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2009 Hagg’n Stats to Date


                                                    Rockpile Ranter

April 10- 7 points

April 11- 4 points

April 12- 2 points

April 24- 5 points

April 25- 1 point

April 26- 11 points

April 27- 13 points

April 28- 18 points

May 6– 7 points

May 8– 6 points

May 9– 3 points

May 10– 7.5

May 12– 5.25

May 13– 18 points

May 26– 3 points

May 27– 2.5 points

May 29– 6.75 points

May 30– 6 points

May 31– 6 points

Total points to date = 132.75

Games attended = 19

Average points per game = 6.95



April 10- 23 points

Games attended-1

Total points to date = 23

Average points per game = 23


                                                       May 8- 11 points

May 9– 6.5 points 

May 10 – 19 points

May 12– 20.5 points

May 13– 4 points

May 29– 7.25 points

May 31– 6 points

 Games attended = 7

Total points to date = 74.25

Average points per game = 10.60  


May 8- 9 points


Down two I hate blue


Ok, I made it to batting practice on Saturday. I spent half of my day at the yard sale and the other half in the hospital with Hunter. Krista and I got up really early on Saturday and started hauling our stuff outside. About 8 am Hunter wandered downstairs and when I saw him I had to do a double-take. My poor guy looked like somebody clocked him in the jaw hard. It was all swollen and his face was all puffy.

We’re waiting on the tests to come back to be 100% sure, but most likely it’s the mumps. Can you believe this,… the mumps? I guess I thought that stuff was wiped out along with scurvy a long time ago. Not so is the case, mumps has been making a resurgence in the mid-west.

So looks like Hunter will miss nine days of school as per state law.

 I don’t have mumps but yesterday at BP felt like I got hit by a train. I had one good opportunity to snag a ball. The ball landed right on my hand inside the glove and bounced out. All I can say is I was pitiful.

After that missed snag, I started feeling really sick and by the end of BP I could hardly stand up. My back, legs and neck were killing me. I headed home and listened to this game on the radio.

Saturdays game was the first Rockies game that I’ve been to in which I actually had my camera and didn’t take a picture.

I feel bad too because a friend that I work with wanted me to mention the Fatima Choir and take a few pictures of first grader Myles Krick. She is the little girl who threw out the first pitch on Saturday’s game and the Fatima Choir sang the National Anthem.

                           To my friend at work, I apologize this doesn’t happen often.  

                                            Friday Hagg’n points.

Thumbnail image for foot long brat 4-24-09.JPG1 point for showing up.

1 point for buying a foot-long brat.

1 point for snagging a Spilborghs toss-up which I gave away to a young boy.

2 points for snagging a BP homer caught on the fly which was given to Emily from “I live for this”.

Friday Hagg’n total = 5 points

           Saturday Hagg’n points

1 point for showing up.

It’s Sunday morning right now, my lower back still hurts but hell or high water I’ll be there.

 I haven’t snagged a single autograph since the regular season started and I just can’t have that. 

Krista and Mylee are doing the yard sale today, Hunter is home sick and I’m out to get a few signatures today because it is autograph Sunday. Alex, I’ll see you there.
Manny back 4-24-09-1.jpg 

Go Rockies kick lets kick this dude right in his big Manny Ash,  cause he’s sure been kicking ours…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image 

Rockies taste the pain in the rain


I love baseball and I don’t mind cold weather. Combine cold wind, rain and baseball and that’s a mix I don’t care for.

Mom and dad 4-12-09.jpg


 The game today was the first professional sporting event I have ever attended with my parents.

My parents enjoy watching some sports but the closest professional “Live” anything is in Edmonton, Alberta.

 That’s 350 miles away.

  My parents live in Canada.

Attending major professional  sporting events is not common place for them.

So the fact that they attended this game with me despite the weather really meant a lot.


My mom said she enjoyed it  and my dad seemed mildly entertained 🙂 

We bailed out at the bottom of the fifth inning. At least my parents were able to witness the Rockies score all of their runs.

 You’ve got to love Dexter Fowler. This dude is already making a name for himself. He crushed his second homer of the season tonight off of Chan Ho Park.

At one point in the game I could hear some people in the crowd chanting “Chan Ho Walk”, that’s funny. 
Fowler 4-12-09.jpgI’ve mentioned a few times in my blog that I think Dinger the dinosaur should have a little/lot  more of a masculine appearance.

With all due respect to the guy inside of that big festive muppet, I think Dinger looks like a cross between the purple Teletubbie and Barney.

As you can tell in the picture below, it being Easter did nothing help out old Dinger’s masculinity. I bet this guy goes to bed every night praying they change his costume or promote him to Usher 🙂 so he can get out of that embarassing purple/pink sweatsuit.

 Easter Dinger.jpg I’ve got it, since Dinger is a “required to be a people person”, lets make him a beer vendor and make Captain Earthman the Rockies Official Mascot. 

 He owns a set of bunny ears and he’s probably tired of carrying that heavy beer around for three hours.

               See if I think long enough I can come up with a solution for anything 🙂Captain Earthman 4-12-09.jpg

Capt Earthman card.jpgHere’s a thought….How about a mascot called the “Rock Man”? He would sort of look like the Michelin man but would look like he was made of boulders.

      That would be a freggin tough looking mascot. I think the kids would dig it too.  

I figured the Rockies had game three in the bag with the great start they had and the fact they owned the lead until the 8th inning. 

Corpas and Street let the lead slip and the Rockies lose to the Phillies 7-5, thus allowing the Phillies to take two of three games and win the set at Coors Field .                             

                           Rockies are now 3-3. Next up,…the Cubs at Wrigley.

                                                 Hagg’n points.  

I didn’t show up for batting practice as I figured there wouldn’t be one,..I was right.

                                              Attending the game- 1 Point

Hawpe 4-12-09.jpg
RPR brat 4-12-09.jpgEating a foot-long brat- 1 Point (I should get an extra point for having to choke that thing down before the bun got soggy from the rain, then two points for the indigestion that followed later.)

We didn’t stay to the end of the game because I was quite done with the rain and cold at this point and figured for sure this game would be called and the Rockies would win.

No such luck today

Total points today’s game = 2

                                        Overall total this season = 13 Points

                                  Here are a few more pictures I took…Clint Barmes

Barmes 4-12-09.jpg
                      Here’s a random crowd shot, look how everyone is dressed.
Random 4-12-09.jpg                                                         Manny Corpas
Manny 4-12-09.jpg                                                          Jason Grilli
Jason Grilli 4-12-09.jpgOk now to R-Luv’s points. This girl is good. She was on it and she  discovered a great way to snag points was by taking pictures with the Ushers.

I have to make a change to the Hagg’n points but R-Luv was so hardcore into Hagg’n she gets credit for all her pictures because she earned  those points before I fine tuned the Usher picture point thing.

Here is how the Usher thing will work from now on. In order to have the point count the picture has to have the actual Hagger and the Usher in it. The other change is you can’t earn  more than five points per game using Usher pictures or autographs.

 I have to put a cap on it. As far as hot dog/brat points go, you can only earn a point  if “you” actually eat it.

Remember this first season of Hagg’n is experimental and I’ll have to tweak things now and then.

Here are R-Luv’s stats as she reported them to me:

What a game! And what a madhouse! I’ve never seen the stadium that full. Yikes!
Hagg’n points:
I got pictures of 18 ushers, they got a kick out of being asked
2- hot dogs
Dinger’s autograph
attending the game

So, I think that gives me a total of 23 points. Here are a few of the pictures I got, I
think you’ll enjoy them. One of the pictures is Hurdle having words with the umpire. I
think that could be another category for getting points.

                         These are the three pictures R-Luv/Marianne sent me.

Usher PIc 4-10-09.JPG                                           Hurdle arguing with the Umpire
Hurdle and Ump 4-10-09.JPG              And one with an Usher her son and some freggin weirdo in the background.
R-Luv Usher pic w-me 4-10-09.JPGShe gets all 23 points, that’s a good goal to shoot for.

R-LUV-23 points in one game.

ROCKPILE RANTER– 10 points in 3 games

Thanks Marianne and Good Job!

Donnie’s first game is on the 15 th. So far nobody else has reported any stats. I’m having fun with this and I know R-Luv is. Interested?? Scroll back a few entries and check out what Hagg’n is and how to accumulate points while attending a baseball game.

                                     Thanks for choosing the Rockpile Rant…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail imagePS- Did anyone see the fan wearing the yellow poncho jump onto the field and pick-up that foul ball? He actually looked like an Usher for a second so I’m sure they kept the camera on him for a bit. 

PSS- Game 7 Rockies lose to the Cubs today 4-0, ouch.

Snow gotta go before that first throw


Just popped over to “The Maxx”  to check the brackets and there’s an interesting match-up going on right now.

Rays Renegade against Diatribe of a Law Student. I read both of their blogs and both are outstanding in their own way. Tough call, so in fairness I can’t plug one or the other.

But I wish both of you luck.

The Rockpile Rant is up next against Eat, Sleep, Baseball. I have no idea what to expect because I had no idea I’d actually make it this far. Seems Julia’s Rants, Red State Blue State and the # 1 blog (whatever it’s called) are all history leaving me the only top five blog still in contention.  

I don’t really understand this bracket, nor do I even plan to try. It’s all a crapshoot and I’m along for the interesting and controversial ride while pointing out the cool stuff 🙂

Max bracket.jpg

We’re getting ready for another potential “major” snowstorm to hit us the Denver area tonight. I’m ok with that because I’m off for the weekend and as far as I’m concerned Mother Nature needs to dump all she can because once Coors Field opens I’m not putting up with that snow bullsh*t anymore. 


baseball in the snow1.jpg

 Oh F*ck no!

No way, not ever, never, no. April 5th is officially the cutoff for new snow (That way the snow has time to melt before the home opener on the 10th).

There’s nothing quite like catching a baseball when your fingers are numb and then getting that cold finger sting from the impact of the baseball.

I suppose the runners could use snowshoes but how would you spot the baseball, wouldn’t it just blend in?

                                You choose the caption

Here’s a picture in dire need of a caption. Let’s see what you got, go ahead shoot me your best shot. This ought to be good.
Too weird.jpg                             Still speechless, I thought that one might get you.

RPR Cheez it1.jpg                Thanks for making the Rockpile Rant a part of your daily web adventure. 

I’m D the Rockpile Ranter and believe me when I tell you the fun is just beginning. I’ll have the official rules for the sport of Hagg’n in my next entry…D
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Cutler, kiss my ash.jpg


PS..Jay Cutler you can KMA you MF.

The Rockpile Rant you know has got to grow

3/30/09          Happy Birthday Mom !

Notice sign.JPGThanks a bunch for all of the responses to my “suggestions”. I wasn’t hinting at any big elaborate prize extravaganza, just tossing a bone out every now and then to spark interest. 

Let me take you deep for a second. If you think about it we’re all using MLBlogs in one way or another get what we want. You may not think you personally do, but sit back and relax and let me further dissect this for you. 

Most Bloggers has a reason/purpose for which they blog. Whether it’s to vent  anger, promote your team, talk about current issues, maybe you do it to pay the bills.  

Some people blog because they’re aspiring writers and MLBlogs is their testing grounds for bigger and better things. Using this place as their online resume.

topdawg.jpgSome blog for the sole purpose of being the top dog and gaining attention and a mild degree of respect from their peers. 

Some blog because they enjoy when people respond to their thought/ideas. Folks are motivated by different reasons and that is what makes this place neat and extremely diverse.

evolve.jpgMe I’m an evolving reality blogger.

I’m a step ahead of most but that’s because I walk fast. Let it be known I never mind slowing down for a friend or cohort.

 I have big ideas for the future of blogging but the format/system we on blog on here has it’s limitations.

I will always keep an active blog here on MLBLogs.com with fresh content because this place rocks. But after this season this entire blog will migrating over to WWW.ROCKPILERANT.COM .

Right now WWW.ROCKPILERANT.COM  is just a cover page with a link back to this blog. Shortly it will be under construction and my friend and Webmaster/Webmistress?  Betsy will transform it into something really special.

The new improved ROCKPILERANT.COM site have a live chat and discussion forum.

A RPR picture page with game specific pictures and video.

A fan profile page for Die Hard Rockies fans and also a Rockies Rhymes page where Rockies fans can submit poems and try to out Rhyme me…(props to R-Luv)

A blog section which will be a very close mirror of this blog.

Hagg’n page to explain the workings of the “new sport” and track participants weekly point totals. 

A Sports Memorabilia page with my autograph collection with the stories (and usually pictures) of how each piece was acquired and personally autographed.

RPR Sports Mem Card.jpgAt some point I may sell some of my duplicate pieces to help pay for the family to make the yearly trip to Tucson for spring training but that’s still up in the air. 

I will also be taking on advertisers to help pay the cost of keeping a site like this active.

Something else I’m going to do is bring on board a few aspiring Rockies writers, probably two to start with. I know I’m not a top-notch writer, but I’m decent and I’m great at capturing the moment. I think if I added a couple of writers who’s opinions differed from each other in addition to the way I roll a tight blog, it could make for some interesting/diverse coverage of Rockies home games.

So to summize my initial point, I too am using MLBLogs.com. I’m using them to create a Rockies site that fans, players and readers can enjoy. Something the Rockies will be proud of.

Photo dudes.jpgI’m like that guy/gal at the game who takes your picture for the “teams” website and then gives you a card to access the picture later.

Only I wont charge you for the picture and I’ll even send you a copy if you’d like. 

In my future I see every fan/player checking the Rant after home games to see if I captured a good picture of them.

I’d like to have a place where fans can vent when they’re upset about a trade, or express their happiness about a new acquisition. 

I want to build a Rockies community that I actively have a part in. Am I crazy?..maybe but I’m telling you I’m the right guy for the job.

Am I a blogging visionary? F’kin Aye, but you can be the judge of that.

Why am I telling you this? I plan to have this website up and functional in a few months and if I don’t tell you about it how will you know?

It’s hard for me to talk specifics of Rockies baseball right now because it’s so damn close. Dan was over at the house today and I had a chance to see what the Rockies season tickets looked like. If I had a camera I’d have taken a picture of them, they’re sweet. They came in a spiral bound booklet, with a different picture on each ticket. I was reminded of old school baseball cards, that’s a nice touch for a sporting event ticket.

What do you think about my expansion? I’m going to do it and I’ll tell you why. I never thought anyone would take the Rockpile Rant serious and people actually do.

 My thanks to you for making this blog just popular enough that my wife encourages me instead of discourages me.

BTW-If I win against Clemson Girl in Max Madness I’ll have to go against Rays Renegade or Diatribe of a Law Student. Both blogs I highly respect and both are found on my sidebar.

                   Good luck my friends, I only wish I could write as well as both of you.
Peace baseball 1.jpg 

                                       Peace, and happy baseball to ya…D
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