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Oh, what a day by the bay

Angry fans.JPG9-25-08

You know there were some pissed off Giants fans leaving AT&T park last night. I myself have felt like that several times this season.

All I heard today was “why didn’t the Rockies play like that last month, why now?”.

To which I replied “why the hell are you asking me, I’m wondering the same thing myself”.

 Too little, too late, ahh whatever. It was still fun to watch and I’m officially three wins up on my bet.

If the Rockies win tonight I’ll be bringing that Rockies Jersey into work tomorrow for the Giants fan who thought up this bet to wear. Oh, and the loser’s picture gets posted on here. He is a good sport, I think.

Thank you1.JPGThank You Rockies ( knock on wood),  for not making me look like a chump in front of everyone I work with and the blogging community.

Hope I’m not celebrating too early?

clint barmes rookie card.jpg


Clint Barmes was on fire last night. He chalked up a homer and four RBI’s. Barmes is bucking for a full
time job and who can blame him.  

I cant believe this guy can hit the way he hits. Shoot, I’m bigger than him..I guess it’s all in the swing.
helton card.jpg                                                

Just heard some scary news. My favorite player is going to go under the knife. Todd Helton is going to have what’s called a microdisectomy
 next tuesday. That just sounds uncomfortable.

They are going to remove part of his bulging L5 disc to hopefully alleviate pressure on the nerve that has been messing with him. 

Good Luck Todd, We need to see you on first base next season.
Thumbnail image for Chris Iannetta 12.jpg


Congrats to Chris Iannetta !

Chris’s two run double gave him 65 RBI for the season. That was enough for him to surpass former Rockie Brent Mayne’s club record of 64 RBI in 2000.

Willy Taveras Rookie.jpgDon’t count on seeing Willy Taveras steal any more bases this season. Apparently, super speed comes with a pricetag.

Willy has a stress fracture of his right tibea. His season is officially done. Good luck Speedy! I hope you heal as fast as you run.

The Rockies owned this game. They won 15-6. I was skeptical of Hernandez, but he had two of the Rockies eighteen hits himself.

Livan gave up five runs with twelve hits in seven innings. He is now (13-11).

nothing7sittingpic.jpgI know these last few games mean nothing. But straight up, I would rather see them win the last six games than lose them. I hate losing to the Giants. 

I do plan to blog about the playoffs but I just can’t seem to blog about other teams while my team is still playing and winning.

Game 3 vs the Giants is tonight is at 8:15 MST. Only four games left.

Go Rockies…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 


An evening of lights and spectacular sights

9/19/08                    FIREWORKS GAME              ROCKIES VS DIAMONDBACKS

What a day. My face actually hurts from smiling so much. Hope it didn’t crack.

Today was only the second time this whole season that we were late for batting practice. Denver traffic on a Friday around 4pm can be hellish, and used took every short cut I knew,  but we still arrived about fifteen minutes late.

We met Berned in the parking lot and we all headed in. This was our first fireworks game this year and I had no idea if people showed up early or waited till later on in the evening to arrive.

Pavilion 9-19-08.JPG


 When we reached the Pavilion there was hardly anyone there at all.

 Either the Rockies didn’t taking batting practice or they were finished by the time we had arrived.

The D-backs were on the field and we assumed our positions.
Hunter 9-19-08.JPG





 Hunter slid down to the railing in row two.
My Spot 9-19-08.JPG



And me, I took my usual spot about half way up, not quite center field.

From a snaggers point of view,  it’s fun to watch the D-backs.

They were hitting well and I was getting some serious “play” in the Pavilionslot_machine.jpg.


Here’s my analogy of snagging.

Snagging to me is like going to a casino.

I don’t mind going home with nothing, as long as I get some “play”.

If your start your day at the Casino with a hundred bucks and you lose it in the first thirty minutes, that sucks.

But, if you get to play all day on the hundred bucks and then go home broke.

Then it was a day of entertainment.

Feel me?? 


 Ok, so it has been a long while since I have caught a ball on the fly at BP. 

Today, all of that would change.

About twenty minutes after we arrived at BP,  I saw a ball launched and headed for me.

 At first it looked like it was going over my head, but then it started to break. I ran back down about fifteen steps, reached as high as I could and poof.baseball in -glove-.jpg

Right into my glove.

My only goal for the last few games of the season was to catch one more ball on the fly.

Mission accomplished. Oh hell yea ! 

I didn’t even have time to revel in the moment. As soon as I put that ball in my pocket I saw another ball heading my general direction.

 I was tracking this ball perfectly and  moved quickly down about five stairs, put my glove up high, and snagged ball number two.

My Pair 9-19-08.JPG

 That was a first for me.

 Two balls caught on the fly within seconds.

 To make it even better, it was two balls hit from the same player during the same at bat.

I couldn’t tell you who the batter was. He was too far away to see.

But hey, mystery D-backs batter, thanks.

I really needed that.


 Several times I looked over and saw Dan catch a ball in the fly. Looked like he was having a good day.

 I asked Dan how he did after BP and he said he snagged five balls. I asked him if he had ever caught two in a row from the same player in one time at bat.

He responded,  “I’ve caught three”. Thats awesome Dan!  Zack eat your heart out. 

Congrats Dan..Will we see a blog from you next season?? Do it man…DO IT !

I know you hold some snaggin records.

Also, with out giving out details, Thanks Dan for getting the three us onto field for the show…D

After BP we went over behind the Rockies dugout to take some pictures and see if Hunter could maybe snag an autograph.  While were were there Robert Harmon came up and said hi.

Robert and I have been talking recently about a little trade. Robert has been tossing around the idea of starting a blog. He also drives a VW bus. I have a VW bus and I’m a blogger.

So we may swap, he helps me work on the bus, I help him start a blog.

Sounds good to me. 


Thumbnail image for Spillys Dad and Robert.JPG

(A shot of Robert and Ryan Spilborghs dad a few games back).


I think Robert would have a cool blog.

I bet he has some serious snaggin stories.

It would be interesteing to see and read about his baseball collection.



                                        Here are a few random pictures I took.

First is Berned after BP. He said it was tough watching me chase baseballs and he felt he needed some ice cream
Berned 9-19-08.JPG                                          He got Hunter one too..Thx..B

Hunter Ice cream 9-19-081.JPG                                              Best haircut of the game.

Best Haircut 9-19-08.JPGClint out socializing with the fans and signing autographs..He does that a lot.
Clint 9-19-08.JPG        Ian Stewart doing some yoga. Kind of hard to reach “Zen” when your on display.
Ian Stewart 9-19-08.JPG                                                 Few players stretching. 
stretching 9-19-08.JPG

                                              Willy “Speedy” Taveras
Willy T 9-19-08.JPG

                                            Tulowitzki, Barmes and Atkins
Tulo, Atkins, Barmes 9-19-08.JPG                                           Hawpe and Stewart playing catch.
Stewart and Hawpe 9-19-08.JPG

                                                           Me and BMe and B 9-19-08.JPG

                                                   A shot of the City


Denver 9-19-08.JPG


The Rockies had the lead the entire game.   

Atkins got an RBI in the first inning to start things off. Then Chris Iannetta homered in the second to get his 18th of the year and put the Rockies up 2-0.

Bottom of the fourth with two out, Clint Barmes homered and and that put the Rockies up 3-0.

Nothing really exciting happened untill the ninth inning.

Brian Fuentes was pitching and let the D-Backs Mark Reynolds homer and then managed to load up the bases. With two out,  Fuentes struck out Chris Young in an awesome finish to a perfect evening. Rockies beat the D-Backs 3-1.

Oh wait, this evening isn’t close to being finished yet.

After the game, all fans with seats in the Pavilion and Rock Pile were allowed onto the field to lay down and watch the fireworks display. 

The way the Stadium is designed, the fans in those seats have their backs to the scoreboard (which is where they shoot off the fireworks).

                                    Fans starting to fill up the playing field.Fans filling the field 9-19-08.JPG


                        Here is a shot going through the tunnel to get onto the field.
Tunnel 9-19-08.JPG                                          On the grass before the fireworks.


on the grass 9-19-08.JPG

                                                   B chillin on the grass

B chillin 9-19-08.JPG                                              The countdown to launch.

The fireworks countdown.JPGI had a serious rush of emotions as I lay on the grass inside Coors Field watching a spectacular fireworks show.

Click here to see the fireworks finale—->Fireworks finale 9-19-08 

I flashed back to the first time I ever attended a Professional baseball game.

 It was 1975 and I got to walk on the field inside Yankee Stadium. It was a day game and all the fans were cheering for us. I’ll never forget that.

I thought back to playing baseball as a kid in New Jersey just before we moved to Canada. Seeing my the look on my mom and pops face when I made a good play or catch.

Me n Hunter on the Coors Field 9-19-08.JPGThen I thought about my own son.

Watching him play baseball this year. Seeing his love for this sport grow.

 I love being a father.

Baseball is how we bond.

I though about all the Rockies batting practices and games we have attended this season.



 Seeing the rush of excitement on Hunter’s face when were first into the Stadium for BP. 

Watching him play catch with Chan Ho Park.  

Mylee’s first baseball at BP this season. Snaggin from the first row. My double snag today. 

We are fortunate to have blogging as a media . Blogging is a great way of storing and sharing an experience, memory or thought that no one can take away from you….Usually.

Maybe not everyone feels this way but Baseball is as “pure”  for me today as it was thirty  years ago.

I had straight up had goosepimples as I lay on the grass in my favorite Stadium.

I’m a kid again as soon as I enter the gates. 

Forget the world right now, I’m here to play and have fun.

I'm Home 9-19-08.JPG


I’ll check back into reality in a few hours.

 Nothing else gives me that feeling my youth.

Thank you MLB, the Colorado Rockies and Mlblogs.com.

 I’ll never forget this season thanks to all of you.



The Rock Pile Ranter

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha 


Tonight we’ll forget but we still get the set


Despite taking the first two games of this set vs the Dodgers, the Rockies came up short today in LA. Joe Torre’s team of Hall of Famers spoil the sweep and take the Rockies 3-1 ending a five game winning streak.

Rockies took the lead early in the first with Matt Holliday scoring Barmes on a sacrifice fly. I kept hoping for more, but not today.

Thumbnail image for IanSt.jpg


 I kept waiting for Ian Stewart to do something outrageous as of late.

But not today.

The Rockies dugout was pretty much silenced.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jorgedlr.jpg

Jorge De La Rosa now 6-7,  had three strikeouts, two walks and allowed two runs (one earned), on six hits.

 In the end a loss is a loss, but I’ll give Jorge some props, he held it together and got out of LA without too bad of a beating.Yorvit.jpg



 Remember Yorvit earlier this year–> 


three by five.jpgA while back I mailed some 3×5 cards to Coors Field in hopes of getting a few Rockies autographs.


I chose six Rockies players and sent them letters with the cards and a return envelope with postage.

The six I chose were:

Brad Hawpe, Willy Taveras, Omar Quintanilla, Jeff Bakery, Matt Herges and Manny Corpas.

Thumbnail image for Omar Autograph.jpg


I mailed all the letters on June 28, 2008 and on July 2, 2008,  less than a week after I  mailed them, Omar Quintanilla returned my letter and had autographed my card as you see here on the right. 

SAD.jpgSad part of this story is Omar’s is the only card I have received back.

Wait, I haven’t checked the mail today??  Maybe just maybe…nope not today. Glad I didn’t mail a World Series jersey !


For the record , that was not an official Rant. Just a disappointing observation.

Coors up HIgh.jpg


 Next up, a three game homestand against the Reds.

 Josh Fogg and Jeremy Affeldt will finally be presented with their 2007 National League Championship rings during some sort of home plate ceremony. 

 The kids and I will be at all three games.

Rockies are 59-70 for the season. D-Backs are 65-60. There are 33 regular season games left. 

 Six of those games are against Arizona. The first three are at Coors, and the last three in Arizona to end the Rockies regular season…Take a second and ponder it all. 

You have the numbers, now do the math and you can see that things could really get interesting. As it stands, the Rockies are by no means out of this race. Unfortunately, the D-Backs hold all the cards right now. Don’t count out the Dodgers either.



 Usually I’m a glass is half empty type of guy, but today was a scorcher and I’m just glad I’ve got something to drink. 

It’s time for some ninth inning, two out magic..I know you feel me.

Hawpe, Stewart, Tulo, Holliday, Taveras, Atkins, it’s time fellas to step it up a notch.

Do it now, or the season fades into oblivion much like my hairline. 

Look Out.JPG

We could have stayed until the end of the game.

But not today.

I was sunburnt and my butt was tired.

 No special snaggin seats tomorrow.  

 Look out though, were ready..

Just hope the Rockies are too..D

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Rockies are hot and Baker earns a spot


Baker.jpgCongrats to Jeff Baker.

Jeff  has hit .333 this month and has earned himself a permanant spot at second base. Heres a recent quote from Jeff:

 “It’s just fun playing, it’s fun coming in and seeing your name on the lineup and knowing you’re going to go out there and get more (at-bats) to help your team win that day.”

Thumbnail image for clint barmes 1.jpg

 So this opens up the question.

 What to do with Clint Barmes?  Clint has been great this year.


 Hurdle is considering possibly using him in  an outfield position.

Do it Barmes.

Take whatvever job they offer you.

Shoot, tell them you’ll be the flippin batboy as long as you can stay part of this team. A job is a job, catching a ball is catching a ball. At the end of the month the morgage is due brotha..Good Job, you at least deserve a spot in this lineup.



Coors Field was the place today for the Rockies vs Dodgers. This was game three of a split set.

Rockies won today 5-3.

We nailed this series.

 I love beating the Dodgers. Mostly because I hate losing to them. Dam, that sounds like something Yogi would say.



Glendon Rusch gets the win today allowing three runs on seven hits in a respectable five inning outing.



Ian Stewart has continued his hitting streak and now has hits in five games. He went two for three today.



Brian Fuentes now holds the record for consecutive batters retired at twenty three. The old record was held by Tim Harikkala. Congrats Tito..you sneaky southpaw


The Rockies went six and one in this last homestand and are now 6.5 games behind the D-Backs for first in the Divison.

Road trip.jpg




Lets carry this momentum into the upcoming Road Trip.

We still have plenty of time and were gaining ground quick in this Division.

 I’m sure our best baseball is yet to come…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Pirates pay on Rockies family picture day

Matt Holliday 7-20 Picday.jpg7/20/08

   <——Matt Holliday before the game today against the Pirates. He was awesome today as usual. Check out the glare on his head.

You can see yourself.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Dead Pirate.jpg


 Rockies robbed  the Pirates today 11-3, nabbing the sweep.



Today we had no idea what we were in for.

As my life has been to date, with the good there has to be some bad, so first let me start off with the good stuff. Thumbnail image for me gate 7-20.JPG





 The kids and I were first to the Rockpile gate.

We knew it was Autograph Sunday, but didn’t know if there would be a batting practice.

 It was hot as hell today reaching the mid 90’s.

Way to hot for a guy who grew  up in Canada.  kids 7-20.JPG






While we were standing around waiting for heatstroke to set in, our friend Alice showed up right on schedule.  Alice 7-20.JPG


 Alice is a nice lady we chat with outside before the games. 

I believe she has been a season ticket holder since 1995.

 We save a spot for her in line every game we attend.

Today she asked if I was a season ticket holder.

 I said “no, I usually buy them at the gate or online”.

She reached into her purse and gave us three coupons redeemable for tickets to a Rockies value game.

Guess what?

There just so happened to be a value game tomorrow night. Free ticket coupons from Alice.JPG

 How cool is that!!

Alice watched the kids real quick as I walked over to the ticket window and exchanged those free coupons for tickets to tomorrows game against the Dodgers.

 Pavilion seats baby. Gotta love random acts of kindness.

Thumbnail image for Free Tickets 7-20.JPG





 That was mighty kind of you Alice, thanks for hooking us up. 

Alice, you are true Rockies fan.  Empty field for BP 7-22.JPG 

 We hurried inside and this is what we were greeted with.

 No batting cages out and an empty field.

Oh well, sometimes it just beez that way. 

A little bummed, we walked over and got in the line to wait to run to get in line again. I swear !In Line for a line 7-22.JPG

 Most autograph Sundays the line gets huge. 

When they drop this yellow chain everyone runs like hell over to the first base side so they can pick which one of the four players lines they want to stand in. 

 I’ve mentioned before about how crazy it can get when they let this yellow chain down.

Today I shot some crappy video of it. But I think you can feel what I’m talking about when you watch these two clips. Today actually was kind of a slow day.

Clip #1 Autograph Day Mad rush 7-20-1.AVI

Clip #2 Autograph Day Mad Rush 7-20-2.AVI

      Below are the pictures of the two players we chose to get autographs from 

They are Ian Stewart and pitcher Juan Morillo. Both players were on time and really nice. The lines were shorter than usual  today thats why we were able to get two players to sign.


  Juan Morillo signing Mylee’s Ball and Ian Stewart signing Hunter’s ball. Thank you !Thumbnail image for Ian Stewart 1 7-20.JPGThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Juan Morillo 7-20-1.JPG





Kids autographs 7-20.JPG


 The kids and I used the batting practice balls that we snagged earlier this  season to get autographed.

Each of us scored two autographs today. My Autographs 7-20.JPG


So that was it for autograph day. We nailed it.

 But wait,  if you look closely in the background of one of the autograph pictures you can see that the field was set up like a camera studio.

Wonder what that is all about? We were about to find out.

It must have been bring your family to work day because the players were out on the field taking pictures with their wives and kids.

I felt privledged to be able to witness this event in person. I love photo journalism and this was such a great opportunity. I just wish I had a better camera.

Any Camera Companies interested in sponsoring the Rockpile Ranter? I’ll make you rich. Just throwing that out there.

            Here we go, check out these pictures … this will be long but worth it.

                                         First we have the Grilli Family

Grilli Fam.jpg                            
Grilli and Son.jpg                                  Next up we have a couple of the Hurdle family
Hurdle Fam 7-20-08-1.jpg

Clint and daughter 7-22-08.jpg                                        Followed by all of the Holliday family

Holiday Family.JPG
Holiday Family 7-20-1.jpg               
         Now we have the Barmes Family, their little guy is cute Barmes Family 7-22.JPG                                    A picture of Barmes and Helton hanging out 
Barmes and Helton-1.jpg
                                 Mark Strittmeyer and family (Timing is everything) 
Mark S and Family.jpg 
Mark S and son.jpg                                           Todd Helton and I’m not sure who 

Helton 12.jpg                                                Matt Herges and his son Herges and son 7-20.jpg                                                Kip Wells and daughter 
Wells 7-22-1.jpg
                                                       Seth Smith
Seth Smith 7-20-1.jpg
Man that was cool. First time I have ever had an opportunity to take special pictures like that.

Ok, now to the game,  

Aaron Cook was a little shakey in the first inning allowing three runs and four hits. Whatever was mentioned to him at the end of the first inning worked because he came out and pitched six more scoreless innings.

Nice job Cookie. He is now 12-6 for the season.

Heres a quote from Cookie “We’re at a position where these next two weeks are going to make or break our season”, that about sums it up don’t you think?

Jeff Baker and Matt Holliday hit back to back homers in the fifth. Ian Stewart (who signed our baseballs today) had a double double and drove in three runs.

Rockies Billboard.JPG



Rockies  have won their last nine out of ten games at Coors Field.

 Congrats Rockies, this was an impressive run of four games at home.

 It will be interesting to see how things keep rolling with the Dodgers tomorrow.

key 7-20.JPG

 Now for the bad like I was telling you.

My key broke off in my trunk and my car is still (as I am writing this blog), parked in lower downtown Denver.

I’m not real cool with that. 

I won’t be able to get a duplicate key made until tomorrow.

towing away.gif

  So my free parking on Sunday wasn’t exactly  free. I have no idea what this is going to cost.

I’ll probably be at the game tomorrow as we have those free tickets from Alice.

Hopefully I can take care of this car situation.

Go Rockies…..D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Hawpe goes down, Smith’s back in town


All morning long I was thinking about the game today, the tiebreaker with the Mets.thinker_lg3.jpg

 I was also thinking about those Mets fans at the game yesterday that heckled the Rockies ALL game long right behind me.

 A win today would be sweet justice.

I had the chance to attend every Rockies game last week while my wife and kids were in Phoenix.

I didn’t dare even ask if I could go today. 

The hard part is that it’s Autograph Sunday and I hate missing the chance to adding a new autograph to the collection. Hate it.


seth smith.jpgBrad Hawpe has an injured hamstring so welcome back Seth Smith.

Seth had some timely pinch hits in the World Series run last year. Yesterday was the first Major League game he has ever started and today Smith hit a homer and drove in 3 runs. Nice way to make an entrance Smith, keep it up brotha. I’m impressed.

Props to Aaron Cook, nice job pitching the Rockies first complete game this year. 

           Rockies win this one 4-1 and take 2 of 3 in this series against the Mets.


Jorge De La Rosa will be on the mound tomorrow against the Phillies.

This kid is amazingly calm and poised. I have high hopes for this guy. Tomorrow will be a really good opportunity for him to make us believers…Good Luck Jorge!



 Matt Holliday, Willy Taveras, Clint Barmes…Heal up quick…we need you guys healthy. Last thing we want to do is start to slip too far behind. Should be an interesting 10 game road trip.

I’m excited about the next set of home games because Hunter will get to walk around the track on Coors Field June 10 with his baseball team the Scorpions.

He and probably 1000 other little baseball players.

All of them in their baseball uniforms. I really think that is cool of the Rockies to let the kids do that. That’s a memory that will stick with him forever.



 I was able to do the same thing inside Yankee Stadium when I was in Grade 3 in New Jersey for being a Safety Patrol all school year long. 

 Hunter and I will be at batting practice for the game against the Giants on June 10th.

                             Go Rockies….DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 

We arrived in time and got Clint to sign


Hunter and I showed up early so we could have a decent spot in line for Autograph day.
Gate 4-6-08.jpg This was the third home game of the year and our first time at Coors Field this season. There were four players signing and when they dropped the yellow rope everyone took off like a bat out of hell, trying to snag a good spot.

Hunter and I were running ourselves and we managed to get the number 4th and 5th place in Clint Barmes’s line. Clint looked nervous while signing, but he was really cool. There were a LOT of people there trying to get autographs.

Barmes signed my Rockies ball, and then he signed Hunter’s helmet, thanks Clint !

                   That makes four autographed baseballs so far this season.

helmet and ball Barmes Ball

He shook my hand then Hunter and I took off to try and get in line for another player. Unfortunately as we reached the next line we discovered it was way too long. So we went and got a couple of Rockie Dogs and settled in for the game. 

                      The promotional item of the game was a white Rockies hat.

 The Rockies lost to the D-Backs in the 10th inning 5-2. I hate losing to the D-Backs at Coors Field.

                                                        Go Rockies…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG