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I’m not Bragg’n but you’ll dig Hagg’n


That’s right if your a snagger/ballhawk/batting practice guy/gal your starting to squirm. It’s getting close now and I crave the warm weather and green grass.

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Erik over at Counting Baseballs has proposed a BallHawking competition and myself and a bunch of other people are “In it to win it” ..I’m kidding, we’re going to have some fun with this.

It’s still in discussion exactly how we’re going to keep track/score.

Below is my proposal for keeping score and if it they don’t want to use it that’s ok. I’d like to participate however they decide.

But I’m thinking,… if they don’t use it I would like to roll with my point game myself and get anyone who is interested in playing signed up quick like as the season is fast approaching.

          I would hope my Coor’s Field buddies will want to play for fun??

I even have a name for this new Sport. Let’s call it Hagg’n because you’re part autograph hound and part baseball snagger. I know, it’s F’kn genious. Sometimes I even amaze myself.

Hag’n is a sport that involves snagging baseballs and obtaining autographs/memorbilia for points. Here is the proposed breakdown of points:

Total points per game divided by number of games attended calculated each game. Each player would automatically receive one point for each game attended. This is in case one person only goes to one game all season and hits the motherload.

He/she could totally screw up the curve with a stellar one game performance.

1. Straight up catching a live game home run baseball = 10 points

2. Acquiring that same live game home run ball on the bounce or after it’s landed = 9 points

3. Catching a live game foul ball straight-up = 8 points

4. Acquiring that same live game foul ball on the bounce or after it’s landed = 7 points

5. Straight-up catching a batting practice home run baseball = 4 points

6. Acquiring that same batting practice home run ball on the bounce or after it’s landed = 3 points

7. If a player tosses the ball to you and you straight-up catch it = 2 points

8. If a player tosses the ball to you and you drop it (dumbazz) but still manage to get it, or it’s thrown into the crowd and you come up with it = 1 point

9. Autographs obtained at the game = 1 point

I added autographs to kind of even out things. Little kids probably will never snag a home run ball but it’s quite possible for them to obtain a few autographs each game and get a ball or two tossed to them. It’s about how hard you want to work. Anyone any age can participate.

In order for an autograph to count it has to be obtained inside the stadium and only as early as batting practice starts and up to 30 minutes after the game. A picture is required of all autographs obtained during the game. As proof the scoreboard should be in the background of your picture as your proof of actually being there.

Say you snag three baseballs at batting practice, take a picture with the scoreboard in the background as your proof. Make it simple and quick. It’s really not that hard.

Maybe we could count spring training and minor league game points acquired as exactly half of what a major league game would be?

…and the last three.

10. Acquiring a game used bat (at the game) with verifiable proof = 10 points.

11. Acquiring any other piece of memoribilia (ex. batting glove, lineup card, a hat, jersey) whatever and being able to prove it = 5 points

12. Acquiring a picture of you with a player at the game = 2 points

                  Total points per game divided by # of games attended.

 Starting your own snagging blog to keep track or post a comment of your accomplishments per game is really the best idea. Get with the times man/woman!!

Another thing I’ll mention is picture proof of your accomplishments really adds to your credibility.

 Feedback on this? Wanna play, its free? Let’s hear what you think about this new sport…D 
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