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Rockies…I Want a September to Remember

Rockies eyes.jpg9/12/10                D-Backs vs Rockies Game Three

Weather: 80 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 7 mph, R to L.
T: 3:06.
Att: 41,504
Dbacks vs Rockies 9-12-10.jpg

 I absolutely love September baseball. If you’re a Rockies fan you have good reason to. I swear next season I’m going to skip a few games in July and August just so I can purchase tickets for all of the September games. September is when the Rockies come alive.

The Rockies train of thought must be to rest up as much as they can in the hot summer months. I figure they do this by hiding 5-8 games back staying low profile sneaking up just under the radar. All the while secretly healing up and saving their big energy for the September run.

                 That may not be exactly true but it makes for a hell of a good story.

I’ve always been a BelieveR but I did catch myself with a mild case of disbelief twice this season. Both times were after abysmal road trips. I questioned the heart of the Rockies. I was upset at some of the lackluster games that I had witnessed. I wanted to see more out of Aaron Cook and Jeff Francis. I thought this might be the year Franklin Morales gets control of his fastball. I was discouraged that Yorvit Torealba let money be the guiding factor in where played. (In the end Yorvit signed with the Padres for much less money than the Rockies offered him). I was also bummed that Brad Hawpe was traded.

But instead of dwelling on that stuff, I’ve spent this season watching Carlos Gonzalez mature and become a monster hitter and top notch fielder and since Miguel Olivo took over catching duties I’ve forgotten Yorvit even existed.

The face of this team may have changed a bit but its heart is still pumping purple baby.

Jim Tracy is in my opinion a genius. I could straight up listen to the guy talk for hours. Jim Tracy spews baseball wisdom in every sentence and his hungry team gobbles it up. It’s no fluke Tracy was voted the NL Manager of the Year.

         Jim Tracy has a plan and I’m enjoying watching him get all his ducks in a row.

ducks in a row.jpg                                             Don Baylor is a quiet man.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Don Baylor 4-24-10.JPG Quiet men who are in charge tend to be quiet because they’ve got an ace up their sleeve. Baylor knows what exactly what he’s doing. He fixed Tulowitzki and now Tulo’s as confident as I’ve ever seen him at the plate and his September batting average shows it.

Enjoy this Rockies fans, it hasn’t always been a given that the Rockies will be right in there till the end. I must say I like that fact that the Rockies demand and get respect now.

I’m proud and honored to be the Number One Fan MLBlogger for the Rockies for the last two seasons .                                              

                                                    GO ROCKIES !!!

Today there was no batting practice, that kind of sucked. Other than a few D-backs out warming up the field was empty.
D-Backs warming up 9-12-10-1.jpg
                                                Ranter in TrainingHunter 9-12-10.jpg

Dinger and Emily 9-12-10.jpgR-Luv was at the game today with her family and they were next to us while we were on the field getting autographs. I had planned to give her the prize for winning the “Pitch Your Team” Video contest and take advantage of the photo opportunity at Coors Field.

The problem was we spent the night in Broomfield and the prizes were up at the cabin in Nederland….My Bad.

So to not make her wait any longer I will be mailing the prizes along with something cool for her son. R-Luv send me a picture when it arrives please?…Thanks a bunch.

        Gary X was at the game today with his daughter Alannah X. That’s Mike on the right.Gary and Fam and Mike9-7-10.jpg Gary X and Alannah X are Rant Regulars and Gary X has become quite the autograph hound of late. Gary said he needs only four more autographs to have every Rockies player. 

Gary X told me I was his inspiration to start attending games and snagg’n autographs. I thought that was really cool thing to say…Thanks Brotha!

               Gary shares his love of baseball with his daughter and I can relate. Gary X Baseball autograph pro.jpg

Garys autographed baseballs.jpg
Fowler and Young 9-12-10.jpg

Today was Autograph Sunday at Coors field and we were fortunate to be hang’n out behind home plate.  RPR and Hunter 9-12-10.jpg                                                There were four Rockies signing today.

Autograph Sunday 9-12-10.jpg          H
unter and I managed to acquire all four of those players autographs.

            Here’s Chris Nelson signing a little Rockies fan’s glove.

Chris Nelson signing a glove 9-12-10.jpg                                                          Here’s Edgmer Escalona.Edgmer Escalona 9-12-10.jpg                                                  Jay Payton signing for HunterJay Payton 9-12-10.jpg                                                  
Jay Payton Autograph 9-12-10.jpg                                                                  Michael McKenry
R-Luv with McKenrys autograph 9-12-10.jpg 
Michael McKenry signing a jersey 9-12-10.jpg                                                      G and A talking with Alanna Rizzo.
Alanna and Gary X 9-12-10.jpg
Carlos Wheres my tacos 9-12-10.jpg
Joe Biemel 9-12-10.jpg                                In full force here’s “Banner Jack” I dig this guy!Banner Jack 9-12-10.jpg 
Bottom of the ninth, score tied 2-2; Jason Giambi steps up to the plate. I and every Rockies fan breathing knew what was going to happen next.

           I told Hunter “Giambi’s gonna hit a homerun just you watch.”

Giambi blasts a homerun into the same row that Hunter and I are sitting in. Unfortunately for me the slugger smacked it to the other side of the pavilion. It didn’t matter, that homerun gave the Rockies their 10th win in a row, boosted a somewhat fragile Giambi ego, moved the Rockies to within a game and a half of their Division and proved AGAIN to the baseball world that this club owns f’kn Rocktember. 

                                                      AWESOME “G”Giambi Big Screen 9-12-10.jpg

End of game 9-12-10.jpgGiambi postgame interview 9-12-10.jpg                          
final score 9-12-10.jpg               
Coors Field Crack of the Game
…Taken before the game while waiting to get in.Coors Field Crack of the game 9-12-10.jpg

                                                  Look at these folks Rock’n the Ranter hat.

Wtf 9-12-10.jpg
Ranter look 9-12-10.jpg                             
Tractor Vacuum dude 9-12-10.jpg        
If the Rockies can make that run for number one, I BELIEVE I can too.

 After all I live in Colorado and we don’t buy into that East Coast baseball hype because we’re BelieveRs…D

 On a fun note..Here’s video of Dan nail’n the Frontier Flyball Frenzy and catching the last one behind his back. I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

PS..Nice chatt,n with you Queen Geri…Which player shall I start taking pictures of for you now that Bradley is a Tampa Bay Rays?

       I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter…..Rockies fan and man with a planranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

Zero Home Runs Can Still Be Fun

4/27/10                           Rockies vs Marlins Game Two

Today was perfect baseball weather. Not too hot, not too cold exacty the way I like it.

Hunter, Mylee and I were ready to snag some baseballs, eat some NERDS, and watch the Rockies get even with the D-Backs for the embarassing loss at Coors the previous night.

nerds.JPGAs I was heading over to my spot in the pavilion I watched a BP homer strike about halfway up the pavilion bleachers. It bounced, stayed low and rolled a few feet from me. I gave that ball to Mylee and Matt Belisle tossed her up her second.

Both of Hunters snags today were toss-ups. One was tossed directly to him but he couldn’t tell me who the player was. The second ball was tossed to him, intercepted by Robert and then given to Hunter.

     The three baseballs tossed up to my kids were all from Rockies. Thank you.

Doing what I do I believe I’ve developed some good people watching skills and I’m convinced that I’m pretty good at getting a feel for how people are.

Today I ran into the father, two daughter and son family who don’t attend batting practice very often. I’d say the son was 13-ish or so and the kid had some decent baseball snagging skills. Unfortunately for me he was lacking in some baseball snagg’n etiquette.

With his father watching but oblivious, this pubescent youth managed to crawl up underneath me as I was focusing on a BP homer and snag that baseball from under me. I was like “HUH, what was that?“.

       Baseballs were being hit all over the pavilion at that moment so I just blew it off.

Fifteen minutes later I’m stretched out reaching up as high as I can trying to catch another BP homer that’s headed right for me. Out of nowhere…AGAIN…. the same kid reaches over the top of me and catches the ball. Then he lost his balance, fell forward landed on me…Ok that’s two

Let me preface this story. I attend batting practice to relax and think exclusively about catching baseballs. Now after this all I’m thinking about this kid running wild and why the F#%K this kids father is still watching these events but acting like nothing is happening?

So…I make what I think is a smart call and move far away from the kid and go higher up in the paviilion. You may be asking yourself..”D..Why didn’t you move to right field or a different section in the Pavilion?

Valid point oh faithful blog reader…Here’s my answer…”NO baseballs were hit to right field at all and very few into the center part of the pavilion. My little section was rocking for a change. So when it’s raining baseballs you stay” 

My last chance at a BP homer for the day was one that landed four rows in front of me. I ran down on top of the bleachers until I positioned one row behind where the ball landed, I bent over the top of the bleacher so I could locate the ball and and scoop it up. Next thing I know BAM,  I get clipped in the head by the same kid’s knee as he’s running down the same row I’m leaning into.

When he did that he kicked the baseball out of my reach and then he casually reached down and picked it up. 

Normally that wouldn’t have hurt too much but I’ve been recovering from a severe neck strain and when the kid clipped my head I saw a white flash and then stars. After a few mumbled unsavory words I gathered my wits, backed up and got the hell away from that kid.

      Then I spent five minutes glaring his old man down but he didn’t have a clue. 

    I can’t do anything to the kid so I wanted to let his dad know he’s Number 1 in my book.

gorilla-getting-angry.jpgBatting practice ended without any further incidents. Earlier I had watched Dan catch a baseball and give it to a little girl who was there with her little sister and her mom and dad. The other little girl didn’t have a ball so I asked her parents if I could give her one. 

She accepted it and I could tell she was glad she had one just like her sister. With that I felt better and the kids and I headed over to the Rockies dugout.

 Hunter and Mylee went up close to the field hoping for an autograph and I hung back to take some pictures.EYJR signing for H and M 42710.JPGA younger guy in his twenties(as usual I can’t remember his name) walked up while Geoff and I were chatting about home run catches and player worn jerseys that he owns. He asked me if I was the guy who writes the Rockpile Rant.

              Proud of my Rockies Blogging Masterpiece I said “Yes Sir”.

He informed me he really likes the Rockpile Rant and that he reads it often. I’ve seen his comments on my entries before.

Nice guy…Seriously into autographs and the Rockies. I handed him a baseball as I try to do with all Rant readers who come up and introduce themselves to me(as long as I have one with me). We chatted for a bit, shook hands and when the kids finished with their autographs we headed back to the pavilion to watch the game.

Here’s a link to his blog—->Avid Rockies Fan.  He did mention he hadn’t updated it in a while.

Geoff informed me that he had spent the entire batting practice in right field and nada, nothing, goose egg. Sometimes it pays off to venture there, sometimes it doesn’t.

          Here’s this Rockies/D-Backs game the way I see it…Enjoy

                         EY Jr signed for Hunter and Mylee. Thank you EY ! 
 H and M EYjr baseballs 4-27-10.JPG                      Today’s starting pitcher….Local Hero….Ubaldo Jiminez.

Ubaldo walking 4-27-10.JPG

Tulo looking up 4-27-10.JPG

Seth Smith Playing catch 4-27-10.JPG

Helton Stewart Catch 4-27-10.JPG

Stewart Tulo 4-27-10.JPG

Presenting the Colors 4-27-10.JPGx

Kids singing the National Anthem 4-27-10.JPG

D-Backs National Anthem.JPG

Thumbnail image for National Anthem 4-27-10.JPGCeremonial First Pitch 4-27-10.JPG                                                 Some guy I don’t know.

Some guy throwing out the first pitch 4-27-10.JPG

How do they choose these people? I think attending fans should get to throw out the first pitch during weekday games.

You know just randomly pick some schmoe out of the crowd and totally make their year.

First Ptich handshake 4-27-10.JPG

Coors Field 4-27-10.JPG

Tulo gets the first hit 4-27-10.JPG

Cargo gets a hit 4-27-10.JPG

Fowler Scores 4-27-10.JPG

Olivo swing 4-27-10.JPG

Olivo Scores 4-27-10.JPG

Stewart and Hill 2 4-27-10.JPG

Stewart and Tulo 4-27-10.JPG

Ubaldo and Stewart 4-27-10.JPG

Eric Young Jr 4-27-10.JPG

Ubaldo Jiminez throw 4-27-10.JPG

Seth Smith Swing 4-27-10.JPG

Smith rounding first 4-27-10.JPG

Ubaldo's attempted bunt 4-27-10.JPG
Happy Birthday 4-27-10.JPG
Best Dancing Kid of the Game.


                                         Best Heavy Metal Shirt of the Game.

Best Heavy Metal shirt of the game.jpg

                                   Best Crazy Scientist hair of the game.Best Crazy Scientist hair of the game.JPG

                                  Most dedicated sign-holders of the game

Sign Holders 4-27-10.JPG                              Dan and Danny, both legends in their own time.

Dan and Danny 4-27-10.JPGWho invented these ugly fuzzy hats? I think if you wear this hat you should have to pay extra to be allowed inside the stadium..Like an ugly hat tax.

Best fuzzy hat of the game 4-27-10.JPG

D-Backs discussion 4-27-10.JPG

S Smith rounding third 4-27-10.JPG

For a game with no home runs it was still exciting because there was a lot of base action with a lot of Rockies runs scored. Around the 6th inning Dan had the tickets of a few people who had left early in the front row so the kids and I enjoyed this game from the first row.

 I didn’t take many pictures from the front row as I was focusing on snagg’n a home run ball.

                    But as mentioned above..There were no home runs this game..

                                               Coincidence..Yeah probably.

                                                        I did take this one.
Hunter and Mylee 4-27-10.JPG Here’s a shot of me and the kids, Mylee is next to me and Hunter is over by Dan. The picture was taken by my friend and Rant Regular  LUVMYROX. Thank you Joy!

RPR Front Row 4-27-10.jpg                                                         Thanks Dan’s 🙂

Final Scoreboard 4-27-10.JPG

Rockies win 4-27-10.JPG

In May I’m heading to KC to watch the Rockies take on the Royals at Kaufman Stadium. My first ever road trip to another stadium in the regular season and only my third MLB baseball stadium ever.

I can’t wait, I did have a road partner for this trip Andy (from spring training), but he had to back out…No matter..I’ll be there.

                                      My Next entry…Rockies/D-Backs game two.

                                        Go Rockies…”D” The Rockpile RanterThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Forget the D-backs lets stay on track

7/5/09                              Happy B-day to my brother Dean

We had a blast on Fridays Game 1 against the D-Backs. The Rockies made it look easy at Coors and sent the Snakes slithering back to their pit with a final score of 5-0.

Unfortunately I had to watch Saturday and Sunday’s game on TV and it was shockingly painful. Home games are not the place for the Rockord to be slipp’n up.

                                         Maybe it’s all this wet weather of late.

ThumbSlipperyWhen1.jpg Anyways I can’t quietly stand/sit by and watch all that the Rockies have gained in the last month just wash away with the rain.

                                              Jim Tracy, talk to this team.

Thumbnail image for Jim Tracy 1.jpg Put your foot down and let em know this is unacceptable. In past seasons even when the Rockies sucked we usually could hold our own at home.

                            Why can’t we win at home this year? I just don’t get it.
                                          Props to Ubaldo Jimenez today. Ubaldo 5-12-09.jpg
 Rockies were up 3-0 and it looked like we had a possible no-hitter working until the sixth inning. With two out Jimenez walked the next two batters and when Mark Reynolds stepped up to the plate Ubaldo served him a perfect fastball that made it’s home in the left field pavilion.

                                             All of a sudden it’s a tie game. 

                 So much for Ubaldo’s no-hitter, missed it by that I——-I much.


Thumbnail image for Brad Hawpe11.jpg
Marquis on Mound 5-29-09.jpg


 Congrats go out to the newest members of the 2009 All-Star Team Brad Hawpe and Jason Marquis.

Hawpe will be starting in place of injured Mets player Carlos Beltran.

Two fine additions and I’m sure will these fellas will not disappoint.

C’mon Brad, show those dudes how it’s done Rocky Mountain style.




                        How about MLB’s best pinch-hitter our very own Seth Smith?
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Seth SMith 114.jpg This guy is f’kin amazing in the clutch. He’s money in the bank and someone I didn’t even factor into the Rockie equation at the beginning of the season. Seth is hitting close to .500 as a pinch-hitter.

We all know how a sucessful team works, you get three or four players who really step up their game and all of a sudden you’re a team that starts winning.

The way I figure the players listed below have really out performed what I thought capable of them. Their outstanding play this season is an unexpected bonus and a good part of why the Rockies are above .500. 

Seth Smith

Dexter Fowler

Ian Stewart

Carlos Gonzalez

Brad Hawpe

Todd Helton, we all know he’s good but we didn’t know what to expect at the beginning of the season.

Houston Street

 Tomorrow is a new day and a new team. I’m going to forget these last two games and focus on this next series against the Nationals. This weekend was just a temporary setback in our quest to win this division and ultimately win the World Series.

        Don’t believe me?…Fine, but you can’t knock my enthusiasm…Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Game one down no reason to frown


gameday audio.jpgI’d love to tell you how great it was to watch the first Rockies game of the year but I had to listen to it on MLB Gameday Audio.

 We dropped the cable package we had because we’re moving soon and now I can’t watch the game at home anymore.

Let’s just say the game that I heard was a great game. Props to the D-Backs for taking this one. I was proud of the way the Rockies played today and I can’t wait to “see” more.

Brandon Webb was off of his game and Aaron Cook seem to follow suit. Wiith that being the case it was an all out slugfest that didn’t take long to get rolling.

Cook gave up the first home run to Lopez in the first inning. Cook went 2 1/3 innings and gave up seven hits and six runs, four of those runs in the third inning,…ouch. On a bright not Cook right now is batting 1000.

Stud of the Rockies for the first game was Brad Hawpe, 3 for 4 with 3 RBI’s. Right now Hawpe is batting .750. hawpe prize1.jpg

tulo desk1.jpg
Chris_Iannetta bunt 1.jpg
Troy Tulowitzki and Chris Iannetta both homered in the 4th inning, Seth Smith homered in the 7th. Big Todd went 1 for 4 today.

Not being able to see this game on TV today is my punishment for not being in Phoenix to support my team and see this game live. I try not to question it, I know it’s just some sort  F’ked up charmic balance that keeps me grounded…usually. It sucks because sometimes I just wanna fly.

Congrats to my friend Rick and his wife on the birth of their daughter.

My deepest sympathies got out to my friend Willa on the very recent loss of her husband who had been battling a long illness. She’s a sweet lady and very kind.

The Nuggets/Thunder game with Hunter is on Wednesday and Hunter has come up with a few good questions to ask Carmelo Anthony.

1. What other sports do you like to play?

2. Do you have any pets? (We have two pugs, a puggle and two frogs).

Hunter and I are huge Nuggets fans (if you couldn’t tell from a lot of my previous blog entries), and we’re really looking forward to the entire evening. Hunter is playing basketball in grade 4 this year so he’ll be diggin on all of this.

Crushed.jpgThe Rockpile Rant was eliminated today in the “Max Madness” brackets. Eat, Sleep, Baseball layed the smack down hard.

I’m not sure what the ending totals were, but the last I looked it was like 70/30…Congrats.

Possible rain on the home opener for the Rockies. Who the F’ck knows here.

 The weather report changes daily/hourly so I’m just going to hope for no rain and no snow and be ready for anything.

Anybody that’s going to Rockies opening day wanna give a shout out? I’ll take your picture, you know cause that’s what I do.

Tomorrow I’ll post the questions for the Rockies Fan Profile. Anyone want to offer up some last minute good questions? As always I’d love to hear your suggestions.

                        Go Rockies. Do what you do, I want a win in game two…D
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TEP not the place for me

3-1-09                   Purple Row..Thanks for all the recent props…D

                            Ranter’s Review of Tucson Electric Park

TEP 3-1-09.jpgDon’t worry, the Vinny thing hasn’t made me switch teams. Although it has made me question the reason I hold some people in high esteem before I’ve actually met them.

I was looking forward to checking out Tucson Electric Park today because from what I’ve heard it’s a snaggers dream.

We arrived at 10:50 and had to pay to park. Granted it was only $5.00, but at Hi-Corbett it was free and we had a beautiful shaded area.

Once we parked we exited the RV and proceeded to walk towards the ballpark. About halfway there a parking attendant told us we were parked where the bigwigs park and we would have to move.

Wonderful, so Andy and I wonder,…why couldn’t the guy who took the parking money have told us that? No problem and I move the RV.

We finally walk back up to the stadium and the line is 20 people back. You know how I like to be first. I’ve managed to turn being first in line into an art form.

in line at TEP 3-1-09.JPGNo worries, so we wait about 15 minutes to get inside because instead of opening two hours early like Hi-Corbett and Coors Field, they only open an hour-and a half early and rob their fans the chance of actually seeing the D-Backs hit during batting practice.

To me that’s dumb move. You need to let the fans see their stars hit. Sheet man it’s spring training !!

As I’m going through the gate the Usher searches my bag and tells me that I can only bring in two baseballs and one mini-bat.

Excuse me? Why? The Usher informs us that it’s a state law. Really, a state law? What state is Hi-Corbett field in? There were no restrictions there about how many baseballs you could bring in.

So I’m told that I either have to give the balls away or take them back to my vehicle. I worked for those baseballs I walked my butt back to the RV and left them there.

Now I’m late for batting practice and I’m not thrilled about it. 

 The ballpark itself is actually really cool, possibly even a bit much for spring training (Maybe that’s because I’ve been over at ancient Hi-Corbett the last week?)

      It has a pavilion area in both the left field and the right field and its all open and grassy.
Outfield TEP 3-1-09.jpgThere is a small space in the center where the batters eye is but the rest is totally open other than the D-backs bullpen in left field.

I really like this park for snagging baseballs.

D-Backs were long gone by the time we walked over to the outfield. The A’s were just beginning hit a few. It took me probably fifteen minutes and I saw a ball coming for me. It was short but I managed to reach over and catch it on a bounce.

       No laughing at my white legs, remember this is my first warm sunshine in a while.
My TEP baseball 3-1-09.jpg 
I had at least four other opportunities to snag homerun BP balls but  D-Back fans seem to take their snagging a little more serious than I do and I was crowded out on all of my other opportunities.

It’s obvious they didn’t want to look inferior to a professional Rockies snagger on their home turf. What ever the case was one guy was such a “get in your personal space” type of snagger he deserves to be pointed out.

                             MOST ANNOYING FAN/SNAGGER OF THE GAME 

                  Big Red, watch out for this guy, the ballhog even stepped on my foot.
xxxxx fan 3-1-09.jpg I could have solved the problem 🙂 but since I was in D-Back territory I figured I should hold back and tread lightly. I snagged my one baseball with the only skilled catch of the day and I had accomplished my personal goal of snagging at least one ball at TEP.

You know how in a retirement home there is always a few of the grumpy older people who never get visitors. Well those individuals are hand selected for the Usher staff at TEC. 

Pissy and for no good reason. Let’s think about this, these people are getting paid to watch baseball right?

                     I do believe I have found the source of the Ushers discontent.

funny usher costumes 3-1-09.jpgImagine having to wear this costume to work. As I looked at them I kind of felt sorry. Then I remembered they were D-Back employees/fans and I went back to not caring.

Let me say this, when I get back to Hi-Corbett Field and Coors Field I want to personally thank each Usher for the excellent job they do. Now that I’ve seen another stadium and it’s quirky strange ways, I appreciate our quality of the Rockies Ushers even more.

             D-Backs beat the A’s 9-7, Oakland looked sloppy, lots of errors. 

 It’s just not the same if I’m not watching the Rockies. I was able to take some cool pictures, that part I enjoyed.
TEP scoreboard 3-1-09.jpg                          A couple of D-Back players, funny their names escape me.
D-Back Players 1.jpgCredit where credit is due, almost every D-Backs player that came out of this tunnel stopped to sign for the fans. I like to see that.

 Me, I didn’t go for any D-Back or A’s autographs. Why the hell would I want those? I bleed purple baby you know that.

Newby signing 3-1-09.jpg

D-Backs signing 1.jpg
D-backs player signing 2.jpg
D-backs relaxing 3-1-09.jpg
stretch 3-1-09.jpg                                 I do like seeing an entire team into the game. 
D-Backs Team 3-1-09.jpg                                                I liked the angle of this shot.
a different shot.jpg                                                     I love this picture.
Cool catcher shot 3-1-09.jpg                                                      Valdez in mid-toss.
Valdez 3-1-09.jpg                                                      A view of the field.
wide shot.jpg  Andy’s red neck and a view of the grassy outfield. The grass out there was a nice touch.
Andys red neck.jpgAndy wasn’t particularily fond of this TEC either, his biggest complaint was that he paid $5.50 for a drink and it wasn’t a souvenir cup. I’d have to agree, everyone brings the plastic cup home the first time they’re at a new stadium right??

One last picture and I’m done with this entry. This one is cool.
cool pitch shot.jpg       Don’t expect much from the D-Backs this year, I took care of that with my visit here.

                                               Your welcome Purple Row.

Tomorrow is back to Hi-Corbett for my last game there. I think Baby Paul is going to be there…D
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Snagging behind enemy lines for the first time


The Rockies are in Phoenix today and I’ll be heading up there tomorrow after my last home game at Hi-Corbett Field. Today I plan to check out TEP (Tucson Electric Park).

 I’m going to go watch the Arizona vs Oakland game today and see what batting practice for another team is like.

Andy 2-28-09.jpg





Other than obtaining Clint Hurdle and Don Baylor’s autograph on my magazines, my hunting is complete.

<—–Andy still needs to get Tulo’s autograph on his wife’s visor or he’s in big trouble.

By the way, it’s not cold here, Andy has the hoodie on because of his sunburn 🙂









Here are pictures from yesterday’s game against the Dodgers.


                                               Here’s Manny Corpas warming-up.
Manny 2-28-09.jpgNext is one of my favorite Rockies pitchers of all time. Josh Fogg, aka “The Dragon Slayer”. The smoke this guy can throw is amazing. Plus myself being the Ranter I’m all about cool nicknames and “The Dragon Slayer” is a helluva cool nickname.

Josh Fogg 2-28-09-1.jpg
Fogg 2-28-09.jpgI always assumed he was bigger. I’m just glad to see him back. Good Luck DS, I hope you make it brotha.

                                                      Here’s Jason Grilli.

Jason Grilli 2-28-09.jpg                                                      
Brandon HynickHynick 2-28-09.jpgBrandon Hynick 2-28-09.jpg                                     One of the Rockies best…”Q”
Omar Q 2-28-09.jpg        Dexter Fowler looks like he’s put on a couple pounds. He was skinnier last season.
Dexter Fowler 2-28-09.jpg                                               Eric Young Jr. out at first. 
Eric Young 2-28-09.jpg

                               Alan Embree, who has 14 years to Todd Helton’s 11.
Alan Embree 2-28-09.jpg

         Here’s Jhoulys Chacin who who was nice enough to autograph a baseball for me.
Jhoulys Chacin.jpg

        Seth SmithScott Posdesnik 2-28-09.jpg

                                                  Clint Hurdle and Seth Smith
Hurdle and Podsesnik 1 2-28-09.jpg                                          Finally catcher Wilin Rosario
Wilin Rosario 2-28-09.jpg                                          I’m off to explore Tucson Electric Park.                                    
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Mobile again with a new valve stem


We figured we might have a tire problem last night as it wasn’t taking enough air. This morning when we woke up it was flat. I made a call to Good Sam and we had a dude named Jimmy  from Purcell’s Western States Tire show up within an hour.

First thing Jimmy said when he pulled up was “Go D-Backs”. I thought to myself sheet, maybe I should have pulled down the Rockies stuff in the windows because this tire change is gonna cost me. Jimmy was totally cool and had it all fixed within an hour.

Total cost to fix the leaky valve stem: $ 27.00. I couldn’t believe it. We got off lucky.

Here’s Jimmy, he asked that I mention he is the D-Backs # 1 fan. There you go Jimmy, thanks for the quick fix.
Jimmy fixing the MBU 2-27-09.JPG

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