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Would be phat to own this bat


scary santa 11.JPGOk, X-mas is over. No more fat guy in a red suit scaring the crap out of our kids.

It was a huge success and my kids are loaded up with toys and clothes to last another year (I hope).

 I have to say, RockBand is really freggin cool. My wife has this thing where she can’t watch video games for long because of the rapid eye movement jacks her up.

 Not only can she watch Rockband, the kicker is……she really digs playing it.

Judas priest1.jpgI swear my kids rocked out for most of the day. I myself, began mastering the drums.

I only wish you could pick the songs that “you” want to hear. Anyways, just thought I’d give the game a plug. Great family entertainment, plus it gets your kids listening to a lot of the music you listened to growing up, you know, the good stuff.


 So you can think of playing RockBand as sort of a Tiger woods nike.jpgmusical history lesson.

You need to play this game, I’m never wrong about this stuff.

The game I really want to play next is Tiger Woods Golf for the Wii, I can’t wait.Ballparks book.jpg


 My mother and father-in-law gifted me a really cool book about ballparks for X-mas.

The pictures in this book are incredible. There’s some history about the parks too.

Heavy to hold, but fun to read.


                        Below are a few pictures from Colorado’s own Coors field.

Coors page 1.jpg
Coors page 3.jpg          I love pictures, and I love baseball. This was a very thoughtful gift, Thank you.

I work right beside a sporting goods store and I decided to walk over and see if they had any Rockies gear on sale, you know the deeply discounted crap they’re desperate to get rid of.

 They had a whole bunch of Matt Holliday Jerseys priced at half off. 

Bikinis half off1.jpgHuh, only half off? I don’t understand, unless your planning on flying to California and getting Matt to autograph the Jersey, then fly back and hang it on your wall, in my opinion the jersey is almost worthless.  

 Good luck with trying to do that, it’s not easy to get Matt Holliday to sign anything. While he was a Rockie and before home games started, it seemed like he would hide underneath the Stadium until the last minute then come onto the field. 

The dude rarely took batting practice, sorry Matt, but it’s true. I’m not hating, I’m just stating. 



Half off, give me a freggin break. 

I did manage to find a good deal, I found a Rockies hoodie for a great price. 

Actually the price was so good I bought two. 

Just wait a year Tampa Bay Ray fans, you’ll be able to find all kinds of good deals on baseball stuff.

 Here’s  something cool I spotted someone selling:
 I normally would keep this to myself but it offically went out of my price range a little while back.

 It’s Todd Helton’s pink baseball bat
. Click on the link to go straight to the auction. Last I looked it was at $50.00 plus shipping. The auction ends this Saturday around noon.
This bat deserves to be owned by a Rockies fan.

Ok, so someone who doesn’t have any kids step up to the plate here and give this thing a good home. 

                       Your probably the only ones with any cash left after X-mas.

Todd helton pink bat1.jpg
(Just for the record, I do not own this bat, nor do I know who the hell is selling it. I’m just pointing out a neat piece of history up for sale).

This bat was signed and used by Colorado Rockies #17 Todd Helton on Mother’s Day 2008 in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness.

There were seven Rockies players who used the pink bats on Mother’s day.

Todd is my favorite player and I would love to be the owner of this bat. Like I said, I’m telling you about it because I feel a loyal Rockies fan should give her a good home.  

Here’s a link to the story on MLB.com….. Pink bat story by Mark Newman. I wonder if Todd kept the other bat?

                         Hmmm, who knows I could always give him a ring and ask him?

big nose ring.jpg

Thanks for your click..Peace…Dwinking for peace.JPG
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What can you say when a Pro makes your day

12/11/08                               Rockpile Rant made the:  
mlblogs icon.gif                                  

                                             Ranter’s Bad Joke of the day

Drug Dealer.jpg




Question: Who makes more money a prostitute or a drug dealer?







 Answer: A prostitute obvioiusly, she can wash her crack and resell it.

 C,mon, you know you love my sense of humor.

I’m still trying really hard to come out of this funk. It took me years to figure it out, but I get depressed around X-mas.

Is it just me? It really sucks.

Pinball m.jpg I know what it stems from, (a stupid F’king pinball machine).

 I figured that out last holiday season. I was in a Target with Hunter when he noticed a Spiderman pinball machine. He mentioned to me how much he wanted it for X-mas.. It was at that moment I flashed back to a time in my childhood during X-mas.

I almost lost it in that store. My eyes welled up as an extremely painful memory was brought back to my attention.

Hunter got that pinball machine for X-mas and nobody smashed it in front of him. Nuff said on that.

whats up.gifStill no answer back from MLBlogs.com on the rankings. I just want to know the deal, and then I’ll keep rolling on as I always do. I’m wondering if my blog getting erased at one point this season had something to do with it?

 As I said, I’m not mad, I just don’t understand.

Educate me please?

rockiescoolpic.jpg2009 Rockies tickets went on sale today. The first three home games are April 11-13 against the Phillies.

Oh hell yea. How cool would it be to win that set.

 I’m in Section 151 of the Pavilion for all three games, and I’m still chasing that elusive live home run ball.

I officially claim 2009 as the year of the Ranter. I called shotgun first.  

You can bet I’ll be there at Coors Field with my Jersey,  hat, glove, camera, and ready to break some personal records, or break something.

Move on quit.jpgI’m on a mission, and when I put my mind to something, it gets done.

Or, I get bored and move on. 

My Denver Nuggets are kicking some serious butt this season. I almost feel bad for dogging Carmello Anthony a few blog entries back, especially when he scored 33 points in the third quarter during last nights game.

I know you’ve got it in you Melo, just bring it every night…I want to support you man. I really do. 


                                  Hey Melo, here’s a Pro you could learn a lot from.

Collin Balester.jpgCollin Balester, pitcher for the Washington Nationals. He blogs here and is the first Professional player to comment on the Rant.  

Thank you Bally, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to know that you took time out of your day to read my blog.

Also, your comment came at a time I really appreciated it. You Rock brotha. 

Here is the comment I read from Bally’s Blog that inspired me to comment there:

Quote from Bally, “I like it because like I always say without you fans this game is nothing, so I like to give back to the fans and so I appreciate the support that they give on a day to day basis. Also, I will sign for anyone thats the least I can do”.

He said it was the least he could do. You see, Bally gets it. I hope he has a stellar year.  

good luck12.gif

This dude is a class act. Hey Bally, the Rockies play the Nationals on Aug 18-20.

I always make batting practice and I’m not hard to spot. Come over and say hi. That would

 mean more to me than you know.

 Collin, I have officially added your blog to my sidebar. It’s really good.

Good luck, and I hope you have an outstanding season Sir.

Good guys don’t always finish last, or 48th.


Don’t worry all, I’m in there like swimwear. I just need to get past these damn holidays and all’s good.

Groovyconga.jpg                                                         Who luvs ya??..D
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Wham bam another grand slam


Well they don’t know for sure at this point if my blog can be saved. I was told that I am high on the priority list, but no guarantees.

So if you see older blog entrys pop up one by one it’s me finding them and reposting them.

 I’ll keep hoping.

 I must say that is some sad news. I really was hoping for the best but at this point I think I  am ready to move on if I have to.

canada T shirt.jpgI grew up in Canada. So all this crap happening from a Canadian leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Canadians are cool people and please don’t let this one shape your opinion of what Canadians are like. 

My parents still live in Alberta and so does most of my mom’s side of the family.

 I wasn’t happy with the  apology. I agree with a lot of you who posted on Zack’s blog and my blog.

 It just seemed like it wasn’t sincere.

Seems like he was only doing this because he got caught. I don’t think he understands the extent of the damage he did. Or how much he hurt Hunter and I.

symptoms-of-heart-attack.jpg I also believe this WAS a personal attack, he hacked four of my accounts. 

Seems personal to me..

I was actually nice to the young Canadian.

It did bother me a little bit that he had a comment for every blog I’ve ever written, but thats how we network here on MLBLogs, so I dealt with it.

I read a lot of the blogs on Mlblogs.com. I don’t know most of my fellow bloggers,  but I feel like I do through reading their blogs. The mostly positive emails that I have received  helped me deal with this incident.

I really thought I would get ganged up on because people would think it was my fault that the Canadian baseball collector was taken down.

I just don’t need a bunch of his supporters slamming me with emails telling me what a jerk I am for doing this to HIM. If your one of these people and you are contemplating emailing me and slamming me about the Canadian.

Save your keyboard and just kiss my rockpiles.

First 9-16-08.JPGNuff said on that today.


      Batting Practice 9-16-08

Hunter and I were first in line today. Go figure. The line was tiny.

There were maybe fifteen people waiting to get inside the gates.

That gave me a really good feeling for BP. Less people = more baseballs to snag..
Hunter first 9-16-08.JPG 

I have watched Hunter really  grow up a lot this season. When we first started snaggin this year he was impatient and at times a bit annoying to the players and other snaggers. 

He has since toned it down and is a respectable snagger who doesn’t have to beg repeatedly for baseballs. He has discovered that he doesn’t have to beg if he is in the right place at the right time.

Being the first one into the Pavilion paid off today. Hunter managed to run down to the outfield railing first and Steven Registe threw him the first ball of BP.

Thank you Steven !

Finally, I got to see Matt Holliday at BP. He never shows up to bat. He was knocking some serious baseballs into the Pavilion and I managed to snag one off the bounce by beating two other snaggers to it. For some reason Matty didn’t start the game today. Omar 1 9-16-08.JPG

Hunter got ball number two from one of the players kids that was on the field for BP. 

Right after he got that ball Omar Quintinilla walked up to the wall to retreive a ball.

While he was standing by the wall he got hit up for autographs. 

Hunter and I managed to get one of the balls we each snagged today autographed by Omar.

Thank you Omar !Omar 2 9-16-08.JPG  







 Omar was my first ever professional baseball player autograph.

He signed my ticket stub two years ago at a Rockies game. 


Pavilion 9-16-08.JPG





Like I mentioned earlier.

The small line to get inside the Stadium meant a super low attendance for BP.
Pavilion 9-16-08 2.JPG


Most weekday games have a little bit smaller turnout for batting practice. 

This game being on a weekday and the fact that the Rockies season is basically over,  was the reason for the low turnout.

OK with me.

See the guy in the yellow shirt going down the stairs?

Capt Earthman.JPG

Meet Captain Earthman..Super Vendor.

He works all the Rockies games and he also works the concerts at Red Rocks  Ampitheatre.

He has a business card with his cellphone number.

 You call the number, tell him what row your in and what you want to order.

He shows up with your stuff.

Same goes for shows at Red Rocks.. 

This guy is amazing and probably worth his own blog entry, but maybe another time..






I salute you Captain Earthman.

So do thousands of thirsty Coors Field and Red Rocks patrons.

Keep up the good work.









Hunters three 9-16-08.JPGIt was nice, you could actually pick a section and it was yours. 

Dang near every kid at BP today left with a ball.

 That my friends, is a good batting practice. 

Hunter got his third ball thrown to him by a Padres player that I couldn’t identify. Soon as he tossed Hunter the ball,

BP was over.


Hunter got the first and last ball of BP. He wanted to make sure that I mentioned that..lol 

Mark BP 9-16-08.JPG


While I was at BP I met a fellow MLBlogs blogger named Mark. He has a blog called Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog. It is a neat blog done from his sons point of view..Check it out.

Mark, sorry we didn’t get to talk too much, but hey it was BP.

It was really cool to meet you. Maybe we can have a beer sometime and chat at another game.

When I asked Mark how snaggin was he said that he had snagged one ball up to that point. Same as me.


                                          Game 2, Rockies vs Padres


Man, two Grand Slams in two games. I think that has been done only once in the Rockies organization. Chris Iannetta crushed a ball into mid-pavilion almost 3/4 of the way up to score Tulo, Atkins and Spilborghs..

Wow, that was where Holliday was hitting them during BP. 

Great job Chris !

The Rockies pitchers were on it tonight.  Ubaldo Jimenez looked awesome.

Jeff Baker homered in the fifth to score Iannetta and Hawpe.. He crushed that ball too. Almost to the same place as Chris Iannetta. Sweet hit Jeff.

Rockies slam the Padres 10-3 on a beautiful evening in Denver…

I can’t make the game on Wednesday as I have a morgage to pay.

The next game for us is Friday and I will have the whole family with me.

It is one of the Rockies fireworks games and I missed them all this season..

Thanks everyone, this really is a great community…Go Rockies…D
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Back from the attack and right on track



An apology was put on the Canadians blog but has since been removed.

Wow, strange couple of days. Thanks everyone, sucks all this had to happen.

I am seriously a non-drama type of guy.

I try to keep my life organized and simple and there is no room for BS.

 So the last couple days have been rough.

The support from readers and bloggers here has been just incredible.

I have been deeply touched and it’s not easy to touch me.


 Anywho…back to what I do…


My 1 ball 9-15-08.JPG


 Just got back from the Rockies game.

 I know our season is over, but it SUCKS to lose to the Padres…


I went with my buddy Andy to this game and had tickets to access the first row during batting practice.




The last couple of batting practices have been kind of boring and we were hoping for a little action.


Robert and Emily 9-12-08.JPG

Robert holding the sign for Emily—————–>

Dan was there with Emily and she had a sign with her.

Happy Birthday Emily

222 games.

WOW, think about that..she is only five.

I’m a lot older than five and I can’t touch that number.

Her dad Dan’s number of games is probably 4 times that..Amazing.

I really didn’t get much batting practice action. One of the very last hits was nailed to the left of where I was standing and I managed to get within a foot of it and had to back off to avoid (getting in another snaggers personal space).

He caught it and I let him know it was a good catch..

MarkS.jpgOn a cool note…I did get Mark Strittmeyer (bullpen catcher) to toss me a ball after answering his question.

 He asked me if there was a 4th of July in Mexico? I replied, “sure there is, just like in every country”…

He tossed me the ball…As he was walking away I told him I saw him ask the same question  on TV last week.

We both laughed and he took off…Thanks Mark !

So my non-snaggin streak is over..That ball counts right??   

Andy 9-15-08.JPG





I looked over to see  how Andy was doing and I was just in time to see him bobble a ball that had hit just below the yellow cushion.




Andys Catch 9-15-08.JPG



Not to worry.

Shortly after that bobble, he caught a BP homerun and one of the Padres tossed him a ball just for just standing there and not begging.

Good Job Andy on your first time snaggin at Coors Field.

Jim..is your snaggin experience still fresh in your mind too?

I was telling Andy that one of the reasons I love batting practice is for that short period of time nothing else in the world matters.

For that hour and a half or whatever I only have one thing on my mind.

Getting a ball.

Not bills, not work, not life, not my hacked blog. Nada..

I can tune out everything….It just works for me..Andy said he could relate.

Cooks Autograph 9-15-08.JPGI managed to get Aaron cook to sign my ticket. Too bad he used a pen.  

He signed for a minute or two and was really cool about it.

Rockies trailed most of this game. In the end we lost it 11-5.

Andy and I  had one chance for a home run ball but Will Venable caught it right at the center field wall front of us and landed on his butt after getting his bells rung from his impact with the wall.

That was six feet away. Worth every penny..He got up and seemed fine.

Greg Reynolds allowed nine hits and seven runs in two plus innings. That pretty much sealed the Rockies fate this evening.

Mr Reynolds, I think that may be a wrap…

Thumbnail image for Tulo 9-7-08.JPG



 Tulo..nice job on the Grand Slam..thanks for hitting it exactlly where we were sitting right after we got up..

I will be at the game tomorrow with Hunter…Again..thanks everyone..D
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Holliday makes the Reds pay on Saturday


Barmes 8-23.JPG

Wow, all kinds of crazy stuff happened during game two vs the Reds

Did you see Barmes catch?

 He catches it, takes like three steps with it in his glove, slams into the wall, flips into the crowd then loses the ball.

The referee says it’s not an out..HUH?

 He clearly had posession.

Ref who need lasic.JPG



                          Beware of this Referee——->

Then the other referee with the call at third. Clearly safe and he calls an out. Sometimes I wonder if these Refs work p/t for the NBA????

I can recommend a good Lasic surgeon.

Torealba hit 8-23.JPGFirst pitch of the game Torealba gets hit with the ball and seriously gets his bells rung .                     Toreala 8-23-1.JPG

ToddH Bobblehead day 8-23.JPG




We showed up an hour early to get in line for batting practice. We knew it would be crazy because today was Todd Helton Bobblehead day.


Crowd to the right 8-23.JPG


There was a decent size crowd at BP.  I was busy doing what I usually do  lately which is trying to snag baseballs with a glove in one hand and a camera in my other.

 I’m starting to think I shouldn’t try to take pictures during batting practice.

First off, it throws off my timing and I need all the help I can get. Crowd left of me 8-23.JPG



Secondly, I could possibly break my camera during a ball chase.

Lastly, the pictures I take while I’m trying to snag look like crap and are all blurry. 

Too much adreneline running through me.




Hunters first 8-23.JPG Hunter was on his game and managed to snag two. He would have gottten a third ball tossed to him by Ubaldo Jimenez, but Hunter broke one of the golden rule of snagging.  Hunters two 8-23.JPG



Ubaldo 8-23.JPG


 He let Ubaldo see that he already had a ball and Ubaldo tossed it to another kid..

Lesson learned !

Ubaldo had tossed Hunter a ball the day before so all was good.

Willy T 8-23.JPG


 We didn’t try for autographs today because the line around the Rockies dugout and along first base was huge.

 So Hunter and I got some lunch and I took lots of pictures.Willy Stretch 8-23.JPG Hawpe and Baker 8-23.JPG Hawpe 8-23.JPG Baker 8-23.JPG Hawpe signing 8-23.JPG Dinger 8-23.JPG                 Question..Is Dinger male or female?..Serious, I don’t know. 

The Rockies had a special promotion today, If you were male and wore a skirt , you got to walk on Coors Field. Unfortunatly I forgot to get mine out of the cleaners. Maybe next time.Skirts 8-23.JPG                                                    Garrett Atkins Garrett Atkins 8-23-1.JPG                                                    Cook and Stewart Cook and Stewart 8-23.JPG                                      A couple of Cookie on the mound Cook 8-23.JPG   Cookie cool pic 8-23.JPG                                                 Stewart taking a swing

Stewart at Bat 8-23.JPGMatt Holliday essentially won the game with a double that missed being a grand slam by a few feet. He drove in three runs with that timely hit.

Willy Taveras, who was on first base when Holliday came up to bat, crossed home plate about a half a second behind Barmes who was on second. Willy seriously can run fast. He leads all of baseball in stolen bases…Nice job  Willy T. Holliday 8-23.JPG Rock Pile 8-23.JPG




Rockies win this game 7-6 over the Reds and tie up this set. Game three is tomorrow and the wife and kids will all be with me.  

We’ll be enjoying the lovely Rock Pile seating tomorrow.


Water Fountain 8-23.JPG



 Rockies need to keep their flow going. Hunter Posing 8-23.JPG






 Wonder who the four Rockies players signing autographs  tomorrow?

Will there be a batting practice?

Will the Rockies win this set and continue to move forward? Me 8-23.JPG




Stop by here tomorrow and I’ll let you know all about it.

Thank you all for your support. Your kind words are my motivation….D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Rockies look tight on a perfect night




Poor Pirates

Rockies win game one of a four game set against the Pirates 5-3.


<———Somebodys kid..not mine.


 It’s nice driving away from  Coors Field with a win. We sure needed this one. Ubaldo’s shaky first couple of innings had me nervous, but he settled down and only allowed three runs. Nice job Ubaldo…Keep that flow man..You set the pace.

Congratulations Rockies closer Brian Fuentes on your 100th save with the Rockies.

Chris Iannetta, wow, simply outstanding. I was sitting close to where you hit that homer. Not real close, but it bounced back from a bleacher and I was within ten feet. Had I went for the ball, Robert Harmon would have probably gotten it before me.

Hey, he’s had more practice.

Pavilion Bleachers 7-17.JPG




I was first in the Rock Pile Gate today.

 I entered the Pavilion the same time as a young kid.



CF Sky 7-17.JPG




 The sky was really overcast, but it barely even sprinkled.


It was a perfect day for batting practice. 





Thumbnail image for BP ball -17.JPGI only managed to snag one baseball today.

 It was a sweet hit to center field by Chris Iannetta.  I ran to my right about fifteen feet and caught it on the fly.

I had at least five other opportunities to snag a ball today.today.

The sad part is,  had I been a little more “on it” today, I probably could have snagged most of them.

I was slacking.

 Oh well, I got up at for work at 4 AM this morning and I was a little tired..Yea thats it.  

tight knit group1.jpg

 Seeing the game tonight made me feel like I was finally watching a tight knit group of ballplayers.

Does anyone believe Rockies can make a run for it all again?

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 

You get no love when you forget your glove


sad face.jpgJust a quick recap on the Padres show here at Coors Field on Monday night. I went with Berned..

Just like a forty year old whose mind is slipping as fast as his prostate is growing, I left my backpack sitting by the door which had items such as a glove, water, candy, sunblock, you know…the good things. On the plus side at least I had my ticket and camera. 

I was first to the BP gates first as usual and was holding a place for B (who showed up shortly after). I pulled out my camera to take a picture like I usually do and guess what?..No batteries or film card, wonderful.

So if you haven’t noticed,  I’m off to a great start.

Berned and I sat through the Rockies batting practice and I had a chance at several home run balls. Not having a glove I had to wait for the ball to take a bounce first, then chase it. Yes I could have barehanded one, but my hands are my moneymaker.

Income = ability to go to games. It was pitiful. I didn’t even snag one. 

When it was the Padres time to bat, Berned generously offered to let me use his glove and I accepted.

I think he felt sorry for me. Or maybe it was my comment about not having a glove at BP was the same as a junkie stuck in a pharmacy with no needle, no matter, shortly after he let me us it I saw a beautiful shot heading just to the left of us. I bolted up, ran over, timed it perfectly and the ball landed in the top part of my glove, bounced out and hit the ground. I quickly reached down and scooped it up.

I gave that ball to B, his first of the year. It was the right thing to do, it was his glove.

 That would be my only ball for this game. An Usher friend of B who we’ll call Ronnie RayofLight, hooked us up this some stellar seats just to the left of home plate and we enjoyed most of the game there, great seats, and me without use of my camera..GRRRR

short story.jpg


To make a sad story as short as possible, we left at the bottom of the 8th and it was tied 8-8.

By the time I got home the Padres had scored seven runs in the 9th inning to win 15-8…Horribly spanked by the worst team in our division to assume that exact title ourselves.

CRAPTASTIC. Thats all I have to say about that… craptastic.jpg









Thanks for the ticket today B…Game two tomorrow night.

                                                        .Go Rockies..D

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