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Get Ready for……Blogging without Borders

6/13/10                Red Sox/Rox Blog Swap



               June 22, 2010..Coors Field 


Every baseball fan has “their” team. How a person chooses their favorite team is usually a personal thing. Most people have a reason why a certain team becomes their favorite.

        For some it’s a family thing, others it’s location thing. It doesn’t really matter.

The question is: What if you were to step out of the comfort zone of your favorite team just for a short time and take a look at the game from another team/fans point of view?.

                      That’s the idea here with “Blogging Without Borders”

Dr Rocker and I have worked together and been friends for five years. The Dr. recently started an excellent Red Sox blog called the Sox Rocker.

   I believe it’s appropriately named as the Dr. used to be a Rockstar. I’ll leave it at that.

He and I plan to swap jerseys and blog about each others teams for at least the first Red Sox/Rockies game at Coors Field on June 22nd.

Don’t worry loyal Rant Readers, the Ranter still bleeds purple(usually at batting practice). This is all about the experience. To be honest, if not for the Dr coming up with the genius idea for this first of a kind blogging adventure I wouldn’t even be attending the Red Sox/Rockies series.

The reason being is I hate when the Red Sox fans take over Coors Field. Now for a day I might see the take over it in a different light?

Join Dr. Rocker and I on June 22 as we make MLBlogging history. If you think you spot me come up and introduce yourself, I’ll take your picture and make you famous.

If you see the 6ft 6in Dr. Rocker sport’n the Ranter jersey give him a shout. I’m willing to bet you won’t recognize me in the mix wearing a Red Sox jersey. Maybe that’s for the best?

                                         Here’s a quote from Dr. Rocker:

“Dr Rocker here – I will be tentatively titleing my titillating tale (bad alliteration, I know) from the Sox/Rox game, ‘When My Sox became Rox” or maybe “Rox Off”. Thanks to D for partnering up on this bit of blooging hi-jinks. Who says we are only interested in “our own” teams? Share the love and vitriol BABY!”

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I’m wondering what the hell the Blogosphere would do without me.

                                   Making blogg’n history….Go Rockies…”D”

ranter hat.jpg

Don’t you just hate the wait



My next entry is my 100th this season ! I didn’t think I knew that many words. Actually there are a few more floating around the internet that I can’t seem to find, but I digress.

It’s no joke when your craving a smoke.  At one point today today I actually felt my skin crawling, straight up man, wierd.

Hey, if your young and reading this, and you don’t smoke.

 DON”T EVER pick up a cigarette EVER. You’ll spend the rest of you life trying to put it down. I’ll make it. Tomorrow will be a better day for me.

Nuff said on that for the moment.

Funny, Colorado was actually quiet today. Why was it so quiet you ask? Because…



 Ok, I was going to go into this Boston Red Sox one liner, but I do believe they’re feeling the pain today. Besides,  I’m the type of person who’ll  knock you down a few knotches, but I wont grind your face into the ground.

Boston, the healing process starts today.

Bet the plane ride back to Boston was depressing, or was it Josh?

You were what at least a mile high up in the air right? It’s an elite club.


GOT-CRABS Alaska.gif

Thumbnail image for Go Phillies 2.jpg

 Phillie is getting my support for this World Series. As I said before, no particular reason.

 I figured I’d join a few of my buddies this postseason instead of go against them.

 Plus, only one World Series in 125 years. The Phillies are still hungry.FunnyMathFractionsProblem.jpg


I’m finding this Joe Maddon guy an odd but interesting fella. Every now and then you need a dorky guy with a different style to shake up the establishment a little, and his funny math has made for some interesting watercooler chatter..

And rightly so, wonder if he is available for tutoring?



Barrell Man.jpg

   The wife and I are big Broncos fans.

 Go figure huh, tonights game against New England was one of the worst Broncos games I have ever seen. It was ugly from the first play, and went straight down the crapper from there.

Final Score New England 41, Denver 7. Ouch..

It’s not like it was on Monday Night Football or anything. Hello America we suck. Just look.

I’ve got a feeling the Barrel man is home with some warm pants on. Because it’s not worth freezing your “boys” when they play like that…D
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Wake up Phillies, Tampa Bay is here to stay

10/19/08 10:10 MST – I officially smoked my last cigarette today..Anyone who has been through this ordeal, any advice or help would be cool..Thanks

What a game. I was glued to my seat. Red Sox were in it to win it till the very last out. Anyone else sick of  that Poltergeist commercial?

 I guess now I can see why nine = eight. Who can argue with Joe’s math? Dude looks like a genius now.

Is Joe Maddon sporting some variation of a Mohawk??

One more thing, who the hell picked Bon Jovi to be the band for MLB? Bon Jovi? Come on. Remember the lyrics from his last hit. ” when the world gets in my way, I say, have a nice day” He should have retired after releasing that crap.

AC/DC wasn’t available? How about ZZ Top? Shoot, Night Ranger or even Michael Jackson would have been a  better choice than Bon Jovi. I’d rather hear a country singer than his bubble gum rock. Bon Jovi singing for baseball is like the Backstreet boys sing for Hockey. Not a good mix.   I’ll deal this year,  but don’t even think of him next year.

top 5.JPG             Ranters top 5 Reasons why I’m glad the Red Sox are finished for the season.

Karma police.JPG

1. Karmic justice for the last World Series last year, it still hurts.

2. Not having to watch Youkilus at bat for at least five months. The dudes batting stance is creepy.

3. Now that the Boston is finished the rest of the Country can buy some double bubble gum. Terry Francona had the nations supply shipped to his house.

4. In your face Josh Beckett, ha, haha haha. Yes I know it’s childish, but it feels good.

5. The mob of Boston fans who live in Colorado will finally be silenced, at least for a few months.

Good because I’ve had an entire year of it.


I’m actually glad that Boston gave Tampa a run for their money. Up until these last couple of losses to Boston, the Rays looked unstoptable. Now I’ve seen that this Rays team can be beat. It just isn’t going to be easy. I remember what the time off before the World Series did to the Rockies last season. I’m hoping the Phillies don’t follow that path.  

Rays 3, Red Sox 1.

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Rays, The winner of the 2008 ALCS. Wake up Phillie, you better be ready for this team…Cause they’re ready for you…I can’t wait for Wednesday…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG