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Could it be…The Ranter on TV?


After it all happened I figured I might be on TV. Props to Robert for snaggin Spilborgh’s home run ball in the third inning. Spilborghs is his favorite Rockies player.

 Robert was sporting Spilly’s Jersey and immediatly after he snagged that home run ball Spilly’s dad called Robert on his cell phone.

                                   Don’t believe me,… look how happy this old man is. 

Robert on phone with Spilly's dad4-26-09.jpg

Robert asked me later how close I was to him when he snagged that ball and I told him if he had stopped any shorter we’d have known each other too well.

          Good job Robert, the dude is quick. Next time I’ll sit on the other side of him.

Click on the link below and check out the video of it all:  

                     Rockpile Ranter on TV/ Roberts snag of Spilly’s home run

   I  know I didn’t get the ball but at least I didn’t look like a chump my first time on TV 🙂Me first in line 4-26-09.jpg


Today I was the first in line at the Rockpile gate and things were as they should be in Rockie land.



First in line at the gate puts me first into the Pavilion.

Empty Pavilion.JPG When the batting cages are out it gives me an extra few minutes before the place starts to crawl with people.

                As you can tell from this picture, first didn’t mean much today.
No batting practice.JPG                                           No cages = No batting practice 

Here is a shot of Dan and Robert politely discussing one of yesterday’s batting practice snags 🙂

Dan and Robert 4-26-09.JPG      Something about somebody stepping on somebody’s foot if I remember correctly? 🙂

I was lucky again today and Dan hooked me up with a Row 1 ticket. This enabled me to go onto the field during the autograph session. I’ve never done this before and let me tell you it was beyond cool.

Check out the video of me entering the field:

I love this picture of the field this is from the roped off dirt area we were in behind home plate.
Cool shot of coors field 4-26-09.JPG                                               Here’s one with me in it.

RPR on Coors Field -1.jpg                                       I managed to get four autographs today.

                         On the left is Jason Hammel and on the right is Ryan Speier.
Jason Hammel auto 4-26-09-1.jpg
Ryan Speier auto 4-26-09.jpg

 Manny Corpas came out and signed for a few people then split.

Ubaldo Jimenez also came out and signed for the whole group.

I skipped Ubaldo because I have him already. I was able to give him a knuckle bump and wish him good luck this year. Nice guy.

   The other two autographs I snagged were Franklin Morales and Jason Grilli.
Franklin Morales auto 4-26-09.jpg
Jason Grilli Auto 4-26-09.jpg I got to see Todd Helton and Tulo, they popped out to say hi to a few kids and take some pictures.Helton and Tulo 4-26-09-1.jpg

 Ubaldo took a few pictures before he signed autographs.Ubaldo posing with kid 4-26-09.jpg

Jason Hammel 4-26-09.jpg










Here is  Jason Hammel coming up to sign for us.

Looks like Jason will get his first start for the Rockies on Monday’s game against the Padres.

                  Good luck Jason!
















             Here’s what the Rockpile looks like essentially from where the batter stands.
the Rockpile 4-26-09.jpg       Here is Jason Grilli signing my baseball, check out the lady in the background 🙂
Jason Grilli sign my baseball 4-26-09.jpg

                                  Todd Helton making one lucky kids year.
Todd being cool 4-26-09.jpg                      Manual Corpas signing the baseball of the little boy next to me
Manny signing 4-26-09.jpg            Here is the video of me leaving the field and walking back inside of Coors Field.

In the video below Robert and I were almost to the Pavilion when I heard someone call out “Rockpile Ranter”. That someone was Missy from “View from the Rockpile”.

Missy is an Usher at Coors Field and was on her way to Gate E when we ran into her. This was the first time her and I have met and it was really cool to finally run into her at a game.                         

        Back in the Pavilion. Here was the view to the right of my seat. Thank you Dan!
My view to my left 4-26-09.JPG                                            A shot of the field from my seats
view from my seat 4-26-09.jpg                                Dan’s daughter Emily playing kickball with Dinger
Emily on the field 4-26-09.jpg

                                            A little Rockie history for you.
Rockie History.jpg                                   Here are a few of the Rockies warming-up
Rockies Warming up 4-26-09.jpgChris Iannetta signs before every game. Rumor has it he does it because he’s superstitious. Superstitious or not he’s a good guy and I believe he’d sign anyway.
Iannatta signing 4-26-09.jpg               He signs for about 5 minutes then goes over to stretch and work out.
Iannetta leaving 4-20-09.jpg                                                     Spilly and Hawpe
Spilly and Hawpe4-26-09.jpg                                              Jeff Baker and Brad Hawpe
Baker and Hawpe 4-26-09.jpgKrista made me put in this picture. She said it summed up the Dodgers lack of excitement in this game. I just don’t get it??
Dodgers 4-26-09.jpg                    Captain Earthman, business as usual entertaining the masses
Earthman 4-26-09.jpg                                                          
TulowitzkiTulowitzki 4-26-09.jpg                                   I call this picture…”Brat with a view”
Brat with a view 4-20-09.JPG               I really like our new pitcher Marquis, the guy has been a superstar for us.
Marquis on the mound 4-26-09.jpg                          This game was just what I and all Rockies fans needed.

An in your face, blue bashing, get out of town, you got lucky on the last one, Rockies win.

                                      I especially love beating the Dodgers. 

Days like today are special. How often does a person get to go underneath Coors Field, then stand on the field and get autographs? I’m glad I could share some of it with you. 

I’ll be at Coors tomorrow for batting practice (weather permitting).

                                 Who knows what whill happen? Stay tuned…D

Me inside Coors Field 4-26-09.jpgThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image          Hagg’n stats for this game

Showing up for the game = 1 point

4 autographed baseballs = 8 points

Eating a foot long brat = 1 point.

Video of me and an Usher (Missy) = 1 point

                                                Grand Total = 11 points. 


Down two I hate blue


Ok, I made it to batting practice on Saturday. I spent half of my day at the yard sale and the other half in the hospital with Hunter. Krista and I got up really early on Saturday and started hauling our stuff outside. About 8 am Hunter wandered downstairs and when I saw him I had to do a double-take. My poor guy looked like somebody clocked him in the jaw hard. It was all swollen and his face was all puffy.

We’re waiting on the tests to come back to be 100% sure, but most likely it’s the mumps. Can you believe this,… the mumps? I guess I thought that stuff was wiped out along with scurvy a long time ago. Not so is the case, mumps has been making a resurgence in the mid-west.

So looks like Hunter will miss nine days of school as per state law.

 I don’t have mumps but yesterday at BP felt like I got hit by a train. I had one good opportunity to snag a ball. The ball landed right on my hand inside the glove and bounced out. All I can say is I was pitiful.

After that missed snag, I started feeling really sick and by the end of BP I could hardly stand up. My back, legs and neck were killing me. I headed home and listened to this game on the radio.

Saturdays game was the first Rockies game that I’ve been to in which I actually had my camera and didn’t take a picture.

I feel bad too because a friend that I work with wanted me to mention the Fatima Choir and take a few pictures of first grader Myles Krick. She is the little girl who threw out the first pitch on Saturday’s game and the Fatima Choir sang the National Anthem.

                           To my friend at work, I apologize this doesn’t happen often.  

                                            Friday Hagg’n points.

Thumbnail image for foot long brat 4-24-09.JPG1 point for showing up.

1 point for buying a foot-long brat.

1 point for snagging a Spilborghs toss-up which I gave away to a young boy.

2 points for snagging a BP homer caught on the fly which was given to Emily from “I live for this”.

Friday Hagg’n total = 5 points

           Saturday Hagg’n points

1 point for showing up.

It’s Sunday morning right now, my lower back still hurts but hell or high water I’ll be there.

 I haven’t snagged a single autograph since the regular season started and I just can’t have that. 

Krista and Mylee are doing the yard sale today, Hunter is home sick and I’m out to get a few signatures today because it is autograph Sunday. Alex, I’ll see you there.
Manny back 4-24-09-1.jpg 

Go Rockies kick lets kick this dude right in his big Manny Ash,  cause he’s sure been kicking ours…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image 

No time to pout, time is running out


First 9-7-08.JPGFirst in line today and first through the gate.

 Something a little different happened today.

 As Hunter and I were entering the Pavilion, Manny Corpas and another player were on the field and they had just tossed a ball into row two of the Pavilion.

There was nobody else in the Pavilon except two young girls who looked like Coors Field employees.

I’m not sure, but they had on the purple shirt and looked official. Hunter actually made it to the ball first and had the ball in his hand. Then the Usher who I won’t name, but it rhymes with knob. told Hunter that the ball was thrown to the girls and took the ball from him. An Usher taking a ball from a kid, WTF?? 

All of this happened as I was going down the steps to reach Hunter. Hunter had to give his ball away to one of those girls/employees  and was visibly upset. I don’t blame him one bit. I usually wouldn’t make too big a deal over this, but……..

  what I think.jpg

Here’s what I think.


 If the girls were employees, Isn’t there a rule that employees can’t get baseballs??

or…if they were not employees, why did the Usher make/force Hunter give up his ball??

waiting in line.jpg


We always plan ahead of time so we can be first in line. We waited in line an hour outside to get that first ball.

 Why did Hunter have to give it up?

 Let me just say this. I will be right on Hunter’s tail next game, and I am willing to bet that if that same situation occurs again, Hunter will leave Coors Field with a ball.

I think the Rockies Ushers are great, the majority of them are really cool. I know a female Usher in the Pavilion who tells me it’s my job to protect her from getting hit by baseballs. Her and I joke about it all the time. 



The guy who’s name rhymes with knob is usually a good guy.

 Today he broke the rules and didn’t play fair.

watching you.png




Knob, today you got half a Rant. But, I’ll be watching you..





After this little ordeal, I went over to the other side of the Pavilion. I ran into a guy who reads this blog named Jim aka UtahSteeler17.

We had met Jim at the Rockies game the day before.

He was out here visiting Coors Field from a little town in Utah.

Dan hooked Jim up with a couple of first row tickets for batting practice.

Very nice guy, we chatted for a bit today before batting practice started.

He managed to snag five balls on Saturday and one ball on Sunday.


Thumbnail image for Utah Steeler 17 9-7-08.JPG


 Great job Jim, and it was nice to get to meet you.

Have a safe trip home back home.

Dan also hooked Hunter and I up with third basline tickets.

Thanks again Dan !


So batting practice didn’t really start until about the time we got in line for autographs.

Check out the video below of people running for position on autograph day.

Autograph Day 9-7-08.JPG

Autograph Day 9-7-08 




There were four players signing today.

 I normally get the information about who is signing from an Usher who has the names of the players that day written on his hand.

Today he had it written on a piece of paper. He did get a kick out of me asking to see who was on his hand. 




Reynolds signing for Hunter 9-7-08.JPG



We decided to get Reynold’s autograph.

Here is Greg Reynolds signing for Hunter.

He was cool and was having a good time signing you could tell.

Thank you Greg Register signing Hunters ball 9-7-08.JPG!


 The lines were relativly short today so we were able to get two autographs.

Here is Steven Register signing for Hunter.

He was all smiles too.

What a great job these players have.

Thank you Steven ! Todd Helton 9-7-08.JPG

 While we were standing in line for autographs, I looked over on first base and who did I see?

Todd Helton warming up.

It was great to see him out there.

 Something seemed right about it.

He was out practicing, but you could tell he wasn’t 100%.

Was just nice to see you out on the field Todd.

Heal up and hurry back brotha !!

When we got back to the Pavilon, the Rockies were full into batting practice.

 Here’s a video of Todd today:  Helton warming up 9-7-08


The only close call we had was when a BP homer was hit and it bounced off a bleacher, hit me in the chest, bounced down by Hunter, and another kid snagged.

Thats all the play we got today and all I have to show is a bruise.

The loss yesterday was painful, but I have to give credit to the Astro’s pitcher Oswald. That guy pitched an awesome game yesterday. I was just hoping for some sweet justice today.

Jorge 9-7-08.JPG






 On the mound for the Rockies today.

Jorge De La Rosa.

Jorge gave up four runs. Three of them in the third inning. He had six hits in seven innings.

De La Rosa walked four and struck out three. Vinny Castilla 9-7-08.JPG





Remember this guy?


Vinny Castilla  #9 was out on the field warming up with the Rockies.

I have seen Vinny out there before.

 Vinny works as a Scout for the Rockies.

It was good to see him out there helping the fellas.




  Here are some random shots in no particular order.  

                                        Outfielder Reggie Abercrombie                Ambercrombe 9-7-08.JPG

                                           Astro’s Outfielder Hunter Pence Hunter Pence 9-7-08.JPG                                                       Troy Tulowitzki Tulo 9-7-08.JPG                                               Tulowitzki and Barmes Tulo and Barmes 9-7-08.JPG                          Mark Strittmatter (bullpen coach), helping warm up Matt Herges Melhuse 9-7-08.JPG                                                         Matt Herges Herges 9-7-08.JPG                                 Manny Corpas and Luis Vizcaino chillin Corpas and Viscaino.JPG                                Matt Holliday taking a few hits at BP Matt at BP 9-7-08.JPG                                          Matt playing out in Left Field MH 9-7-08.JPG                                     Stewart and Atkins playing catch Stewart and Atkins playing catch 9-7-08.JPGWhen we started this game we were split with the Astros. Taylor Buchholz let the Astros get three eighth inning hits and allowed two runs.

Rockies lose this series two games to one with a final score of 7-5.

All losses at Coors Field this time of year hurt. But this one really hurts because were down to the wire now and any loss at this point could be the one that ends our season.

Rockies have an off day tomorrow, then they start a three game series in Atlanta returning home on Friday for a nine game homestretch against the Dodgers, Padres, and D-Backs.


Our Goodies 9-7-08.JPG




Here is a shot of what we brought home from the game today.

Four autographs, from two players and the Promotional gift for coming through the gates today was a Rockies Travel Mug..

The next game we will be attending is on Friday.

 Hopefully, the Rockies will get home with a three game win streak under their belt.

Lets hope.

Go Rockies, destroy the Braves…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image 



Omar’s a star cause he hit it so far



 Omar Quintanilla, your a Rock Star. I expected him to hit the game winning home run tonight about as much as I expected Ubaldo to knock one into the Pavilion.

Heres a quote from Clint Hurdle:

“It’s so appropriate, for him to come in and barrel that thing like he did and pick everybody else up makes you feel good and gives you a sense of value being on the team.”

Isn’t it cool how baseball can take you from almost bored out of your gourd, to up and out of your seat, screaming and yelling,   jumping up and down. Whether it’s a bad call or a game winning home run. Gotta love it.

Hats off to you Omar. Helluva shot and perfect timing brotha. You sir, make me a believer.

Us 8-24-08.JPG


Hunter is missing from this picture because he was the one taking it.

We were first and only in line and it stayed that way for a while.

We had a backpack full of baseballs to get signed. At this point were hoping there would be a batting practice.

Hunter ball 1 8-24-08.JPG

 Perfect day for snagging. The only thing was we only had a half hour before we had to get in line for player autographs.

Hunter got his first ball tossed to him by a player we couldn’t recognize.

We took off to get in line and split up into teams.

Hunter and I, and Krista and Mylee.

Manny signing for Hunter 8-24-08.JPG



Hunter and I got in line for Manny Corpas. He even asked me if I wanted it signed in pen or sharpie.

Thanks Manny ! Jorge De La Rosa 8-24-08.JPG


  Krista and Mylee wound up in Jorge De La Rosa’s line. They said he was quiet but nice.

When they finished with Jorge they headed over and got in Aaron Cooks line.

Hunters second ball 8-24-08.JPG Hunter and I headed back to the Pavilion and he took off to his “special snagging spot” as he calls it over in the far corner against the railing in center field.

Moments later he came running up to me all excited with this ball. It has the word fastball written on it. A Reds player had tossed it to him. 

That was his first ball with writing like that. My Charity Ball.JPG

I was having my usual luck until finally one was hit my way. At first it looked like I didn’t even have to move. Then at the last second I saw I was situated too far up the stairs and I ran down about eight feet and was right on the money.

I had my arm in the air, and felt the ball land perfectly in my glove.

 Then my glove got smacked from behind and the ball flew into the first row. See, that’s my luck.

But wait…..as a few of the guys around me were discussing how all of this went down (you know, smack talk), I said “I caught it and it got knocked out of my glove”. I heard a guy say “was it you that caught it?” and I said back to him “well it bounced out of my glove” he looked up, saw it was me and threw it up to me.

Dave.JPGThat guy was Dave, seen here in the picture with the green Rockies Jersey on.(thanks Dan for solving the mystery).

 Thank you Dave for doing that. Normally I wouldn’t accept charity, but straight up it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a ball and I was glad to have it.

If you notice in the picture above the ball I’m holding has a “C” on it. baseballs with writing 8-24-08.JPG





Heres a shot of the ball Hunter got and my Charity ball. Pigeons 8-24.JPG




 Sometimes you just have to stop and check out the pigeons.

This picture was for Mylee. Mylee CC 8-24-08.JPG




We got through the gate with our Rock Pile tickets, but as you can see we didn’t sit there.

We we fortunate to be able to get seats along the first base line about halfway between first base and the right field wall. Hunter CC 8-24.JPG





Great snagging spot,  but we came up empty gloved. Happy Birthday Dude 8-24-08.JPG




This guy’s shirt said it was his birthday.

So whoever you are dude,



Coors Field was filled with characters today. I figure this guy is probably college buddies with Birthday boy.

After the game these guys are gonna have a few too many and probably hit up a strip club.

Look out Lodo! Thumbnail image for The Dragon Slayer.JPG






Remember the Dragonslayer?

He was in town to collect his  overdue ring.






                  Ok, here go the pictures, on the Mound today was Ubaldo Jimenez Ubaldo 8-24-08.jpg                                                  Posednik and Stewart Posednik and Stewart 8-24.JPG

                                                          Tulowitzki at bat                                             Tulo at Bat 8-24-08.JPG

                                             Posednik takes a swing Posednik taking a swing 8-24-08.JPG                                     Some touchy feely going on here? Touch feely 8-24-08.JPG

Our haul 8-24-08.JPG  The staff  handed out Rockies waterbottles at the Rockpile gate.

Here is what we managed to leave with today.

 Four water bottles, two Manny Corpas autographs, two Jorge De La Rosa autographs and two Aaron Cook autographs.

Not too shabby.

Rockies were trailing most of the game, but Holliday managed to score on an error in the ninth to send the game into extra innings.

Then unexpectedly in the bottom of the twelth inning, Omar Quintanilla, who before walking up to the plate was 0-16 and had only one MLB career home run ever, won the game with a serious home run blast.  When he crossed home plate all the Rockies came out of the dugout and mobbed him. Nobody was more surprised than Omar.

 Here’s what Omar had to say about it all:

“It’s an unbelievable feeling, there’s nothing else that can beat that.”

Well said and well deserved Omar. Good things happen to good people.

 Rockies beat the Reds 4-3 and win their third straight series. Now they head off for a six game road trip that starts in San Francisco and ends in Houston. Rockies are still eight games behind the D-Backs. 

Tired pug.jpg

Today was a very long day. Who knew a guy could get so tired on his day off.

Next home game is Sept 1st, Memorial Day against the SF Giants.

Go Rockies…D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG  


Fun day at Rockies autograph Sunday








Man..you gotta hate it when you forget your camera, sorry for the lack of Coors Field pictures. 

Today was Autograph Sunday and the Rockies and Mets were actually out having batting practice.

Too cool.



At the Rockpile gates the Ushers were handing out white Rockies baseball hats as the  promotional gift.  They were pretty cool hats.  

Mylee BP ball 6-22.JPGHunter, Mylee and I arrived at the bleachers first. Rockies first base coach, Glenallen Hill was picking up a grounder that had rolled to the rail. Hunter asked if he could please have the ball, and Hill tossed it right up to him.

 A fringe benefit of getting there early.

Hunter BP ball 6-22.JPGAs we were moving toward left field, two of the Ushers invited Mylee down to the first row (we didn’t have the killer 1st row tickets today), to pick up a ball that had been hit earlier. It was just sitting under a chair. I love the Rockies Ushers,they have always been kind to us. 

 Just then I saw Robert Harmon walking along the first row and I had to congratulate him on his awesome catch during Saturdays game. Minutes later, I was standing about six rows back leaning on one of the tunnel railings and I saw Torealba hit a BP homer toward me, I tracked it perfectly,  leaned out about 3 feet into the tunnel and snagged it.

Baseballa 6-22.JPGCheck out the picture of the ball I caught. It says “MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALLA” and the two L’s are bigger..I’ve never seen that before?? 

That was it, we each had our ball so we headed over to get in line behind the ropes to be able to get in line to get autographs.

We found out that Jeff Francis, Ryan Spilborghs, Chris Iannetta and Taylor Buchholz were signing. That is the best lineup for Autograph Sunday I have seen this year.


I RyanSpillb1.JPG wanted to get Jeff Francis, but I wanted Spillys autograph more. So we opted for Spilborghs. We managed to get in his line about thirty people back and watched as the other three players came out sat down and started signing.

 We wondered..”where’s Spilly”?

 Finally after five minutes, we saw him over by home plate signing for a smaller group there.

When he finished with them, he walked over to a Mets coach and talked to him for another six minutes.

 Meanwhile, a line of 200 of his fans stood baking in the hot sun.

I’m not mad at all, but that was a little inconsiderate.

No biggie man.

   Rockies fans are tough bunch..We can handle a little high altitude sunburn.


Spilly Autographed Ball 6-22.JPG




Thanks for the autographs man !

A picture of the Colorado Rockies baseball Ryan signed for me. 





Spilly Auto.JPG



A shot of the Rockies promotional hats they gave away today.

These are what Hunter and Mylee had autographed.

There was no chance of getting any other players autographs because by the time we got the first signature,  the lines were crazy long.

The Rockies lost today.

 Positive note… Reynolds only gave up six hits in seven innings with one walk and two strikeouts. Torealba had the only run with a sweet homer in the seventh. Tulo’s defense looked warmingly familiar..Good Job Tulo !…..

Final Score today Mets 3 Rockies 1.

The Mets win this series and deny the Rockies their sixth straight series win….My next game June 30th..camera in hand…Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG