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Happy treated crappy, all over a ball


coghlan11.jpgI guess I’m still in shock over this whole Happy Youngster/ Chris Coghlan thing.

The media made Happy out to be some kind of extortionist and I know it’s not like that at all.

Some of the hate comments he received were so bad it has me questioning my own ballhawking adventures.

Reading those hate comments could give someone the impression that if you’re over the age of twelve you have no business with a glove at a baseball game.

                       Happy has since removed a lot of the threatening comments.

I can’t speak for you but I don’t know too many twelve year olds that can catch one of those BP homers. I took one of those baseballs square in the foot the other day and it still hurts.

fan hit with baseball.jpgImagine if only kids brought gloves to games and tried to catch those missles, the end results could be scary—–>

The last Rockies game I was at I saw Robert deflect a BP baseball that was headed right into the middle of a group of teenage girls. These girls had no idea it was coming and Robert’s quick thinking prevented an injury or worse I’m sure.

Happy all I can tell you as soon as Coghlan walked up to me and said “Are you gonna give me my ball?”

 With that attitude brotha I’d have said “F’ck No” broke the hell out, went home, destroyed that baseball on video and then posted it to my blog.

Happy was disrespected, lied to and treated like sheet. In the end it didn’t really matter what Happy asked for in trade for the home run ball. All the Marlins had to do was say no.

 I didn’t like the Marlins accusing Happy of swapping baseballs either. That wasn’t a good way to begin the swap. I am curious as to the outcome of all this because it is likely sometime in my life I may be in a similar situation.

Personally, I would have asked for the bat Coghlan used to hit the home run autographed and a photo of the exchange.

But now that I know what kind of guy/player Coghlan is…If I ever catch one of his home runs, I’ll save myself a HUGE headache and throw the f’king thing back.

                                        Here is what I have learned so far:

   Ranter’s tips just in case you ever catch a home run ball that a player would like back.

1. Give it back or be reasonable with your requests (I still think Happy was reasonable).

2. Get everything in writing and on video 🙂 . Sometimes they’ll tell you one thing and then later either deny it or say something different.

3. As soon as deal/exchange starts to flake or they change their tune on you,….just walk. You have lost nothing at that point.

4. Cover your Hass, have witnesses. Realize if it goes sour, the media will spin this against you. Be prepared to fire back with your proof. If possible keep the whole thing as low key as possible.

5. People who don’t know you with nothing better to do will suddenly take time out of their day to pass some of their miserable existance onto you.   

 Remember,…In a player/fan situation the Associated Press may not be your friend.

                                                Hang in there Happy…D
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