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No clue at all about the mystery ball


I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out with this little mystery. I got a really good deal a a few 2007 World Series baseballs that I plan on getting signed either at Rockies Fest or spring training.

One of the baseballs showed up with an autograph already on it. I’ve spent a few hours researching this already. I haven’t given up, I’m just seeing if anyone out there might have a clue. I’m using my resources…Yeah that’s it.

                                  Here’s the ball and the mystery autograph.
Mystery autograph.jpg

Now common sense tells me the autograph is hopefully someone from the Rockies or the Red Sox because it’s a 2007 World Series ball. But you never know? I owe someone a drink if you figure this one out…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iannetta.jpgCongrats go out to Chris Iannetta for agreeing to participate with Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. Chris was one of two catchers selected, the other being the Braves Brian McCann.

That makes two Rockies who have received invitations. Brad Hawpe also has an invite but at this point he hasn’t committed.




I can’t wait to see Todd Helton back in the Rockies lineup.

Lets hope his back will back him up.

When Todd’s out on first base, everything seems right. When he’s at bat, anything can happen.

        I miss that feeling, don’t you?

TH bob11.jpg


Speaking of Todd Helton, my friend Dan Sauvageau came over the other day and gave me a little gift.

He must know I’m a huge Helton fan because he gave me a Todd Helton Golden Glove bobble head from 2002.

My Rockies Bobble heads.jpg The Rockies don’t have that many bobble heads compared to other teams and this one is REALLY cool.  Notice the bright gold glove. Nice detail on this piece.

Thank you Dan, that was really cool man.

emily_dan_during_game.jpg(Dan and his daughter Emily, photo borrowed from Zack Hample).

Dan has agreed to be my first Rockies Fan Profile of the regular season. I think that’s appropriate because Dan was the first person to ever come up to me and ask “Are you the Rockpile Ranter?”.

 Dan is a good dude and I hope during that Fan Profile to be able to tell you about some of the really cool things Dan does for other Rockies fans.

Thumbnail image for thumbs up gary coleman.jpg

There are many readers of this blog who can testify to Dan’s kindness and generosity. I

I mentioned Dan to my to my friends Gary and David, at first Gary didn’t understand and said “What you talking about Ranter”, but after he realized who were talking about, he and David agree Dan is a stand up guy.

In Nuggets news, goodbye Chucky Atkins. I really liked Chucky but the poor dude barely got any playing hardwood time.

We traded Chucky, a draft pick and cash considerations for center Johan Petro and a future draft pick from Oklahoma City, January 7th.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Johan Petro.JPG


The Nuggets acquired center Johan Petro and a second-round-draft pick from Oklahoma City on Jan. 7, in exchange for guard Chucky Atkins, a first-round-draft pick and cash considerations.

Petro was averaging 4.6 ppg and 4.3 rpg in 22 games for the Thunder this season.

Just curious, who of you among the Rant readers is planning on a trip to Tucson? If so, when?…D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 

Robert Van Winkle almost made me tinkle

1/4/09                                       Nuggets vs Hornets 

Thumbnail image for DSCN5243.JPGThe whole theme for the basketball game tonight was “The 80’s”. So the first 5000 fans received what they call “80’s sunglasses”. You know, the ones you used to wear with your OP Shorts (Ocean Pacific) back in the day. If your too young google it.

Above is a shot of Hunter and I modeling them for you. Hunter is holding the T-Shirt I caught as they were tossing them out.

                       It’s a T-Shirt to plug Chauncey Billups for the All-Star Team.
DSCN5396.JPG See, I have finally found another use for my baseball snagging skills. I can adapt them for use in other sports. I love getting free crap at a game. I religiously save everything that I get from any sporting event. 

There was a pretty good size line to get inside, I’m not sure if it was the 80’s sunglasses or Vanilla Ice that was bringing in lines of this size in the snow…Probably the cheap sunglasses. 
DSCN5218.JPG                                    Ok, to give you some reference/history.

                    Below is Robbie Van Winkle’s original video of “Ice, Ice, Baby”.

            Don’t cheat now, you have to watch this one first. Come on,…just play along. 

                                                    It’s a blast from the past 🙂

 Now that you’ve seen the real one, you’ve got to see Jim Carey’s rendition of Vanilla Ice’s  “Ice Ice Baby”. Be careful you might need a diaper for this one.

Finally, here’s a much older and mature Vanilla Ice rockin the halftime show at the Nuggets/Hornets game last night.

 He started out with his version of “Play that funky music white boy” which was a flop for him back in the day, then he somewhat smoothly transitioned into his claim to fame “Ice, Ice, Baby.  

I could tear this guy apart. So many things about him are just wrong. But, it’s a new year and I going to look at it like the dude is just trying to support his wife and two kids.

 I’m sure to hear him tell it he’s just touring now as some sort of “healing process” that wanna be famous rappers go through,..whatever. I understand, everybody gotta make a living.

                  Here’s some video I shot of the Nuggets practicing before the game. 


This game had a few ups and downs. The Nuggets led by as much as 26 points but they got lazy and let the Hornets make up all of that distance by the 4th period.

At one point in the 4th, the Hornets surpassed the Nuggets and were ahead by 3 points.

Had the Nuggets lost this game, they would have set a record for being the most points up on a team and then losing the game. Not a record I wanted to witness.

                  The previous record was 23 points. Thankfully that didnt happen.

        Below is my picture show from the basketball game,…Enjoy

 First is Hunter’s autographed picture of the Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders. I do believe he enjoyed meeting all of them. 

Hunter Auto Cheer 1-3-08.jpg   A shot of FSN Analyst and play-by-play guy Scott Hastings (aka Sup), and Chris Marlowe.

Hastings and Marlowe 1-3-08.jpgHastings is an 11 year NBA veteran and was a member of the 1989 League Champion Detroit Pistons. Hastings finished his career as a Denver Nugget (1991-93). This guy is great, he signed an old skool picture that I found of him for me backstage last season after a game.

 I printed two of the pictures just in case he wanted one. When I offered, he said “sure, thanks”. Here’s the picture he autographed for me last year.
Hastings autograph.jpg 
Hastings nailing it 1-3-09.JPG             Here’s a shot of Sup nailing a three-pointer. The dude still got some game.

Scott and Al.jpgI’m going to email him this picture and see if he remembers me from last season. I’ll enclose a link to this entry and maybe he and Big Alfred Williams (former Denver Bronco, Superbowl years and his co-host on their talk radio program “Scott and Al, its off the hook”) would be willing to check out the Rockpile Rant. 

Even better, it would be cool if they could possibly give us some radio love as we head out in the Mobile Blogging Unit for Rockies spring training?

 I’ll let you know if they respond back to me.

Cool Note: Scott Hastings is believed to be the only person in existance to possess two Super Bowl rings and an NBA Championship ring.

              Thanks Mr. Hastings..Hope you liked the picture. Tell Al I said hey.

                  Here is Chauncey Billups. He has my vote for the All-Star team.
Chauncey 1-3-09.jpg                                                   Renaldo Balkman
Renaldo 1-3-09.jpg                                            K-Mart, Melo and Chucky AtkinsDSCN5284.JPG                                                       Nene and Melo 
DSCN5301.JPG                                                  Kleiza holding his balls
DSCN5306.JPG                                                    Some dunking skills
DSCN5309.JPG                                                                     more
DSCN5312.JPG                                                             and more
DSCN5314.JPG            Kleiza and Chauncey with Miss America in the Background..No really it is.
DSCN5321.JPG    She sang our National Anthem. She did pretty good, she only F’ed up in one spot. 
DSCN5326.JPG                              Here she is with her own Police Officer and George Karl
DSCN5330.JPG                                    A shot of coach Karl as she’s walking away.
DSCN5335.JPGThe game was about to start so we headed back to our “real seats” and this was our view.
DSCN5341.JPG                                         The score at the beginning of the 4th.

As I mentioned earlier the Nuggets had a huge lead for most of the night, but Hornet’s Chris Paul scored 30 points and had 11 assist.  David West also helped out with his 21 points. Both these dudes came up huge for the Hornets and by the last few minutes of the 4th  things were getting way too interesting for a game we had in the bag. 

In the end Carmello Anthony nailed the deciding shot. He did the same thing on Friday night with a three-pointer against Oklahoma City. The Nuggets zap the Hornets and win this one 105-100 bringing an end to the Hornets four-game winning streak.

RPR 1-3-09 Nuggets.jpg


Thanks for all of your input in the comments section of this blog.

I’m glad that you guys/gals feel comfortable enough with me to share your thoughts and feelings here at the Rant. I reall dig being able to discuss with people what I’ve written. 

To quote the late great Mitch Hedberg,  

“Alcoholism is a disease but it’s the only the disease you can get yelled at for having. Damnit Otto you’re an alcoholic. Damnit Otto you have lupus. One of these doesn’t sound right”.




Brian S-1.jpg



 Here’s a video clip of the late Mitch Hedberg’s stand up Comedy. He reminds me of my late High School friend Brian (RIP buddy) ….DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image



Collection of Sports Autographs to Date

5/31/08                            Colorado Rockies Autographs

Autographed Baseballs.JPG

Pictured above are Tulo, Clint Barmes, Ubaldo Jimenez, Jorge De La Rosa and Jonathan Herrera( on one ball), Ryan Speier, Franklin Morales and Micah Bowie. The autograph on the ticket stub is Omar Quintanilla I got two years ago.

The baseballs on top are batting practice balls from this year that we will be use for autographs from now on. I have snagged six batting practice balls so far this year and one has Ubaldo Jimenez’s autograph on it and the other ball Hunter had signed by Tulowitzki. 

                                                      DENVER NUGGETS 2008

2008 Nugget tickets.JPGI am fortunate to have a good buddy of twenty years who works for the Nuggets. 

 I was able to attend most of the Denver Nuggets home games this year.  

I bought most of my own tickets, but he was able to get me backstage after the games.

Thanks bro !backstage nugget pass.JPG






The Red ones will get you through the tunnel backstage after the game. 

If you had a yellow one it would get you in locker room. (I’ve never had one of those). 










                                      Brick #1.

IMG_0036.JPGThe first game I was able to go backstage was on Jan 17, 08. Nuggets vs Jazz.

I had no idea I would going backstage and was totally unprepared.

 I managed to buy a sharpie at the Nuggets store, but what I really wanted autographed was a basketball. 

Ouch, the price for an NBA basketball was over a hundred bucks.

So I decided to use one of the bricks that Nuggets fans wave when an opposing player is trying to shoot a free throw. 

Not only are they free, but they are actually great for getting autographs on.

 I know people say not to laminate autographs, but that’s because it makes it harder to verify the autograph’s authenticity.

Every single autograph I own has been obtained by me personally. I do not own a single autograph that I have not personally had signed in front of me.

On the bricks I attach the backstage pass for that game, the date, which team the Nuggets played that day, the player’s who autographed the brick, and the final score.

On the first brick I had the ticket laminated with it and it worked fine. Unfortunatly it didn’t work so well with the next two bricks because the ink was temperature sensitive and the tickets turned black.

Autographs on this Brick # 1 are: Linas Kleiza (career high 41 points that game), Marcus Camby, Eduardo Najera, Yakhouba Diawara, Anthony Carter, and JR Smith.

boozerautoI looked over to see Carlos Boozer of the Jazz sneaking out and asked him politely for an autograph.

 He said “sure’ and signed the back of this brick. He was really cool about it.

Nuggets beat the Jazz 120-109.

Most of Nuggets are really good  about signing autographs, but not all of them.

 I have yet to snag an autograph from Carmelo Anthony or Allen Iverson.

It’s not that they won’t sign autographs backstage, it’s just that they don’t go over to the autograph area after the game. Iverson usually makes an appearance but but sneaks out the door without signing. That’s cool, at least I got to see him. I have never seen Melo after a game. He usually sneaks out of the Pepsi Center through another more private exit.

Brick # 2Brick 1-25

 The next time I got an opportunity to go backstage was Jan 25, 2008.

This game was the Nuggets vs the Nets.

Nuggets won.

 Autographs on this brick are: Kenyon Martin, Chucky Atkins and Yakhouba Diawara.

I felt bad because when I saw Chucky Atkins because I interrupted him during his phone conversation by asking him for an autograph. Usually I’m a little more respectful than that.

Oh well, it was the first time I had seen him backstage.

He was chill about it, he held up his finger as to mean “wait a minute”, and when he was finished with his call he came over and signed the brick. He also signed a picture for me and so did Kenyon Martin. I will post the autographed pictures at the end toward the end of this entry.

                                                Nuggets beat the Nets 100-85.Brick3

      Brick # 3

Is from the 3/7/08 game vs the Spurs.

Nuggets won 109-96.

The autgraphs on this brick are: George Karl, Anthony Carter, Nene and Sean Elliot (a retired Spurs Player now  sports commentator).

My wife and I were at that game. I got Brick # 3 autographed and she got the black basketball signed.







 Autographs on this basketball are:

Anthony Carter, Taureen Green, Linas Kleiza, K-mart, Chucky Atkins and tucked away in the corner, George Karl.


 I love this ball !








Here is a my Nuggets hat with George Karl, Anthony Carter and Chucky Atkins Autographs.

Nuggetscap.JPG                                    Linas Kleiza from Lithuania (aka, the L Train)

LinasK_0002.jpg                                    One of my favorite players Eduardo Najera.eduardon_0003.jpg

                                Kenyon Martin. My daughter Mylee’s favorite player.Kmart.jpg


kmartmyp.JPG                    Coach George Karl has a great routine for signing autographs.

coach karl.jpg


He walks out, goes to the front of the line, signs his autograph, and then uses that sharpie to sign everyone else’s stuff.

Then he casually walks back to the first guy in line whose sharpie he used and returns it.    

 How cool is that? 

George Karl is a good guy.






                                                             JR Smith

JR smith hands up.jpg                                              My favorite Nugget this year.

 I’ve always been an Allen Iverson fan, but I really enjoyed watching JR last season.

His three point scoring carried the Nuggets for a number of games this year. JR became a dominant player towards the end of the season and as a result received a lot more play time. 

It will really be cool to see what JR developes into. It was fun to watch him play this year. That 360 degree dunk he did over Dampier of the Mavericks was bar none, the best (non-game determining) basket I have ever seen live. 

I have a picture of that dunk on my wall waiting to get autographed. JR is really good about signing. I can tell you that it was easier to get his autograph at the beginning of the season than it was toward the end.

Kooba.jpg Yakhauba Diawara

(aka Kooba)

 Kooba spent most of the season  keeping the bench warm, but was always the one of the first players out to sign autographs.

 He has signed several times for me and has always been approachable.

 Check out his autograph… it’s different.anthony carter.jpg









  Anthony Carter is the best for signing autographs.

He’s super friendly and has always signed for me. AC was fun to watch play this year and he is an important part of this team

 Thank you AC !




Chucky A.jpgAnd my last autographed picture is of Chucky Atkins.

 Chucky got a lot more play towards the end of the season when he replaced Anthony Carter.

He’s about my size maybe shorter. It just shows you dont need height to play in the NBA.


Nuggets.JPG                              A picture from my seat at the Nuggets vs Detroit Game. 

 In case you don’t follow basketball, the Nuggets were swept and thus eliminated in the first round of the Playoffs by the LA Lakers. That’s all I gotta say about that.

                                                     Thanks for looking..DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image