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Way To Go Cargo!


           Here’s the Wikipedia definition of “Hitting for the cycle”

In baseball, a player hits for the cycle when he hits a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in the same game, though not necessarily in that order. Collecting the hits in that order is known as a natural cycle.congratulations_4.jpg

Cargo Congrats.jpgCarlos Gonzalez
joins Dante Bichette, Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton, Neifi Perez and Mike Lansing as the sixth Rockies player to hit for the cycle.

The best part was Cargo did it with style hitting a game winning walkoff home run.

The last player to hit for the cycle at Coors Field was Troy Tulowitzki on August 10, 2009 against the Cubs. Funny, Gorzelanny was the starting pitcher for both games.

                 Here’s a link to my entry from that Cubs series a year ago:

           Pinella throws a fit, talks sh-it and that’s it.  

That entry is the day before Tulo hits for the cycle and it’s the game where Lou Pinella gets tossed.

cargo111 (2).jpg        Click here to watch another piece of Rockies history:—->Cargo’s cycle

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                                                            Matt who?matt_holliday face.jpg

             Rock-on Cargo, you’re on fire brotha, and your timing couldn’t be better..Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg