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Rock the Vote..Don’t Rock the Vote..Maybe


Dont Vote.jpg

I didn’t vote.

I couldn’t do it. I wanted to. I know it’s the right thing to do. My wife tried to persuade me multiple times, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to do it.


I just don’t believe. I want to,  but I couldn’t find anything in either of these two fellas that would make me say difinitively “he is the one”.

  McCain is certainly the more qualified of the two, but I can’t relate to him on any level. He’s too old to be President, but too young to croak . Finally, the way he talks along with his out of sync body language, the dude creeps me out.

fixing a toilet 1.JPG


Sorry Joe the Plumber, it’s back to snaking toilets for chump change buddy. You had your fifteen. See ya !

Obama13.gifThumbnail image for Dont believe the type.jpgObama on the other hand I can relate to. Unfortunatly I can’t hop on his bandwagon. 

As I’ve said before “I don’t believe his hype”. It’s seems artificial.pickle.jpg




So there’s my pickle.



 Reagan-Bush2.jpgThe first time I voted was 1984 and I voted for these two dudes—-> I was in the Military then and at least I got a raise every year.





Oh yea, I’m done with negative political ads.

 I can’t take it anymore. It’s just wrong.

I realize this picture is old but you see my point perfectly.

Damn funny though.

Why would someone in their right mind want to run for president? Seriously why?We all know that Bush is in it for the legacy.  


OJ Guilty.jpg
I do feel a little
for not voting this time around.

But now I can say that I didn’t have anything to do with electing either one of these clowns as Commander in Chief of the free world.



Pissing in the wind.jpg 
To me, voting for one of these guys is like pissing in the wind. You can do it, and immediately you feel warm, but later on down the road it’s going to stink. I’m just saying.



But I do feel for those of you who voted..Sometimes your damned if you do and damned if you dont. Dammit.


Lewinski pin.JPG

So if you haven’t yet, get out there and cast your vote. If you want to. It’s totally free.


Don’t let not voting leave a sour taste in your mouth——–>


Genuine Clue.jpg 



I’ll go ahead and take a pass this round, I’m clueless…D

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