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Damn I make that front page look good


How cool is this?  I saw this picture first thing this morning on the cover page of Mlblogs.com

ranter leader board.jpgRockpile Rant was the Number 5 Fan blog on MLBlogs.com for the entire baseball season.

Thank you to everyone who visited the Rant this season.

                               It was an honor to blog for you and the Rockies…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG

Two wins and I’m all grins


MLBlogs Latest Leaders April 15-May 18
Thumbnail image for MLBlogs cover of me.jpg
1. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk
2. Confessions of a She-Fan
3. Red State Blue State
4. Julia’s Rants
5. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
6. Rockpile Rant
7. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
8. A Diatribe from a Law Student: Baseball Edition
9. Phillies Phollowers
10. Life and Indians Baseball through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl

Wow,  the Rockpile Rant is still managing to stay in the top ten. Congrats go out to the Happy Youngster. I figured Happy would take the top spot in this latest rankings. Any kind of controversy usually creates page hits but Happy’s blog had been working it’s way up regardless of the Coghlan thing.

Might I say it’s an honor to share the front page of MLBlogs with the above pictured bloggers. It was also cool to see fellow Rockies blogger Emily up there with me.

                                       What a great day for Colorado Sports.

How about Aaron Cook? Cookie pitches a complete-game shutout and the Rockies get a 9-0 win over the Braves. Big Todd Helton was 3-for-5 with a grand slam and five RBI’s.

                                             That’s what I’m talking about.  

The Nuggets/Lakers game was incredible. I couldn’t be more proud of the Nuggets and their performance tonight. Nuggets take game two against the Lakers 106-103.

                                         Enjoy being back in Colorado Kobe.

                                 Melo, keep it up brotha you owned Kobe tonight.

                                                 Simply outstanding…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

Still alive at number five


Here are the Top 26 Fan Blogs from March 12-27

bb cartoon.jpg2. Julia’s Rants
3. Red State Blue State
4. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
5. Rockpile Rant
6. Plunking Gomez
7. Rays Renegade
8. A Diatribe from a Law Student: Baseball Edition
9. FutureAngels.com
10. Phillies Phollowers
11. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
12. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
13. Life and Indians Baseball through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl
14. Eat, Sleep, Baseball
15. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
King of Cali
17. The ‘Burgh Blues
18. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
19. Unfinished Business
20. A Misplaced Astros Fan
21. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer
23. Baseball Canadiana
24. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
25. Baseball Bats
26. crzblue’s World
27. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential

So the Rant is in fifth place back one spot from the last rankings. No worries the # 4 blog is a good one. One of my goals is to plug the Rockies and by staying in the top five I figure somebody is out there reading about the Rockies? That makes me happy.

It’s a bit overdue but it’s time for:

                       Ranter’s Blog of the Week

 Last week was Missy from “View from the Rockpile”. This week I’m going give the award to my “personal favorite blog” 

Happy youngster1.jpgThe majority of blogs here are about baseball, but only a select few blogs here are about snagging baseballs. I swear Happy if you weren’t a cop (please take no offence) we could be twins man.

Happy is for Miller Park and the Brewers what I wish I could be for Coors Field and the Rockies. They know him and they love him.

At times think the Rockies players are starting to know me, but they don’t “know” how hard I work to support them.

Happy/Nick is a family man, and I know his new baby is going to grow up loving some baseball. Nick I salute you, what you do, the way you do it, and the passion that is reflected in your writing. 

PIMPJUICE.gifYou have been cool as a pimp to me from Day 1 here and I have always appreciated that.

Good luck in the Ballhawk Competition. I’m sure you’ll smoke me.

Congrats on # 40 brotha. I suspect that number will be a lot higher real quick as we’ll be doing our thing very soon.

Check out Happy’s blog, especially when the season starts.

good idea book.jpg1.jpgI mentioned in my last entry that I had some ideas for MLBlogs.com. Before I tell you them I
goodtimes111.jpgwould like to let the record state that I am not dissatisfied in any way

with the way things are at MLBlogs.com presently.

I am perfectly content.

(<—–Cast of the 70’s TV series Good Times)

These are merely suggestions from a guy with a lot of ideas. Look at them, laugh at them, dismiss them. It’s all good. I’m only trying to help in my own special way.

Great Idea # 1

I believe the front page of MLBlogs.com should should be split and instead of having a “Most Recent Activity” link box, have a a section of the screen with pictures of the five or ten most recent blogs with a little caption of how the blog begins. Something to attract the reader or not. It would use the picture you have posted your profile.

I think that would be a cool way to do it. Again plugging your own bloggers on your cover page is good good  thing. Lets make this a permanent fixture.

Great Idea # 2

Give aways/incentives are always good. I’ve mentioned this one before but I really believe that MLBlogs could come up with some really cool/cheap stuff to give away.  A hat would be a nice prize or maybe a subscription to MLB.TV? Pull a few strings and get the winner a press pass for one game. If I knew I had the possibility of winning a press pass for a day, I would seriously have to up my game.  

How about Blog Entry of the Month?.

Most improved Blogger?

Best quote of the month ?

Best use of pictures, you get the picture. 

Let MLBloggers vote on their choice for number one Blog of the month, then let the MLB.com staff vote on who they think was the best. It would be interesting to see the end results.

Then compare the results of both to the “Latest Leaders list”.

Too many ideas/stuff for one person to handle? How about appointing some OFFICERS to help with the trivial tasks. Delegate out a few things so more can be accomplished.

I’m not concerned about how much this community is growing, I’m more concerned about how we keep the good Blogs here who helped it grow in the first place. Quality not quantity. Throw us a bone once in a while, everybody is hungry here you’ll see. 

Great Idea # 3

I would love the ability to change my background of the Rockpile Rant. I like what I have now but the options are severely limited. The creativity of each bloggers page would be worth the update to accomplish that.

Great Idea # 4

I’ve mentioned this one before but it’s my favorite. Let  MLBloggers send you five seconds of video to say what they want about their team or blog and use those on the MLB channel or link it from the MLBlogs home page. For example, “Hi this is Don the Rockpile Ranter…Go Rockies” or whatever.

Personally I have a face and a smile that were made for television and that’s why I’d like to see this one happen 🙂

Anyone else like that idea? That’s enough for now. Ponder these, feel free to add your own suggestion to the list.
welcome mat1.jpg              Your ideas and comments are always welcome here at the Rockpile Rant.

Procto office11.jpgSpeaking of which, give me your best caption for the above cartoon. This ought to be good.

The 1st submitted caption is from  Eat, Sleep, MLB with:

                                      “Always use protection”

 The second submitted caption is from Scott over at I’m Not a Headline Guy with:

            “It was either this or go to a Red Sox game with my wife“.

Being a Rockies fan I really like that one Scott, Thanks man. I’m going to give you mine it’s:

             “Doctor I know you’re going to find this hard to believe”

The third caption is from R-Luv:

 Female doctor to male doctor, “They’ve discovered the gene that makes people want to do this for a living” Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha


I’m not done, I’m going for number one

11/14/08              LATEST LEADERS FOR THE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 7-13

1. All Baseball All The Time
2. The Rumor Mill – MLB Rumors
3. The Good of the Game
4. Confessions of a She-Fan
5. Prince of New York
6. Red State Blue State
7. Rays Renegade
8. We’re talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB
9. The Green and Gold Gal
10. Rockpile Rant


Too cool. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shooting for number one (I’ve got time). It’s a personal challenge. I’m not asking you to switch from your blog to mine. I’m just throwing it out there that you tack me on as a daily pitstop. 

You might learn something, you might not. What you will click away with (get it, instead of using walk away with, clever I know) is a feeling of, “that Ranter guy is allright. At least thats what I’m shooting for. 

I’m team loyal, I may smack talk a little, but it’s all in fun and harmless…Red Sox suck. 

So anyway, It’s pretty easy to add an RSS feed to your Favorites folder. If you need help I can tell you how. I’m cool like that. 

I can tell you that the things I have planned for Spring training are going to be over the top as far as baseball blogging goes.

Judge.jpgYou be the judge. Were talking live webcam from the Mobile blog unit. I’ll have a link from my blog to the camera.

That way if something cool happens during practice or after a game, we can pop on and talk about it before I blog about it.

The Mobile blog unit will be open for visitors when it’s parked at Hi Corbett and Electric Park.
 Stop in and say hello. Let us take a peek at what you snagged.
 I’ll put you up on the blog and make you famous. Ok, maybe not famous, but your friends might dig it.
 You can’t miss it, the RV will be draped with our Rockpile Rant/MLBLOGS.com banner.
 Oh hell yea, got to support MLBLOGS baby!!

Spring Training game11.jpgA week of fun in the sun. Hanging with friends, snagging baseballs, spending some time watching the Colorado Rockies or whomever else we feel like.


Thumbnail image for Feb 20091.JPG




Is it the end of February yet? I’ll be at the Nuggets game on Sunday.




Mylee 8th Bday.JPG







Today is my daughter Mylee’s 8th birthday. Happy Birthday Moo.

Thanks for stopping by the Rant…D

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