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Answer to Baseball Card Trivia # 2

                                       Answer to Baseball Card Trivia # 2

CF Mystery 2.jpg


-Tell me this players middle name.

-What was his nickname?

-Name his claim to fame. 


Not a whole lot of action on this one, can’t says I blame you with the playoffs and all going on.

 The Baseball Card Trivia was just a gimmick to get you to visit my blog. When you blog about a team that isn’t in the playoffs you have to resort to measures like that. I figured if people liked it, I would keep doing it. If it flopped it flopped. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

It is what it is, don’t hate me…D

                                      The answer is:                    CLIFF FANNIN

cliff fannin.jpg
 Clifford Bryson Fannin, nickname Bull or Cliff, pitched a shutout in his first Major League start in 1946.

                                                  Thanks for playing or not…D