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I Aint Joking..Lets Stop this Choking

9/24/09                                     Padres vs Rockies Game 3

IMG_4032.JPGI guess I’m not much of a Ballhawk. My stats this year are pathetic. I’m averaging less than a ball a game and that’s barely noteworthy.

I don’t think I’m slipping. I still catch ’em as good as I ever have. Actually I’m much better this year at maneuvering the pavilion bleachers and I’ve managed to keep myself injury free. 

Everybody has an excuse so here’s what I’m going to attribute this lackluster snaggin season to:

The Rain…. If I attend a game and there’s no batting practice or batting practice is cancelled due to weather that still counts as a game attended and no baseballs caught,…yep it’s sad but true.

I’ve lost count of the number of BP’s that have been cancelled or cut seriously short due to rain or lightning.

Here’s another disturbing trend….Lately the Rockies have been cutting their BP short. Coors Field opens two hours early but by the time fans get inside the Rockies have already been out practicing for a while.

Normally fans who show up early get a half hour with the Rockies on the field.

This picture is of the Rockies leaving the field early. For the last several games the Rockies have been ending their BP shortly after I get myself situated.  

I hope the Rockies don’t think I show up two hours early to watch the opposing team hit? IMG_3933.JPGCheck this out, finally I get a rain free afternoon and for the most part batting practice is deserted (remember it’s the Padres). My team leaves BP early (for the umpteenth time) and lets the uninspiring Padres take over the field.

No offense to Padre fans but in my opinion there is not a stingier group of MLB players in all of baseball. It wouldn’t matter so much if they were littering the pavilion with home run balls, but for a team who has had the Rockies number of late these group of guys couldn’t seem to hit a ball anywhere close to the fence.

Whatever Padres, be that way. Credit where credit is due…I will congratulate the Padres for their recent hot streak. Too bad it doesn’t mean anything now. We’re done with you, see you next year.

(I hate losing to the Padres at Coors).

  A ballhawk’s worst nightmare… A whole section to myself and not one single ball hit there.

        Normally I don’t take pictures during BP, but this one was a bust so here’s a few.
IMG_3919.JPG                                  For some reason Jorge De La Rosa was all smiles.

                      See what I mean. I don’t think I have any other pictures of Jorge smiling.
                                            Still smiling, must have been a good joke.  

                               Or maybe Jorge was laughing at Ubaldo’s sunglasses.

IMG_3923.JPG If you played professional baseball you could afford the cooler things in life like these special sunglasses. They actually snap into your ears and are guaranteed to never to fall off    🙂

After BP or the lack thereof, I walked over to the Rockies side to take a few more pictures and maybe snag Garrett Atkins or Brad Hawpe’s autograph.

Today I saw Chris Iannetta run past the fans and not sign. He (so I thought) has a pre-game ritual and always signs for a few minutes before he heads off to warm-up. Sup with that Chris, why are you breaking routine?

First to walk over and start signing was pitching coach Bob Apodaca…Very nice guy, signs his whole name and takes his time while doing it.
IMG_3952.JPG   Next up is one of the coolest and easiest to talk to Rockies players….Clint Barmes.
IMG_4009.JPG A group Coors field employees were being recognized for something. Erik Young Jr was given the assignment of congratulaing each one of them.

Check out this lady…Either EY Jr tickled her palm or he told her the same joke Jorge was laughing at earlier.IMG_3975.JPG

                              A shot of the 850 KOA helicopter hovering above Coors Field.IMG_3930.JPG

                                 Miss Colorado’s were in the house.IMG_4018.JPG

          I didnt’ realize there were so many variations of Miss Colorado.IMG_3955.JPG

              Garrett Atkins for my friend Emily 🙂IMG_3965.JPG

Tulo and Seth Smith…Each a superstar this season. No time to be resting on our accomplishments though, this season isn’t over yet.IMG_3978.JPG


    If you’ve ever wondered how they make those rectangles so perfect…now you know.




I respect both of these guys too much to bust on them so come up with your own caption for this picture. You can post it in the comment section if you’d like.         IMG_4013.JPG                                                              I’ll let Atkins slide too.

 EY Jr taking on first pitch duties. I wonder where Jeff Francis is? Normally that’s his job.


                    Told you that goatee would be back soon.IMG_4038.JPG                                  
Here’s Helton is doing his thing.IMG_4056.JPG

Chris seemed out of it. Maybe it’s because Yorvit’s having a great season? 

Thumbnail image for IMG_4080.JPG
Thumbnail image for IMG_4083.JPG 

                                                     Tulo and Don Baylor.

These ladies need to practice this maneuver because they damn sure haven’t mastered it yet.


What’s up with Glenallen Hill’s hair? Did he lose a bet? I know the 80’s are coming back but damn Gumby.


                   One of many pitching changes during this game.



                                      Bases loaded.IMG_4134.JPG





This game sucked. Padres win this one 5-4 and take the series 2-1.

 It pains me to watch this team drop the ball like this so late in the season when everything is on the line.

 Look out for the Braves, they’re creeping up on us and have a lot of home games left. At this point we don’t have to panic but lets not continue lose games to teams that we should be spanking.

Rockies it’s time to kick it into high gear.

I know your tired, at times it’s quite visible. The last couple weeks of the season is what separates the men from the boys and I don’t go to Coors field to watch boys play baseball.

Step it up fellas, I’m starting to see a smugness in some of the Rockies players and I don’t like that. Remember, the only reason you get to play this sport for a living is because we the fans pay to see you.  

Note to the higher salaried Rockies players….Lose the fu*king attitudes. I know the difference between confident and smug and unless you’re Todd Helton you haven’t been playing long enough to have one.

Stop this recent half-steppin, respect your fans and give them some love back, focus, play hard and win some games and we might not look like chumps in the post-season this time.

      Go Rockies, I still believe and I’m here to keep your azzes grounded…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG

I’d like to say thank you to Jim from Utah who offered me his code to buy tickets for the NLDS series. Unfortunately, you had to purchase for all three games at once and the only seats left were the expensive ones. This Ranter doesn’t make that kind of money…But that was a mighty kind thing to do.

This Manny’s cool, the other one’s a fool

5/10/09                       Marlins vs Rockies Game 3

                                               Today was a special day.

Manny glove close up.jpgJust when I was questioning where the antics of one Manny (and numerous others) were taking my sport of baseball, I was able to witness another Manny doing something so special that I’m convinced baseball will be around for a long time.

                                         That’s powerful stuff from a RanterMe and Hunter 5-10-09.jpg

                                      (Above photo taken by Robert Harmon)

We waited in line for the chain to drop so we get a good spot and pick which player we wanted to get an autograph from. If you remember my entries from last season there was always an Usher who wrote the names of who would be signing that day on his hand.

Well he hasn’t written them on his hand in a while but he did write them on this piece of paper he was holding. 
paper 5-10-09.jpg                              This Usher’s name is Dan and he’s a really nice guy. 
Chain Usher 5-10-09.jpgOff to the right in the distance I could see this. Which explains why I was standing in line for autographs instead of snaggin baseballs.
Tarped Field 5-10-09.jpg

               This is one seriously empty pavilion. It actually looks kind of peaceful.
View of the Pavilion 5-10-09.jpgThe three of us had a plan, I was going to get Jeff Baker’s autograph, Hunter wanted Manny Corpas’s autograph and Krista was going to take pictures of both of us.

                                                      They were ready.
Krista and Hunter 5-10-09.jpgWhen the gate dropped Hunter and I took off and lost my wife in about 15 seconds.

I had no idea where she was the whole time I was standing in line waiting for Jeff Baker to sign.
Standing in line 5-10-09.jpg                                                Here we are in the mix

In the mix 5-10-09.jpgI thought to myself, did she twist an ankle, should I go look for her? I decided a twisted ankle would heal but how many times do you get a chance to get Jeff Baker’s autograph?

             Just then Franklin Morales tossed his warm-up ball up to Hunter. 

                               Here’s Manny Corpas signing Hunter’s baseball.

Manny signing Hunters baseball 5-10-09.jpg
                                             Here is Jeff Baker signing mine.
Jeff baker signing my baseball 5-10-09.jpgWhen I finished I watched Manny sign Hunter’s ball and we started to head up the steps .

With the help of a few Ushers relaying the message, Manny was calling for Hunter to come back down. 

We worked our way back down the stairs and Manny told Hunter to meet him over by the dugout after he was finished signing autographs. 

 When a player tells you to meet him over by the dugout that’s usually a good thing.

 We headed over to the dugout without delay and I kept trying to call my wife who wasn’t answering her phone. That added some much needed pressure to the whole drama. 
Hunter and I by the dugout 5-10-09.jpg                                Hunter and I were positioned and staying put.

So think about this, I’m a picture guy right? I’m about to see Manny do something really cool for Hunter (or so I think at this point), and my wife has the camera and she isn’t answering her phone.

 Normally I’m as cool as a cucumber but at this moment I was on the edge of seriously wigging. There was no way I was not going to get video of this.

Finally my phone rings, It’s Krista and I freak on her “Where are you, are you ok? You’re ok, good get down to the dugout right now…Hurry” She replies…”Look up” I looked up the stairs and there she was smiling.

Ok heart rate slowly going back to normal now, breathe Don…All is good. Dammit you’d think I was the guy waiting to meet Manny at the dugout. Some of us have to live vicariously through our children 🙂

 While we were waiting for Manny, Krista took a picture of my Jeff Baker autographed baseballJeff Baker autograph 5-10-09.jpg

                      Shortly thereafter Manny showed up and I shot this video.

I just want to to say that it was an accident that Hunter got hit with the ball. When Manny tossed the ball into the pavilion Hunter saw it coming and misjudged it and that’s why it hit him in the chest.

                  Manny didn’t have to do what he did. He owed Hunter nothing.

In the video Hunter tells Manny, “Next time I’ll catch it”. The other funny thing is Manny realizes he can’t sign a black glove with a black sharpie and he goes out of his way to find a silver sharpie. That was classy.

                 Thank you again Manny, that whole experience was trippindicular.

We had great seats today(Thank you Dan). Krista sat behind us a few rows at her request and took some pictures.

                                             My famous Brat with a view 
Brat with a view 2 5-10-09.jpg

                                  Hunter earned his Hagg’n point for a Brat too.
Hunter's brat 5-10-09.jpg

            Barb the Usher. I’ve mentioned Barb on the Rant before. She’s Good People !
Barb the Usher 5-10-09.jpg

                                Captain Earthman as Captain Earthman
Earth 5-10-09.jpg                                                   The view to my right
My view to my right 5-10-09.jpg                                                     The view to my left

To my left 5-10-09.jpgIt was a little crowded to the right of me, but other than Hunter it was primo snaggin territory to the left of me. Wouldn’t you know it, nothing was hit even close to our area.

            Oh well the lack of a home run ball didn’t put a damper on this day in the least.

                                 Rockies take game 3 over the Marlins 3-2

I wanted to thank this fine group employees for the extra time they took to make our food. There were exactly two people in front of us and we had to wait ten minutes to get out eats.

          I call this picture “A Brat takes an inning, I hope we’re still winning

Fast food not so fast 5-10-09.jpg    Yeah ten minutes. No it wasn’t a special order, it was three freggin Brats,…Plain.

I usually don’t mess with food service but an effort like that deserves some recognition so here ya go fellas. Congrats on a Brat cooked with extra extra love?

PS. It’s all good but save the party for after work food service fellas. I have a feeling if I had wanted fries with that Brat it would have been another inning 🙂

                           RPR’s Hagg’n points for this game

1 point- Attending the game.

2 points- Jeff Baker’s autograph.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

2 points-  For two pictures with Ushers.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat at the game.

1/2 point-  For snagging two extra season tickets after the game.

                                                    Total Points = 7.5

                                    Hunter’s Hagg’n points

1 point-  For showing up.

4 points- For Manny Corpas’s autograph twice.

10 points- For a piece of game used equipment (Manny’s glove).

2 points- Tossed up baseball from Franklin Morales.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

                                                     Total Points = 19

                                          Our next game is Tuesday night.
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Yes I do refer to myself in the third person at times in the blog, but I figure I own all of my persons and I should be able to use them at will.

 To one person in particular only: You can copy my format but you’re still my doormat…D

Despite the Shock it’s Time to Rock

                            Play Ball
tucson sky.jpgIf you’ve been following this blog you know, I’m already in Tucson. I’ve been there for two weeks now (in my mind). Nothing can stop this trip.
The best part is the guys that I’m going with are as excited as I am.
rspeier1121.jpgRyan Speier accepted me as a friend on Facebook today. Ryan was my third Rockies autograph ever and he signed for me on autograph day last spring training.
Ryan gave Zack Hample his glove a few years back and I remember Zack mentioning in his blog that the glove was this most prized gift from a player.
I want all the Rockies pitchers to have a good season but I’m really pulling for Speier and toe_dipping.jpgMorales.
Both of these guys have dipped their toes in the big league and I’d like to see both of them “take the plunge” so to speak.
Here’s a new segment I’m going to call “Ranters question of the day”.
Todays question…I guess I’m what you could call a collecter. What do you collect? What is your most prized posession and would you ever sell it?Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

Holliday missed cause people are pissed

11/11/08   108 days till the Mobile Blog rolls on down to Tucson.Thumbnail image for smiley-face.jpg

Man, is there a whole lot of smack talking going on about this Matt Holliday trade. I’m finding the ratio to be about 50/50, pleased vs **********.

 Me, I’m cool with it. Enjoy the weather Matt. Oakland’s a beautiful city,….psyche.

Most of the fans who are upset about the trade are the ones who have a severe dislike for the Monfort brothers (Rockies majority owners),

 Word is the Rockies are going to deal Huston Street (that’s a cool name), but Carlos Gonzalez could work out nicely. He’s another option for center field if the Rockies wind up dealing Taveras?

Carlos Gonzalez.jpg

  Gonzalez is twenty three-years old and hails from Venezuela. In his rookie season he hit .242 with four home runs and 26 RBIs in 85 games.

In AAA Sacramento he hit .283 with four homers and 28 RBIs.

Sounds great right. Could be, but Carlos has been known to strike out a lot.

I’ll reserve any judgment until I see this guy in uniform on the field.

Here’s a quote from Gonzalez while riding on a bus to Caracas in Venezuela where he is playing winter ball. 

“A lot of people are trying to call me, I’m hearing I got traded. This is baseball; you can’t do anything about it. You just have to get ready to play. Holliday is a very attractive player and he’ll be great for the Oakland A’s. It will be great for me, too. I can make my name in a new organization, but I’ll always thank the A’s for giving me the opportunity, for bringing me up.”Greg Smith.jpg 

Good Luck in Colorado Carlos !   

The other dude included in the deal is lefty pitcher Greg Smith. Smith is 24 years old  and attended  Louisiana State University.

The D’backs in the 2005 Major League Baseball Draft selected him in the sixth round.

In December of 2007 he was traded to the Oakland A’s.

Smith’s first major league start was on April 9 2008. He pitched six innings and allowed two earned runs earning him a no decision.

He record with the A’s is 7-16 with a 4.16 ERA.

 In 2008 he led the majors with sixteen pickoffs which tied the record.

They have only been keeping track of pickoffs since 1987.


ticket-booth-2.jpgSo the question is, How do you best spend the saved $ from unloading Matt Holliday’s contract and keep fans coming back?

 The Monforts have said many times that the amount of money they have to spend on player salaries is dependent on ticket sales.

Losing Holliday, Fuentes or Atkins isn’t going to increase ticket sales. In my opinion there is only one thing that will increase ticket sales.







  Cheerleaders…no I’m just kidding. We need a big name in Denver.

We need a Superstar.  

Not like a Molly Shannon superstar, we need like a Cole Hamels superstar.






 Pitching, it’s the Rockies Achilles heel or athletes foot.

The beginning of this past season was the only time that I can remember feeling somewhat confident in our bullpen.

Why wouldn’t I be, we had made it to the World Series.

That feeling was short lived. Remember Franklin Morales and Kip Wells, not much materialized there.

 Jeff Francis didn’t help matters by continuing to pitch sub-par and not informing anyone his shoulder had been hurting him.  

Our bullpen struggled right from the start and barely improved through rest of the season. We all know a below .500 season is unacceptable for this Division. Yet it seems to be a benchmark we struggle to reach yearly.

two headed cow.jpg


 DO IT Monforts, both of you, make that move, do it for the fans.

 If it doesn’t work you can sell the Rockies and devote your efforts into developing a tastier hotdog…D
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