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Rockies are Hot…Cubs are Not


                                  Cubs vs Rockies Game One

Cubs vs Rockies Game 1 4-15-11.jpgWeather
: 55 degrees, clear.
Wind: 10 mph, In from LF.
T: 2:22.
Att: 30,285

Something felt different at Coors Field today. Normally when the Cubbies are in town Coors Field is swarming with over enthusiastic Cub fans doing their best to try and own our stadium for a few games. Not today, Cubs fans were few and far between.

I thought maybe it was the weather, but the Cubs habitate in Chicago and they’re no strangers to cold April baseball. Then I though “Could they be scared or intimadated?

 The Rockies are on fire right now and it’s hard to be over enthusiastic when you’re playing the number one team in baseball and they’re kicking your a-ss.

Batting practice was totally hampered today by the wind. Balls that easily would have  landed in the pavilion were landing twenty feet short. I ran into Joy today at batting practice. She was hanging out waiting on the rest of her crew.

I gave her the last of the six “Helmer is my Homeboy” T-shirts that Tom Helmer gave me.

                                           Just so you know, I gave them to:






and me

If you want a “Helmer is my Homeboy” T-Shirt hang out behind the pavilion where ROOT SPORTS does their post-game broadcast after a Rockies win. Helmer has been known to toss a few of his shirts out to Rockies fans.

                                 I believe someday they’ll be collectors items. 🙂

Batting practice was almost over and I walked up to Joy and said “I gotta feeling it’s gonna happen”. Not thirty seconds later a ball was hit my way and I realized it was going to fall a bit short. Fortunately this one took a hearty bounce and I snagged it.

               First caught ball of the season, a ground rule double..I’m ok with that 🙂 

In case you were wondering why all the players had #42 on their jerseys it’s because it was Jackie Robinson Day.

                                 I think they do this just to mess with folks.

Jackie Robinson Day 4-15-11.jpg                                          Here are a few pre-game pictures.

Chris Iannetta 4-15-11.jpg                                          Robert and the Rox Addict (BFF’s)

Robert and the Rox Addict 4-15-11.jpg                      Cathy Sabine making Coors Field look just a little bit better. 

Cathy Sabine 4-15-11.jpgThere were a couple of powerballs on the field as well. Notice how one of ’em is hang’n just a bit lower?

            Powerballs 4-15-11.jpg                                           Alanna Rizzo of ROOT SPORTS

Alanna Rizzo 4-15-11.jpg

Seth Smith 4-15-11.jpg

Troy Tulowitzki 4-15-11.jpg

Troy, Dex, Todd 4-15-11.jpg

Franklin Morales 4-15-11.jpg

Tulo Throwing 4-15-11.jpgI didnt know it at the time I took this picture, but these two would be the heros of this game. 
Iannetta and Chacin 4-15-11.jpg
Color Guard 4-15-11.jpg

                       Jim Tracy showing the Umpires which way the wind blows.

   Jim Tracy Umpires 4-15-11.jpg                                               A few random game shots.

Random Game shot 4-15-11.jpgUmpire Jerry Layne was tagged in the left ankle by a line drive from Carlos Pena in the second inning. The dude tried to get out of the way but didn’t quite make it.
Umpire hurt 4-15-11.jpg

Umpire down 4-15-11.jpg      He was down for a couple of minutes but walked off the field on his own. Glad he’s ok.Umpire walking off 4-15-11.jpg

                          Here’s a few action shots straight from the Rockpile. 

Cargo at bat 4-15-11.jpg

Carlos and Jon 4-15-11.jpg

Helton on First 4-15-11.jpg

Tulo at Bat 4-15-11.jpg

Helton at Bat 4-15-11.jpg 

Helton at Bat 2 4-15-11.jpg

Helton on First 2 4-15-11.jpg

Dan and Emily 4-15-11.jpg

Dugout 4-15-11.jpg

Dexter at bat 4-15-11.jpg

Douglas 4-15-11.jpg
Cub gets at hit 4-15-11.jpg                                Worst hair of the game…Cub blue…Ewww

Worst hair of the game 2 4-15-11.jpg
Dugout shot 4-15-11.jpg                  Chacin was money again tonight. He pitched his first career shutout.

