to these folks and started taking pictures and shooting video.

                                                   That’s how I roll.

          Here’s the Peanut Chucker…He’s my Royal’s Jack-A’SS of the game.

Thumbnail image for Royal Jack-xxx.jpgIn case you doubt my story here’s a little video of this classy group in action.                   

                             Remember at this point the Rockies are up 3-0?? 


 I questioned myself afterwards on whether or not I did the right thing. What would you have done in my shoes? You know when someone makes it personal?

         Either way it felt good to call them on it. The Rockies win this one 3-0.

Final Score game 2 kc.jpg Jeff Francis gets his second win and Robert and I get to exit Kauffman stadium with our heads held high. It wasn’t much fun walking out the previous night losers.

Robert and I took the opportunity to razz the Royals fans as we left the parking lot.

                                          Hell Yeah Go Rockies 

I had planned to stay a bit late and try to sneak into the batter’s eye like my man Zack Hample last year but things have changed since his visit there.

                                 Probably because of his visit there 🙂

Employees now empty the batters eye daily. Other changes include the stadium only opening 1.5 hours early. It used to be 2.5 hours. Rumor has it the players were complaining that the fans were bugging them as they tried to warm-up. Go Figure :).

                                 Damn those pesky fans who pay their salaries.

                                         A few more pictures…My autographs.KC trip autographed Bballs.jpg

season ticket stubs.jpg                                              The Hostess Sweet Spot.Hostess sweet spot.jpg

 Royals Cup.jpg Kent informed me tht the guy wearing the Royals cape is Chris. This dude has been to almost 500 consecutive Royals home games.

                                                        Nice job Chris!

IMG_1061.JPGThe only other thing I wanted to do before I left Kansas City was eat some good BBQ. We decided on Gates BBQ because it was close and I heard it was excellent.

Gates BBQ restaurant.jpg       Andy(from spring training) had recommended this place and here’s what I ordered.
Gates BBQ Pork Sandwich.jpg Best BBQ I’ve ever had in my life. The pork sandwich was the tenderest pork I’ve ever tasted and it melted as it hit your tounge.

                                     Thanks Andy, I’ll never doubt you again.

Full stomach and the sun setting we hit the road home in search of some thinner and less humid air. 
sun setting over Kansas.jpg                Kansas had great food but it’s way too flat and I dig my mountains.

  After I dropped off Robert and was almost home I had to just stop and look. You know, one of those moments.Colorado Rockies my home.jpg

                                           Home Sweet Home Colorado

                              Props Go Out To:

All of the Ushers at Kauffman Stadium. Other than the above mentioned guy you were all professional and friendly.

The dudes who hung out in front of the stadium before the games. I chatted with several of you and you gave me good information. I really appreciate that..Thanks

The people of Kansas City. Other than the small group of hooligans throwing peanuts the rest of you are good people and I enjoyed my visit to your state.

Robert for hang’n with me on this adventure.

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and thanks for joining me on my 58 hour Rockies road trip.

                                                        Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Zero Home Runs Can Still Be Fun

4/27/10                           Rockies vs Marlins Game Two

Today was perfect baseball weather. Not too hot, not too cold exacty the way I like it.

Hunter, Mylee and I were ready to snag some baseballs, eat some NERDS, and watch the Rockies get even with the D-Backs for the embarassing loss at Coors the previous night.

nerds.JPGAs I was heading over to my spot in the pavilion I watched a BP homer strike about halfway up the pavilion bleachers. It bounced, stayed low and rolled a few feet from me. I gave that ball to Mylee and Matt Belisle tossed her up her second.

Both of Hunters snags today were toss-ups. One was tossed directly to him but he couldn’t tell me who the player was. The second ball was tossed to him, intercepted by Robert and then given to Hunter.

     The three baseballs tossed up to my kids were all from Rockies. Thank you.

Doing what I do I believe I’ve developed some good people watching skills and I’m convinced that I’m pretty good at getting a feel for how people are.

Today I ran into the father, two daughter and son family who don’t attend batting practice very often. I’d say the son was 13-ish or so and the kid had some decent baseball snagging skills. Unfortunately for me he was lacking in some baseball snagg’n etiquette.

With his father watching but oblivious, this pubescent youth managed to crawl up underneath me as I was focusing on a BP homer and snag that baseball from under me. I was like “HUH, what was that?“.

       Baseballs were being hit all over the pavilion at that moment so I just blew it off.

Fifteen minutes later I’m stretched out reaching up as high as I can trying to catch another BP homer that’s headed right for me. Out of nowhere…AGAIN…. the same kid reaches over the top of me and catches the ball. Then he lost his balance, fell forward landed on me…Ok that’s two

Let me preface this story. I attend batting practice to relax and think exclusively about catching baseballs. Now after this all I’m thinking about this kid running wild and why the F#%K this kids father is still watching these events but acting like nothing is happening?

So…I make what I think is a smart call and move far away from the kid and go higher up in the paviilion. You may be asking yourself..”D..Why didn’t you move to right field or a different section in the Pavilion?

Valid point oh faithful blog reader…Here’s my answer…”NO baseballs were hit to right field at all and very few into the center part of the pavilion. My little section was rocking for a change. So when it’s raining baseballs you stay” 

My last chance at a BP homer for the day was one that landed four rows in front of me. I ran down on top of the bleachers until I positioned one row behind where the ball landed, I bent over the top of the bleacher so I could locate the ball and and scoop it up. Next thing I know BAM,  I get clipped in the head by the same kid’s knee as he’s running down the same row I’m leaning into.

When he did that he kicked the baseball out of my reach and then he casually reached down and picked it up. 

Normally that wouldn’t have hurt too much but I’ve been recovering from a severe neck strain and when the kid clipped my head I saw a white flash and then stars. After a few mumbled unsavory words I gathered my wits, backed up and got the hell away from that kid.

      Then I spent five minutes glaring his old man down but he didn’t have a clue. 

    I can’t do anything to the kid so I wanted to let his dad know he’s Number 1 in my book.

gorilla-getting-angry.jpgBatting practice ended without any further incidents. Earlier I had watched Dan catch a baseball and give it to a little girl who was there with her little sister and her mom and dad. The other little girl didn’t have a ball so I asked her parents if I could give her one. 

She accepted it and I could tell she was glad she had one just like her sister. With that I felt better and the kids and I headed over to the Rockies dugout.

 Hunter and Mylee went up close to the field hoping for an autograph and I hung back to take some pictures.EYJR signing for H and M 42710.JPGA younger guy in his twenties(as usual I can’t remember his name) walked up while Geoff and I were chatting about home run catches and player worn jerseys that he owns. He asked me if I was the guy who writes the Rockpile Rant.

              Proud of my Rockies Blogging Masterpiece I said “Yes Sir”.

He informed me he really likes the Rockpile Rant and that he reads it often. I’ve seen his comments on my entries before.

Nice guy…Seriously into autographs and the Rockies. I handed him a baseball as I try to do with all Rant readers who come up and introduce themselves to me(as long as I have one with me). We chatted for a bit, shook hands and when the kids finished with their autographs we headed back to the pavilion to watch the game.

Here’s a link to his blog—->Avid Rockies Fan.  He did mention he hadn’t updated it in a while.

Geoff informed me that he had spent the entire batting practice in right field and nada, nothing, goose egg. Sometimes it pays off to venture there, sometimes it doesn’t.

          Here’s this Rockies/D-Backs game the way I see it…Enjoy

                         EY Jr signed for Hunter and Mylee. Thank you EY ! 
 H and M EYjr baseballs 4-27-10.JPG                      Today’s starting pitcher….Local Hero….Ubaldo Jiminez.

Ubaldo walking 4-27-10.JPG

Tulo looking up 4-27-10.JPG

Seth Smith Playing catch 4-27-10.JPG

Helton Stewart Catch 4-27-10.JPG

Stewart Tulo 4-27-10.JPG

Presenting the Colors 4-27-10.JPGx

Kids singing the National Anthem 4-27-10.JPG

D-Backs National Anthem.JPG

Thumbnail image for National Anthem 4-27-10.JPGCeremonial First Pitch 4-27-10.JPG                                                 Some guy I don’t know.

Some guy throwing out the first pitch 4-27-10.JPG

How do they choose these people? I think attending fans should get to throw out the first pitch during weekday games.

You know just randomly pick some schmoe out of the crowd and totally make their year.

First Ptich handshake 4-27-10.JPG

Coors Field 4-27-10.JPG

Tulo gets the first hit 4-27-10.JPG

Cargo gets a hit 4-27-10.JPG

Fowler Scores 4-27-10.JPG

Olivo swing 4-27-10.JPG

Olivo Scores 4-27-10.JPG

Stewart and Hill 2 4-27-10.JPG

Stewart and Tulo 4-27-10.JPG

Ubaldo and Stewart 4-27-10.JPG

Eric Young Jr 4-27-10.JPG

Ubaldo Jiminez throw 4-27-10.JPG

Seth Smith Swing 4-27-10.JPG

Smith rounding first 4-27-10.JPG

Ubaldo's attempted bunt 4-27-10.JPG
Happy Birthday 4-27-10.JPG
Best Dancing Kid of the Game.


                                         Best Heavy Metal Shirt of the Game.

Best Heavy Metal shirt of the game.jpg

                                   Best Crazy Scientist hair of the game.Best Crazy Scientist hair of the game.JPG

                                  Most dedicated sign-holders of the game

Sign Holders 4-27-10.JPG                              Dan and Danny, both legends in their own time.

Dan and Danny 4-27-10.JPGWho invented these ugly fuzzy hats? I think if you wear this hat you should have to pay extra to be allowed inside the stadium..Like an ugly hat tax.

Best fuzzy hat of the game 4-27-10.JPG

D-Backs discussion 4-27-10.JPG

S Smith rounding third 4-27-10.JPG

For a game with no home runs it was still exciting because there was a lot of base action with a lot of Rockies runs scored. Around the 6th inning Dan had the tickets of a few people who had left early in the front row so the kids and I enjoyed this game from the first row.

 I didn’t take many pictures from the front row as I was focusing on snagg’n a home run ball.

                    But as mentioned above..There were no home runs this game..

                                               Coincidence..Yeah probably.

                                                        I did take this one.
Hunter and Mylee 4-27-10.JPG Here’s a shot of me and the kids, Mylee is next to me and Hunter is over by Dan. The picture was taken by my friend and Rant Regular  LUVMYROX. Thank you Joy!

RPR Front Row 4-27-10.jpg                                                         Thanks Dan’s 🙂

Final Scoreboard 4-27-10.JPG

Rockies win 4-27-10.JPG

In May I’m heading to KC to watch the Rockies take on the Royals at Kaufman Stadium. My first ever road trip to another stadium in the regular season and only my third MLB baseball stadium ever.

I can’t wait, I did have a road partner for this trip Andy (from spring training), but he had to back out…No matter..I’ll be there.

                                      My Next entry…Rockies/D-Backs game two.

                                        Go Rockies…”D” The Rockpile RanterThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG