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This Manny’s cool, the other one’s a fool

5/10/09                       Marlins vs Rockies Game 3

                                               Today was a special day.

Manny glove close up.jpgJust when I was questioning where the antics of one Manny (and numerous others) were taking my sport of baseball, I was able to witness another Manny doing something so special that I’m convinced baseball will be around for a long time.

                                         That’s powerful stuff from a RanterMe and Hunter 5-10-09.jpg

                                      (Above photo taken by Robert Harmon)

We waited in line for the chain to drop so we get a good spot and pick which player we wanted to get an autograph from. If you remember my entries from last season there was always an Usher who wrote the names of who would be signing that day on his hand.

Well he hasn’t written them on his hand in a while but he did write them on this piece of paper he was holding. 
paper 5-10-09.jpg                              This Usher’s name is Dan and he’s a really nice guy. 
Chain Usher 5-10-09.jpgOff to the right in the distance I could see this. Which explains why I was standing in line for autographs instead of snaggin baseballs.
Tarped Field 5-10-09.jpg

               This is one seriously empty pavilion. It actually looks kind of peaceful.
View of the Pavilion 5-10-09.jpgThe three of us had a plan, I was going to get Jeff Baker’s autograph, Hunter wanted Manny Corpas’s autograph and Krista was going to take pictures of both of us.

                                                      They were ready.
Krista and Hunter 5-10-09.jpgWhen the gate dropped Hunter and I took off and lost my wife in about 15 seconds.

I had no idea where she was the whole time I was standing in line waiting for Jeff Baker to sign.
Standing in line 5-10-09.jpg                                                Here we are in the mix

In the mix 5-10-09.jpgI thought to myself, did she twist an ankle, should I go look for her? I decided a twisted ankle would heal but how many times do you get a chance to get Jeff Baker’s autograph?

             Just then Franklin Morales tossed his warm-up ball up to Hunter. 

                               Here’s Manny Corpas signing Hunter’s baseball.

Manny signing Hunters baseball 5-10-09.jpg
                                             Here is Jeff Baker signing mine.
Jeff baker signing my baseball 5-10-09.jpgWhen I finished I watched Manny sign Hunter’s ball and we started to head up the steps .

With the help of a few Ushers relaying the message, Manny was calling for Hunter to come back down. 

We worked our way back down the stairs and Manny told Hunter to meet him over by the dugout after he was finished signing autographs. 

 When a player tells you to meet him over by the dugout that’s usually a good thing.

 We headed over to the dugout without delay and I kept trying to call my wife who wasn’t answering her phone. That added some much needed pressure to the whole drama. 
Hunter and I by the dugout 5-10-09.jpg                                Hunter and I were positioned and staying put.

So think about this, I’m a picture guy right? I’m about to see Manny do something really cool for Hunter (or so I think at this point), and my wife has the camera and she isn’t answering her phone.

 Normally I’m as cool as a cucumber but at this moment I was on the edge of seriously wigging. There was no way I was not going to get video of this.

Finally my phone rings, It’s Krista and I freak on her “Where are you, are you ok? You’re ok, good get down to the dugout right now…Hurry” She replies…”Look up” I looked up the stairs and there she was smiling.

Ok heart rate slowly going back to normal now, breathe Don…All is good. Dammit you’d think I was the guy waiting to meet Manny at the dugout. Some of us have to live vicariously through our children ๐Ÿ™‚

 While we were waiting for Manny, Krista took a picture of my Jeff Baker autographed baseballJeff Baker autograph 5-10-09.jpg

                      Shortly thereafter Manny showed up and I shot this video.

I just want to to say that it was an accident that Hunter got hit with the ball. When Manny tossed the ball into the pavilion Hunter saw it coming and misjudged it and that’s why it hit him in the chest.

                  Manny didn’t have to do what he did. He owed Hunter nothing.

In the video Hunter tells Manny, “Next time I’ll catch it”. The other funny thing is Manny realizes he can’t sign a black glove with a black sharpie and he goes out of his way to find a silver sharpie. That was classy.

                 Thank you again Manny, that whole experience was trippindicular.

We had great seats today(Thank you Dan). Krista sat behind us a few rows at her request and took some pictures.

                                             My famous Brat with a view 
Brat with a view 2 5-10-09.jpg

                                  Hunter earned his Hagg’n point for a Brat too.
Hunter's brat 5-10-09.jpg

            Barb the Usher. I’ve mentioned Barb on the Rant before. She’s Good People !
Barb the Usher 5-10-09.jpg

                                Captain Earthman as Captain Earthman
Earth 5-10-09.jpg                                                   The view to my right
My view to my right 5-10-09.jpg                                                     The view to my left

To my left 5-10-09.jpgIt was a little crowded to the right of me, but other than Hunter it was primo snaggin territory to the left of me. Wouldn’t you know it, nothing was hit even close to our area.

            Oh well the lack of a home run ball didn’t put a damper on this day in the least.

                                 Rockies take game 3 over the Marlins 3-2

I wanted to thank this fine group employees for the extra time they took to make our food. There were exactly two people in front of us and we had to wait ten minutes to get out eats.

          I call this picture “A Brat takes an inning, I hope we’re still winning

Fast food not so fast 5-10-09.jpg    Yeah ten minutes. No it wasn’t a special order, it was three freggin Brats,…Plain.

I usually don’t mess with food service but an effort like that deserves some recognition so here ya go fellas. Congrats on a Brat cooked with extra extra love?

PS. It’s all good but save the party for after work food service fellas. I have a feeling if I had wanted fries with that Brat it would have been another inning ๐Ÿ™‚

                           RPR’s Hagg’n points for this game

1 point- Attending the game.

2 points- Jeff Baker’s autograph.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

2 points-  For two pictures with Ushers.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat at the game.

1/2 point-  For snagging two extra season tickets after the game.

                                                    Total Points = 7.5

                                    Hunter’s Hagg’n points

1 point-  For showing up.

4 points- For Manny Corpas’s autograph twice.

10 points- For a piece of game used equipment (Manny’s glove).

2 points- Tossed up baseball from Franklin Morales.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

                                                     Total Points = 19

                                          Our next game is Tuesday night.
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Yes I do refer to myself in the third person at times in the blog, but I figure I own all of my persons and I should be able to use them at will.

 To one person in particular only: You can copy my format but you’re still my doormat…D

Could it be…The Ranter on TV?


After it all happened I figured I might be on TV. Props to Robert for snaggin Spilborgh’s home run ball in the third inning. Spilborghs is his favorite Rockies player.

 Robert was sporting Spilly’s Jersey and immediatly after he snagged that home run ball Spilly’s dad called Robert on his cell phone.

                                   Don’t believe me,… look how happy this old man is. 

Robert on phone with Spilly's dad4-26-09.jpg

Robert asked me later how close I was to him when he snagged that ball and I told him if he had stopped any shorter we’d have known each other too well.

          Good job Robert, the dude is quick. Next time I’ll sit on the other side of him.

Click on the link below and check out the video of it all:  

                     Rockpile Ranter on TV/ Roberts snag of Spilly’s home run

   I  know I didn’t get the ball but at least I didn’t look like a chump my first time on TV ๐Ÿ™‚Me first in line 4-26-09.jpg


Today I was the first in line at the Rockpile gate and things were as they should be in Rockie land.



First in line at the gate puts me first into the Pavilion.

Empty Pavilion.JPG When the batting cages are out it gives me an extra few minutes before the place starts to crawl with people.

                As you can tell from this picture, first didn’t mean much today.
No batting practice.JPG                                           No cages = No batting practice 

Here is a shot of Dan and Robert politely discussing one of yesterday’s batting practice snags ๐Ÿ™‚

Dan and Robert 4-26-09.JPG      Something about somebody stepping on somebody’s foot if I remember correctly? ๐Ÿ™‚

I was lucky again today and Dan hooked me up with a Row 1 ticket. This enabled me to go onto the field during the autograph session. I’ve never done this before and let me tell you it was beyond cool.

Check out the video of me entering the field:

I love this picture of the field this is from the roped off dirt area we were in behind home plate.
Cool shot of coors field 4-26-09.JPG                                               Here’s one with me in it.

RPR on Coors Field -1.jpg                                       I managed to get four autographs today.

                         On the left is Jason Hammel and on the right is Ryan Speier.
Jason Hammel auto 4-26-09-1.jpg
Ryan Speier auto 4-26-09.jpg

 Manny Corpas came out and signed for a few people then split.

Ubaldo Jimenez also came out and signed for the whole group.

I skipped Ubaldo because I have him already. I was able to give him a knuckle bump and wish him good luck this year. Nice guy.

   The other two autographs I snagged were Franklin Morales and Jason Grilli.
Franklin Morales auto 4-26-09.jpg
Jason Grilli Auto 4-26-09.jpg I got to see Todd Helton and Tulo, they popped out to say hi to a few kids and take some pictures.Helton and Tulo 4-26-09-1.jpg

 Ubaldo took a few pictures before he signed autographs.Ubaldo posing with kid 4-26-09.jpg

Jason Hammel 4-26-09.jpg










Here is  Jason Hammel coming up to sign for us.

Looks like Jason will get his first start for the Rockies on Monday’s game against the Padres.

                  Good luck Jason!
















             Here’s what the Rockpile looks like essentially from where the batter stands.
the Rockpile 4-26-09.jpg       Here is Jason Grilli signing my baseball, check out the lady in the background ๐Ÿ™‚
Jason Grilli sign my baseball 4-26-09.jpg

                                  Todd Helton making one lucky kids year.
Todd being cool 4-26-09.jpg                      Manual Corpas signing the baseball of the little boy next to me
Manny signing 4-26-09.jpg            Here is the video of me leaving the field and walking back inside of Coors Field.

In the video below Robert and I were almost to the Pavilion when I heard someone call out “Rockpile Ranter”. That someone was Missy from “View from the Rockpile”.

Missy is an Usher at Coors Field and was on her way to Gate E when we ran into her. This was the first time her and I have met and it was really cool to finally run into her at a game.                         

        Back in the Pavilion. Here was the view to the right of my seat. Thank you Dan!
My view to my left 4-26-09.JPG                                            A shot of the field from my seats
view from my seat 4-26-09.jpg                                Dan’s daughter Emily playing kickball with Dinger
Emily on the field 4-26-09.jpg

                                            A little Rockie history for you.
Rockie History.jpg                                   Here are a few of the Rockies warming-up
Rockies Warming up 4-26-09.jpgChris Iannetta signs before every game. Rumor has it he does it because he’s superstitious. Superstitious or not he’s a good guy and I believe he’d sign anyway.
Iannatta signing 4-26-09.jpg               He signs for about 5 minutes then goes over to stretch and work out.
Iannetta leaving 4-20-09.jpg                                                     Spilly and Hawpe
Spilly and Hawpe4-26-09.jpg                                              Jeff Baker and Brad Hawpe
Baker and Hawpe 4-26-09.jpgKrista made me put in this picture. She said it summed up the Dodgers lack of excitement in this game. I just don’t get it??
Dodgers 4-26-09.jpg                    Captain Earthman, business as usual entertaining the masses
Earthman 4-26-09.jpg                                                          
TulowitzkiTulowitzki 4-26-09.jpg                                   I call this picture…”Brat with a view”
Brat with a view 4-20-09.JPG               I really like our new pitcher Marquis, the guy has been a superstar for us.
Marquis on the mound 4-26-09.jpg                          This game was just what I and all Rockies fans needed.

An in your face, blue bashing, get out of town, you got lucky on the last one, Rockies win.

                                      I especially love beating the Dodgers. 

Days like today are special. How often does a person get to go underneath Coors Field, then stand on the field and get autographs? I’m glad I could share some of it with you. 

I’ll be at Coors tomorrow for batting practice (weather permitting).

                                 Who knows what whill happen? Stay tuned…D

Me inside Coors Field 4-26-09.jpgThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image          Hagg’n stats for this game

Showing up for the game = 1 point

4 autographed baseballs = 8 points

Eating a foot long brat = 1 point.

Video of me and an Usher (Missy) = 1 point

                                                Grand Total = 11 points. 


Corpas vs Street in the Arizona heat

4/2/09                        Rockies beat the D-Backs today 7-4 ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m willing to bet somewhere in Tucson is a slightly upset and confused Manny Corpas. Manny lost the closer job to Huston Street today. I’m not sure I saw that move coming, I’m not sure Manny did either.

 I go back and forth with how I feel about Corpas. When I form an opinion of a Rockies player it’s not just on their baseball ability.

I spend a lot of time at Coors Field and as a baseball snagger/photographer I spend a lot of my time just observing people and players. At first I MC signing Hunters baseball1didn’t like Manny Corpas.

  (Manny signing Hunter’s baseball)

 My son and I had a few encounters with Manny at the beginning of a few 2008 Rockies batting practices. Both times Manny had the opportunity to really shine as a baseball player/human being and he took the lesser road.

On a positive note, Corpas seemed to be more aware of his fans as the season went on.

Anyways it’s not like he’s unemployed, he just gets to go to work a little earlier.

H streeet Huston Street AutographHuston Street was one of the players acquired in the Matt Holliday trade being formerly with the Oakland A’s.

Street suffered a hip flexor strain last season and subsequently lost his closing position.


Rockies signed Huston to a one-year contract for $4.5 million.

 Corpas makes $875,000. That includes a $125,000 prorated signing bonus and buyout on option). Corpas is in the first year of four-year $9.025 million contract which has an option for 2012 and 2013.

I wish them both luck.

Me n Birdman 11-27-08Check this out, on April 8th my son Hunter and I will be going to the Pepsi Center early to take a tour of the Pepsi Center and FSN Video trailer where they do all of the editing and such for the Denver Nugget home games.

After that we get to meet Carmelo Anthony and Hunter is allowed to ask a few questions.

They suggested Hunter practice the questions beforehand as most kids get nervous and clam up when they actually meet Melo.

Then we’ll get to meet one of the FSN announcers. After all that Hunter and I get to watch the Nuggets warm-up from court-side. How cool is that? This is a prize package sponsored by Power-Aid/King Soopers and it’s pretty sweet. Me n Hunter and Andy and Hazen

The Nuggets play the Thunder, game is at 7pm. Just in case you’re wondering, no we don’t get to sit court-side for the game.

Those tickets are $675.00 a piece.

Expect a picture show of epic proportions after that game.

 It will be good practice for me.

A little Nuggets basketball two days before the Rockies home opener.

Now that’s a lot better than sitting at home,…waiting… Go Rockies…D

Ranter hat

It must be over I can hear her singing


obese warning.jpg
singobese1.JPG                  It’s over.

   A pitchers duel you might say.

I’m glad the game ended like it did. If it would have been a slugfest, it would have just made it harder to let go.

The next time I’ll be face to face with a Rockies player will be March 2, 2009 in Tucson…Spring Training



                                        Rockies Vs Diamondbacks Game 3 

Ubaldo 8-7-08.gif
Ubaldo 11.jpg
johnson perfect game.jpg












Ubaldo was on his game tonight. He had his issues early on this season, but he has been solid and dependable this last couple months. He pitched seven scoreless innings tonight with ten strikeouts. He finishes his season 12-12, with 172 strikeouts and a respectable 3.99 ERA.  Ubaldo pitched 198 2/3 innings, second only to Aaron Cook.

Manny and Mom 1.JPG


                        Manny and his mom———>

Manny Corpas allowed Chris Young to homer in the eighth and then in the ninth, Luis Vizcaino loaded up the bases and proceeded to walk home the winning run.

Ok D-backs, you got us back for making you look like chumps last year.

Johnson was incredible to watch allowing only  two hits and one unearned run. He threw 105 pitches and struck out nine.

35,908 people watched the Rockies fall to the D-Backs 2-1 in the Rockies final game of 2008..there I said it

What a  season this has been. One I’ll never forget. So many highs and lows. No different than life I guess.   

Thumbnail image for RPR1.jpg

 I decided I will blog for the MLB playoffs.  

Right now, I’m looking for a  place to host my basketball blog.

I’ll be blogging for the Denver Nuggets and I will be known the Nugg Thug.

Milly Vanilli.jpg                   Keep it real all…I do…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG                                   

Rockies first sweep and we get seven to keep

6/19/08gate 6-19.JPG 



 I have to say after being shutout at batting practice on Wednesday we really couldn’t do any worse.

So the only expectations of today were to snag one of those promotional Rockies floppy hats .

Thumbnail image for gate m n m.JPG 



We were first at the Rockpile gate. When they let us in we found out they were only giving  out the hats to adults.

 Something to do with being sponsored by Isle of Capri Casino or something.

Hey now, that was why we went to this game in particular. It all worked out though, I gave mine to Mylee and an Indians fan gave his hat to Hunter…Thank you Indians fan guy.

You made my little guy happy.

kids BP.JPG


You’ve got to have your glove for batting practice.

Mylee snagged two balls today. 

One was tossed to her by Manny Corpas. The other was caught by a fan and he gave it to her.

 I thanked him because  that was a cool thing to do and really got her excited. These were her first two BP balls. A few entrys ago I slammed Manny Corpas for not autographing Hunter’s ball when it was just Hunter and me standing right by him.

 I  slammed him because it was the third time he had refused to sign for Hunter and I  this year. So, Manny I take it back and I thank you for tossing that BP ball to my girl. I realize it’s hard to please everyone..

BP 6-19-2.JPG





The kids staking out their spot.

 It was a good spot.




Zack Big Glove.JPG





Here is Zack with his big *** glove.

 I had read about this glove in his Blog, it was pretty cool to see it in person.





Hunter actually snagged  three balls but one of them was tossed to the boy beside him and he dropped it. Hunter picked up and was gonna keep it but I convinced him to share with the other kid.

Hunter already had two balls and I explained to him how happy that little boy would be that he got a BP ball to take home and brag about.

 I managed to snag three balls myself. The first ball hit the bleachers and it was just me there so it was mine.

 The second I straight up caught with Zack Hample as my witness. Oh yea! 

The third ball was deflected off a a glove and came straight to me. Some days it’s just like that. Yesterday a shutout and today seven balls between us.

Zack signing ball.JPG

 After  BP the kids and I went over to visit with Zack. 

The kids wanted Zack to autograph their baseballs. 

He took the time to sign and talk to them.

It is amazing how just a few minutes can really make a kids day.

 Thank you again Zack !!


Thumbnail image for Dinger 2.JPG


Hunter, Mylee and Dan’s daugher Emily got to go onto Coors field today. 

 They played kickball with Dinger.

 It was Hunter’s second time with Dinger and Mylee’s first.

Check out Hunter in the purple shirt in the picture below jumping.

Too much fun. 

Dinger 3.JPG Dinger 4.JPG

Rockies swept the Indians  last night, Final score 6-3. This was our first sweep this year. Things are starting to get interesting for the Rockies. I think were all having visions of last years run.

Lets hope so…I’ll be  there tonight…

                                                        Go Rockies…D 
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First in the Door and we take home Four

me gate 6-10-08.jpg



What a great day.

Hunter, I and Joe my father in law,  went to the game today.

Rockies vs the Giants.

We arrived early and were first in line again. Hunter and Joe.JPG



 It was a hot one today.

Ninety+ degrees and the sun blaring.

 That didn’t stop us from being the first into the Pavilion.

 As soon as we entered the bleachers an Usher threw Hunter a ball.

Fifteen minutes after Hunter got his first ball Atkins hit a ball almost exactly where I was standing.

It landed a bit short of me but bounced  into my aisle and landed at my feet.

 I couldn’t have planned that any better. 

Minutes later, Hunter was standing in left field by the rail and I saw another ball heading for him. The teenager standing beside Hunter let it roll through his glove and it dropped into the handicapped area. Dan picked it up and looked at the three kids and gave it to Hunter.

 I asked him later if he knew it was Hunter he gave it to and he said “no”..thanks again Dan. 

That made three.

I had to leave batting practice a little early to get Hunter over to his team so they could do their lap around Coors Field. That took me about twenty minutes. After he was set up I headed back to batting practice which to my surprise was still going on.

 I was standing by my father in law and we saw a ball heading about thirty feet from where I was standing. I couldn’t get to it without running over some fans who were starting to pile in at this point. I let two guys wrestle for it and they both bobbled it. The ball landed one row above me. A quick leap and I was in the next row possessing that baseball.

 You gotta be quick and the more I do this the quicker I get. 

That made a total of two for Hunter and two for me. Both of Hunter’s baseballs had a practice stamp on them. Mine didn’t.  Hball.JPG



We’ve decided that all the balls we use for  autographs will be ones we snag at batting practice.

If they’re not good enough for a nice autograph I give mine away.  my2b.JPG


 Lets count now,  that makes four games in a row I’ve snagged a ball.

 Not bad for an old man. I’m learning how to master these bleachers.

 Nice size batting practice crowd today too. Hunters Team.JPG





Hunters baseball team ” The Scorpions” in green 

2-1 this season.

Go Scorpions !!! Hunter Waving.JPG

            That’s my boy. I found out later that he was wearing his protective cup.  

He was the only kid on the whole field who wore his cup. That my friends…is dedication. 

Words can’t describe the feeling of watching him walk on Coors Field, but proud would be a serious understatement. 

Rockies win this one 10-5 over the Giants.

This game was actually over in the second inning but it didn’t matter. It was a beautiful evening for baseball!. A total of four balls snagged between Hunter and I.

                     Welcome back Matt Holliday….Todd Helton (the King) nice homer.

                                                       Go Rockies….D

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