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Freak is the Craze at Frozen Dead Guy Days


Frozen Dead Guy Days is an annual celebration held in my town of Nederland Colorado.

Ice queen.jpgHere’s how the story goes:


<—Grandpa Bredo

Died of a heart attack cross-country skiing alone. Psychics have contacted Bredo to make sure he’s not upset over all the fuss. Bredo’s not upset, in fact  he’s amused by it all.

Grandpa did have a message for us all. His message was…

            “Never ski alone” 

In 1989, a Norwegian citizen named Trygve Bauge brought the corpse of his recently deceased grandfather, Bredo Morstøl, back to the United States.

Trygve kept grandpa preserved in dry ice for the trip, and stored him in liquid nitrogen at the Trans Time Cryonics Facility from 1990 to 1993. In 1993 Bredo was returned to dry ice and transported to the town of Nederland where Trygve and his mother Aud planned to create a cryonics facility of their own.

Eventually Trygve was deported from the United States for overstaying his visa. Trygve’s mother Aud continued keeping her father’s body cryogenically frozen in a shack behind her unfinished house.

Here’s a picture of the unfinished house. It’s completely made of cement as it was supposed to be buried at some point making it fire proof, bomb proof and earthquake proof although the structure doesn’t suggest that with all the windows and doors.

                                  You can see the Tuff Shed in the background.
Trygve's house above Nederland.JPG                          Trygve was an interesting fellow, who really knows?

Aud was eventually evicted from the home for because it had no electricity or plumbing.

“Here’s a shot of the flyers on the inside of the sliding glass door. When you take the tour you are allowed to go inside the house.”

Pictures inside Tyrgves house.jpgAud was about ready to head back to Norway and she was worried that her dad would thaw out so she contacted a reporter from “The Mountain Ear” newspaper who passed on this crazy story to the local constabulary and an investigation was undertaken by the Marshall’s office.

A town meeting was held and Aud was in appearance. 

Nederland’s town council,(being as cool as it is) passed Section 7-34 of the Municipal code regarding the “Keeping of Bodies”. Which basically states it’s illegal store a frozen dead body on your property. However Grandpa Bredo was “Grandfathered” in .

Below is The Ice Man, driving the truck with Uncle Nasty (DJ from 106.7 KBPI in Denver) in the back. The Ice Man’s truck is a frequent sight in Nederland.Uncle Nasty.jpg

 The Ice Man has been delivering dry Ice to pack around Grandpa Bredo’s sarcophagus since 1995. Every month The Ice Man and a few volunteers deliver 1600 pounds of dry ice to keep Grandpa at negative 120-160 degrees Fahrenheit.

                Volunteers get paid 20 bucks and Bo buys them lunch. Sweet deal!

bredo_cask1.jpgGrandpa is kept in a Tuff Shed specially designed and donated by Tuff Shed. It’s one of a kind. (Serial # GRANDPA1)
<img style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN: 0px auto 20px; DISPLAY: block" class="mt-image-center" alt="grandpa's tough shed.JPG" src="https://mlblogsbaseballsnatcher.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/green20floppy20hat-thumb-110×82-thumb-55×41-thumb-55×41-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×29-thumb-40×295.jpgassets_c/2010/03/grandpa's tough shed-thumb-450×165-1843751.jpg" width="450" height="385"
Grandpa's Tough shed.JPG

                                                 Random Nederland shots.Striped pants guy.jpg

Crown Royal.jpg

Goggle guy.jpg

                                           “B” enjoying the festivities.

This is the start of the “Parade of Hearses“. The guy with the chainsaw is Jon C. Parker. He owns Sun King Chainsaw Art in Nederland. He carved the Yoda and Moose you see on top of the truck.

chainsaw guy.jpg
        He also carved this statue standing in the round-a-bout as you come into Nederland.
Mylee Hunter FDGD statue.jpg         



4X4 CHICK.jpg




biker coffin.jpg

                  The H1N1 Coffin Racing Team. The winners of the Coffin Race.

pig guy.jpg


Rasta team.jpg
This is the former Tiger Woods Ho’s team. Notice the black cadillac. Can you spot the golf club?



princess lea of ned.jpg



scary miner.jpg
        This guy whispered to Hunter “I left the body on the mountain” then wandered off.









Boner guy.jpg


               When the parade was finished we headed over to the Polar Plunge.

Polar plunge 1.jpg

Polar plunge 2.jpg


jump 2.jpg

jump 3.jpg

kid jumping in.jpg

flying in the water.jpg

crazy guy.jpg


couple jump.jpg

                                    Hunter and Mylee chillin on the ice.

h and m on ice.jpg
                                              Next was the Coffin Races

coffin races sign.jpg

They were showing the Movie “Grandpa’s in the Tuff Shed” all day. There was a frozen t-shirt contest in which the winner was the first one to put on a balled up frozen t-shirt. There was Ice Turkey bowling, tours to see the Frozen Dead Guy, Grandpa’s Mall Crawl, Frozen Salmon Toss and a…

                                      Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest.
rocky mountain oysters.jpg
                              Sorry, had no interest in viewing that contest.

         Below is a music video I made from all of my video footage. Please check it out.  


Next year we plan to enter the Coffin Races because the Polar Plunge is totally out of the question.

Thanks for checking out my little town and the world famous Frozen Dead Guy Days.

bat hearst.jpg
                                                     D..The Rockpile Ranter

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