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Stayed to the end but lost a good friend


Good thing typing doesn’t require much effort because if I had to stand for long or actually lift something I be in trouble. As much fun as a day can be snowboarding you definitely pay the price that evening and usually the following morning (we’ll see).

It’s not that I’m out of shape, it’s that snowboarding/skiing uses muscles you normally don’t use in your daily life.

It snowed most of the day at Eldora, so by afternoon we were boarding in fresh powder. In actuality tomorrow will be the day to enjoy the rewards of the new snow but the little bit we were fortunate enough to play in softened our countless falls.

Props to Andy who also ventured into the world of snowboarding. Andy and his family have lived in Colorado four years and he has never seen a ski resort. I convinced Andy that the only way to really learn to board was to go to the top and work your way to the bottom.

Here’s why I told him that, the problem with the bunny hill is as soon as you  get yourself up and going your at the bottom. So my reasoning is that if you go to the very top you have plenty of mountain to practice on and don’t have to keep getting back on the lift.

He agreed and did it along with Krista, Hunter, Mylee and I.

Props to my wife’s sister who decided to try snowboarding after years of skiing. She had a rough start but towards the third run she was getting it. Problem is about the time you start to “get it” on your first day snowboarding your legs are shot.

When you start to get tired is when you up your chances of getting hurt. So she called it quits mid-day and busted out her skis.

Props to my friend and soon to be neighbor Betsy. This was Betsy’s fifth time skiing and towards the end of the day she went to the top of the mountain (Her first time) and skied to the bottom. Betsy’s a trooper because she was fearless and took a couple of good spills and got right back up. She might be hurting tomorrow just a bit, good job Betsy.

Hunter and Mylee both did great today. A few more times and they’ll have it down.

Me, I’m a freggin Rock Star on a snowboard I’ve told you that. We were officially the last people on the lift today before they closed it and we were the last ones down the mountain.

I took a bunch of pictures and shot some great video just like I said I would. Unfortunately my trusty camera must have bounced out of my coat pocket and now either has a new owner or is part of one of the packed/powder runs at Eldora Ski Resort. You have no idea how devastating that is, it’s like losing a good friend. 

                        A Rockpile Ranter without his camera is like:

Starskey with no Hutch.

Beans without that little piece of bacon that comes with it.

A big bowl of ice cream with no spoon.

A dog without a tongue.

Standing front row at a Winger concert.

David Lee Roth as a Paramedic

Baseball with no batting practice.

Corona without lime.

                  Just over two weeks until the Rockies Home opener. This sucks…D
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It’s all about right now, show me Rockies




Well that sucks. I went up to the cabin this weekend to do some maintenance.

When I left out Saturday morning the Rockies were up one game on the Padres.

 I didn’t have access to any of the scores so I was out of the loop for a day and a half.

Humming 8-31-08.JPG

 I felt good though, because the Padres(53-83) are trailing  the Rockies(64-74) and I didn’t figure it would be an issue winning this set or even getting a sweep.

On the drive back home today I turned on the radio and caught the game three in the bottom of the ninth, tied.

Thumbnail image for Woodpecker 8-31-08.JPG 



Not only did we lose this one, I found out we lost the night before too..HUH ? 


 <—–Woodpecker pecking.   Squirrel 8-31-08.JPG




 No way, not to the Padres, not now. Remember the wins in SF?

I  must admit, after hearing that news I  went a little squirrely.

View of Eldora.JPG

 Shot of Eldora Ski Resort

The place is no Keystone or Vail, but it’s close to Denver.

It has a little something for everyone, and it’s  more reasonably priced than the big resorts.

Ever paid for a family of four to snowboard? If you have you feel me. 


                                                    A view of Nederland Colorado

  Nederland 8-31-08.JPG



Population 1500??


 8236 ft

Proof that hippies and yuppies can live in harmony.  Elway Beggin.JPG


C’mon Rockies.

24 games left in the Rockies regular season.

15 home games.

9 away games.

If you look in Elway’s left eye you can see a glimmer of hope.





Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Sweep.jpg


We need sweeps in the series against the Dodgers and the two series against the D-Backs.


  Me 8-31-08.JPG





 If you think about it, everything is about right now. Crap.JPG


<—Actual animal feces.(deer I think).

 None of the stupid crap that happened earlier this season matters now.

Not the injuries, not the missed opportunities, not the road losses. 

Winning is the only priority that matters from this moment forward.



I need to see the Rockies out there taking every second of these next home games seriously. All of it.

Thumbnail image for smiley-face.jpg


A really good start would be having batting practice tomorrow.dont_give_up.jpg



I need to see a team focused on one mission . Winning this Division and not EVER looking like a PUNK again in the World Series.

Please don’t mistake my excitement for anger, as baseball is my release.

I figure if I don’t give up, the Rockies shouldn’t either.

Every single game matters from here on. Every game of the Rockies, every one of the Dodgers, every one of the D-Backs.

 In the evenings now, I constantly have MLB.com up and I’m checking scores.

 I really believe the Rockies are still in this (I’ve seen stranger things happen, we all have).

smoke rings.jpg

<—(Not me or my pot).

Count on me blowing smoke in your face until I know it’s an impossibility for the Rockies to continue.

 Lets see how much smoke is left after this homestretch with SF and Houston..  

See you at the game tomorrow.

Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG