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Captain’s Not From Here…But He’ll Serve You a Beer


Nothing will get me back on my blog quicker than folks messing with people I like.

If you’ve been to Coors Field, Sports Authority Field Salt River Fields at Talking Stick or Red Rocks more than twice you’ve seen him or purchased a beverage from him. Children are greeted as “Future Beer drinkers”, and if you’re not drinking enough he’ll let you know.

Here he cruising at warp speed.

I’m talking about my friend and Super Vendor Captain Earthman.

Here’s Captain E doing his thing at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick on St. Patrick’s Day.

The company he works for “Aramark” let him go over some bullshit about melted ice on the concourse. You know the company that hires all those quality folk at Coors Field who take 2 innings to serve you up a brat. If you ever wondered why it takes that long it’s because they’re paid hourly and could give a shit if you ever eat.

Captain E works on tips and all you have to do is call him on his cell phone and he’ll come right to your seat with a big smile, cold beer and fresh insult.

The Coors Field experience is not and will not be the same without him.

Aramark, it’s time to right this wrong or a little bit of melted ice will be the least of your problems. I will not purchase a beer, soda or any of your nauseating food until you bring back Captain Earthman.

I’m “D” the Ranter…

Coors Field without Captain Earthman is like drinking a piss warm beer.

“D” the Ranter

What’s going on here?…Let the man pour beer.

2-7-11                               *ATTENTION RANTICS*

I was just informed that there is a petition circulating to ensure that Rockies Super Vendor Captain Earthman is allowed to serve beer at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.

Captain Earthman has been a fixture at spring training in Tucson and at Coors Field for years.

From what I’m told the Captain hasn’t received the phone call stating that he has a job in the new stadium come Feb 26th.

We Rockies fans cherish the few traditions we have. Captain Earthman happens to be one of them. You’ve got to love the way he calls all little kids “Future Beer Drinkers”.

                        Or Earthman’s standard line “Ain’t no sissy sipp’n”.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Captain Earthman 7-6-10-3.jpg

One of the great things about Captain Earthman is that if you have his business card all you have to do is give him a ring, tell him your seat location and what you want to drink and he magically appears with a frosty cold beverage and a few words of wisdom.

                                       Here he is moving at sonic speed.Captain Earthman flying 8-3-10.jpg

                                           Below is a link to the petition:

  Let Captain Earthman pour beer in Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

Just fill out your name and email address. Then you will be sent an email with a link. Click on the link and it will add your name to the petition. If you don’t see the email right away check your junk folder. It’s really easy.

        Please give Captain Earthman your support. He’s always been there to support us.
Thumbnail image for RPR and Captain Earthman.jpg                             I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I believe in this cause.
ranter hat1

Those Rocks are Red, That’s What Petty said

The Rockpile Rant was the Number 4 Fan Blog for the month of May.

                             Props go out to the Rant Regulars.

                                     MLBLOGS LATEST LEADERS LIST


Tom Petty111.jpgI’ve mentioned my “Bucket List” before. Most people have something similar.  I’ve made mine simple because I’m poor and I don’t want to be stressing toward the end of life trying to finish a list of crap that is unobtainable.

Seeing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers perform at Red Rocks is on my list. Well it was(check).

Tom Pettty ticket.jpgThe opening act for Tom Petty was Joe Cocker. I’m not a huge Joe Cocker fan but I wanted to hear him sing the song “You can leave your hat on”.
Krista and I arrived two hours early so we could partake in some tailgat’n festivities, knock down a couple of brews and change our attitude a bit.

Krista and I 6-1-10.jpg The sky was totally overcast but it wasn’t really cold. The clouds were supposed to hang around to all night but it wasn’t expected to rain.

Good because as I told you before I’m done with rain this season,(and I forgot my poncho). 

     Here’s a young lady gett’n her groove on with her friend Jack Daniels and a hula hoop.

                                        Here’s a few shots from the parking lot.

Even I know that alcohol and rock climbing don’t mix. Look at these yuppies below living dangerously. This reckless duo was ejected later for trying to get on stage and Hi-5 Joe Cocker.  

                       See what alcohol will do to you. Children teach your parents.

Old dudes climbing.JPG                                         The Red Rocks as seen from my tailgate.
Red Rocks.jpg                                    The stairs leading into Red Rocks AmphitheaterThe Stairs.JPG

                               Not sure who this guy is but I liked his shirt.
Rockies dude.jpg                                          The white Saab I had to jump start.

Saab I had to jump start.jpg The two guys below had a rough go at this show too. The skinny guy took a boot to the head inside Joe Cocker’s moshpit and had to be airlifted outta there. 

The larger guy was injured when he vomited on the crowd while bodysurfing thus triggering his quick release and quick fall. He was treated and later released.

Party animals.jpg Bodysurfing…Really? C’mon that’s had it’s time like the wave. Lets stop this nonsense 🙂

                         Our first shot of the stage as we entered from the top.

Top of Red Rocks.JPG

                                                Denver in the background.
You can see denver.jpg                                              Joe gett’n his Cocker on.

Joe Cocker 6-1-10.JPG 
Joe and his Band 2.jpg                                         Here’s Joe performing a couple of his hits.

                                                           Here’s another.


                           Joe isn’t on my “Bucket List”  but I’ve seen worse warm-up bands.

Joe Cocker on stage.JPG Sorry Joe, you can leave all your clothes including your hat because we came to see Tom Petty.
                      Props to Joe for still “Hav’n it”. He did sound pretty good.

                                  TOM PETTY and the HEARTBREAKERS

This was the kick-off show for Tom Petty’s Mojo Tour 2010. He couldn’t have picked a better venue. Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado is the best place on planet earth to see a live show. 
      If you think I’m wrong then you’ve never lost your breath walking up the stairs here.

I managed to get some decent video but the spotlight on Joe Cocker and Tom Petty kept messing up my pictures of their faces.

                                                        These are the best I could get.

Tom Petty 3.JPG


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 1.jpg


Tom Petty 5.jpg


Stage with Denver in the Background.jpg


Thumbnail image for Lasers on the Red Rocks.jpg

Tom Petty 6.jpg
Tom Petty Stage 2.jpg 
Tom Petty Stage 3.jpg


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers jamm'n.jpg.               

                                                       “Don’t come around here no-more”


                                             ” Free Falling”                                                                  

                                       Leaving before they come back for an encore.

Leaving before the encore.jpg

 I ran into Captain Earthman at the end of his shift. He’s a big Tom Petty fan. We watched the final song “Running down a dream” at the top of the Amphitheater. I was waiting to hear that song all night.
                    In fact…That song was playing in my head the entire drive home.

RPR and Captain Earthman.jpg
Tom Petty Stage 4.jpg 
Good bye.jpgScratch Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers off my list. Maybe I better slow down or I’ll run of things to do. 
                                           Next concert for Krista and I..

                            RUSH…August 2010…Red Rocks..16th Row.
                                                 I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter
      Remember if it’s too loud you’re not too old, you just need to invest in some earplugs…D

ranter hat.jpg


Fans galore, now I miss it more.



 As bad as I want the baseball season to start, attending the Rockies Pavilion Party last night made it worse. But in a good way.

Maybe it was seeing all those familiar  faces. I don’t know many names in this group, but I’ve seen most of them at the games.

They made us feel welcome and I appreciate that.

I was told 7pm which made me exactly a half hour late…I guess in hippy time that’s perfect..kidding.

 I have a thing about being late,…I’m not. It’s an Army thing.

choosy.jpgI was just glad my family was invited to be part of this gathering. See, I’m not a season ticket
holder because I can’t make every game. Afternoon games are tough for me during the week.

If I know that there isn’t going to be a batting practice, sometimes I’ll skip that game. If you can’t make them all, you tend to be rather selective.

 We usually just buy Rockpile tickets and at somepoint during the game we “upgrade” our seats. It’s cool because you can get several different camera angles.


Captain Earthman, undercover.jpg
Capt EArthman working1.jpgI did get to see a bunch of familiar faces.

 I got to see Captain Earthman off duty.

I found out “Earth” is heading down to Tucson the same time as the MBU.  

When he found out we’re going to have the MBU parked at Hi Corbett for the first eight days of spring training, he got pretty excited. I have a feeling we’ll be having a few brews with Earth while we’re down in Tucson.

Remind me when we’re down there Earth, I’ll pour you a beer for a change brotha! 

Captain Earthman, Super Vendor, Super Grandpa.


 Earth heads south every February and works the Rockies spring training games. Too bad he already bought his plane ticket, he could have rode down with us.


 Dan was there with his wife Julie and kids.

Dan’s a good dude and he introduced me to some people that I recognized, but hadn’t formally met.

He also gave the Rockpile Rant a few plugs. You can’t see it,  but Dan’s nametag says “Emily’s Dad”.

 Thanks brotha..Have a good trip.

Here’s a video of Emily and the whole group singing “Take me out to the Ballgame”. 


                                       Below is a shot of Tom and Earth. 

Last April,  Dan gave Hunter and I tickets for seats in first row of the Pavilion. The seats were right next to Tom. He was fun to watch the game with, and was really cool to Hunter and I. Nice guy and familiar sight at Coors Field.
Hunter Dreaming.jpg





Here’s Hunter dreaming about baseball.




 Mylee not dreaming.jpg




Here’s Mylee not dreaming about baseball.





Here’s another one of the kids.

Roberts Jersey.jpg



Here’s the back of Robert’s Harmon’s jersey with a personalized autograph from Ryan Spilborghs.

In case you hadn’t heard, Ryan Spilborghs got married a few weeks back. 

Now you know what I know. 



I didn’t get a good shot of Robert, (bald head next to computer in window), but he’s eating dinner with Ryan Spilborghs dad (plaid shirt).

GT.gifI had the green chile burger and believe me I’m feeling it.

It seemed like a good time was had by all. I’m the newbie to this group, so I plan to put forth some effort next season to get to know this crew better.

This really is a great bunch of Rockies fans.

Hanging around these fans last night gave me a great idea.


Great idea112.JPGFor each game that I attend, I’d like to do a season ticket holder fan profile. It would be a picture of them, seat location, their favorite Rockies player, favorite all- time player, how long they’ve been a season ticket holder, etc.

           You know, give them some props for being loyal and supporting the Rockies. 

                        I think that would be cool, and you heard it here first.

Cool Note: About six months ago I sent out six 3×5 cards in the mail to various Colorado Rockies Players. I received one back from Omar Quintinilla within five days of mailing them. That was it, until today. As I rifled through my mail, I was staring at the envelope I had addressed to Matt Herges six months ago sitting in my hand.

                                           I opened it up and this is what I found.

                                                         Thank you Matt.

Herges Auto.jpg               How cool is it that I receive this the day of the Rockies Pavilion Party,…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image