Chacin 4-15-11.jpg

This game was all Chris Iannetta. In the third inning with bases loaded Chris hit a triple, scored the three on base and because of an error on the play at third Chris managed to get home.

                   It was beautiful. I was so happy to see Chris do that. He needed that.

                                          Final Score: Rockies 5…Cubs 0

                         Rockies have won seven in a row and their record is 11-2.

                                       That’s the best record in MLB right now. 

             Part-time Rockies fans, the bandwagon is rolling full speed, time to get on.

                              I’m D The Rockpile Ranter…I’m in it to win it…D ranter hat.jpg

Dodgers get none while the Rantics have fun

4-5-11                               Dodgers vs Rockies Game 1D vs R 4-5-11.jpg

Weather: 71 degrees, clear.
Wind: 14 mph, L to R.
T: 2:19.
Att: 24,693

The game today was my third this season and the Rockies first against the Dodgers. I arrived at Coors Field and guess who was there ahead of me?

the Rantics 4-5-11.jpg

Leave it to the some of the Rantics to be the first ones at the gates. That’s what I’m talking about. Left to Right.. Mike the Rox Addict, Alannah X and Gary X.

                       Mike may be the Rox Addict, but he was a Rantic first 🙂

I was looking forward to this game as I knew it wouldn’t be nearly as crowded as it has been the last few games. As soon as they opened the gates Mike and I headed for the Pavilion. I was gravitating over to my usual spot and noticed a baseball sitting under a bleacher.

This Coors Field rarity is know as an Easter Egg and believe it or not it’s my first at Coors Field. The Coors Field Ushers unfortunately do a great job of picking up ALL the baseballs before we get inside and somehow they missed this one.

       My first ball of the year…An Easter Egg…I’m ok with that. Something new right?

Rockies were on the field and batting practice was in full swing. Ball two was tossed up to me by Ubaldo Jimenez as the Rockies were leaving the field. I gave it to a little girl who was with her mom leaning on the railing.

Dodgers took the field and not long after I was tracking my third ball. In the chase for the ball I found myself in the tunnel and realized I didn’t have a chance at the ball as it was going to land inside the pavilion not inside the tunnel.

 I’ve learned not to give up at that point as any number of things can happen, and did.

The guy who attempted to catch this homer let it bounce out of his glove and it dropped down into the tunnel right in front of me and I snapped it up. Game three of the season and still no balls caught on the fly 😦

              I gave that ball away to a little boy standing close by with his family.

                                  That would be it for batting practice.

As we walked by ROOT SPORTS I took this shot of R-LUV with Tom Helmer in the background.RLUV 4-5-11.jpg

R-Luv got to sit in the pavilon today so she gave me her ticket which wound up being in the first row of right field, prime home run territory. No luck, however during the very next game Todd Helton hit a homerun to that exact location.                                                    

                                             George and Tracy pre-game.George and Tracy ROOT SPORTS 4-5-11.jpg                                      Here are your Rockies warming up.Dexter and Cargo 4-5-11.jpg

Lopez 4-5-11.jpg

Tulo pre game 4-5-11.jpg

                          Tulo started today’s game with a .000 batting average.Tulo batting .000 4-5-11.jpg   In the fourth inning all that would change, Tulo gets his first hit of the season off of Kershaw with two out.Tulo first hit first home run 4-5-11.jpg

  Tulo homerun scoreboard 4-5-11.jpg

              In the fifth inning with two out Chris Iannetta decided it was his turn. Chris Iannetta homerun 4-5-11.jpg

                                              A few random game shots.

Dodger rounds first 4-5-11.jpgWigginton on first 4-5-11.jpg

Rockies Sunset 4-5-11.jpg

Rockies Dugout 4-5-11.jpg

                             Dan and Emily during the seventh inning stretch.Dan and Emily 4-5-11.jpg

                  Spilly tossing his warm-up ball into the right field crowd between innings.Ryan Spilborghs 4-5-11-1.jpg

Alannah X ran into a friend from school and the two of them got to watch the game together. I promised I’d post their picture.Alannah and her friend 4-5-11.jpg

Helton on first 4-5-11.jpg

Props to Chacin for pitching 7 scoreless innings. Rockies beat the Dodgers at Coors field with a final score of 3-0.Rockies Win 4-5-11.jpg

Mike, R-Luv and I hung around after the game. Here are a few shots of the ROOT SPORTS crew doing the post game report.Helmer on the Desk 4-5-11.jpg

                           Check out the video of Tom tossing out his T-Shirts

A few entries back I mentioned that I wanted to interview a Rockies fan every other game or so. Well I had someone step up to the plate and volunteer, I like that.

Her name is Katerina and I first met her a few months ago while standing in line outside of Coors Field waiting to purchase Rockies tickets with Hunter and Mylee. She mentioned she had read the Rockpile Rant and really liked the blog Purple Row.

                         We talked about the Rockies while we waited in line.

            Very cool lady, HUGE Rockies fan and my first fan interview of 2011.
Katerina Coors Field.jpg 

 1.   How did you become a Rockies fan?


Becoming a Rockies fan was a choice I made four years ago this month. Wow, four years! But how and why: I just decided I wanted to follow baseball and learn more about it. The choice for the team I would root for was obvious, because the Rockies were the home team, and not to mention their colors were purple. I’m the only Rockies fan in my family, so I guess that makes me the purple and black sheep, but at least they raised me to root for the home team, and none other.


I hate to be classified with the ’07 bandwagon fans, but truth is: it was during that run when I first realized I loved them, and during that first offseason when I realized I had an addiction. It gets worse and worse, or rather better and better each year. It’s been a great ride, and I feel honored to be living during such a great time to be a Rockies fan.



  1. Who is your favorite Rockies player (current or past) and why?


My favorite player is Troy Tulowitzki. He always was, since his rookie year, and it’s awesome to say that he always will be, because of his contract extension.

I chose Tulo because he is a great player, defensively and offensively. Also, two had been my favorite number, and the fact that he was a rookie that seemed to be staying for a while certainly helped that choice. But the greatest reason I chose him was the fact that he wants to play the game the right way, and wants to be the best at it. I can relate to his competitiveness and passion. And Tulo wants to win. When he showed loyalty by signing to stay with Colorado forever he was cemented even more as my favorite player.

Yeah, his song and hair might be ugly sometimes, or most of the time, but it’s awesome to be stuck with Tulo as a favorite player.


  1. Favorite Rockies moment or memory.

Wow, only one? That’s hard.

I have to go with having mine and my family’s ears glued to the radio during Rocktober. That streak was just so awesome, and listening together, staying up way past our bedtimes is a classic memory I’ll never forget.


I’ve had a lot of good memories next to the radio these past few years.


Near seconds are attending a Rox game at AT&T Park last August, appearing on and being interviewed for Rockies All Access Tulo show last spring, and being at 2009 Game Four in the bottom of the 8th before Huston Street broke our hearts.


I feel the best is yet to come…very soon.


  1. If you could have any job with the Rockies organization what would you like to do?

If I would choose any job in the organization, I’d work on the Rockies Magazine staff. Even proofreading every issue would be cool.

Either that or be the person who secretly switches out the humidor-ized baseballs for ones that haven’t been in the humidor, and sneaks the “juiced balls” into the Giants ball bag when they come to Coors Field.

Alright, that last one is a joke.


Thank again Katerina, great job.  I’ll change-up the questions each time.


 I had a few more pictures but MLBlogs started acting up again so we’ll call this one done.

     I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter, gett’n by, still trying to catch one on the fly….Dranter hat.jpg 


Going Squirrely?…You Can Get in Early


                 I still can’t stop thinking about Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. 

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick 2.jpg                                    I keep thinking woulda, coulda, shoulda.

It doesn’t help that Dan and Emily just got back from a week in Scottsdale a few days ago, Mike got back yesterday, Geoff is back and Robert has been there since the first game.  

All I can say is next year I’ll have more time and now I sort of know the ropes. Look out!

I try not to set my goals too high as life has it’s own share of built in disappointments and I don’t need to add to it..But, living in the mountains gives you lots of time to ponder stuff.

Below is a list of things I’d like to accomplish in 2011. None of them may ever happen but a guy can dream.  

                                     Goals and Dreams for 2011

goals and dreams 1.jpg
More than anything on this big blue earth I want to catch my first live game home run during the regular season.(4th year’s a charm). It’s got to happen, nobody can come so close so many times and not eventually snag one right?


fan hanging.jpgAll I can figure is there’s a master plan out there and my first homerun catch is gonna be a monumental one. Believe it or not I dream about this and in the dream it’s Todd Helton who homers to me.

Have the opportunity to rub up a few baseballs with Lena Blackburn’s mud that will then be used during the game. Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing mud.jpg

                                          Throw out the first pitch of any game.

Bill Murray throwing out the first pitch at Wrigley.jpg                    Take batting practice with the Rockies, hit a few maybe field a few.

                                         Snag 50 BP baseballs in 40 games.

Have an opportunity to take game pictures in the media section right next to the Rockies dugout.

Try again to get  Jason Giambi’s autograph on my Spring Training homerun of his from last season.

Jason Giambi Peace sign.jpg         Interview one of the Baseball Authenticators that secretly inhabit Coors Field.

MLB-Authentication.jpgMake new friends and increase the Rant’s following with the goal of  making the Rockpile Ranter a household name in Colorado.

   Be part of one of Tom Helmer’s “Tom on the Town” segments along with the Rantics 🙂 


               Find a way to make baseball a full time job rather than my hobby :).

8thingsgroundskeeper.jpgThe Rantics are an intense group of loyal Rockies baseball fans. A Rantic is someone who would do almost anything for their team at a moments notice. If that describes you and we’ve never met, I want to meet you.

Every other blog entry or so this season I’d like to profile a new Rockies fan. I plan to take a picture of them and ask a variety of questions and I’ll post it on the blog. That is how I built the Rockpile Rant, one reader/friend at a time.

                      Give me three minutes of your time, I’ll make ya famous 🙂

If you want to get a sneak peak of your Rockies before opening day you might want to pick up a couple tickets for the “Rockies Workout for Charity” on March 31st.

           Tickets are six bucks and all net proceeds benefit the Rockies Foundation

With your six dollar ticket you will receive a voucher for a complimentary ticket for select April and May home games, subject to availability.

Gates open at 1pm. The Rockies will be signing autographs at 1:30 for twenty minutes along the first baseline. Similar to Autograph Sundays I presume.

The Rockies will take the field at 2:10 and will go through a full workout lasting about ninety minutes.

It will be cool, you’ll get to walk around Coors Field and check out all of the new stuff that was added, snag a few autographs and if we’re lucky get in a round of batting practice.
Coors Field 11.jpg 
I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I’m ready for some home cooked food and some live baseball.  

                                       Wont you join me?..Go Rockies…D ranter hat.jpg 

Gett’n our Kix wait’n for Tix


Today Colorado Rockies tickets went on sale at the ticket windows at Coors Field. This is the day when a little patience pays off big. It was a bit chilly but the forcast for today was was mid 50’s. 
Rockies Balloon.jpg The way the Rockies work it is you choose a wristband that’s numbered between 101 and 499. The 100’s represent line one, 200’s line two, etc. Then the second set of numbers decides your position in line.

Line 3.jpg                  Mylee pulled the best numbered wristband of the three of us #313.
Mylee 313.jpg Her wristband put us in Row 3 in the 13th spot. Actually there were only six people in front of us so we were sixth in that line.

Line 1-4.jpgThen the Rockies staff placed four baseballs inside a bag numbered 1-4. A little girl was chosen from the crowd to pick out the numbered baseballs. The order in which the baseballs were picked decided which of the fours row gets to line-up in front of the ticket windows first.

   The little girl picked Row 3 first(sweet), so we were were one of the first six fans at the ticket window.
Little girl picking the line sequence.jpg The Rockies were thoughtful and provided hot chocolate for everyone standing in line.

HOt chocolate.jpg Once the line sequence had been determined the Rockies staff march each individual row over to the ticket window where we waited about ten minutes for the windows to open.

           Here’s the long line of folks patiently waiting for their time at the window.
Standing in line for tix.jpg                               As always Dinger was around to help pass the time.

Dinger and some dude 2.jpg 
Dinger and H and M.jpgThe kids and I were able to purchase four of the last few remaining Rockpile tickets for opening day on April 1st.

We were also able to snag tickets for all of the fireworks games which are on:

July 1st

July 2nd

September 16th.

And all of the Bobblehead games which are on:

April 3rd Ubaldo Jiminez

June 10th Carlos Gonzalez

August 20th Troy Tulowitzki.

                                      Mission accomplished in less than an hour.

RPR and Tix.jpg        Only two weeks until we’re in Arizona opening the new Rockies/D-Backs stadium.

      I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I’m just gett’n all my ducks in row for this season.

Ducks all in a row.jpg

ranter hat1

Thanks to You…Rockpile Rant comes in at Two


Here are your Top 10 Latest Leaders based on traffic for the period of January 1-31, 2011:

                                                 FAN MLBLOGS

1. Sarge’s Phillies Phantasy Camp Diary
2. Rockpile Rant
3. Rays Renegade
4. Red State Blue State
5. Unfinished Business
6. Hands off my Pirates Booty
7. The Three Bs
8. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
9. Yankee Yapping
10. Phillies Phollowers

 Number 2?…Hell Yeah!!

Tulo Legit to quit.JPGI want to thank the Rockpile Rantics for their continued support. I’ve been waiting for the day when a Rockies Blog rules the MLBlogosphere and other than being beat out in January by a Phillies Fantasy Camp blog (that had the cover page of MLBlogs for a week), we’re there. 

 I’m willing to bet I spent less money in January than Sarge did 🙂

The Rockpile Rant is a fan MLBLog and there’s a reason it is ranks at number two. The Rockies fanbase is filled with year round fanatical baseball fans who live, eat and sleep baseball. We connect off-season and we keep baseball alive even when it’s -20 below like it’s been the last few days.

I want to thank ROOT SPORTS for making January a month to remember. I want to thank all of the Rockies fans who submitted Rockies essays to the Rant and my readers and friends who visit the Rant on a regular basis.

           Big things are going to happen this season because as far as I’m concerned…

                                     “It’s the Year of the Fan”

RPR Stairs.jpg                                                 And I resemble that.

                  I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter. No fantasies here, I’m the real deal.
ranter hat1


Salt River Fields…Of Dreams it Seems


            Two Tribes, Two Teams, One Home….The opening of a new stadium.

 Aerial shot from behind home plate.jpg

 This is what you get when you partner the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian community with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. This partnership has resulted in what’s known as Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. 

Salt River Fields is the first Major League Baseball spring training facility to be constructed on Indian land. The stadium has an 11,000 seat capacity including the grass berm in the outfield. 

                      Surrounding this beautiful stadium are 12 practice fields.Salt River Fields overhead.jpg Scattered throughout the grounds are other buildings that will house Major and Minor league clubhouses, training facilities and offices for the Rockies and the Diamondbacks.

   Evening Rendering.jpg                               Entering the Stadium from the Rockies Clubhouse.

First base line coming out the Rockies dugout.jpg                                          Main Gate entrance behind home plate.

11HOmeplate entry.jpg                 Here are a few things of note about Salt River Fields

Tailgating is not permitted in any Salt River Fields operated parking lot. Persons may not consume alcohol in the parking lots, including inside their vehicles.

Salt River Fields regulations allow only soft-sided bags and containers 16″x16″x8″ or smaller to be permitted in the gates

 The Centerfield Gate, which is located on the eastern part of the main stadium, will open 2 hours and 40 minutes prior to game time for Guests who want to view batting practice. The remaining gates will open 2 hour and 10 minutes prior to game time.

During the games, Guests are permitted to leave the ballpark and return through any of the four entrance gates. Please see the gate supervisor  to have your hand and ticket stub stamped. When returning to the ballpark, Guests must show their ticket stub and hand stamp, and should re-enter through a special pass-out gate at each of the entrance gates.

There are 3000 parking spaces on site and parking is $5.00.

Permitted Items:

•   One (1) Factory-Sealed Bottle of Water, Per Person. No larger than one (1) liter in size.

•   Purses / Diaper Bags / Personal Medical Bags.

•   Still / Video Cameras. Video cameras are permitted as long as live game action is   not recorded.

•   Binoculars.

•   Baseball Bats for the purpose of autographs. Bats must be stored under seats once the game begins. No aluminum bats,

•    Plastic baby bottles or any necessary items required for medical purposes or other special needs.

Prohibited Items:

•    No Outside Food or Beverages. Except as provided under permitted items. No Illegal Drugs

•    No Weapons / FireworksNo Glass Bottles / Aluminum Cans

•    No Hard-Sided Coolers / Containers, Regardless of Size

•    No Camera Tri, Dual or Single Leg Pods by Non-Media Personnel

•    No Fish Nets / Poles / Umbrellas / Signs Attached to Sticks

•    No Bullhorns / Noisemakers / Confetti

•    No Animals. Except service dogs for guests with disabilities are permitted.

•    No Beach Balls / Balloons / Inflatables

•    No Skateboards / Rollerblades / Shoes with Wheels

•    No Unauthorized Motor Vehicles / Mobility Devices

•    No Stools / Folding Chairs

•    No Squirt Guns / Bubble-Making Liquids

•    No Laser Pointers

•    Other Items Not Specified on this List as Deemed Prohibited by Management

From a baseball fans point of view the opening of a new stadium comes with a lot of firsts…Such as:

First fan to enter the gates.

First fan to catch a batting practice homerun.

First fan to catch a batting practice foul ball.

First fan to get a batting practice ball tossed to them.

First autograph inside the stadium.

First live game homerun snag or catch.

First live game foul ball snag or catch.

First ground rule double snag or catch.

First live game toss-up (ie. 3rd out toss-up).

Not to mention…The first pitch, first steal, first homerun, first single, double, first triple, first walk, first bunt, first hit batsmen, first out, first double play, first walk-off homerun…

You get my point the list goes on.

Everything is a first during the first game of a new stadium. Someone has their mind set on devouring the first foot long brat and some eager fan will take pride in knowing he purchased the first beer poured in Salt River Fields.

I couldn’t think of a better time to debut a “New Dinger”? 

 Salt River Fields at Talking Stick is a giant step-up from Hi-Corbett Field in every aspect. The whole “new ballpark” experience should be a positive buzz for the Rockies and will hopefully spill into the regular season. It would be nice to get through April with a winning record.

 The Rockies season begins at Salt River Fields on February 26, 2011 against the Diamondbacks at 1:10. Only 11,000 people will witness this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter…First in my Tulo’s eyes and maybe one the first to open this new stadium…Stay Tuned…D
Thumbnail image for RPR and Tulo RF.jpgranter hat1

Meet the Coors Field “Rockpile Rantics”

     Here are the “Rockpile Rantics” and a little bit about themselves.

                                                 Dan Sauvageau

Dans Red Sox catch.jpg I became a Rockies fan in 1996 when my wife and I moved here from Montana, and (don’t tell Emily this), but I was a Cubs fan before that. I am an insurance and retirement specialist for New York Life. I have caught 77 game home runs since 1998. I caught 10 home runs on the fly in one season in 2000, and caught 2 home runs in the same inning (Mike Lansing and Jeff Cirillo on June 28, 2000).

Emily and Dan2.jpgI was featured on Fox’s “You Gotta See This” in January of 2001. My favorite Rockies moment was Game 163 in 07′, after we went down 2 runs in the top of the inning, I was packing my stuff up pissed to no end ready to leave. After Holiday slid into home plate, you would have thought I’d just won the $400 million Powerball. My favorite pic ever taken of me at a Rockies game was at Game 4 of the World Series, bottom of the 9th, 1 out and Jamey Carroll up at the plate. He hits a long fly ball caught “RIGHT” in front of me. If the ball flies just 5 feet further, it’s in my glove, and Game 4 is tied at 1. As far as how many games I’ve been to, I’ve been to over 1,000 Rockies games since 1996.

dans behind the back catch.jpg I’ve never really kept track of how many batting practice balls I’ve caught, but we figure it is pretty close to about 2,500. My favorite all time Rockies player is Larry Walker.

 Here’s the story and video of Dan getting interviewed prior to the 2007 World Series…..Denver Gripped with Rockies Fever                                               

                                          Emily Sauvageau

Thumbnail image for Emily giving away a ball.jpgI have been a Rockies fan since September 15th, 2003, the day I was born. I have 2 game home run balls, not that my dad gave me, but two guys I didn’t know caught them behind us, and gave them to me.
I have been to exactly 360 Rockies games in my 7 years on this planet, including 3 NLDS (1 in 07′ and 2 in 10′), 4 NLCS games (2 in Phoenix and 2 at Coors Field in 2007), 2 World Series games, and the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game in St. Louis in 2009.
My favorite Rockies moment is a tie between the time my dad caught a ball during the “Flyball Frenzy” behind his back this past year, and the Seth Smith walk-off home run against the Cardinals this year to cap a 9 run bottom of the ninth comeback win.
 I have had a couple tv appearances, and newspaper appearances as a Rockies fan. When we went to Arizona for the NLCS in 2007, there was a story written about us in the Rocky Mountain News. Also, my picture was in the Denver Post during the NLCS with my “HOW SWEEP IT IS” sign.

Emily hit it here.jpg Also, my dad made me a “HIT IT HERE” sign with a target, and the middle cut out of it.
 I guess I was supposed to put my glove in the middle of it, but people laughed at me when I put my head in the middle, so I just did that. They showed me with the sign 4 different times during Game 3 of the World Series. My dad had tons of people calling him letting him know they saw us.
 In 2009, Fox did a story on me that was on television, and Marc Stout came out to interview me during a Rockies/Marlins game. My favorite thing to do at batting practice is give balls away that my dad catches, and believe me, he catches a lot of them. I have probably given 4 to 5 hundred baseballs away to other kids. My favorite Rockies player is Ryan Spilborghs. 


                                  Geri Schmid aka “QUEEN GERI”
I’m an automobile accountant during the day, and work in all 3 stadiums at night.

Queen Geri first row.jpgI was a season ticket holder in section 331 (RIGHT behind home plate) for 8 years until my baseball dad got too old to go with me anymore. 

One supervisor had been asking me for years to come work with them, so I decided to try it out at that point.  I was a Coors Field usher for 2 seasons in the 140’s (third base to the LF foul pole), and now work in the wardrobe department for the Rockies. 

 I love hanging out with all of the Rantics on warm summer nights watching my favorite team playing my favorite sport.

 There have been way too many memories to list, but one of my favorites is from Dante Bichette. 
He was going after a long fly ball into the left field corner.  He slammed into the padded wall at a high rate of speed, and the ballpark was quiet trying to figure out if he caught the ball for a full second. 
After walking out of the corner, he took a few steps, then non chalantly flips the ball out of his glove.  THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!  The replay showed that he caught the ball with his arm straight down by his thigh and behind him at 60 MPH!
It was an amazing catch! 
Brad Hawpe was my favorite recent player, I’m so sad that he’s gone. Larry Walker is my other all-time Rockies fave.
                                         Hunter Chilcote
Hunter gets six.jpgMy name is Hunter. I’m an original Rockpile Rantic because my dad is the Rockpile Ranter. I’ve been a Rockies fan since I was born and attended my first game at six months old.
I love going to batting practice with my dad and trying to snag more baseballs than him and I usually do.
My favorite player is Todd Helton mostly because he’s been playing first base for as long as I can remember.
Hunter and dad11.jpgMy favorite Rockies moment was when Manual Corpas gave me his glove. 
The previous day Manny had tossed the last ball of the Rockies portion of batting practice to me and I misjudged it and it tagged me in the chest pretty hard.
The next day was autograph Sunday and Manny was signing. I was in his line and when I got up to him I told him that I was the kid who got hit with the baseball in the chest the day before.
 Manny signed my baseball then told me to meet him over by the Rockies dugout after he was done signing.
My dad and I went over to the Rockies dugout and Manny disappeared and came out with a glove and autographed it for me. Last season I managed to snag six baseballs during one batting practice and I’ve snagged over 60 baseballs in three years. I like to give some of the baseballs away.
     It makes me feel good and I like the look on the kids faces when I give them a ball.
                                                Ken Booth
Thumbnail image for Ken aka tripletrox.jpgI moved to Colorado in 1993 to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder (graduated with a bachelor of Environmental Design in ’96).  I currently work for an architectural consulting firm in Denver (10 blocks from Coors Field) that designs maintenance facilites for cities, counties, and transit agencies.
I attended my first of 48 Rockies games at Mile High Stadium with my Dad against the Cubs…let’s not talk about the score.  So I guess I have been a fan since the beginning.
 I have seen the Rockies on the road twice against Royals and once against the D-Backs.  Our family is going to start a new tradition of going to watch the Rockies on a road trip once a year, since we had so much fun in KC last year.
  I like to visit other ball parks around the country, and have been to 20 MLB parks.  My favorites are AT&T Park, PNC Park, Oriole Park at Camden Yards and of course Coors Field.
My favorite baseball moment came in 2009 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh when the Phllies were playing the Pirates.  I was sitting in right field and caught a Jimmy Rollins HR, my first ever game ball. 
I am still looking for my first game HR from a Rockie at Coors Field.  I like to attend batting practice to snag fly ball HR’s in the PAVILLION.  Coors Field is a great place to get batting practice balls.
I have been a baseball fan since I was eight years old when I got my first baseball card.  At one time I had over 30,000 baseball cards, but I got tired of moving them when I was in my twenties and sold most of them and bought some power tools.  I still kept my favorite cards and probably still have about 3,000 – 4,000 cards.  Now I like to collect Rockies autographs on balls that I catch during batting practice.
My all-time favorite Rockie is Todd Helton, but now my favorite is Troy Trevor Tulowitzki.  This guy is so fun to watch, especially last September when he went nuts hitting 15 HR and nearly 50 RBI in one month!
My favorite Rockies moment was when we watched the Rockies sweep the Phillies in the 2007 Wild Card series.  The night the lights went out at Coors Field (literally) and the Phillies lights went out as well. 
                               Here is a picture of me celebrating after they won.kb.jpg
                                                    Marianne aka R-LUV
Rluv and RPR 2.jpg
Originally from Oakland, CA so have been an A’s fan from back in the days of baseball greats Catfish Hunter, Vida Blue, Rollie Fingers, etc.
Been a Rockies fan from Day 1, couldn’t believe it when we finally got our own MLB team.
Favorite player: That’s always such a tough one because they are all a favorite for different reasons….guess at this point it would either be Cargo or Joe Beimel.

Moment: Getting to finally meet in person The Rockpile Ranter at Rockies Fest # 1, what an awesome person he is!

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