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Bud blows smoke, as Rose waits for a toke


                   Alternate titles for this entry were: Rose hosed and Bud’s a dud.  

The world has a way of keeping you in check. I was getting to a point where things were leveling out for me and life was getting somewhat(dare I say it) routine.

Ranter’s definition of routine = A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Following the same schedule with nothing too pending or pressing.

                                             Mostly it means…. No DRAMA 

I enjoy routine. I live for routine. I wish I could plan out the rest of my life and just follow that pre-designed blueprint.

                                     Avoiding life’s speed bumps so to speak.

But things never quite roll that way do they? Life in general seems to be a series of lessons, tests, challenges or whatever you choose to call them. That has to be it because my search for “Routine” is interrupted by a continious flow of “WTF now”, and other things that prohibit me from achieiving my sacred “Routine“.

I know as your reading this you know exactly what I’m talking about as it relates to yourself and your own situation.

Stuff like that gets me thinking that maybe that’s what a person’s life force is all about. It’s what gets you up in the morning so you can accomplish the next thing on your list and it’s what keeps you alive another day so you can pay off more of your debt or solve one more of life’s dilemmas. 

          Don’t try and analyze the above, it’s a personal vent and lets leave it at that.

             All is good and I’m still living the dream, guess I just need more sleep đŸ™‚

                                                Rockies vs Mets Game 2 

 Ouch, the second Rockies/Mets loss hurt. Don’t worry Rockies fans, the last two games were only a minor stumbling block. I mean come on,… it takes at least two days just to get used to being on the east coast.

                             Remember the air is thick and smells different there.

Expect a win tonight as the Rockies adjust to their surroundings and they remember who they are and realize it doesn’t matter where they’re playing.

When you look over, it’s just the Mets in the other dugout and we’re a better team this year.

                              When Hank Aaron Speaks Bud Selig listens?

Thumbnail image for bud-selig.jpg                     Maybe, but looks to me like Bud could use a Q-tip or an ear trim.

I dislike the fact that that writers get to vote on who is elected to the Hall of Fame. There’s way too much of their personal opinion involved in the decisions.  

The decision should be easy. There really is no need for a vote. If a player has earned the right (statistically) to be in the Hall of Fame then he should be there.

Either the human factor needs to be taken out of the Hall of Fame vote or the out of touch voters need to be more human. Everyone f*cks up and I’m sure each of the writers voting have a ghost or two in their own personal closet.  

When it comes time for the vote I don’t care what “the chosen” baseball writers think about Pete personally and why in “their opinion” Pete doesn’t deserve to be there.

Statistically Pete deserves to be there and there should be nothing more to it. The same goes for all players who have the career statistics good enough to make the Hall of Fame.

Do any of you remember the intensity that Pete played with? He was baseball at that time.

 I can’t say for sure but the Hall of Fame probably has one or two cheaters in it and it’s quite possible one or two of our sacred players has a criminal record. On that line of thinking the Hall of Fame could possibly have a player inside it’s walls that used PED’s.

What if a player did something horrible after he was elected to the Hall of Fame? Could he then be banned?

  Yes even “Elway the Pug” thinks Barry Bonds oversize mug and Pete’s hair plugged head  should be hanging up in Cooperstown.IMG_0705.JPG Then as we gaze at his likeness and read his lifetime stats I can tell my kids/grandkids the real story of Barry Bonds and Pete Rose let them decide how they feel about lying, betting  and PED’s in general. 

 If a group of seasoned writers are the ones who make the ultimate decision of our baseball history, then let the writers vote only on a players baseball accomplishments and let we the public decide how to tell the rest story.
tx_rose_pete_ap.jpgYeah Pete’s a lying, gambling dooze bag. I’m sure a lot of the fellas who are currently in the Hall of Fame are as*holes too if you asked some of the fellas they played with or against.  

   Bud Selig is a relic and out of touch with modern baseball. He either needs to step down (preferably), or relinquish some or all of his totalitarian baseball authority.

          Both of our countries Kings are dead now and baseball sure doesn’t need one.

                         On a lighter note, I’ve been having fun with my camera.


IMG_0173.JPGIMG_0696.JPG     I’ve never said I know a lot about baseball. I’m just a Rockies fan with an opinion.

                                  Go Rockies, two out of four would be fine…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha

Baseball’s shame, so who do we blame?


tatoo1.JPGFarewell to the Prince of New York.

I was reading his blog and apparently he’s upset because he feels he writes an intelligent blog and for some reason his blog stopped getting front page love.

So he’s switched to his own blogging platform. He had been a blogger here at MLBLogs.com for the last couple of years.

The man writes a decent blog, way to many NY details for me but still an interesting read. 

It’s obvious that he pissed someone off. I should know, I’ve been known to tap dance on the line.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want any front page coverage. I see the same blogs getting mentioned all the time and I’m fine with that, they’re good blogs.

Top Ten.jpgHere’s the deal, the Rockpile Rant will remain in the top ten blogs despite no extra attention and I’m ok with that.

When it’s my turn for the number one spot I’ll have a special dedication to everyone who helped me along the way.

I just hope I haven’t P’d off too many people in the right positions. (You know I love you all).

 I’m hoping for a little publicity when the MBU is in down in Tucson. All I can do is hope for the best and try to be nice.

 This is my year and whether I get help/exposure or not, doesn’t matter.

I’m in Tucson for the fan that can’t make it down there. You like my point of view because I make the game seem real. I appreciate that my readers get that from me.

If you don’t get that from me, why are you here wasting your time? Go away.

Pelt.jpgDid your hear that ESPN suspended Scott Van Pelt for verbally attacking Bud Selig on the radio. He called Selig a pimp..lol.

Think about what a pimp does and then think about what Bud’s job is. I’m just saying…

That gleaming dome Van Pelt has makes a good point.

 17.5 million a year for the Commissioner, yep that’s outrageously insane. If you asked me what I would have guessed his salary was I would have guessed a couple of million plus travel expenses and all the balls he can play with. 

Selig deaf 1.jpgFor that kind of money I want Bud’s real signature on every ball used in professional baseball. He’s getting over on us with that pre-printed autograph crap they use now.

 I take that back, I don’t want Selig anywhere near my balls đŸ™‚ 

Selig 5.jpg17.5 million is almost $50,000 a day. He makes more in one day than I make in a year. Granted that not just anybody can graduate to Selig’s position but come on.

 A fitting end to Selig’s reign would be him getting laid off (no severance) and replaced with someone half his age at 1/10 his current salary.

 It happens all the time in America and it’s always a sad story.

bud picking.jpgNow if that actually transpired, I wouldn’t feel sorry for Bud at all…Sorry dude, but your not worth 17.5 million don’t kid yourself.

I think your getting over on all of baseball. Your salary is a flagrant disgrace to baseball fans and ticket purchasers everywhere.

The position of “Commissioner of Baseball”  needs a salary cap instituted, immediately.  

$50,000 a day, weekends too…get the F*ck out of here. For some reason knowing Selig makes that much money makes me feel insignificant and poor.

I suffered through A-Rods admission of guilt today and I’ve made a decision. I’ll always be a baseball guy, but statistics from 1990-2005 mean nothing to me anymore. I’m sorry for all the non-juicers who get no credit but hey…you guys knew and you didn’t say sheet.

It has to be that way, I have no idea what’s real and what isn’t during that particular era, so I’ve chosen to forget those 15 years worth of statistics.

 A decade and a half of lying, cheating and degradation of our beautiful sport.

Selig funny.jpgCycling as a sport has no trouble stripping it’s athletes of their title’s. Maybe baseball should consider that bold move. That would definately send a message. 

That’s not going to happen, stuff like that scares the sheet out of Selig. Lets have a clean fresh start to this season with no more steroid shockers.

The top dog has fallen, does anybody even care who falls next?  


            My next blog entry will be about “Baseball in 2050” ..Check back for it…D 
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Waited all day and still no play


Hey World Series partygoers. Party pug says to SLOW YOUR ROLL, the game has been postponed due to the freggin east coast rain. You can continue trying to get your groove on Wednesday evening.

 Just so you know, Party Pug doesnt like to drink and drive, it’s too hard to hold the shot glass and steer.Party_Pug.jpg

Prince Purple Rain1.JPGWater may be the one of the building blocks of life, but rain when you don’t want it sucks. 

Sorry Prince.

Especially when it interferes your baseball plans. There is nothing worse than doing all the prep work involved to go to a baseball game, driving there, paying your 10-20 bucks to park, waiting in line, then hearing the game is cancelled due to the rain. Been there, done that, it blows.

You have to eat the parking fee because it’s not like the stoned parking lot attendant will give you a refund. It’s tough luck there.

Then to add insult to injury, just as you reach your car you hear someone say “it’s ok, we need the rain”.

If you live in Colorado you learn to hate that comment. I say screw that, let it rain when I’m sleeping…You can quote mePhanatic.jpg.

At least with Bud deciding to suspend game five, it gives the phanatic time to dry himself out.

You think a wet dog smells bad? Soaked, the phanatic probably smells like a hundred dirty mopheads.

It may be time to pha-breeze that big Oscar with a blowhole looking muppet.

Damn, I wanted to see some baseball tonight. I don’t care about the rain. It’s dry in my living room.

 Get this, the game tomorrow is the same timeframe as the Nuggets first regular season game in Utah.

Tomorrow could be the most exciting three innings in World Series history.Or another rainout. It’s all up to Bud Selig and Mother Nature. In that order.


Bill Gates.jpg

Bud Selig.jpg



Anyone think <—Bud Selig looks like Billl Gates?——>




Hey east coast, it was a beautiful day in Colorado. Not a drop of rain. Mid 70’s and a cloudless sky for most of the day. I heard a rumor again today about a Holliday trade coming up. Who knows? Enjoy this sunset picture…D 

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