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Down to two, what will I do?

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Paul Newman


Rest in Peace.

My favorite Paul Newman movies were Cool Hand Luke and Slapshot.


Forgive me but now my salad is going to taste like crap.



                   Not me———->

  Blogging and supporting the Colorado Rockies has been a huge part of my life the last seven months.

 I’ve been in kind of a funk the last week and wasn’t really sure what the cause was.

 I’ve seriously been on overdrive for the last seven months. Now that things are wrapping up for me I feel sort of lost. Not depressed, more of an underlying sadness.  

I’m not sure I’m ready to slow down. I mean I know I have to, but how do you put your passion on hold?

 If someone has the answer please share it.

motivate.jpgI don’t have the means financially to travel and watch fall baseball (sucks to be middle class),so I guess I just have to some how program myself to slow down.

 Spring training is five months away.  That’s a whole lot of MON-FRI 6am-2:30pm, working for the man shifts between now and then.


 Have I mentioned lately how much I hate losing to the D-backs.

 Damn man, Grill takes over a tied game in the seventh and pitches a scoreless inning. Eighth inning, he lets the D-backs score two and the Rockies never recover. Grilli gets the loss and the Rockies fall to the D-backs 6-4.

Props to Jason Hirsh for at least keeping it even when he left the game.margarita.jpg

Mexican platter.jpg

Were going out for a good mexican dinner this afternoon, a couple of margaritas and
then heading home to watch game 2 vs the D-Backs at 6:10 pm MST…

Only two games left…..Go Rockies…D
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Jorge finally has his day

Jorge De La Rosa card1.jpg


Jorge De La Rosa.

 I can’t remember how many times this season I’ve watched this kid blow a baseball game. Jorge had a serious bad start this season and his ERA by the All Star Break was 7.26.

 I like Jorge. Hunter and I got his autograph early on this season and I mentioned back then how laid back and polite he was.

I was just checking out his stats. He is now 12-10 for the season and his ERA is 4.92. He’s bringing it on strong and doing exactly what every other Rockies player is.

Trying to get noticed. Only three games left.

Jorge struck out seven allowing only three hits in seven innings. He also singled in the fourth and drove in a run. Matt and Son.jpg




Matt Holliday (Rockies please keep him), hit a  single in the first inning to score Tulowitzki.

Matt this season has hit .321 with 25 home runs and 88 RBI. He has played 139 games,  had 539 at bats and managed 173 hits.

Matt will only continue to get better as a player. There was a dramatic improvment in his outfielding this season.

He is physically healthy and lives a clean lifestyle.

Matt has a lot of good years left in him



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Fact: In June 2006 Clint broke his collarbone carrying a large slab of meat given to him by Todd Helton upstairs to his apartment.

 It was probably deer or elk meat.


Clint hit a solo homer in the seventh inning to give him eleven home runs for the season. That is a personal record for him topping his previous best of 10 in 2005. Contrats Clint..See you next season.



Rockies square up against the D-Backs in a couple of hours. On the mound for the Rockies is Jason Hirsh.

Have you seen the size of this guy?

He is 6’8 250, bats right, throws right.

He’s been a relief pitcher only three times this season. Here’s a quote from Jason.

“I’m going to have fun, at this point of the season, that’s pretty much my mind-set. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the year. This season has been trying, the most trying of my career. At this point, what have I got left to lose?”

He’s right, who knows..lets see how it goes..

No winner on the Baseball Card Trivia #2.

Did I make it too tough?


                                                          Go Rockies…D
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