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Back home where we don’t need a dome



 My trip was a success. I’m home, and all in one piece.

All I can say is you’re hardcore if you can live here full time.

I don’t care how beautiful it is in the summer. 

Chicago is straight up freggin cold. 

I don’t think it warmed up even once in three days.

It just kept getting colder.

Me n David Spice.JPG



 I still don’t care for flying, but I can see how it could serve a purpose if your in a hurry and like to gamble with your life.

I had a window seat in row one, which afforded me the ability to periodically peer out and check the engine and wings.

You know, to make sure all was working and good.



  Here are a few city pictures I shot while riding the train back to the airport.DSCN4650.JPG

Down TC RR.jpg
DSCN4647.JPGDSCN4657.JPGHere is a shot of a few freaks I saw on the train ride (just kidding).  

This is Spice.
I believe Spice’s goal this trip was to eat his way in and out of Chicago.

The group agreed, “He nailed it”.
Nice job Spice, the plumbers union of Chicago thanks you

 Good times brotha. Spice educated me to the new word of the day “Ring Stingers”. Apparently it’s a side effect from eating a  burger called the “Goblincock” at a restaurant called Kuma’s Korner.  

Kuma’s is a restaurant with food named only after heavy metal bands.

Thumbnail image for DSCN4662.JPG



For some reason, the entire train ride I had the tune from the 70’s TV show, “Welcome back Kotter” runnng through my head.

The rhythmic swaying of the city’s
train had its effects on the team





J Ryan Chicago.jpg

Here’s J Ryan, my boss and roommate for this trip.

J is the lead singer of a band called Six Finger Satellite that originated in Rhode Island.

 Here are few covers of their albums. They have a bunch more.

6fs Pigeon.jpg
These are the current members:

Jeremiah Ryan (singer, keyboards, lyrics)
Rick Pelletier
Dan St Jaques
Jon Loper


SFS 1-1.jpg


Click above to check out their myspace page to see what you’re missing.

They have a new album coming out available for download.
6fs 2008-1.JPG

These guys have been jamming and putting out albums since 1990.

To quote J Ryan to me, “It’s music for the head”.

           Check it out.Thumbnail image for Paranormalized.jpg
chicago11 016.jpg


Here’s our group hard at work, making history in our own way. 

We pretty much managed to accomplish everything we set out to do in Chicago.

Our hosts were great. Thank you.

chicago11 015.jpg



Here’s a shot of a colorful building across the street from where we were working.

Some sort of Cabaret.

Click on picture to enlarge if you’re into that.






 Darth Gadar.

I have to retract my statement about not getting any eye contact from the people in Chicago.

 On Thursday night I took a cold, short walk looking for a store where I could purchase some Advil.

 Believe me, at that time of night, I was getting all kinds of un-welcomed eye contact.

 chicago11 003.jpg

Guess I went full circle this trip, I found myself staring at the ground not wanting to look up.

 Funny how things work.

I walked a little faster than usual back to the hotel and called my wife.

The Chicago atmosphere changes a little after 10pm-ish.

That’s ok, that’s usually when I go to sleep.

                                                     A few more pictures….

chicago11 006.jpg                             Chicago finest keeping busy working on their penmanship.
chicago Police.jpg
LIttle car.jpg

 First time I’ve seen one of these up close. No room to fart in this thing, (Guess there’s always Bean-No).

Two of these things take up the same space as one car. 

The dilemma, one of them costs the same as two cars?




 Denver International Airport.

I’m back home in Colorado Baby !

And yes, every Coloradan drives by this big circus tent looking airport and wonders…..

“What the hell were they thinking when they built this?” 


  It was above freezing when we landed in Colorado.




  Chicago, it’s been fun, great City you have there. Might I suggest heated sidewalks or possibly a retractable dome. 

You can bet your ash next time I visit will be during the Summer.

Tomorrow Krista, I, Andy and Aimilee will be attending the Denver Broncos game vs the Chiefs.

It’s the only Broncos game were going to this year so we’re showing up early to tailgate.

                       Go Broncos…D
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Gettin down in C-town, nine is fine


number 9.jpgThanks to you, the Rockpile Rant came in number 9 in the Fan Blog rankings from 11/26-12/3.

I’m creeping up on number 1.

 I really enjoy reading the comments left here, and I welcome any kind of feedback.


I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my thoughts and share your own.


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No front page exposure for the Rant in a while (I’m too good looking), and I’m still managing to hang arround the top ten.(no worries there, I’ve had my share of the front page this year..thx MLB.com) 

                             In a friendly way..fellow bloggers..bring it on.

           To quote the words of a street Prophet (and sharp dresser), named MC Hammer…

                                                 “You can’t touch this”

hammer[1].JPG I challenge any/all of you to try to knock me out of the top 20 blogs. Give it your best shot. You won’t do it. Remember..this is a friendly challenge…..I love you all.

 I know there isn’t a whole lot of Rockies love out there. That makes it even more fun. See, the key isn’t making the top 50. The key is trying to stay in the top 50.

I know you fellow bloggers feel me. Don’t be afraid to try new schit. I told you before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m saving the really good ideas for next season. Everybody needs a hook, just check out the top 3 blogs. Case and point.

With that thrown out there, look what I stumbled across today…chicago11 055.jpg


No trip to the windy city would be complete with a out a trip to this joint. 

I resisted the urge to give a thumbs down sign out of respect.

So I opted for my traditional peace sign.

What up Cub fans?

I can feel the history here.

I just can’t feel my fingers.

It was about a mile walk from where I was working to the Stadium.

Cold as hell here.


chicago11 049.jpg 


 Harry Caray.

March 1, 1914 – Feb 18, 1998

When he died, the Cubs started inviting “guest conductors/celebrities”, to lead the singing of “take me out to the ballgame” ,Caray-style.

Would that be drunk??..Just playing.

I mean no dis-respect whatsoever, but there are faces in this statue, it’s kind of creepy.



 I ate lunch at Quizzno’s today.

 Funny thing, the toasted sub sandwich didn’t taste four dollars better?

Eating downtown Chicago can be expensive I’m finding out.

Chicago is cool, but I can’t seem to get my bearings here.

In Colorado: Mountains = West

They’re also my escape.

If I can’t see the mountains, I feel trapped.

A cooped up Ranter is not a good thing. 


eye contact1.JPGThere’s not a lot of eye contact here.

People walk fast with their heads down.

Maybe they have a thing about stepping on cracks?






 I must say though, the people that I’ve actually talked to and managed to get some eye contact with, have been super cool.  

I wish I could blog full-time, but at this point, I haven’t made enough money to buy a cup of coffee in Chicago. 

coffee poster12.JPG
  Tomorrow I fly back to Denver. I’m going to give my wife and kids the biggest, longest hug ever.

Tell them I love them, and say good-bye to the friendly skies for ever.

Thumbnail image for Not the mobile blogging unit.jpg


This is not the Mobile Blogging Unit->

The mobile blogging unit is the only way to travel.

It’s the modern day version of the horse and buggy, only you can take a whiz without dismounting.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for rock-piles456.jpgLater all, I’m going in to work extra early tomorrow morning…I let you know when I’m back home in Colorado…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha


Waiting to fly

chicago 002.jpg




Ok I’m at the airport and I’m hurtin, but I can’t tell anyone…
chicago 005.jpg



So, I’m keeping myself busy by taking pictures and using the airports slow internet to upload them..

30 minutes to go.

More when I get arrive in Chicago…See ya.




                                    I made it, it’s late, I’ll write more when I can…D
chicago 028.jpg

Time flies, when you don’t want to fly


time-flies-clock.jpgIt’s crazy how fast this week went by. Now were on the countdown to the X-mas holidays. The positive side of being really busy is it’s kept mind off of my plane flight.

cockpit kid.jpgI know I making more of this than I should, but believe me, to me it’s no joke:


  • Do you or someone you know cringe or suffer anxiety panic at the expectation of FLYING?
  • Did you notice the serious decline in air travel after the events of 9/11?
  • Fear of Flying is listed on the Phobia List of Top 10 most popular phobia’s.
  • Many famous people share that fear of flying, such as Jennifer Aniston, Woody Allen, John Madden and the Rockpile Ranter to name a few.

This very real fear can be disastrous for the person suffering. It can prevent them from going on vacations or visiting family and friends, and it can cripple the career of a businessperson by preventing him or her from traveling on work-related business.

A fear of flying is a level of anxiety so great that it prevents a person from travelling by air, or causes great distress to a person when he or she is compelled to travel by air. The most extreme manifestations can include panic attacks or vomiting at the mere sight or mention of an aircraft or air travel.


Kazoo 11.JPG

See, this crap ain’t no joke people. I know it’s all in my mind, but it’s my mind, and it’s not like I control that either.

It’s that little guy inside, and he has his own agenda. To be honest, I’m not afraid of flying, I’m afraid of crashing. There is a difference.

I’ll be at the Nuggets game tonight against the Rockets. I’ll try to get that entry posted by Monday evening.

Knock on wood.jpg



I fly out to Chicago on Tuesday, and I’ll be returning on Friday evening.

Free wifi sign.gif I’ll have a computer with me, but I’m not sure If my hotel will have free internet access.

 If I can blog, I will.

I’ve never been to Chicago. When I get back home (knock on wood), I’ll give you a tour of the City through my eyes.

        Be ready!

HOt Dog toon.jpg


Let me throw this out there.

 If you feel the need to vent or have your own personal rant you would love to get off of your chest….

Let my comment section be your playground.

Sometimes we all need to get something off of our chest.

Better to do it early than let it escalate.

Maybe I can help or offer some advice…D

 If I can’t dazzle you with my brilliance, I might be able to baffle you with my bullsheet.

                                                       I appreciate you…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

I’m a guy who doesn’t like to fly


Scared pug.jpg11/15/08

Everybody is scared of something. It could be a fear of something you had from when you were very young. Or it could be a fear that develops later in life. Mine is the latter.

 I hate to fly. Army Strong1.JPGFunny thing coming from an Army veteran,  but to this day, it straight up freaks me out.

It is the result of a small fire on my plane on a flight back from Korea years ago.

I can drive and I’m a hell of a swimmer, so if I can’t get there by land or ocean, I question whether I really need to be there. I’ve done the overseas thing.


The point I’m so slowly getting to is I have to fly to Chicago next month. It’s a work thing.

Normally I wouldn’t have volunteered to go on this trip, but the gained knowledge will be useful in my job moving forward.

Plus, I’ve never been there.</p


 First thing I did when I found out I was going was check to see if the Nuggets would be in Chicago during those days. No luck.

shot11.jpgI’m not a really a drinker, but on the few times I’ve flown since my Army days, a few stiff belts seemed to help.

Nosedive1.JPGSo you people who fly all the time, what’s the secret?

How do you keep from thinking about a 400 mph nosedive?

 I used to fly with my dad when I was a young kid. (He had a private pilots license), I never had a problem. In fact, if my dad said lets go up right now, I would go.

It’s my dad, I know him and trust him.

I have no idea who will be piloting my plane next month.

Stressed 131.JPGEveryone has issues, what if the Pilot is stressed? What if he got hit with a court ordered child support payments the day before?

What if he was just forced to take a pay cut while the CEO’s of his company were still getting paid fat bonuses?crap12.jpg 

I think about all this crap.

I think there should be a little biography on each pilot Biography131.jpg(maybe set it up on Facebook).  With little details such as whether on not they are married or have kids, how long they have been flying, any medications they may be currently using, how many crashes,
  what’s on their I-pod, etc, you know…useful information so I can make an informed decision.

AirportSecurity_check.jpgAirlines have the right to thoroughly check me out, I too should have that right. I should be able to view the maintenance records for the plane on which I am flying. Maybe let me go out and kick the tires, inspect for cracks.

I don’t mind helping, I just want to get to my destination safely. 


ducks in a row1.JPGAnyways, just in case I’ve added some Life Insurance…Thanks Dan, and got my baseball collection in order….

If you’ve got a secret..Share it please.



 Remember on the A-team, whenever Mr. T had to fly they would knock him out.

Go back and watch that show now, see if you can get through it..

tampons.jpgI hate having this fear.




 The only thing that scares me as much as flying is the tampon aisle at the store.

aww hell no.jpg 



 Ten years of marriage and I’m still not  going there…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG