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This Rock keeps rolling

GOOD NEWS 9/17/08

I have restored about 2/3 of my blog myself.(I love you google). I can’t tell you what a time consuming pain in the ash it has been but I’m almost there. Best part is, I found the ones I was most fond of, so If I lose the others, I’ll deal.Moving on 1.JPG


  As of today, I will no longer mention the Canadian in a blog entry.

It’s time to move on. Roll with me





I’m a smarter man today than I was a few days ago…You all Rock…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image






Wham bam another grand slam


Well they don’t know for sure at this point if my blog can be saved. I was told that I am high on the priority list, but no guarantees.

So if you see older blog entrys pop up one by one it’s me finding them and reposting them.

 I’ll keep hoping.

 I must say that is some sad news. I really was hoping for the best but at this point I think I  am ready to move on if I have to.

canada T shirt.jpgI grew up in Canada. So all this crap happening from a Canadian leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Canadians are cool people and please don’t let this one shape your opinion of what Canadians are like. 

My parents still live in Alberta and so does most of my mom’s side of the family.

 I wasn’t happy with the  apology. I agree with a lot of you who posted on Zack’s blog and my blog.

 It just seemed like it wasn’t sincere.

Seems like he was only doing this because he got caught. I don’t think he understands the extent of the damage he did. Or how much he hurt Hunter and I.

symptoms-of-heart-attack.jpg I also believe this WAS a personal attack, he hacked four of my accounts. 

Seems personal to me..

I was actually nice to the young Canadian.

It did bother me a little bit that he had a comment for every blog I’ve ever written, but thats how we network here on MLBLogs, so I dealt with it.

I read a lot of the blogs on Mlblogs.com. I don’t know most of my fellow bloggers,  but I feel like I do through reading their blogs. The mostly positive emails that I have received  helped me deal with this incident.

I really thought I would get ganged up on because people would think it was my fault that the Canadian baseball collector was taken down.

I just don’t need a bunch of his supporters slamming me with emails telling me what a jerk I am for doing this to HIM. If your one of these people and you are contemplating emailing me and slamming me about the Canadian.

Save your keyboard and just kiss my rockpiles.

First 9-16-08.JPGNuff said on that today.


      Batting Practice 9-16-08

Hunter and I were first in line today. Go figure. The line was tiny.

There were maybe fifteen people waiting to get inside the gates.

That gave me a really good feeling for BP. Less people = more baseballs to snag..
Hunter first 9-16-08.JPG 

I have watched Hunter really  grow up a lot this season. When we first started snaggin this year he was impatient and at times a bit annoying to the players and other snaggers. 

He has since toned it down and is a respectable snagger who doesn’t have to beg repeatedly for baseballs. He has discovered that he doesn’t have to beg if he is in the right place at the right time.

Being the first one into the Pavilion paid off today. Hunter managed to run down to the outfield railing first and Steven Registe threw him the first ball of BP.

Thank you Steven !

Finally, I got to see Matt Holliday at BP. He never shows up to bat. He was knocking some serious baseballs into the Pavilion and I managed to snag one off the bounce by beating two other snaggers to it. For some reason Matty didn’t start the game today. Omar 1 9-16-08.JPG

Hunter got ball number two from one of the players kids that was on the field for BP. 

Right after he got that ball Omar Quintinilla walked up to the wall to retreive a ball.

While he was standing by the wall he got hit up for autographs. 

Hunter and I managed to get one of the balls we each snagged today autographed by Omar.

Thank you Omar !Omar 2 9-16-08.JPG  







 Omar was my first ever professional baseball player autograph.

He signed my ticket stub two years ago at a Rockies game. 


Pavilion 9-16-08.JPG





Like I mentioned earlier.

The small line to get inside the Stadium meant a super low attendance for BP.
Pavilion 9-16-08 2.JPG


Most weekday games have a little bit smaller turnout for batting practice. 

This game being on a weekday and the fact that the Rockies season is basically over,  was the reason for the low turnout.

OK with me.

See the guy in the yellow shirt going down the stairs?

Capt Earthman.JPG

Meet Captain Earthman..Super Vendor.

He works all the Rockies games and he also works the concerts at Red Rocks  Ampitheatre.

He has a business card with his cellphone number.

 You call the number, tell him what row your in and what you want to order.

He shows up with your stuff.

Same goes for shows at Red Rocks.. 

This guy is amazing and probably worth his own blog entry, but maybe another time..






I salute you Captain Earthman.

So do thousands of thirsty Coors Field and Red Rocks patrons.

Keep up the good work.









Hunters three 9-16-08.JPGIt was nice, you could actually pick a section and it was yours. 

Dang near every kid at BP today left with a ball.

 That my friends, is a good batting practice. 

Hunter got his third ball thrown to him by a Padres player that I couldn’t identify. Soon as he tossed Hunter the ball,

BP was over.


Hunter got the first and last ball of BP. He wanted to make sure that I mentioned that..lol 

Mark BP 9-16-08.JPG


While I was at BP I met a fellow MLBlogs blogger named Mark. He has a blog called Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog. It is a neat blog done from his sons point of view..Check it out.

Mark, sorry we didn’t get to talk too much, but hey it was BP.

It was really cool to meet you. Maybe we can have a beer sometime and chat at another game.

When I asked Mark how snaggin was he said that he had snagged one ball up to that point. Same as me.


                                          Game 2, Rockies vs Padres


Man, two Grand Slams in two games. I think that has been done only once in the Rockies organization. Chris Iannetta crushed a ball into mid-pavilion almost 3/4 of the way up to score Tulo, Atkins and Spilborghs..

Wow, that was where Holliday was hitting them during BP. 

Great job Chris !

The Rockies pitchers were on it tonight.  Ubaldo Jimenez looked awesome.

Jeff Baker homered in the fifth to score Iannetta and Hawpe.. He crushed that ball too. Almost to the same place as Chris Iannetta. Sweet hit Jeff.

Rockies slam the Padres 10-3 on a beautiful evening in Denver…

I can’t make the game on Wednesday as I have a morgage to pay.

The next game for us is Friday and I will have the whole family with me.

It is one of the Rockies fireworks games and I missed them all this season..

Thanks everyone, this really is a great community…Go Rockies…D
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