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Cubs Show It and the Rockies Blow It

4-16-11                          Cubs vs Rockies Game 2

Cubs vs Rockies Game 1 4-15-11.jpg

Weather: 65 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 12 mph, In from CF.
T: 3:22.
Att: 40,264

I didn’t know what to expect weather wise after yesterday evenings cold game. This game was actually a little bit warmer.

Congrats to Dinger who turned 17 today. I’m thoroughly amazed his purple bedazzled a-ss still has a job.

I love the Rockies but there’s two things I’d really like to see happen one day. One is replacing Dinger with a tougher looking dinosaur. A wimpy mascot projects a wimpy image…feel me?

      Keep the same dude that’s in the suit now…I don’t want anyone to lose their job.

 The other thing I’d like to see Tulo pick a manly walk-up song for a change. Knowing I have to listen to Justin Bieber all season long is disturbing to say the least.

Dingers 17th birthday 4-16-11.jpg                              Even Dinger’s dad on the left looks like a pansy. 
Dinger and his Dad 4-16-11.jpgBatting practice was a bust for me today. I’ve snagged four baseballs for the season but only one of them was a catch and it wasn’t on the fly.

    This game straight up sucked. Cubs fans were in full force with their loud drunk selves.
Color Guard 4-16-11.jpg            This is my picture show for this game. I’m having fun with this new camera.

ROOT SPORT Sign 2 4-16-11.jpg All of these pictures were taken from the Coors Field Rockpile..Birthplace of the Rockpile Ranter.

Dexter at bat 4-16-11.jpg

Dexter at Bat 2 4-16-11.jpg

Giambi at bat 4-16-11.jpg

Herrera at Bat 4-16-11.jpg

Cub at Bat 4-16-11.jpg

Fukudome at bat 4-16-11.jpg

Tulo swing 4-16-11.jpg

Tulo swing 2 4-16-11.jpg

Fukudome drop the ball 4-16-11.jpg

Seth Smith at bat 4-16-11.jpg

Tulo Scores 4-16-11.jpg

Tulo Scores 2 4-16-11.jpg

Iannetta at bat 4-16-11.jpg

Hammel at bat 4-16-11.jpg

This game was one of the few times I couldn’t wait to leave Coors Field especially after that painful seventh inning. The only Rockies homerun was from Chris Iannetta in the eighth inning. I waited for the Coors Field magic to kick in but the only thing kick’n was my migrane.

                                    Rockies lose at Coors Field to the Cubs…8-3

                                                      This series is split.

Anyone else notice the two times the Rockies have worn purple at home have been losses?

              I’m D The Rockpile Ranter and I REALLY hate losing to the Cubs at home.ranter hat.jpg

New glove new hat, when do I get to bat?


                                      First off thanks for all the birthday wishes.
IMG_0991.JPG For my birthday I received a Mizuno glove, hand made cards from my kids, a delicious dinner at Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery in Nederland, and a much needed win in Game 1 against the Cubs at Coors Field.

I wasn’t at this game but this series against the Cubs is one of my least favorite because the Cub fans usually out-number the Rockies fans during this series.

         For some reason, Cubs fans like to be extrememly arrogant inside Coors Field.

None of that mattered last night. All you could hear on TV were the Rockies fans. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Of course I’ll be at today’s game early trying to out-snag a Cubs fan during batting practice.

 If you listen closely during the game tonight you might even hear me trying to out cheer a Cubs fan :).

               I’ll also be sporting a new Ranter’s hat along with my birthday glove.

IMG_0999.JPG            Go Rockies…I’m feeling it, I’m seeing it, I can’t wait to be there doing it…D

Green Floppy Hat.JPG