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I’m betting we don’t get Redding


Jason M.jpg

Looks like the Rockies have almost finalized the deal for right-handed pitcher Jason Marquis. In exchange, Luis Viscaino will be heading to the the Cubbies.Jason m1.JPG

Jason is 30 and was making pretty good money with the Cubs. His 2007 salary was $4,750,000 and he brought in 6,375,000 for 2008.

His ERA for last season was 4.53,  with a lifetime average of 4.55.

This dude supposedly has a hell of a sinker when it’s working.  I hope so, that’s a chunk of change for a pitcher. On the plus side, this guy has been on teams that have made the postseaon for the last eight years.
redding 11.jpg


 Experience is good. I wonder, does that mean Tim Redding is out of the question now? I was bucking for this guy.


Thanks to everyone who commented about who their favorite current player is. I never actually told you who my favorites are. If you read this blog regularly you know who my favorite Rockies player is. It’s Todd Helton.

 But, right up there for me are Ryan Spilborghs and Chris Iannetta. Ryan because he carries himself exactly as I would (you’ve got to make things fun and he does), and I think he will do a lot more for the Rockies when he’s a starter. 

Thumbnail image for Chris Iannetta 8-22-08.JPGChris because the dude has so much talent, he’s quiet but he carries himself like a professional.  I watched Chris walk out before every game he started and sign autographs for at least 10 minutes.

I can’t say that about many other Rockies starters.

I’m hoping that I can get autographs from the starters on Jan 24th at the Rockies Fest. I have a feeling that’s not going to happen.

You know I’ll be giving it my best. It’s not often you have all of the players and fans there at once with this kind of open atmosphere.

I’m sure they will have some setup where only two players are signing at a time and the line will be crazy long. Then they’ll change out the players just before I get up to the booth. 

Oh wait, I was thinking of the 2008 Broncos Fan Fair. Sorry, I’ll be attending the Rockies Fest with no preconceived notions about anything. I can always hope…D

My favorite player of all-time that I’ve actually seen is Reggie Jackson. It’s Reggie because I had a chance to see him play when I was a kid once. To be honest, the 1977 World Series is the first WS that I remember. 

My Favorite player of all-time who I haven’t seen play is hands down Pete Rose. Don’t try and bash him on this blog, it’s not going to happen. 

The family and I will be making an apperance at the Nuggets game tonight. I’ll have something up tonight or tomorrow late afternoon…D
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June Rockies games and Broncos Fan Fare


Just picked the Rockies games for June that I’ll be attending. Hopefully I picked good batting practice days. Here are the games I will be attending. I will do a full entry on each game.

June 6-Just me

June 7-8 Broncos Fan Fair-See Below

June 10 Hunter gets to walk on the field

June 16-Should get to meet Zack Hample.

June 17-Just me

June 19-Me, Hunter and Mylee-Floppy Hat Day (cant miss that)

June 22- Rockies Autograph day.

Broncoafc.jpg                 Krista and I at the Broncos AFC Championship game against the Steelers

                                   Heres a clip : AFC Champ.AVI

                  Heres another clip..you can feel the intensity: AFC Champ 2.AV

  I was offered over $800 a piece for those AFC Championship tickets and Krista wouldn’t sell. I begged her and she still wouldn’t sell.

 The Broncos played like they didn’t care and they got crushed by the Steelers. Right after the game was over Krista said “You know, we should have sold those tickets”. 

                             Next weekend we will be attending Broncos Fan Fair.fanfair.gifEvery player, coach, select Broncos Alumni and even the cheerleaders will be there. Autograph sessions, picture sessions, stuff for the kids to do. It will be our first time there and we are going both days. I’ll do an entry for each day. 

           Unfortunately I’ll miss Rockies autograph Sunday on the 8th..I hate that.

I’m really looking forward to this next homestand. Hopefully with the home crowd behind the Rockies it’ll spark something This last round of losses has been difficult.

                                                         Go Rockies…D
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